Our offseason prospect series is through — all 30 minor league previews with fantasy-specific top 10’s are in the books.  For years we’ve written this same series, finished it, and then just sort of rolled into the regular season stuff without any fanfare.  This year, though, we’re wrapping up the minor league previews, and adding a nice little bow on top.  This post will serve as the bow.  The purpose is twofold: (1) For the first time we have links to each of our MiLB previews all in one place, and (2) we’ve ranked each farm system from a fantasy perspective, giving you a simple guideline as to which orgs are stacked with fantasy impact, and which orgs are virtually void of it.  Let’s cut to it:

1.  Chicago Cubs — Top Fantasy Prospect:  Javier Baez

2.  Houston Astros — Carlos Correa

3.  Minnesota Twins — Byron Buxton

4.  Pittsburgh Pirates — Gregory Polanco

5.  St. Louis Cardinals — Oscar Taveras

6.  Boston Red Sox — Xander Bogaerts

7.  New York Mets — Noah Syndergaard

8.  Colorado Rockies — Jonathan Gray

9.  Texas Rangers — Nick Williams

10.  Los Angeles Dodgers — Corey Seager

11.  Kansas City Royals — Yordano Ventura

12.  Arizona Diamondbacks — Archie Bradley

13.  Baltimore Orioles — Kevin Gausman

14.  Toronto Blue Jays — Aaron Sanchez

15.  Cincinnati Reds — Robert Stephenson

16.  San Diego Padres — Max Fried

17.  New York Yankees — Masahiro Tanaka

18.  Cleveland Indians — Clint Frazier

19.  Seattle Mariners — Taijuan Walker

20.  Washington Nationals — Lucas Giolito

21.  Miami Marlins — Andrew Heaney

22.  San Francisco Giants — Kyle Crick

23.  Chicago White Sox — Tim Anderson

24.  Oakland Athletics — Addison Russell

25.  Philadelphia Phillies — Maikel Franco

26.  Detroit Tigers — Nick Castellanos

27.  Tampa Bay Rays — Taylor Guerrieri

28.  Atlanta Braves — Lucas Sims

29.  Los Angeles Angels — Kaleb Cowart

30.  Milwaukee Brewers — Jimmy Nelson

  1. Paul Martin says:

    Springer isn’t the Astros top prospect – interesting….

    • TerrenceP says:

      @Paul Martin:

      Not that interesting. It’s basically consensus.

  2. Joe G says:

    Scott would you trade Nelson cruz for young pitcher julio Teherán ?

  3. Zaclo24 says:

    do you know much about aledmys diaz will he be a fantasy relevant player in the future? Where would you rank him in the SS ranks of prospects?

    • @Zaclo24: Not T10 among SS prospects… I haven’t seen him play, but I’ve scoured the scouting reports & the sense I get is that he’s not a first division type player. We’ll have a much better gauge after he’s logged some time at Double-A.

  4. DavidNiven says:

    Great series Scott. Thanks man.

  5. mauledbypandas says:

    Bummer that Davidson wont get a chance right away in Chicago.

    Astros have such a deep farm right now. Reminds me of the Expos of 15ish years ago. Should be a team to watch if they don’t manage to royally bungle their development.

  6. Yescheese says:

    Definitely great series Scott. Look forward to the mid year top 50!

  7. Coolwhip

    Todd25 says:

    You’re my hero Scott! Yay prospect cheat sheet, great idea.

  8. Swfcdan says:

    Awesome, great series big guy. The 411 of prospect ranks.

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Scott Evans: Who would you rather have right now bud on a keeper farm:

        D Deshields, J Bell, M Betts.

        If you think Delino could get 2B eligability when he reaches the show that makes him pretty appealing…

  9. Jimbo says:

    Good stuff as always!

    For a 12-team dynasty league in which I’m pretty balanced, but just dealt Bruce away for Arenado/Minor/Heaney, how do you rank the following forever (next year it’s obv Abreu/Tanaka):


    • Jimbo says:

      @Jimbo: I guess a better way to put it would be: Do you favour doing

      A) Proven guy first (Abreu/Tanaka) then second-tier prospect (someone like Shipley may even still be available at 15th overall, which is my next pick)


      B) Top prospect first (Gray/Bryant), second-tier prospect and then look at Khris Davis or Kendry Morales types in the third round?

    • @Jimbo: Bryant, Gray, Abreu, Appel, Tanaka… really close between the last 2.

  10. Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

    just drafted a 20 team H2H league 25 man roster with 5 NA slots and 5 DL slots. we start 5 SP and 7 RP per day. We can keep as many per year as we want forever. we named ourselves after any MLB team we wanted, and have to keep at least 9 of those players at any time. We also we allowed to keep as many of those players pre-draft (minimum 9). I only kept N.williams/Gallo predraft among NA guys since as we know when you draft those you have to slide them into NA slots later (thus they count as starting players as you draft them). So each NA guy you draft is a starting player that you couldn’t, in effect. I am the TEX. Either in draft or later i was able to get Stephenson/Bradley/Cecchini (BOS), so i’m pretty stacked at NA guys. My current pitching is fairly weak with
    SP – Darvish/M.Perez/Scheppers (drafted as RP)/W.Peralta/Delgado
    RP – Soria/Melancon/Santos/Cotts/Kelley/Ogando/Feliz.
    I plan on streaming one slot as we can’t (against comish rules) have more than 5 starters at a time, but there are stream type guys laying out there.
    With Feliz being sent to minors (sounds short term) should i
    1. just ride it out with him in starting RP slot till he likely comes back soon (keep forever league)
    2. drop cecchini and slide him into last NA slot
    3. drop him and don’t worry if someone else grabs him and fill last RP with healthy holds guy. surprisingly there are some decent RP left out there maness/thayer/black/both webbs/withrow/burnett/kohn
    other guys like moran are still out there were i to lose cecchini. I did just miss waivering alfaro, i probably should have kept him predraft (thought williams/gallo more useful). but really alfaro is the only hitting friendly catcher prospect out there.

    • Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

      @Montezuma’s Revenge… right now: other RP guys are c.torres/theilbar/frasor/chaote/stauffer/blevins/swarzak/parra

    • @Montezuma’s Revenge… right now: I think you can drop Cecchini & explore the holds options — what sells it for me is that if you lose him, you can still latch onto Moran, who is only slightly behind Garin in my eyes…

      • Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

        @Scott Evans: i don’t know who else you have up nearly as high as moran either, but i’m sure those guys are likely available as well.

  11. PedroF says:

    Really useful post!

  12. Racehorse says:

    This one-stop-prospect-shopping is great — mucho appreciado!

    The Rox Kyle Parker, who had a nice spring training before being sent to minor league camp, has a big bat and an iron glove… what say you????

    • Big fan… 30+ HR pop… likely plays 1B… should be up by mid-season…

  13. Racehorse says:

    Scott, one more question…

    You still like Allen Webster, despite him getting pummeled in his first go-around in the bigs last year? Do you think he’s stash-able in a 16-team dynasty league?


    • @Racehorse: I still believe in Webster, but the idea of him getting stuck in a relief role kinda scares me… he’s in an org that’s loaded w/ SP & if he doesn’t show his potential soon, he could get passed up for a starting gig by Ranaudo or Barnes or Owens…

  14. grif says:

    what do you think about Erasmo Ramirez? He seems to be pulling things together this spring.

    • I’ve always been a big fan of the Eraser… needs to use his changeup more often this season & I think he will… I’ve been targeting him late in drafts…

  15. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Scott, 15 team league with 11 keepers next year, would you deal Polanco and CMart for Abreu?

  16. mindicohn says:

    Agree w all…these posts have been super beneficial! Thx Scott!

  17. Louis says:

    Lots or buzz around prospects Gregory Polanco and Kris Bryant. I own both of them and just wanted to get your input:

    In a couple of years, high how can you envision these guys being drafted in a standard 12 team league? Pretty much, do you see these guys being top 20 fantasy players? Top 50? Best-case and average case (what you THINK will happen)?

    Thanks, love your work!

    • @Louis: I’m mainly here to identify potential & we all know that potential isn’t achieved very often… I like both Bryant & Polanco very much… Bryant is probably safer, Polanco probably higher fantasy ceiling… In a perfect world, both are perennial 1st round fantasy picks — Bryant becomes another Encarnacion & Polanco becomes another McCutch… conversely, these two could end up as Pedro Alvarez & Colby Rasmus… I think the perfect world scenario is more likely…

      • goodfold2 says:

        @Scott Evans: bryant’s power and whiff potential is as high as pedro from pittsburgh? Wow on both counts if so.

        • @goodfold2: Power potential is there, but highly unlikely he whiffs as much as Pedro… this is why I don’t like forcing comps…

  18. phorts says:

    This is brilliant. Bookmark worthy if ever there was. Thanks!

  19. Big W says:

    Hi Scott,

    Big fan of your work… thank you for all you do!

    Anyway, just wondering your take on Nathan Eovaldi of the Marlins… I like his stuff and think he can be an ace one day. Do you agree? What’s your thoughts on him for this season and beyond?

    • @Big W: Thanks, W. I like Eovaldi & I think he’ll take another step forward this year, especially in the whiff department — love his velocity… that said, he’s not an ace… if everything comes together he has #2 upside, but most likely, he’s a solid #3 type…

  20. mick says:

    Would you deal Middlebrooks and Apple for Bryant? 25 man roster 20 team dynasty league.

  21. mick says:

    Appel…I hate these auto spell checkers.

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