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2013 Affiliate Records
MLB:  [62-100] NL East
AAA:  [72-72] Pacific Coast League — New Orleans
AA:  [73-63] Southern League — Jacksonville
A+:  [68-69] Florida State League — Jupiter
A:  [65-72] South Atlantic League — Greensboro
A(ss):  [39-36] New York-Penn League — Batavia

Graduated Prospects
Ed Lucas (INF); Marcell Ozuna (OF); Christian Yelich (OF); Derek Dietrich (2B); Jose Fernandez (RHP); Tom Koehler (RHP); A.J. Ramos (RHP); Dan Jennings (LHP)

The Run Down
The Marlins graduated a slew of high-impact prospects in 2013, including Jose Fernandez, Christian Yelich, and Marcell Ozuna.  That sort of talent exodus will drag any system down the organizational ranks, but fortunately for Miami, this farm still features exciting fantasy potential in the form of Andrew Heaney, Colin Moran, and Jake Marisnick.  It’s probably safe to say that this system experienced the biggest drop-off from 2013 to 2014, but there’s still plenty of intrigue here, so take note.

Top Ten Fantasy Prospects
1.  Andrew Heaney, LHP:  An excellent fastball-slider combo and plus command helped Heaney to an impressive 2013 line:  1.60/1.07/89 in 95 IP between High-A and Double-A.  That performance has lifted him into the 2014 fantasy spotlight and earned him the #23 spot on my top 25 for 2014.  Here’s what I had to say about him in that post:  “The Marlins have shown a willingness to promote prospects as soon as they’re ready for the highest level, and Heaney will be ready in 2014.  He’s unlikely to bring the sort of impact that Jose Fernandez brought in 2013, but that’s an unreasonable expectation of anyone on this list.  Heaney posted a sub-2 ERA through 19 outings in 2013, and I suspect he’ll get a shot in Miami before long.”  ETA:  2014

2.  Colin Moran, 3B:  Moran was the 6th overall pick last June, and he was widely considered the most advanced bat in the 2013 draft class.  The 21-year-old out of UNC brings a superb hit tool, and with it, he has the ability to bat north of .300 at every level up to and including the bigs. The power, in the end, might only be of the 15 HR variety, but there’s no denying the fantasy value in a pure hitter of this caliber.  Consider Moran in the same light as Red Sox prospect, Garin Cecchini.  ETA:  2015

3.  Jake Marisnick, OF:  From my top 50 for 2014 post, where Marisnick came in at #35: “Marisnick struggled in his big league debut last season, but he still brings an intriguing skill set that includes speed and pop.  The Marlins are set in the outfield for the time being, but things can change on that end quickly in Miami, and Marisnick will be the next man in once an opportunity arises.”  ETA:  2014

4.  Justin Nicolino, RHP:  Nicolino offers a nicely polished SP profile, with clean mechanics and plus command.  The stuff isn’t spectacular, but he spots it well, and that’s spelled success at just about every stop so far.  He won’t be the sexy young arm that everyone’s racing to scoop once he surfaces, but there’s a strong likelihood that Nicolino develops into a useful starter for the fantasy game.  ETA:  2015

5.  Jesus Solorzano, OF:  Solorzano offers an exciting combination of power and speed, as evidenced by the 15/33 season he posted in 2013, his first year at the full-season level.  There are legitimate approach concerns with the 23-year-old (111/24 K/BB last season), which can limit his impact as he climbs the ladder, but the raw tools alone make this one an interesting prospect to keep tabs on.  ETA:  2016

6.  Avery Romero, 2B:  Romero will bring his promising skill set to the full-season level in 2014. The 20-year-old projects as a stick-first 2B with impact potential in AVG, and power that should play above average once he reaches maturity.  The fantasy upside is clear, but we’ll have a much better gauge on Romero once 2014 is in the books.  ETA:  2017

7.  Jose Urena, RHP:  Urena posted a 3.73/1.18/107 line through 149 IP at High-A Jupiter in 2013.  The 22-year-old brings high-end stuff, but iffy command has held him back thus far, leading me to wonder whether his future role is in the rotation or the ‘pen.  For now, Miami will continue to bring him along as a starter, so keep him on your radar as he steps up to the upper levels in 2014.  ETA:  2015

8.  Adam Conley, RHP:  Conley had a very nice year in 2013, posting a 3.25 ERA, a 1.17 ERA, and a K/9 at 8.4 through 25 Double-A outings.  He’s a fastball-changeup guy, and the command is strong, but his third pitch — a slider — might not register as a usable offering at the big league level, and that has evaluators projecting Conley as a relief arm.  ETA:  2014

9.  Trevor Williams, RHP:  This is where this list takes a turn for the mundane.  Williams is a nice real life prospect, with great size and a true innings-eater profile, but he’s a pitch-to-contact type hurler, and he doesn’t figure to offer much excitement in the fantasy game.  Still, he’s a safe bet to carve out a career as a big league starter, and there’s plenty of value inherent with that projection.  ETA:  2015

10.  Anthony DeSclafani, RHP:  Same as Williams, I like DeSclafani’s chances of developing into a big league starter, but aside from some modest help in ERA and WHIP, I don’t see much impact for the fantasy game.  The 23-year-old will step up to Triple-A in 2014, and he should be ready for a look in Miami before the year is through.  ETA:  2014

2013 Miami Marlins MiLB Preview

  1. goodfold2 says:

    if my pitching staff is this. 30 man dynasty 25 man rosters, with 20 man minor league rosters (forced to come up when hitting 50 innings/150 PA). 100 million budget.
    kuroda (10 million this year only)
    liriano (5.5 mil this year)
    sale (.425 this year, 6.425 till end of 2016 after)
    erasmo (.4 this year)
    estrada (.4 this year)
    e.santana (11.2 this year)
    maurer (.4 each, for 3 years)
    burton (.75 this year)
    j.johnson (2.625 this year)
    o’day (1.251 this year)
    fien (.4 each, for 3 years)
    machi (1.431 this year)
    h.rondon (1.571 this year)
    and these are the minor guys. all of them cost nothing until they come up, then .4 mil till end of 2017.
    heredia/velasquez/ynoa/hale/m.cabrera/alvarez (LAA).
    i can extend or tag those other pitchers, extensions cost an extra 6 mil over their this year price. i would get them at that rate in 2015 and 2016. I plan on extending erasmo/estrada/liriano, and possibly j.johnson (always apprehensive about extending closers though, as those guys job turnover huge).
    other owner came at me with this deal idea. good for me or no?
    my kuroda/alvarez (LAA, likely closer or set up guy looks like) for his
    a.burnett (16.5 mil this year)
    l.coleman (.4 this year)
    fulmer (minor guy so free till call up then .4 every year till end of 2017)
    You are much higher on Fulmer and much lower on Alvarez than BA is. One problem, currently i only have 2 major league spots and Coleman would be taking up one of them. Does he project at really getting that many holds? Tonkin can simply be waivered 4 days into the first week of the season and i was gonna get him, after attempting to get R.Furcal (he starts and my 2nd MI, Schumaker doesn’t). Also doing this deal would cost me 7 mil out of my last 21, leaving me with only 14 to use on mid-season minor leaguer bidding process. If you win whoever you bid on you have to leave that person up ROS, but then get the money bidded back after this year. I was gonna go all in on Souza, and pay up to the rest of my money. really it all comes down to
    1. Is Fulmer that much more useful for the future than Alvarez? if so deal is doable, and i would think souza is cheaper won than 14 mil or so anyway.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @goodfold2: sorry, that is long, and just noticed something else, if coleman is taken on, i’d have more RP than could even play every day as well. So if Fulmer is still that much better than Alvarez, which of these 3 is worst, as he’d get the boot
      machi/h.rondon/coleman, with holds being considered.

      • @goodfold2: I don’t really think these fringe prospects carry much impact on this deal. Simplify it to Kuroda & Burnett & their respective costs… go from there…

        • goodfold2 says:

          @Scott Evans: yeah that i ain’t doing, burnett is on shitty team with 6.5 million more cost. thanks. weird thing is owner took back his offer, said he’d possibly do the non kuroda/burnett part of it for possibly just fulham/coleman for alvarez; but not now, he’s moving his roster around. Strange too, as every other deal this guy has ever sent wasn’t even close to fair.

          • goodfold2 says:

            @goodfold2: also guessing that means NYM system (on the lower half) isn’t too strong, since you have fulmer higher compared to Alvarez than compared to BA, as you have Fulmer up like 5 spots or so, and alvarez doesn’t even crack your top 10.

            • @goodfold2: Mets have a strong system, and I like Fulmer very much, but I don’t think he carries enough fantasy significance to sway that deal one way or the other…

  2. anoraxx says:

    Hi Scott, what three prospects has potential to hit 30+ homers annually and come after top 50? Thanks.

    • @anoraxx: Joey Gallo, David Dahl, Michael Choice… there are plenty more with big power… plus power potential is actually a pretty common tool, but translating that raw power into game power is far less common…

  3. Yescheese says:

    Marisnick as a Carlos Gomez glove-first late bloomer comp?

      • goodfold2 says:

        @Scott Evans: that’s a gross dichotomy.

  4. Wallpaper Paterson says:

    Anybody out there want to play in a single season head-to-head at Yahoo or ESPN for money?

    I am tired of keeper leagues folding after one or two years.

    This league would have an auction, 5×5, two divisions.

    $40 seems good.

    Only champions win money.

    25% to each division champ even

    50% to playoff champion

  5. Ryan says:

    Can I get your opinion on a trade? In my 20 team dynasty league I have 2 trades on the table. Which trade do I take or do i stay put?

    I trade fielder phillips victorino for ellsbury domonic brown and rasmus? Good or bad move? I could use the speed and I like the fact of dealing my aging bats in phillips and victorino.

    or I trade upton darvish kris bryant frazier profar for mccutchen hanley…What do you think?

    Also In a holds dynasty league, would you drop any of the following guys for brian wilson?

    clint frazier garret Richards wily peralta tanner roark

    c evan gattis
    1b miguel cabrera
    2b brandon phillips
    3b evan longoria
    ss jurickson profar
    lf justin upton
    cf shane victorino
    rf michael cuddyer
    util prince fielder
    bn neil walker
    bn carl crawford/kris bryant/joc pederson/clint frazier

    sp clayton kershaw
    sp yu darvish
    sp cliff lee
    rp jose veras
    rp sean doolittle
    rp dan delarosa
    p zack wheeler
    p dan straily
    p tanner roark
    bn garrett richards
    Bn wily peralta

    • @Ryan: I don’t particularly like either deal for you, although the Fielder for Ellsbury swap is better than the other…

  6. Russ says:

    Brent Keys. What’s the potential there? Because each time I look at his numbers I feel very intrigued

    • @Russ: He’s a singles hitter with a fantastic approach… tough to get too excited about an OF who projects to zero homers…

  7. Tbone says:

    12 team weekly lineup 6×6 H2H; OBP, SLG, R, RBI, HR, SB.
    10 keepers/team.
    We start (4) OF and a utility.

    My current keepers consist of McCutchen (1st), Alex Gordon (8th), B. Hamilton (10th), Dom Brown (13th), and Springer (15th)…obviously a lot of OF.

    Trade Hamilton and a 17th for Wil Myers (16th) and a 19th?
    Hamilton for the other owner could be a 15th rounder. Dealing Hamilton for me opens up the 8th round pick with Gordon sliding back to 9th.
    My 17th would be my first available pick since the 8th.
    Both Hamilton and Myers have one year of keeper eligibility left after this year.

    Side deal would be trying to deal Hamilton for Freddie Freeman (last year of eligibility in 5th).

    Given OBP and SLG I think I need to do either of these, but I’m not in love with swapping picks.

  8. gobiggreen says:

    would you keep Yelich ( at #230 overall) or Brad Miller at #146

  9. Anthony says:

    Trying to solidify my last OF spot pre draft and have Castro and Ramirez as my other offered Alex Gordon for my Evereth Cabrera and Moustakas..really feel down on Evereth but don’t want to make a mistake! Please help! Oh and it’s a 12 team, 16 keeper leave, giant rosters. Thanks man!

    • @Anthony: I’d do it. Gordon’s impact is worth that cost…

      • Mike says:

        @Scott Evans: Hey Ant – Do you want my opinion too? How many freaking people you gonna ask? I want to play in your league – got an opening?

  10. J-FOH says:

    have you done the Mariners yet?

    • goodfold2 says:

      @J-FOH: not yet, but only 4 more to go. it’s been a long 5 months (wow, doesn’t feel that long)

    • @J-FOH: Here’s the remaining sched: Rays (3/12), Rangers (3/16), M’s (3/19), Cards (3/23)

      • goodfold2 says:

        @Scott Evans: here’s hoping for 2 more guys on the level of Souza/Drury/Solorzano/Romero that are actually free in my deep league.

  11. Alan says:

    Is Arismendy and Arenado an even trade for Austin Jackson in dynasty?

    • @Alan: I like the Arenado/Alcantara side…

  12. Dead Head says:

    If you had to pick one, who would you say is going to get a shot in the bigs this year first between Baez or Kris Bryant? Or are they both probably not going to get a legitimate shot until September or next year..?

    Also, does Mike Olt have a little post-hype value this year? Cubs want him to win the 3B job out of Spring, and he could bounce back.. I mean he was a pretty highly rated prospect before his struggles last year.

  13. Tehol Beddict says:

    I would expect more from a franchise that has traded off so many pieces. I don’t see a ton of star potential here. It makes me physically ill when great hitting 3rd basemen’s power is capped at 15 homers. that is disgusting

    • @Tehol Beddict: Yeah this is a borderline T20 farm, which should sicken Miami fans, considering they have one of the worst big league teams in the game… I still see Moran being a solid points league contributor, even without big power… he’s like another Matt Carpenter…

  14. Swfcdan says:

    Hard to get excited about any offensive players playing in that park, pitchers though… yes please.

    Got an open spot on my farm after a promotion, looking at either Dom Smith (1B), Josh Bell (OF), or the great named Mookie Betts (2B). Can you rank them, thanks.

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Scott Evans: Thanks.

        Being a B Hamilton owner ive read that his hitting difficulties last year stemmed from being new to switch hitting. He was better as a natural righty and now has to hit lefty most of the time. Why do coaches change these things, and do you think theres a chance he goes back to hitting purely righty?

        I guess hitting lefty means hes closer to 1B to beat out singles Ichiro style but man I hope that wasnt the only reason!

        • @Swfcdan: If a player shows ambidextrous ability, it’s usually a good idea to explore that possibility & eliminate any arm-side platooning…

          • Swfcdan says:

            @Scott Evans: But he’s kinda sucked at it hasn’t he, lol. Hence his big drop-off in BA last season. I’d reckon he’d be much better hitting purely righty if that’s what he’s more comfortable doing. Think coaches must overcomplicate things at times, fixing things that aren’t broken…

            • Swfcdan says:

              @Swfcdan: After all righty-righty platoons are rarely a concern anyway, it’s always the lefties who struggle against their same handed counterparts.

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