Last week we rolled out our Top 25 Fantasy Baseball Prospects for 2014, and today we’re moving on to numbers 26-50.  Remember, this is a 2014-specific list — we’re doing our best here to identify prospects who have the best chance at contributing in the fantasy game this season.  A year ago, the second half of this same list included names like Christian Yelich, Matt Adams, Nolan Arenado, Tony Cingrani, Chris Archer, Michael Wacha, and Avisail Garcia.  I suspect that there will be a handful of impact players found in this group, as well.  Do take note.

26.  Jonathan Singleton, 1B, Astros:  We’ve covered Singleton pretty thoroughly this offseason.  Here’s my outlook, and here’s Grey’s.

27.  Matt Wisler, RHP, Padres:  The Cory Luebke setback opens the door for Matt Wisler to earn some starts in San Diego.  There are others in the mix too, of course, but on the surface, Wisler looks like the best of the bunch.  More on him in my Padres MiLB preview.

28.  Erik Johnson, RHP, White Sox:  The White Sox farm is fun to poke fun at, but in reality, it’s made tremendous strides in the past year, and Johnson’s emergence as a real-deal prospect has been an integral part of that improvement.  More on him in my White Sox MiLB preview.

29.  Maikel Franco, 3B, Phillies:  Maikel Franco can hit, and he’s ready to do so at the highest level.  As soon as Cody Asche slips up or Ryan Howard hits the disabled list, Franco will be the man to step in.  More on him in my Phillies MiLB preview.

30.  Miguel Gonzalez, RHP, Phillies:  I’m being cautious with Gonzalez because of the elbow concerns that prompted the Phillies to rescind their initial offer last summer, and also because of the mixed bag of scouting outlooks that popped up even before the elbow stuff.  That said, he appears to be in position to be included in the Opening Day rotation, and there’s value inherent with that distinction.  More on Gonzalez here.

31.  Arismendy Alcantara, SS, Cubs:  I went over Alcantara in my Cubs MiLB preview this past Sunday.  Read it if you’re into five-tool middle infielders.

32.  James Paxton, LHP, Mariners:  Paxton will compete for a starting gig in Seattle during spring training.  He has some command issues to sort out, but if he can learn to harness his stuff, he’ll be a useful fantasy starter with good whiff totals.  The Safeco effect doesn’t hurt either.

33.  Chris Owings, SS, D’Backs:  Owings brings a polished offensive skill set, and he’s ready to put it to work at the highest level.  A shortstop capable of batting north of .300 while offering modest contributions in the power and speed departments, Owings is only waiting for an opportunity to present itself.  A poor spring or an early-season slump from Didi Gregorius could provide that opening.

34.  Mike Foltynewicz, RHP, Astros:  Foltynewicz could’ve fit into the same run of high-impact starters that went from #17 to #23 on part 1 of this list, but working under the assumption that the Astros are going to be extremely sensitive to service time, I opted to bump him back a bit. The 22-year-old brings a front-end profile, and he’ll be ready for a big league look this summer, but I doubt we see him in Houston until 2015.

35.  Jake Marisnick, OF, Marlins:  Marisnick struggled in his big league debut last season, but he still brings an intriguing skill set that includes speed and pop.  The Marlins are set in the outfield for the time being, but things can change on that end quickly in Miami, and Marisnick will be the next man in once an opportunity arises.

36.  Jackie Bradley Jr., OF, Red Sox:  Bradley is a fine prospect for real life baseball purposes, but from a fantasy perspective, he’s not very interesting.  He appears to have a direct route to playing time, and for that reason alone he’s worth listing, but I’ll be surprised if there’s any significant fantasy impact here.  Grey has more on him in his outfield rankings, where Bradley comes in at #83.

37.  Mike Olt, 3B/1B, Cubs:  I’m still holding out some hope for a Mike Olt bounce-back.  Read why in my Cubs MiLB preview.

38.  Michael Choice, OF, Rangers:  Before he was traded to Texas, I had this to say about Michael Choice in my A’s MiLB preview:  “At age 24, there’s not much left for Choice to prove in the minors.  A consistent producer with 20 HR potential and enough stick to hit north of .300, Choice is ready for an extended look with the big club.  He’ll have to compete for playing time in a crowded Oakland outfield, but he should begin the season on the major league roster.”  The scenery has changed, but the opportunity has not.  Choice looks primed to begin 2014 as the Rangers’ fourth outfielder.

39.  Joc Pederson, OF, Dodgers:  Read notes on Pederson in my Dodgers MiLB preview, where the 21-year-old impact outfielder comes in at #2.

40.  Rafael Montero, RHP, Mets:  Noah Syndergaard gets the hype among Mets SP prospects, and deservedly so, but Rafael Montero could get the first opportunity in New York when a need arises.  More on him here.

41.  Wilmer Flores, 3B, Mets:  If Flores can force his way into a second base gig in New York, his fantasy value could be quite large.  As it stands, though, he’s buried behind David Wright on the 3B depth chart, and that’s not a great place to be for the short-term.  More on Flores in my Mets MiLB preview.

42.  Jonathan Schoop, 2B, Orioles:  I peg him as a 20 HR, .265 AVG second baseman in my Orioles MiLB preview.  If he can beat out Jemile Weeks this spring for the 2B duties in Baltimore, we could see something close to that projection out of Schoop this season.

43.  Zach Lee, RHP, Dodgers:  After an impressive 2013 campaign, there’s no doubt that Lee is polished enough to contribute in LA this season.  The Dodgers’ rotation, though, is just about as good as it gets, so the 22-year-old will have to wait for an injury or two before he gets his chance to start.  More on Lee here.

44.  Trevor Bauer, RHP, Indians:  This marks the third consecutive season that Bauer has appeared in these “Top Prospects for [insert year]” lists.  I’ll admit that I’m losing patience with the 22-year-old, but it’s too soon to quit on him, and I explain why in my Indians MiLB preview.

45.   Cesar Puello, OF, Mets:  Puello posted some exciting numbers in 2013 before being suspended for his involvement with Biogenesis.  He’ll be one of the more interesting prospects to keep track of early on in 2014.  More on him in my Mets MiLB preview.

46.  Enny Romero, RHP, Rays:  Romero will compete this spring for a gig in the Ray’s rotation, and judging by stuff alone, he’d be the favorite to win the job.  If he does secure a rotation role, his excellent fastball-curve combo should lead to quality whiff totals.  At worst, Romero should find his way into a late-innings bullpen role, where he could still offer some fantasy relevance.

47.  Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Rays:  Romero brings more upside to the fantasy game, but Odorizzi is the more polished arm, and the probable #5 starter for the Rays in 2014.  Grey has some thoughts in in SP rankings, where Odorizzi comes in at #90.

48.  Miguel Sano, 3B, Twins:  I’ll start Sano’s capsule by saying that I highly doubt we see him surface in Minnesota this season — I’m doubtful that the Twins will even give him a late-season look, actually.  But, these matters are relatively unpredictable, and I don’t want to be the only dude who didn’t rank the 2014 AL ROY, because I know that would be the case if I didn’t list him. Consider this my repentance for not ranking Puig and Fernandez last year.

49.  Addison Russell, SS, Athletics:  Next to Sano, Russell is the best long-term fantasy prospect listed in part 2 of this top 50.  He only ranks near the bottom because, aside from a three-game cup-of-coffee at Triple-A, the 20-year-old hasn’t logged any time in the upper minors. Even so, Russell is the type of impact talent that could play his way into the call-up conversation during spring training.  More on him here.

50.  Taylor Lindsey, 2B, Angels:  Lindsey is just about the only bright spot in the Angels farm system, and he’ll be ready to contribute in LA as soon as there’s a need.  More on the 22-year-old in my Angels MiLB preview.

  1. CL says:

    Must read, right here! Good work, Scott.

    Alcantara would fill a potentially really near term need for me, most likely, with Hardy & Utley as my MI. Would you dump a guy like Gallardo (my #6 SP) for him? Or am I dumping Biddle for real, already (re: you discussed your dislike of Biddle with me on the top 25 of this last week, but I held)?

    • CL says:

      @CL: My starters, by the way:
      Shields, Liriano, Dickey, G. Cole, A. Cobb, Gallardo.

      My farm:
      Max Fried, Eddie Butler, Marcus Stroman, Jesse Biddle

    • @CL: I prefer Alcantara over Biddle… that would be my move, considering your needs…

  2. Count de Monetball says:

    There’s stuff in there that is a difference maker in championship runs! Thanks for your research Scott!

  3. Jake says:

    I think the Cards are the best team in baseball and have no reason to start Taveras’s arb. clock. Even if they have a 2-3 week injury they can just plug in their 4th outfielder. Your thoughts?

    • @Jake: I agree. It’s gonna take a severely slumping Jay/Bourjous or a long-term injury to Holliday/Craig/Adams… all those things seem plausible though…

  4. Rags says:

    This might be a tough question to answer, but I don’t know exactly where else to go for it.

    I’m in the first year of a pseudo-dynasty auction league this year. H2H daily points league with 8 minor league spots apart from our usual bench, and MILBers may be kept at no penalty for as long as they’re in the minors.

    Our auction budget for the whole team is 330, but that includes minor leaguers and we’re supposed to leave space over for a FAAB budget. (The commish’s bright idea, we’ll see how it works…). We must spend a min of $30 on minor leaguers and a max of $70.

    So that said, what do you think are good prices for these guys? A bunch of your top guys are ineligible because they’re starting in the MLB (Tanaka, Abreu, etc). But for a guy like Taveras, how much would you spend so that he’s a worthwhile keeper? I’m likely going to spend close to the $30 limit, but would you spread that around or pick a top guy or two and a bunch of fliers?

    • @Rags: For a guy like Taveras/Baez/Buxton, you could spend up to 15, maybe a little more… for most other prospects, I’d try to stay around 5 or under… so much turnover in prospect land… probably crazy to spend too much on guys who aren’t elite level…

  5. Goose says:

    I have pick #2 coming up in a keeper league…

    Lots of options should be there (after the first “6 rounds” of keepers are filled) – 14-team league, so this would be like pick 84 in a draft. It’s a 6×6 league – OBP instead of AVG with TBs added, plus holds.

    So, how would you rank:
    -G. Cole

    (My six keepers are Miggy, Prince, Hosmer, J-Up, Wainwright, and EverCab.)

    • @Goose: For 2014: Verlander, Machado, Cole, Tanaka, Abreu, Bogaerts… For long-term: Machado, Cole, Bogaerts, Tanaka, Abreu, Verlander…

      • Goose says:

        @Scott Evans: This is gonna be tough. Always a struggle to balance this year vs. the future. Plus, next year we keep 8 (stays at 8 every year after that), so definitely need to look ahead – but also try to win this year. Thanks for yr thoughts!

  6. Sky

    Sky says:

    I have a hard time thinking Weeks is the answer for the Orioles; I know the A’s are picky but Adam Rosales was playing over him…That says a lot. Really hope Schoop gets his shot.

    • @Sky: Agree on Schoop v Weeks… would rather see a Salt-N-Pepa Waterfalls vid, though, regardless of its irrelevance to this convo.

      • Sky

        Sky says:

        That’s TLC, bro! Get yo 90’s hip hop house in order, son! But since you asked:

        • @Sky: I’m gonna go ahead & predict that come September, this Salt-N-Peppa versus TLC mixup will be my biggest regret from my preseason ranks…

          • Sky

            Sky says:

            That’s a prediction I think we can all live with.

  7. Seth says:

    In a dynasty lg…correa or russell??

  8. Dr. Sauce says:

    Really appreciate your work, certainly saves me copious amounts of time … thank-you. Seeking some input on a keeper/dynasty type questions (5×5 Roto style, Keep forever league, any 6). My choices; Harper/Goldy/Braun/Stanton/Kipnis/Jo-Fer/Machado/Choo
    Me thinks Harper/Gody/Braun/Stanton are no brainers.
    Therefore it comes down to 2 spots for Kipnis/Jo-Fer/Machado/Choo … I have flip-flopped on this several times already … please enlighten me oh prospects wise one!!

    • @Dr. Sauce: Definitely Fernandez… comes down to Choo & Machado after that, and I have an unhealthy love for Manny, so he’d by my pick…

      • Dr. Sauce says:

        @Scott Evans:
        Machado and Jo-Fer was my 1st instinct, however seemingly inundated with rankings that seem to show Kipnis as the top guy in that group. Including Jay+ keeper rankings that show Kipnis coming in at 20. For you, is Kipnis close to that group? What are you thoughts on the Kipper??

        • @Dr. Sauce: Kipnis is a fine keeper, and you can’t go wrong with him… what puts Machado over the top is the fact that he’ll have SS eligibility at this time next year…

  9. cookierojas16 says:

    Scott, is Tommy La Stella not on the list because you don’t see him displacing Uggla this year, or because you don’t think he’s especially good?

    • Yescheese says:

      @cookierojas16: I second this question. Though I suspect the answer is the braves pray & hope for uggla ROI…

    • @cookierojas16: La Stella can hit, no question. The financial commitment to Uggla is gonna make it hard for him to see the light of day, though… and he’s not the type of high-impact guy to force his way into the picture regardless of who’s in front on the depth chart…

  10. bossmanjunior says:

    I would have put Alex Colome over Romero. Similarly valued prospects but Colome is clearly more ready for the majors and has just health standing in his way. Romero likely still needs a full season in Durham. Further, Colome has a more well rounded arsenal and has made great strides on the change up over the past year while that pitch is still a work in progress for Romero. Behind Odorizzi, Colome is next on the depth chart with either Andrese or Romero next.

    • @bossmanjunior: All fair points… Romero’s line on a setup role kinda put things over the top for me… even if things don’t go well for him as a starter this spring, his stuff is ready to work in the late innings…

  11. Mike b says:

    I have Sano as a 24th round keeper in a 10 team 10 keeper league with 29 roster spots. Players like buxton Baez Taveras Correa are kept already. Worth hanging onto Sano given your expectation of a delayed debut? I’m a patient owner not needing to go for broke in order to compete this season.

    • @Mike b: Sure, if folks are holding buxton & correa, no reason you shouldn’t hang onto sano… especially given your patient approach

  12. Mike b says:

    I have Sano as a 24th round keeper in a 10 team 10 keeper league with 29 roster spots. Players like buxton Baez Taveras Correa are kept already. Worth hanging onto Sano given your expectation of a delayed debut? I’m a patient owner not needing to go for broke in order to compete this season.

  13. Swfcdan says:

    Took advantage of some offers in my new keeper league to get Taveras and Bogartes along with Buxton who I had (I know sick, sick farm). Now I need to decide whether they are werth promoting for this year.

    Gut feelings on Taveras, Bogartes (and C-Mart while we’re at it) starting in the majors this year? And if so, in what kind of role.

    • @Swfcdan: Bogaerts is everyday SS in Boston… Martinez is probably a setup guy (small chance to start) in STL… Taveras needs an injury before he can break through…

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Scott Evans: Thinking about dealing Bogey for Tanaka, because im already sorted at SS and 3B and because I need more rotation help in this league (16 teams so tough to build a good rotation). Is there much between them in your mind, and would you have no worries promoting and starting Tanaka right away (just remember Darvish struggling initially)?

  14. Punter says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’m in a 14 team dynasty league (30 player teams), and realistically won’t compete until 2015.. I’m 4th in our draft this year, and will probably get a choice of Bryant, Abreu, Gray, or Appel. How would you rank them, and is it close?

    If I, err, punted, and traded my pick, what tier player should I aim for in return? My team has no strengths or log jams, think I just need to grab the best fantasy impact…

  15. goodfold2 says:

    kaleb cowart no bright spot for LAA?

    • @goodfold2: I kinda chuckled the first time you brought this up… .221/.279/.301 with 6 homers and 14 steals in 2014 — would you call that a bright spot? He has more upside than Lindsey, but he’s no bright spot…

  16. Luis says:

    Hi Scott,

    I asked you a couple questions last week, but there have been changes to the player pool and I need some input please. My draft is coming up soon for my 3rd draft in a 20 team, 20 keeper dynasty league. Gregory Polanco and Mark Appel have just been made available for the upcoming draft where I draft number one overall. I’m in rebuilding mode. Here’s my squad:

    C – W. Rosario
    1B – Davis, Rizzo and Matt Adams
    2B – None
    3B – Moose, M. Davidson and Cecchini
    OF – Bradley Jr., Eaton, C. Dickerson
    SS – Aybar, J. Baez

    SP – Minor, Cingrani, Straily, Cosart, Kluber, Skaggs, Haren, Crow

    I’m not sure who to pick number one out of Tanaka, Appel and Polanco. I’m weak at SP, 2B and OF. Who would you go with? The relative sure thing of Tanaka? Or the higher (I think) upside of Appel or Polanco?

    • Luis says:

      @Luis: Also, I just received a trade offer of Masterson and Kolten Wong for my Rizzo and Cosart. I would also get a 4th round pick in exchange for my 8th round pick. I should do this, no? Since I have Davis and Adams at 1B.

      • Luis says:

        @Luis: Getting a pitcher of Masterson’s ability would then probably allow me to draft Polanco first. What do you think?

        • @Luis: I think you can still draft Polanco first & hold Rizzo.

      • luis says:

        @Scott Evans: I was also thinking about it in terms of getting a 2B, which I don’t have right now. you think Cosart is worth holding on to? or its just that you’re that high on Rizzo? or that you’re down on Masterson?

        • Luis says:

          @luis: @Scott Evans: Or is it that you think I have enough pitching? I know I have to pick up relievers in the draft, and a 2B if I don’t make the trade for Wong. There won’t be many guys available in this deep a league. At least not by the time I draft one which won’t be till the 3rd round (I don’t have a 2nd rounder). He upped his offer to giving me a 3rd and 4th rounder for my 6th and 8th rounder, in addition to Masterson and Wong.

          Sorry about all the questions, I’ve worked so hard on re-working this team these last few years. I took over an old, talent-free team and I think I finally have an outside shot at actually going to the playoffs this year and I don’t want to mess it up.

          • @Luis: I just think there’s a talent disparity in this deal too great to justify any needs you might have…

            • luis says:

              @Scott Evans: is it because of Cosart? do you like him? I’m worried about his low strike out rate. because of that, and the fact he’s pitching in that park, would lead to him not being able to continue pitching well. his stand rate was pretty high too. Do you think Wong is legit? he was a top 50 prospect last year, no? Rizzo is the best player in the deal, but I upgrade at 2 spots. Guys in this league are hard to make trades with too. I’m just afraid of getting all these rip off offers for Rizzo and then having a big hole at second, along with my concerns about Cosart. These are the decisions in Destiny leagues that shave a year off my life.

              • Luis says:

                @luis: I sent him a counter asking him to throw in Crick from the Giants. If he includes him, I’ll def do it.

  17. Mike says:

    Carlos Martinez is a prospect but no longer a Minor League Prospect due to service time. No Alex Meyer?

  18. Mike B says:

    I think you may be the best here to lean on for advice with my draft prep regarding current minor leaguers. I am in a 10 team 10 keeper league (player kept costs round drafted +1 each year after) and all of our keepers have been announced. I am targeting Gregory Polanco, Dylan Bundy and Addison Russel this year, and I am trying to figure out where I should plan to take each, or when if a player may be safe to leave in free agent pool for a month or 2. We roster 29 players and prospects such as buxton, sano, bradley, springer, baez were added around All-Star break last year, and subsequently kept. This is only the second season of our league, so I’m not sure I can really use that timeline as a rule of thumb moving forward. To give some more context, Profar was drafted in 20th round last year and Taveras in 21st. Looking to get these guys (Polanco, Bundy, Russel), but as cheap as possible. Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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