We’ve gone over the final 2022 fantasy baseball rankings for hitters and the top 20 starters. This is different than Final Fantasy rankings where you rank Final Fantasy 1 thru Final Fantasy 15. That’s hardcore nerd shizz! This is simply fantasy baseball — we’re softcore nerds like Emmanuelle is to porn. So, there’s no more of these godforsaken recap posts left. You’re welcome. I, my over-the-internet friend, will be talking next about 2023 rookies. Let’s boogie to the next year, boogiers! Anyway, here’s the top 40 starters for 2022 fantasy baseball and how they compare to where I originally ranked them:

21. Spencer Strider – Seriously, just point me to who is going to be on the Braves’ team in April as a rookie and I’m drafting them in the 5th round of every draft. Strider just missed making the Historical Player Rater for pitchers. Tyler Anderson at the bottom of the top 20 starters was the last to make it. Bummer for Strider, I know how much that would’ve meant to him, prolly more than his $92 million contract. Okay, you know what? Not prolly, definitely. Strider’s mustache should’ve had us all alerted to what he was capable of, I blame all of you for letting him slip through, Shame on you! Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers: 11-5/2.67/0.99/202 in 131 2/3 IP

22. Triston McKenzie – Dude’s built like a rake and that’s what you’re gonna lose if you bet against him! Bam! High five the crap out of me right now! No? Okay. This Strong Bean was clearly great, and just once again I’m asking you: Why are you drafting pitchers high when you can have the guy who played the feather in his high school’s Forrest Gump staged adaption about 200 picks after top pitchers and gave you all this value? Preseason Rank #74, 2022 Projections: 8-8/4.12/1.31/158 in 143 IP, Final Numbers: 11-11/2.96/0.95/190 in 191 1/3 IP

23. Aaron Nola – He’s so clearly a top three starter in all of baseball, who won’t be drafted as one. He’s the number one starter, the ace, that you want who will be drafted around 45 overall. He might be my first starter in every league next year. Yes, this is supposed to be about this year, but what do you want me to tell you? I’m excited! Preseason Rank #7, 2022 Projections: 13-6/3.19/1.08/247 in 198 IP, Final Numbers: 11-13/3.25/0.96/235 in 205 IP

24. Framber Valdez – Honestly, was a bit perplexed at how Framber was ranked this low by the Player Rater, then I saw the WHIP, and I get it. He’s the one pitcher this year who didn’t get lucky on BABIP. Astros feel like they could have a year where four starters get 20 wins apiece. Preseason Rank #32, 2022 Projections: 12-7/3.71/1.22/171 in 177 IP, Final Numbers: 17-6/2.82/1.16/194 in 201 1/3 IP

25. Brandon Woodruff – Went back to refresh my memory on why Woodruff missed time this year, and found out he was suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome. No relation to d’Raynaud, who is also not related to d’Arnaud. His 2nd half was 2.38 ERA in 87 IP. Hey, can I draft Woodruff and Nola right now for next year. There’s so many great starters, guys and five girls. Just another reason to not feel like you need to draft Cole or someone else in the first three rounds. Preseason Rank #5, 2022 Projections: 14-5/2.69/0.98/224 in 190 IP, Final Numbers: 13-4/3.05/1.07/190 in 153 1/3 IP

26. Zack Wheeler – One big thing I’m thinking of moving a little bit away from is worrying so much about injury risks. Wheeler, Rodon, Kershaw, and Castillo all had varying levels of concern in March. Did us no good in ignoring them. There was an injury discount for all them that we should’ve taken people up on. Who doesn’t love a good deal?! I should’ve been a Wheeler dealer. (I’m so sorry, but you walked into it.) Preseason Rank #4, 2022 Projections: 16-7/2.74/0.98/247 in 210 IP, Final Numbers: 12-7/2.82/1.04/163 in 153 IP

27. Logan Webb – There’s so many examples of wins being fluky as shizz, but people write it off like noise. Like a 99-win Yankees team should give Cole less wins than the 81-win Giants gave Webb. No, clearly not. But just watch, people in March will be like, “Grey, love the face, it’s very handsome, but don’t you think the Yankees will give Cole more wins than Webb on the Giants?” Of course, Cole should, but there’s no accounting for wins. There’s no accounting for ratios either. Really rankings are based on K/BB, but that’s for another day. Preseason Rank #19, 2022 Projections: 12-6/3.12/1.09/182 in 179 IP, Final Numbers: 15-9/2.90/1.16/163 in 192 1/3 IP

28. Clayton Kershaw – Thinking about a team where I could’ve had Justin Verlander and Kershaw and 400 IP of just barely 2.00 ERA, and cackling very loudly. PARENTS: Please check your candy this Halloween. I just found a fantasy baseball ‘pert cackling about Verlander and Kershaw’s ERAs in my Milky Way.  Preseason Rank #59, 2022 Projections: 8-3/3.27/1.05/136 in 117 IP, Final Numbers: 12-3/2.28/0.94/137 in 126 1/3 IP

29. Chris Bassitt – On my best pitching team, where I had a 3.10 ERA on the year, I had Bassitt, Cease, Robbie Ray, Mikolas, JoMo, Sandoval, and Merrill Kelly. Plus, Clay Holmes, Ryan Helsley and Daniel Bard. I’m not sure I spent the least on pitching, but I definitely didn’t spend anywhere close to the most. If you can transport your peanut brain back to last March, you’ll remember Ray was only one close to an ace, and he was prolly my biggest disappointment. He went for $20; Cease went for $17, and no other starter of mine went for more than $10 — Bassitt went for $9. I don’t keep saying the same thing for atta boys. I tell you so you stop drafting pitching high. Preseason Rank #29, 2022 Projections: 13-8/3.41/1.08/172 in 171 IP, Final Numbers: 15-9/3.42/1.14/167 in 181 2/3 IP

30. Miles Mikolas – As I just said about Mikolas being on that team in the Bassitt blurb, yeah, Mikolas was off waivers, along with Helsley, Bard and Holmes. Yes, my entire pen was grabbed off waivers. Kelly was the other starter of note who I got off waivers. I honestly didn’t need much — well, to not draft Mondesi, India, Wander, Just Dong and Seiya might’ve helped. But I didn’t need more pitching is what I meant. Here’s the draft recap if you want to laugh at what I was thinking then. Preseason Rank #128, 2022 Projections: 7-10/4.47/1.20/119 in 163 IP, Final Numbers: 12-13/3.29/1.03/153 in 202 1/3 IP

31. Joe Musgrove – I kept telling you over and over again to sell Musgrove in the 2nd half, and, if we’re being honest, he wasn’t that bad in the 2nd half. Less good than the 1st? Sure. Bad? Nah. If he would’ve had better wins luck (give him 15 wins), he’d be about as valuable as Nola. But if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, and if Musgrove had shinier ears, he’d have a 2nd career as a porcelain doll. Preseason Rank #14, 2022 Projections: 13-8/3.10/1.06/207 in 184 IP, Final Numbers: 10-7/2.93/1.08/184 in 181 IP

32. Logan Gilbert – I saw he went about 80 IP over his previous year and I did a spit take of pomegranate juice, and that really effin’ stains. It looks like my computer was stabbed multiple times. What is wrong with you scaring me while I’m drinking pomegranate juice? If pomegranate juice was a thing a few hundred years ago, there would be laws on the books about it like sodomy laws. “Thou should not scare or surprise thy neighbor while he is drinking pomegranate juice. Sentence is death.”  Preseason Rank #55, 2022 Projections: 9-10/3.87/1.15/162 in 148 IP, Final Numbers: 13-6/3.20/1.18/174 in 185 2/3 IP

33. Luis Garcia – True heads will remember Luis Garcia, the Astros pitcher, was monikered Rocky I this year (the PadresLuis Garcia is Rocky II; Nats’ infielder Luis Garcia is Rocky 3, and we have room for more. Just tell us when you’re ready, minor leagues.) This also makes sense because when the AstrosLuis Garcia winds up he looks like he’s rocking a cradle. So, Rocky I is being pretty boosted by wins, but he’s not killing you anywhere else so Ayyyyyyyyyyyyydrian!!! Preseason Rank #48, 2022 Projections: 12-9/3.74/1.24/194 in 177 IP, Final Numbers: 15-8/3.72/1.13/157 in 157 1/3 IP

34. Merrill Kelly – Seven pitchers just passed 200 IP this year. In unrelated news that I’m about to make up but is prolly true, seven pitchers had 200-inning clauses in their contracts. Speaking of innings (since I’m actively looking at it right now), 20 pitchers had 184 IP or more. Of those 20, 17 made the top 40 and one (Martin Perez) was 41st, and Cal Quantrill just missed (45). If you get 180+ IP in today’s game, there’s a good chance you’re going to be valuable. For wins and Ks alone, sure, but also if you’re throwing 180 IP, it’s because you’re pitching well. Not a ton of teams throw terrible pitchers for a lot of innings. Preseason Rank #122, 2022 Projections: 7-11/4.21/1.25/148 in 166 IP, Final Numbers: 13-8/3.37/1.14/177 in 200 1/3 IP

35. Kevin Gausman – I know about the law of diminishing returns, but I truly wonder what would happen if Gausman threw his split-finger, which generates a .169 xBA, 98% of the time. It is not overstating things to say Gausman’s fastball was where hitters caused the most damage, so. Dot dot dot. Why throw it? Preseason Rank #11, 2022 Projections: 13-9/3.16/1.07/219 in 189 IP, Final Numbers: 12-10/3.35/1.24/205 in 174 2/3 IP

36. Drew Rasmussen – This is the 2nd year in a row Rasmussen had a 2.84 ERA. One more and he gets to sleep with Khris Davis’s wife. If he wants, up to him. I’m not going to tell you who “him” is referring to in that sentence. Here’s something to consider: If a pitcher had a 3.03 ERA and a 8.3 K/9 in 237 1/3 career innings, where would you draft him? Okay, so why is Rasmussen going to go much later? Preseason Rank #76, 2022 Projections: 8-5/3.20/1.13/118 in 123 IP, Final Numbers: 11-7/2.84/1.04/125 in 146 IP

37. Jeffrey Springs – Cackling like I stopped self-medicating at the thought of having Verlander, Kershaw and Springs. Just your standard 550 IP of a 2.20 ERA for the cost of zip-a-roo. Yeah, you might’ve lacked a little in strikeouts, so you could’ve had Bard, Helsley and Holmes for free, but haha what do I know? Just out here speculating. By the by, if Springs had some wins luck (15 wins), he’d be as valuable as Nola. Yes, very normal to randomly find guys with an ADP of 1000 overall that could’ve helped your team this much. Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers: 9-5/2.46/1.07/144 in 135 1/3 IP

38. Robbie Ray – He wasn’t anywhere near a death blow like Berrios, or Giolito. Sorry, there was a good 45 minutes between the first sentence and this one because I googled tight pants. It’s amazing the founders of Google ever finished founding Google and didn’t get distracted by “cake sitting” or something else on the internet.  Preseason Rank #10, 2022 Projections: 14-8/3.12/1.06/257 in 202 IP, Final Numbers: 12-12/3.71/1.19/212 in 189 IP

39. Joe Ryan – Wanna hear something funny that isn’t funny? I thought Joe Ryan kinda came out of nowhere, but then I saw my ranking and projections for him were nearly the best hashtag “nailed it” I had. I really didn’t remember liking Joe Ryan that much to rank him 42nd, and I said I would’ve drafted him. I didn’t, but I said I would’ve that’s pretty close! Preseason Rank #42, 2022 Projections: 8-9/3.81/1.12/166 in 152 IP, Final Numbers: 13-8/3.55/1.10/151 in 147 IP

40. Luis Castillo – I take back what I said on Ryan; I’m writing this in the order you’re reading it, and Castillo is closer in rank and projections. Though, I also told everyone to not draft Castillo, because he had a shoulder injury in March, and that was one I started cursing because I had already drafted him, and then sometime around midseason my curses became the good kind of curses when he got traded to the best ballpark in history for pitchers, Safeco. “Ain’t that the truth?” That’s Jesse Winker. Preseason Rank #37, 2022 Projections: 8-9/3.67/1.25/154 in 148 IP, Final Numbers: 8-6/2.99/1.08/167 in 150 1/3 IP

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3 months ago

With regard to projecting and drafting starters, I don’t want to blow too much smoke up your ass, or indeed my own, but I had one guy (Nola) in the top 40. ONE. And pitching (with the help of SON as always) pretty much kept my team afloat. There’s so much out there.

Framber – wow. Non-owner but felt like he had to be more valuable than that. Depends on the league I guess but with all those QSs the sheer maths means he wasn’t doing you harm very often.

Harley Earl
Harley Earl
3 months ago

What is your deal with Julio Urias? Every year you run him down, say he won’t be that good, you’re not picking him on your teams, and every year he proves you wrong. You’re always low on him, lower than anyone else, for some unknown reason. Yet when he kicks your ass every year, you come back with some backhanded jab by saying something like “Ah, to be good on a great team.”

How about just admitting he’s a hell of a lot better than you believe or want him to be? Would that be too hard or is your ego just too big? I don’t get it. The kid puts up one great season after another and you find ways to shit on him.

Last edited 3 months ago by Harley Earl
3 months ago

 Here are the top 25 SPs from 2022, showing where they rank among pitchers on the Player Rater – Pitchers Last 6 Years (12 Team Mixed):

2017-22 …….SP …. VALUE

25 Justin Verlander $29.30
45 Sandy Alcantara $25.50
47 Julio Urias $24.50
51 Alek Manoah $24.30
55 Shohei Ohtani $23.40

63 Dylan Cease $22.70
64 Yu Darvish $22.60
67 Carlos Rodon $22.40
72 Zac Gallen $22.10
75 Corbin Burnes $21.70

80 Shane McClanahan $21.10
85 Tony Gonsolin $20.50
96 Max Fried $19.90
97 Gerrit Cole $19.80
100 Kyle Wright $19.70

104 Max Scherzer $19.30
105 Cristian Javier $19.20
107 Nestor Cortes $19.10
110 Shane Bieber $18.70
113 Tyler Anderson $18.30

118 Spencer Strider $18.00
122 Triston McKenzie $17.50
124 Aaron Nola $17.20
131 Framber Valdez $16.80
147 Brandon Woodruff $15.40

Reply to  VinWins
3 months ago

The #1 pitcher in each of the last 6 years, showing where they rank among all pitchers for the time span:

# ………SP …. Year … Team . VALUE
1 Justin Verlander 2019 HOU $49.00
2 Shane Bieber 2020 CLE … $48.50
4 Corey Kluber 2017 CLE … $40.60
5 Max Scherzer 2018 WSH $38.90
11 Max Scherzer 2021 LAD . $35.60
25 Justin Verlander 2022 .HOU $29.30

Reply to  Grey
3 months ago

Yeah, quite easily the worst at the top of the list. It evened out though as you went down the list, so I guess there just wasn’t the elite season in 2022.

25th ranked SP each year:

147 Brandon Woodruff 2022 $15.40
171 Dylan Cease 2021 $14.20
180 Zac Gallen 2020 $14.00
192 James Paxton 2018 $13.20
196 Aaron Nola 2017 $13.10
209 James Paxton 2019 $12.40

3 months ago

The top 10 SPs from 2022 (2021 rank in brackets):

1 Justin Verlander (–)
2 Sandy Alcantara (28)
3 Julio Urias (3)
4 Alek Manoah (54)
5 Shohei Ohtani (45)
6 Dylan Cease (29)
7 Yu Darvish (53)
8 Carlos Rodon (11)
9 Zac Gallen (169)
10 Corbin Burnes (5)

3 months ago

Don’t get me wrong, I like strider. But are you concerned where he is going to go next year in drafts? He had a big increase in workload and he had a material dip in velocity in his playoff start. Did you ever see anything about what that injury was. I assume it was his oblique, but are we sure about that?

3 months ago

Did you go to Rome for the burgers?
From Big 7 Travel, the 8th best burger in the world can be found at a Rome restaurant, Smash Tag. (I was looking at the article because the 26th best is from a joint in a small town near me.)

3 months ago

I also had Bard and Helsley on my team this year. Feels good picking up two of the top five relievers all year for free.

3 months ago

Standard 5×5 roto league, we keep 8. Pick 8 keepers from this list:

M Harris
O Cruz
T O’Neill
J Pena
J Abreu

J Urias
C Javier
B Snell

K Jansen
R Iglesias


Reply to  Grey
3 months ago

you like Urias over Javier? That surprises me some. I know you aren’t a big fan of Urias and his K rate. Figured you would like Javier better (i’m having same dilemma).

Reply to  Grey
3 months ago

Thanks. I came up with much the same list only I kept O’Neil Cruz over Story and one of either Jansen or Iglesias (whoever is the closer for the Braves, prob Iglesias) over Javier.

Reply to  Grey
3 months ago

Yeah it’s tough call every offseason to keep a quality 4th starter or one closer. I’ve already read the Braves aren’t planning on re-signing Jansen so it has to be Iglesias who closes for them. But a lot can change between here and mid-March, right? Anyway thanks for your answers.

Reply to  Grey
3 months ago

Also – a reminder that neither Story nor Chisholm played any games at SS last season so in a lot of leagues they will only have 2B eligibility.

3 months ago

Sorry, i can’t help myself laughing like a madman at Mikolas’ final statline that put him 30th! Absolutely bananas that he had his best season and a 1.03 WHIP after his GB rate went down with only a 6 K/9 and his worst K-BB in STL of 11.8% like what even. HAHAhahahahahaHAHAhahahaha. Anywho, this brings up a point worth talking about and thinking about this offseason… with the deadball in play now (assuming it continues next year based on nothing lol) it’s actually better to be a flyball pitcher instead of inducing groundballs due to the suppressed power. Like seriously, just pitch everything high and away and let it all die in the outfield, especially if you have competent defenders.

3 months ago

Draft injured SP. Don’t draft injured hitters. Got it. Let’s go!

3 months ago



a. Kudos to you for:

1 Getting Styx’s winning percentage correct
2 Whatever you predicted with Joe Ryan
3 Maintaining the truth about drafting good pitchers later

b. George Carlin quote of the day for October 28, 2022

‘That’s the first thing I always looked for when I worked in an office, you know, the water cooler, little place to hang out in between periods of making believe I was working. Actually, it’s just a little place for my stuff, you gotta have that, you gotta have a little place to put your stuff during the day, during the evening, whatever it is, don’t ya? Sure. Everybody’s gotta have a little place for their stuff, that’s all life is about. That’s the meaning of life, trying to find a place to keep your stuff. That’s all your house is, think of it, that’s all your house is, it’s a place to keep your stuff. If you didn’t have so much goddamn stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. You could just walk around all the time. That’s all your house is, it’s a pile of stuff with a cover on it. That’s all your house is, it’s a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff. Sometimes you gotta move, sometimes you gotta move, you gotta get a bigger house. Why? Too much stuff. Now, sometimes you go on vacation, you gotta bring some of your stuff with you. You can’t take all your stuff, just the stuff you really like, the stuff that fits you good that month. You gotta take a smaller version of your stuff. Say you’re gonna go to Honolulu for two weeks, two weeks in Honolulu, you gotta take two big bags of stuff. You get to Honolulu, you fly halfway across an ocean, and you get to Honolulu, get in the hotel room and you put away your stuff, that’s the first thing you do in a hotel room is put away your stuff. I’ll put some stuff here, I’ll put some stuff there, you put your stuff over there, I’ll put my stuff over here. Here’s another place to put some stuff. Here’s another place over here. Hey, we got more places than we got stuff. We’re gonna have to buy more stuff. But you put your stuff away, and you know that you’re a long way from home, and you don’t quite feel 100 percent at home, but you know that you must be okay because you do have some of your stuff with you. And you begin to relax, you know, I feel okay, hey. That’s when your friend from Maui calls up, says hey, why don’t you come over to Maui for the weekend, spend a couple of nights over here. Oh, shit, now what do I bring? Can’t bring all this stuff. Right, you’ve gotta bring an even smaller version of your stuff, just enough stuff for a weekend on Maui. And you go over to Maui, and you’re really spread out now, you’ve got shit all over the world. You’ve got stuff in the mainland, stuff in Honolulu, you got stuff with you, supply lines are getting longer and harder to maintain. But you get over there to Maui and they give you a little place to sleep, you know, a little window sill and you put your stuff, because you don’t have much stuff now, on the window sill. You put your favorite stuff, your jumbo size Visine, your trim nail clippers, your odor eaters 45-day guarantee, and your Afrin 12-hour decongestant nasal spray. And you begin to relax, you know? That’s when your friend says, hey, I think tonight we’ll go over to the other side of the island, visit my friend, maybe stay over. Oh, shit. Now what do you bring? Well, now you just bring the things you know you’re gonna need: Money, keys, comb, wallet, lighter, hankie, pens, cigarettes, contraceptives, Vaseline, whips, chains, whistles, dildoes and a book. Maybe a little dental floss, depending on who’s on the other side of the island.’

Carlin on Campus (1984)


3 months ago

1971 Baltimore Orioles were the last team to have four 20-game winners. Don’t think it will happen again in my lifetime (I’m old, though), but stranger things have happened.

Jim Palmer 20-10/ 2.71 earned run average
Dave McNally 21-5/ 2.89
Mike Cuellar 20-9/ 3.08
Pat Dobson 20-8/ 2.90.

3 months ago

The top value SPs drafted in at least 10 of the final 16 RCL drafts, comparing ADP to their final overall rank on the Player Rater.


17 ( 60 ) Cristian Javier 265 ( 10 ) 205
12 ( 49 ) Tony Gonsolin 247 ( 13 ) 198
22 ( 69 ) Triston McKenzie 232 ( 15 ) 163
9 ( 40 ) Zac Gallen 166 ( 16 ) 126
36 ( 119 ) Drew Rasmussen 243 ( 14 ) 124
45 ( 147 ) Cal Quantrill 264 ( 11 ) 117
51 ( 173 ) Carlos Carrasco 278 ( 12 ) 105
1 ( 15 ) Justin Verlander 97 ( 16 ) 82
8 ( 38 ) Carlos Rodon 109 ( 16 ) 71
7 ( 37 ) Yu Darvish 100 ( 16 ) 63
24 ( 74 ) Framber Valdez 135 ( 16 ) 61
39 ( 123 ) Joe Ryan 181 ( 16 ) 58
48 ( 163 ) Jose Urquidy 220 ( 16 ) 57
4 ( 30 ) Alek Manoah 86 ( 16 ) 56
11 ( 44 ) Shane McClanahan 95 ( 16 ) 51
28 ( 95 ) Clayton Kershaw 141 ( 16 ) 46
32 ( 110 ) Logan Gilbert 155 ( 16 ) 45
6 ( 36 ) Dylan Cease 80 ( 16 ) 44
46 ( 150 ) Jordan Montgomery 186 ( 16 ) 36
33 ( 111 ) Luis Garcia 142 ( 16 ) 31
2 ( 25 ) Sandy Alcantara 51 ( 16 ) 26
29 ( 98 ) Chris Bassitt 119 ( 16 ) 21
13 ( 53 ) Max Fried 71 ( 16 ) 18
3 ( 28 ) Julio Urias 40 ( 16 ) 12

3 months ago

Top 75 SPs that were almost undrafted in the final 16 RCL drafts:

18 (61) Nestor Cortes ( 1 )
43 (141) Jameson Taillon ( 3 )
52 (181) Taijuan Walker ( 1 )
57 (207) Eric Lauer ( 1 )
68 (236) Corey Kluber ( 2 )

Top 75 SPs that were undrafted:

15 Kyle Wright 55
20 Tyler Anderson 64
21 Spencer Strider 66
30 Miles Mikolas 101
34 Merrill Kelly 115
37 Jeffrey Springs 121
41 Martin Perez 133
42 Ross Stripling 140
44 Brady Singer 143
50 Michael Wacha 171
55 George Kirby 192
58 Jose Quintana 216
66 Keegan Thompson 230
67 Andrew Heaney 232
69 Edward Cabrera 242
72 Cole Irvin 255
73 Drew Smyly 261
74 Dean Kremer 266
75 Chase De Jong 267

Reply to  Grey
3 months ago

You could of drafted zero starters and had a fantasy rotation of Wright, Anderson, Strider, Mikolas, Kelly, Springs and probably finished in the top 3 in pitching (lighter on Ks)… excuse me while laugh for 10 min uncontrollably.