What’s good in the Razzhood?

Hope the first full week of fantasy baseball action treated you well. I had mixed results. I mean, I guess odds are if you’ve got multiple teams then you probably had mixed results yourself unless you drafted carbon copy squads.

Just fyi, I’m writing this before games have finished Monday night so stats may have changed a tiny bit.

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The Hot

Jordan Romano had 4 SV, 0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, and 4 K over the last seven days. Fantasy’s best closer right now no doubt. He’s already got 6 SV while no one else has more than 4. Of all RP with at least 2 SV over the last week, he led the way with 22.6 SwStr%.

Liam Hendriks keeps finding a way to get it done despite giving up a boatload of hits (11 H allowed in 5 IP in 2022). Hendriks had 4 SV as well, with 7 K in 4 IP (also 7 H allowed). The strikeouts are as good as you could hope for despite the ugly WHIP thus far. No need to worry; I have no doubt things will regress back toward the mean with him in that regard. His ERA is 5.40 but his SIERA is 1.91. Plus he’s not walking anyone, so it’s not a control thing. Just bad luck. Maybe some sucker wants to sell early?? Wouldn’t hurt to ask! Dude pitches like every day no matter what, so if anyone’s a bet for 50 SV anymore, it’s this dude.

Josh Hader had 3 SV with 4 K in 3 IP this past week. He’s looking as dominant as ever. Barring injury, it’ll be a battle between him and Hendriks for the RP1 crown come season’s end.

Daniel Bard also had 3 SV this past week, also tossing a dub and a blown save into that mix. The very good news here is The Maniel’s being used a ton even though he hasn’t been entirely lights out; he rolled right back out there after the blown save. Alex Colome was thought to be the closer upon signing, yet it’s quite obvious that’s not the case. Bard has drastically increased his slider usage while decreasing his 4-seamer. His slider rules, while his fastball does not. Let’s hope this trend continues.

David Robertson had 2 SV this week in two perfect outings (2 IP, 1K). He annoyingly got skipped for a save opportunity that Mychal Givens converted, but it’s looking like D-Rob is the favored guy here. Sorry for leading y’all down the Rowan Wick path…oopsies!

Camilo Doval is the closer for the Giants right now. Could change in a hurry, especially since it was straight up said to us that it’d be Jake McGee before the season started. Oh well. Doval truthers can point and laugh at me, I guess. Doval got a pair of saves this week, totaling 3 IP and striking out 4.

Taylor Rogers is still going strong, collecting a couple saves over the last seven days while posting a negative FIP (-0.90) and negative SIERA (-0.23) in the process. He’s struck out 5 in 4 IP thus far and hasn’t walked anyone. The potential for Top 10 fantasy RP status is very high as long as he’s the lone man in the ninth for the Dads. Needless to say, his SVHD floor is immense regardless.

Hansel Robles may have just 1 SV to his name over the last week, but he’s looking good and getting save chances when I figured he’d get very few of those throughout the course of the season. It’s honestly looking like the dude is the favorite right now. I’ve been a Matt Barnes truther, but that’s proving to be misguided for now: Barnes has appeared in the 6th inning twice, while Robles has been utilized solely in the 8th/9th innings so far. Robles has shifted to being mostly a 4-seamer and slider guy so far in 2022, and it’s working nicely.


Who’s Not

Lou Trivino feels like his hold on the closer role could vanish in a hurry. Plus he got added to the COVID list yesterday, though that’s not nearly as big a deal as it has been since there’s no minimum stay. But Trivino earned a BS+L and allowed more baserunners than he had strikeouts. Dany Jimenez is looking like a pretty sexy handcuff right about now and could get save chances while Trivino’s out.

Ryan Pressly is battling knee inflammation but is said to be back “very, very soon.” For now, I’m tossing him in this section since he won’t be collecting any saves until he’s back. Duh. Would figure Hector Neris is the interim guy to plug in your lineups. Hoping the knee is to blame for Pressly’s ugly 6.75 ERA and 3.00 WHIP this past week.

Scott Barlow has been effective, it’s just maybe he’s a little too good for his own good. At least as far as being a closer is concerned, but maybe he doesn’t give a flip about that. I sure do for fantasy purposes. Anyway, Josh Staumont scored a save recently because Barlow got the 8th against the meatiest part of the Tigers lineup. Booooo.

Matt Barnes has to be plopped in here given he’s not even sniffing save chances right now. He was dealing with some minor back issues earlier on, so maybe he just needs more lower-leverage work before that works itself out? Maybe I’m lying to myself and need to accept the fact Jake Diekman and Hansel Robles are the guys to own in Boston.

Jake McGee of course belongs here as well, going from what I thought to be a standalone closer to a guy who has 1 SV to his name cuz the other guy needed a day off. I’m willing to bet McGee hit the wire in your league, and I think it’s a good idea to go snatch him and see if he doesn’t work his way back into the mix on a more regular basis. I could see it.

Alex Colome is a straight drop right now. Bard’s the man. Probably don’t need me to spell it out for you, but here I am doing it anyway.

Kyle Finnegan had a rough week: 1.2 IP, 4 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB, and 1 K. Dude had a horrendously bad 2.5 SwStr%. Tanner Rainey is the closer, so if you’re holding onto Finnegan hoping for a committee then you might wanna reconsider.

Greg Holland is trash, too. Woodward had said Joe Barlow isn’t his guy in the 9th, and that’s proven to be true so far. Looking like Matt Bush could pull ahead? He’s been the best guy to this point. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Barlow make Woodward change his mind if he can keep the strikeouts coming (33.3 K% paired with 0 BB%).


Other Notes

Still not sure what to make of the situation in Minnesota since they haven’t had a save chance in a long time. Jhoan Duran is showing some nasty, nasty stuff, with 11 K in 6 IP so far. He’s also given up 2 HR and walked a pair. Emilio Pagan has been good, and Tyler Duffey is sure to get a look or two at some point again after blowing a chance in the early days. We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose.

Jorge Lopez is still the only Oriole with a save, but the fact he’s allowed 4 H and 4 BB in 5.1 IP is more than a little concerning. Paul Fry looking kind poopy, but Dillon Tate has been good and could get regular looks moving forward.

Pretty much every Reds reliever who could feasibly see regular-ish save chances is struggling to some degree. My boi Art Warren has not looked sharp, allowing double the H+BB as he has strikeouts. Hunter Strickland is poopy, and Tony Santillan had a rough week. Gun to my head I’m sticking with Warren, but I don’t feel as confident about it as I used to. Lucas Sims could be back by the end of the week. Make sure to stash him if you can.

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