While I may have taken some liberties with the spelling of the last name, can anyone tell me (without Googling) where my title comes from? I’ll give you a hint. The movie includes John Wick, Sodapop Curtis and Johnny Castle. But for now, let’s discuss Tylor Megill. Through five starts he is averaging 20 points per start. Only 13 other starting pitchers can make that claim right now. Last year only three pitchers ended with more than 20 points per start. One was Jacob deGrom who only made 15 starts and another was Tyler Glasnow who made 14. The only starting pitcher with more than 25 starts was Max Scherzer, who finished with 20.43 points per start over 30 starts. Considering he was undrafted in most leagues, Megill is currently near the top of the list for points league MVP. Last year Megill averaged a little over 11 points per game. I like what I’ve seen so far from him and I’d be holding. Unless the right offer came my way. Things are going well in Queens.

Last year’s top pitcher is back at the top again. Max Scherzer has 98 points across four starts. That’s 24.5 points per start. This man is a machine. He deserved the lede, but I figured this wouldn’t be the last time. As for Megill, I’m not sure I can say the same. As I mentioned, I’d be holding Megill, but I do expect him to taper off a bit. Scherzer, on the other hand, is like a fine wine. He just continues to get better. Or at least stay as good as he’s been. I’m actually considering making a move for Max by offering Freddy Peralta, Bobby Witt and C.J. Abrams in my keep forever league.

Coming into this season I was on the fence about keeping Carlos Rodon. To be honest, he almost didn’t make the cut. His velocity drop at the end of the season and Chicago’s failure to give him a deal didn’t paint a pretty picture for his future. So what made me decide to keep him? A chat with Rudy. Rudy said Rodon’s velocity was back up and the move to a pitchers park in San Francisco that has a history of doing pitchers right were all a great sign. Rudy is the man. Rodon is averaging over 24 points per start. He has 38 strikeouts in just 23 innings (14.86 K/9). Only Shane McClanahan has more strikeouts (42), but he’s started an extra game and has 27 innings pitched.

The price is Wright in Atlanta for Kyle. With 24 points per start, he is a top-three starting pitcher in points leagues. Kyle Wright only had 14 starts over 2019-2021 and there wasn’t much there to indicate that he was a 20+ points per start pitcher. Like Megill, he was undrafted, making him quite the waiver wire steal. I don’t think he is this good.

Alek Manoah was a ninth round draft pick. Alek Manoah is the 4th ranked starting pitcher in points leagues with 23+ points per start. Alek Manoah’s numbers were good last year in his rookie season (16.15 PPS) and he is building on that very nicely. The only sh!tty thing about Alek Manoah is that I have about zero shares of Alek Manoah in my points leagues. How many times can I say Alek Manoah?

How many of you discounted Clayton Kershaw this draft season. Well discounting him was the right move as there was some uncertainty. Kershaw’s injury history is too involved to ignore. However, if you drafted him around his ADP (round 6/7), then you struck a bargain. At over 22 points per start, he’s in vintage Kershaw form. Can he keep it up? I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have at least one IL stint this season. If it were me, I’d be shopping him around as his price will not get any better.

Anyone else draft Pablo Lopez in the 14th round? He’s got a strikeout per inning, and 22.5 points per start. His current ERA is 0.39!

Joe Musgrove – 21.75 points per start

It’s like Justin Verlander never missed any time. He literally hasn’t missed a beat. And to think he could have been drafted as late as the 8th round. What a steal! Anyone else kicking themselves? Across the board his numbers are great, but his 21 plus points per start say it all. Verlander and Scherzer are two of the older pitchers in the league, yet they are still at the top.

Corbin Burnes – No surprise here. A minor hiccup in his first start of the year, but he’s had three strong starts since, putting him in the over 20 points per start club.

Eric Lauer has 34 strikeouts in 23 innings. They really do make good pitchers in Milwaukee. Lauer has gone at least 6 innings in his last three starts and has double digit punch outs in his last two.

If we ignore his first start of the season, Joe Ryan would be at the top of today’s list with over 27 points per start. I know it doesn’t work that way, but the point is his last three starts have been rock solid. However, they did come against the Red Sox, Tigers and Royals, three of the statistically weaker American League teams.

Logan Gilbert was a player I had to have on draft day. I’m a big fan, and as a result, I grabbed him a round or two early. Gilbert has pitched at least 5 innings in each of his four starts. If you want those valuable points for a win, five innings is a must. I really enjoy watching him pitch and think he’s only going to get better.

Here are a few honorable mentions.

Chad Kuhl (SP, RP) – 19.25 points per start – Tough to trust a Rockies pitcher, but he is getting the job done.

Chris Bassitt – 19.25 points per start

Nestor Cortes – 18.75 points per start

Paul Blackburn – 18.50 points per start – He’s gone exactly five innings in each of his first four starts. He only has two walks, but the A’s are averaging 6.75 runs scored per game in his four games. I wouldn’t be very comfortable running him out there.

Patrick Sandoval – 18.33 points per start

Kevin Gausman – 18.25 points per start

MacKenzie Gore – 17.67 points per start – Are we finally seeing this top prospect break out? I think so.

Sandy Alcantara – 17.50 points per start

Noah Syndergaard – 17.33 points per start

The only thing better than a glass of beer is tea with Miss McGill.” – Derek Sutton

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2 months ago

Thoughts on Josiah Gray?

2 months ago

I’m in a H2H Points league (which also values QS).

Which pitcher(s) should I pick up and which players should I drop?
P.S. I think I currently have a good pitching staff, so I’m mostly interested in which pitchers will help most as the season progresses. And feel free to make a few suggestions

Pickup possibilities: Skubal, McKenzie, Dunning, Lynch, Asherby, E Hernandez, J Junis

Drop Possibilities: Bruce Zimmerman, Mahle, Stroman, Lodolo, Franmil Reyes, Torkelson (my points league penalizes Ks), and C Santana (though he’s normally a points league beast and has started to pick it up)

Reply to  malamoney
2 months ago

Different McKenzie! haha
This one is Tristan.

2 months ago

Would you feel more comfortable running Blackburn out there if your alternatives are Trevor Rogers, Eduardo Rodriguez, Alex Wood, Tanner Houck, and Framber Valdez? I’m playing weekly matchups as best I can, and Blackburn looks better than my other (seemingly bipolar) options.