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Players are going to start being traded like hot potatoes. Hot potato gratins. Sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this on an empty stomach. And when those players are traded, you know what this means? All new answers for the Immaculate Grid! Oh, and opportunities for younger players. One team that would never want to admit to being a seller. One team that is way too proud to be like, “We messed this up almost as bad as the Mets.” Their crosstown rivals, the Yankees. Don’t want to blow too many peoples’ minds here, but they were sellers last year too. The JoMo/Bader trade was not to make them better. With the Yankees turning the page, Oswald Peraza should get a “rest of the season” looksie. (We will put aside the fact that he should’ve been playing from March until now with Josh Donaldson told by Jimmy to go down that alley in Goodfellas to look at some new furs.) In the minors, Oswald Peraza went 12/11/.261 with great contact, and has been hitting leadoff for the Yanks, which he should. He’s their best leadoff hitter in some time with his speed and ability to take a walk. Also, one has to imagine that he knows what this opportunity means, and he’s going to want to show the Yanks he should be in their future plans. That means steals. As a team, the Yankees are on the cusp of doing a seance and having a medium channel George Steinbrenner, so Ghost Steinbrenner can fire the entire team, but, until then, Oswald Peraza will be in a great situation for fantasy. At worst, O-Pera beats out the Guardians’ Arias. Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Endy Rodriguez – Here’s what I said the other day, “Endy was called up. It’s the beginningy. Not the Endy of the road? Meh, will work on it. So, how good can Endy Rodriguez be? Have you heard he was traded away by the Mets? I’ve had him stashed in an NL-Only league all year. Goodbye, Austin Hedges; hello, guy who can hit it to the hedges. That the Pirates didn’t have Endy break camp, and instead went with a guy named Delay was a little too on the nose. Here’s what Itch said, “If you put the switch-hitting Rodriguez behind the plate and in the middle of that lineup, the whole team looks about 50 percent better. The athletic 6? 0”, 170 lb former Mets farmhand played a fair bit of outfield in 2022 but looks smooth behind the plate. His bat is racing his glove to the majors, and the presence of number one pick Henry Davis complicates the issue further, but it might help them both to share the workload and kick over to DH or left field on off-days. Rodriguez is a better baseball athlete than Davis and a more versatile defender, so he might find himself in the ideal fantasy catcher spot, escaping the rigors of daily dish duty while finding his way into the lineup much more than the average backstop. In short, he is ready. Grey’s also short, and I’d like to kick him.” That’s really not nice. This year Endy went 6/4/.268 in Triple-A, but had an injury, which put him back a little early on. He’s fine now, and I’d grab Endy in most leagues if you’re hurting at catcher.” And that’s me quoting me and Itch!

Henry Davis – Pirates should play fantasy because they need to learn to be less concerned with catchers. They’re basically the guy who drafts Realmuto, then takes Varsho with his next pick. Hey, maybe you develop some outfielders, and share that message with the Royals.

Tyler Soderstrom – Here’s what I said previously, “(Soderstrom) was just called up by the A’s, and he’s famous for being a $50 item you buy to make seltzer, use once and then put it in your closet. Wait, that’s wrong. Here, let’s look at what Itch said for him, “That he’s already in Triple-A makes me think the catching path is no longer particularly real for Soderstrom. They might let him keep doing games back there once in a while, but they’ve got Shea Langeliers and just drafted a college catcher (Daniel Susac) with their first-round pick, and they played Soderstrom a lot (59 games) at first base in 2022. Wherever he winds up in the field, Soderstom’s smooth left-handed swing will be holding down the middle of Oakland’s lineup for years to come. At 6’ 2” 200 lbs, he generates plus power to all fields. In 134 games across three levels, Soderstrom hit 29 home runs, 21 doubles and five triples. The slash lines weren’t idyllic, but .267/.324/.501 across the three stops is extremely impressive given the age-to-level math and especially that Soderstrom bounced back from a rocky start to his season. Speaking of Rocky, I’d like to punch Grey.” C’mon! That he has catcher eligibility in leagues makes Soderstrom attractive. I could see trying him in all leagues, even if his playing time feels unknown.” And that’s me quoting me and Itch!

Ryan O’Hearn – Has supplanted Mountcastle as the Orioles’ starting 1st baseman, and, no, I don’t understand it either, even if O’Hearn has been hot.

Wilmer Flores – If you can say his name without quoting the old lady in Quick Change chanting, “Flores para los muertos,” you’re better than me. Congrats, showoff.

Triston Casas – Home is where the Triscuits are. That’s what his name translates too. Plus, he’s a top ten 1B on the 7-day Player Rater.

Adam Frazier – Orioles have so many weapons and Adam Frazier is having a career year. “Spread the wealth!” That’s a Yankees fan, thinking Orioles actually spent any money to build this team.

CJ Abrams – Wasn’t in the top 100 for the 2nd half, but him or some of the guys at the end of that list are coin flips. Abrams was a preseason sleeper of mine, and I’m a big fan.

Zack Gelof – He has very light power, and might hit .220, but he has speed and should play every day for the foreseeable future. Plus, Gelof really knows how to put together a charity concert.

Liover Peguero – Here’s what I said the other day, “Also called up by the Pirates, and now I’m wondering where he’s playing, when I expect Oneil Cruz back in August. Please. Peguero is not Spanish for peg boy. He’s a power/speed threat. Pirates be drafting for fantasy, huh? He has 20/20 appeal, and had 13/21/.260 in 76 games in the minors this year (69 in AA, 7 in AAA). He also has great contact, and might be better than Endy if he plays. I’m intrigued, y’all!” And that’s me quoting me!

Michael Toglia – Bud Black checking the temperature of Hell, “When it gets to 32 degrees, then I’ll start playing rookies.”

Patrick Wisdom – *picking up Wisdom* “Look at me, ma! I’m smart!” You yell at a mannequin you’ve dressed like your mother.

Christian Encarnacion-Strand – CES is YES if you’re thinking about picking him up anywhere.

Dane Myers – There’s a bit of “These guys were called up but are they really worth adding in mixed leagues” to some of this week’s buys. With that said, Myers has me intrigued in mixed leagues if Jazz is out like any jazz musician between 11 PM and 4 AM. Myers has speed/power and making decent contact. He actually makes more sense as their centerfielder even when Jazz returns, but who knows on that playing time shituation.

Chas McCormick – You know what’s good on a hot schmotato? A little McCormick’s.

Kerry Carpenter – Not as toolsy as you’d guess a Carpenter might be, but has some power and has been hot.

Johan Rojas – About time we got another Rojas in Philly. Cookie’s tired of carrying the Rojas/Phillies torch. Let Cookie rest. This Rojas has great speed, but is on the light side of a platoon.

Oscar Colas – You know what Colas has? Pop, and so far a lot of fizzle.

Trent GrishamFive hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes waiting for Grisham to breakout…Wait, that’s Rent Grisham.

Luis Severino – This is a Streamonator call, like the call it makes to the library.

Edward Cabrera – This is also a Streamonator call. “I took out I, Robot, and this is nothing at all about me.”

Kyle Finnegan – Left in Harvey’s injury wake, it’s Finnegan. Re-Joyce!

Kevin Ginkel – With McGough being McTough to own, Chafin out in jorts somewhere. There’s a chance Kevin Ginkel will get saves (until the DBacks trade for Alex Lange).

Aroldis Chapman – Still think Will Smith gets saves here, but Aroldis has emerged as a partner in crime. Hmm, maybe bad turn of a phrase for him.

Nick Martinez – Unlike past weeks when I’d just give you a great middle reliever — Payamps! — here’s a few guys who could get saves if the closer in front of them is traded: Jason Foley, Colin Holderman, Giovanny Gallegos, Adam Ottavino and Gregory Santos, who is a setup man in Chicago, bull fighter, Congressman, personal friend to the Sultan of Brunei, panda poacher, and star of the new detective show about a baker who solves crimes called Magnum P.I.E.


David Bednar – This is piggybacking off the Nick Martinez buy. This isn’t just Bednar as a sell, this is Jordan Hicks, Kendall Graveman, Alex Lange, David Robertson and any closers who could be losing their job. Josh Hader is likely to stay the closer no matter where he’s traded, but, even though Bednar is excellent, say he goes to the Orioles, he’s not going to replace Felix Bautista. Say Hicks goes to the Rangers, they have Aroldis and Smith there already. Say Puk goes to the Reds, he’s not replacing Diaz. It’s hard to say who will still be a closer after the deadline, and I wouldn’t trade a closer for a napkin once used by Dom DeLuise, but I would go to our Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer and explore options.