Back in the early 90s there was a somewhat groundbreaking rap group by the name of 3rd Base. You might be familiar with such classics as “Pop Goes The Weasel” or the cult classic “The Gas Face” (featuring a pre-mask MF Doom). What you might not know is that Grey Albright is really MC Search. If you’re amongst the segment of the population that didn’t know that, then tune into this week’s show where Grey runs through his favorite verse from the classic Cactus Album. As would be expected this is hands down Grey/Search’s favorite episode of the season as we go through third basemen (check out Grey’s Top 20 3rd Basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball), a position that’s near and dear to our fearless FML’s heart. We talk discovering Nas and why Josh Donaldson is actually on Grey’s draft list this year. It’s a can’t miss show for those of us that are 50% hip-hop head and 50% roto dork. It’s the latest episode of the Razzball Cactus Podcast!

  1. Homer's got the Runs says:

    Gotta ask, I am notvinderstanding why so many are down on Bregman this year. I am noticing most rankings have him ranked 15-20. The guy has been a beast his whole career. Is the reason the whole sign stealing thing?

  2. The Jolly Roger says:

    12 team keep 10 … 5/5 roto

    My Royce Lewis for His Oneil Cruz + 9th

    Yay ? Nay?

  3. Tom says:

    12 team keeper league keep 6 forever …… as of now my keepers are
    Ketel marte

    Give Beiber and get snell and Donaldson ….. would then look to deal snell and Pham for Olson and Matt Chapman hopefully

    Thoughts ….

  4. @ralph just curious. What happened to the baseball jingle that closed the show after each podcast?

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