Sorry for the stock jargon.  Everyone who’s reading this is more than likely a DFS fan or someone who has some interest in it which means you probably have something outside of DFS that tickles some part of your brain that gets you into it.  For me, besides being a fantasy baseball fan/player/’expert’/etc, I find the world of stocks to be an amazing measure of human psychology.  Even the most intelligent people in the world never get into the market because, and I say this from experience, it’s tough man.  And if you’re a DFS player who loves tourneys, I can guess that element of challenge of finding that perfect play or sneaky stack is what leads you to me.  So with that, let me collage my mental stock and DFS droppings on to this here bloggy-site and say that Francisco Liriano is that falling knife I’m gonna try and catch tonight.  On a slate full of good, expensive arms, Liriano is the 17th most expensive pitcher at $7,900.  He’s just $500 more than Ricky Nolasco…yes, it’s been that bad for him of late.  The last time Liriano was relevant for winning in DFS, it was May 6th.  You had more hair back then and your wife thought this daily fantasy nonsense would pass over.  Now you’re sitting in the red, all your possessions have been repo’d including your wife by that jerk Brad from high school and you’re sitting around in a wife beater with no underwear, smeared in peanut butter just trying to get your dog to…wow, that went a little too far.  I swear it’s about my friend and not me!  All this to say, I’m ready to give Francisco a chance on a night where he’ll more than likely get overlooked.  The upside for 30 is still there, let’s see the chart start pointing up for him tonight.  But enough of that, let’s move on to this: here’s my Warren Buffett hot taeks for this Friday DK slate…

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Jimmy Nelson, SP: $10,500 – On a night where the top priced pitcher is a guy you’re more than likely not starting and where everyone will be on Noah Syndergaard, sliding to the third most expensive guy is a good bet for low ownership.  Jimmy is definitely outpitching his peripherals right now so on that front, this call is a tad scary.  But then I look at see the Phillies are being the Phillies of late and pay my fears no mind.  Regression more than likely comes another night, I’m all for going full Nelson tonight.  Of course, if the field is feeling me on this call, a pivot over to Vincent Velasquez would be the plus play here.

Drew Pomeranz, SP: $8,900 – Kenta Maeda is the chalk along with Noah and so I’m over here shaking my Pom Pom.  Colorado isn’t as abysmal as they were last year against lefties and on the road but coming off a series in Coors, I always like to take a pitcher if the hitting environment gets drastically poor on the Rockies and *checks* yup, it does.  The fact that the Padres bats are rolling right now and obliterating opposing lefties makes the idea of Drew with 7 Ks and actually getting a win plausible.  It’s a mad world out there, man, I’m just trying to make some money off of it.

Danny Salazar, SP: $8,600 – The matchup?  Terrible.  The peripherals?  Beautiful.  The upside?  Orgasmic.  The Royals have been running hot of late but Salazar at home has been cash money.  It’s worth a go in GPPs to roll with the ‘zar of the K.

Dustin Garneau, C: $2,200 – I’m looking to get punty at the C position today.  Yeah, I suggested Drew-Pom, doesn’t mean Garneau can’t hit a double and score a run.  If you’re looking to pay up, Wilson Ramos makes so much sense it hurts.  Ow!  Stop making sense!

Miguel Cabrera, 1B: $4,800 – On a day where Wil Myers is 5.1K and Ryan Zimmerman is 5.2, you look down here and smile at the guy who’s still the best hitter in baseball.  Cabrera can pop one out or go 4/4.  Against a good but still unpolished lefty in Carlos Rodon, I’ll take my chances that Miggy does something good at this price.

Edwin Encarnacion, 1B: $3,700 – Edwin has been quiet on the power front of late…a little too quiet if you ask me.  Even though I know it’s because of David Price, I’ll take my chance on a Parrot trot at this price.

Neil Walker, 2B: $4,300 – I’m not overly in favor of paying up at 2B on this slate but if you’re gonna do what you should probably think about doing which is do a Noah plus Mets bats stack, you gotta be thinking about Walker in there.  Throw in Yoenis Cespedes, Curtis Granderson, and Michael Conforto against the fluffy gunk that Tom Koehler throws out there and you should be seeing dollar signs by the end of the night.

Jurickson Profar, 2B/SS: $3,200 – Get your free leadoff hitter while you still can.  Seems that Jeff Banister stole Jim Leyland’s notes about lineup construction as Profar stepped right into Odor’s leadoff spot while he was gone and has done well.  Odor is back Saturday, this deal is a limited time offer.

Anthony Rendon, 3B: $4,500 – The Nationals should be the hot stack for the night so here’s me saying ‘yeah, I see it’.  The pricing there being other good options out there most likely keeps me away but I’m just making sure that you know that I know, you know?

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $3,800 – So ok, I get it, Arenado is on the road and I suggested Drew up above.  But again, this is a pricing game and this is just shameful when he’s not facing an elite arm.  You can’t be tied for the major league lead in homers and not hit a few out on the road, even when you’re a Rockies hitter.

Xander Bogaerts, SS: $5,300 – Wanna hear popular stack number deux?  David Ortiz and Mookie Betts along with Xander is gonna be seen heavily tonight because BvP against Dickey is straight silly for all three.  I get it, a knuckleballer means the BvP has a bit more weight to it but the pricing is through the roof.  Let’s move on…

Tyler Saladino, SS: $2,900 – With Jimmy Rollins looking like he should retire, Tyler has swung a hot stick of late.  He’s no guarantee to be in the lineup so make sure to check, but he has two bombs in his last four games and can swipe a bag as well.  If this were Grey, I’d say hot schmotato alert but instead, I’ll just say ‘ain’t nothing wrong at this price’.  I know, not quite as catchy.

George Springer, OF: $5,400 – If you’re paying up and not for the known and popular stacks for tonight, might I get you to slide on down to Houston for some Rum-SpringerJesse Hahn is one of those league average guys who just doesn’t K enough people to have upside against this team and too much downside not to attack him.  Breaking out your Jose Altuve, Evan Gattis, and Colby Rasmus on a night like this could pay big.

Nomar Mazara, OF: $3,900 – I have zero faith in Taijuan Walker on the road and every ounce of faith in the Mazara-ti being too cheap.  Test drive this baby now.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’ll be some weather to be aware of heading into tonight’s games as chances of thunderstorms threaten three separate games: BALvsNYY, TEXvsSEA, and MINvsTB.  As a general rule, I’m more leery of potential PPD or cancellation for intradivision games simply because they’re easier to make up later so keep that in mind if things get squirrelly in Baltimore or Texas tonight.

Doing Lines In Vegas

If you’re playing the all-day slate, the big boy in the room is John Lackey as the CHCvsARZ tilt has him as a -240 favorite.  If you’re with me on the late go, Kenta Maeda is the gorilla in the room as LADvsATL sits heavily in his favor at -200.  Again, he’s your cash game SP2 as you pair him with Noah and his -175 on the road.  In a surprise move, Vegas has given the nod to Salazar quite heavily despite recent Royal exploits as he sits at -170 in a 7.5 o/u game.  I’d keep my eye close on this line if I’m really heavy with Danny tonight.  Meanwhile, David Price hangs at -175, but the o/u of BOSvsTOR is 9.  I wouldn’t play Price in cash but he’s interesting for tourneys.  If you’re looking for the high o/u’s for the day, MINvsTB is tied with BOSvsTOR at 9 while DETvsCHW, TEXvsSEA, and CINvsWAS slide in at 8.5.  If you wanna get interesting in tourneys, taking a few lefty Mariners against Yu Darvish might do the trick as he’s only a -137 favorite at home.