And now the end is near, so I face the final curtain, my friends I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case of which I certain. I’ve written a season’s full, I’ve looked at each and every wOBA. But much more than this I did my Job-a. Regrets I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention (cough, cough Carlos Frias). I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption. I built each chart of course, each careful stat along the byway. And much more than WHIP, I diiiiiiidddd ittttTTT MYYYYY WAAAAY!

A big thank you to everybody reading my non-sequiturs and random brain farts about two start pitchers. I surely do appreciate your time. With 25 (actually 24) of these in the can, we got one last post to go. I don’t know what will happen to us over the next 6 months. We may grow apart, you may follow your heart, and your heart might take you to a small village in the Hindu Kush mountains. Where you fall madly in love with the daughter of a Tajik Warlord by the name of Richa. Maybe you abandon fantasy baseball and live a simpler life off the land. No not like the reality show the Simple Life. A simple life like milking goats, and tending fields. Simple like owning 4 bowls amongst five people. No matter what happens to all of you, just know I’ll always be here. Well not technically here but if you click that icon up top that says soccer, I’ll magically appear. Sort of like the genie from Aladdin, just soley focused on the subject of soccer, and completely devoid of wishes. I might have matches though. Goodbye my friends, I promise to be just as crazy in the 1-6. Two start pitchers week 26.


Green Light (Good Starts) – Let me begin by saying I have no idea if Greinke makes 1,2, or zero starts. All of these numbers are plausible, so he’s included. We’re going to skip over all the obvious starts and stars and cut right to the chase. Because you’re here for one reason and one reason only, to chase the ship here in the 26. Right? So here we go, pickup Marcus Stroman and start him if he’s available. He shouldn’t be but everybody is streaming this time of year so it’s very conceivable he is. He’s been excellent through his first few turns, I’d roll him in both starts. Roenis Elias is rolling, I’d pick him up and start him for each turn. The Houston start looks a bit dicey, but he’s getting the ‘Stros away from Minute Maid. The Oakland start is a full fledged goer. Colby Lewis has been mediocre as hell, but he gets two ice cold lineups and the Rangers have something to play for, that’s always added value.

Opponent’s wOBA last 30 days
Opponent’s wOBA vs. Handedness
Starter Last 5 Starts ERA/FIP/xFIP
Clayton Kershaw @SF (.321 T-16th), vs. SD (.314 21st) @SF (.311 18th), vs. SD (.297 T-23rd) 2.31/2.00/2.35
Madison Bumgarner vs. LAD (.311 23rd), vs. COL (.303 26th) vs. LAD (.325 7th), vs. COL (.283 T-29th) 2.43/2.55/3.28
Zack Greinke @SF (.321 T-16th), vs. SD (.314 21st) @SF (.321 T-7th), vs. SD (.301 27th) 1.54/3.14/3.46
Max Scherzer vs. CIN (.316 20th), @NYM (.341 T-5th) vs. CIN (.310 T-19th), @NYM (.301 T-21st) 3.48/3.92/3.14
Cole Hamels vs. DET (.294 27th), vs. LAA (.289 28th) vs. DET (.346 2nd), vs. LAA (.289 27th) 2.91/2.91/3.49
Tyson Ross vs. MIL (.324 14th), @LAD (.311 23rd) vs. MIL (.310 T-19th), @LAD (.322 T-5th) 1.97/3.14/2.99
Yordano Ventura @CHC (.328 11th), @MIN (.321 T-16th) @CHC (.317 T-12th), @MIN (.303 26th) 4.34/3.49/3.30
Marcus Stroman @BAL (.313 22nd), @TB (.341 T-5th) @BAL (.323 T-3rd), @TB (.307 T-23rd) 1.89/3.56/3.74
Lance Lynn @PIT (.325 T-12th), @ATL (.284 29th) @PIT (.317 T-12th), @ATL (.297 28th) 4.38/4.72/5.11
Johnny Cueto @CWS (.306 24th), @MIN (.321 T-16th) @CWS (.308 T-21st), @MIN (.303 26th) 6.44/4.40/4.44
Colby Lewis vs. DET (.294 27th), vs. LAA (.289 28th) vs. DET (.317 T-12th), vs. LAA (.305 25th) 4.26/3.74/4.83
Dan Haren @CIN (.316 20th), @MIL (.324 14th) @CIN (.310 T-19th), @MIL (.310 T-19th) 4.21/4.35/5.31
Jake Peavy vs. LAD (.311 23rd) vs. COL (.303 26th) vs. LAD (.322 T-5th) vs. COL (.332 2nd) 2.97/3.64/4.21
Roenis Elias vs. HOU (.343 4th), vs. OAK (.319 19th) vs. HOU (.323 T-8th), vs. OAK (.307 20th) 2.91/3.37/4.07

Yellow Light (One Good Start/One Bad Start) – These are straight forward I’d start these guys for the good start and more than likely bench them for the bad one. If you’re looking for counting stats feel free to start them for both, but be prepared for messy results with the ratios. What happened to Corey Kluber? Bring back my ace! I smell discount at the draft table next year. Yes, I’m starting both Miley and Porcello against the Yanks in New York. I know it’s insane, but this is the Red Sox World Series, they would love to ruin the Yankees season. Endearing themselves to the fanbase after a rough year. What my Boston is talking again….

Opponent’s wOBA last 30 days
Opponent’s wOBA vs. Handedness
Starter Last 5 Starts ERA/FIP/xFIP
Michael Pineda vs. BOS (.330 10th), @BAL (.313 22nd) vs. BOS (.320 9th), @BAL (.323 T-3rd) 3.14/4.15/3.28
Justin Verlander @TEX (.337 8th), @CWS (.306 24th) @TEX (.322 T-5th), @CWS (.308 T-21st) 3.57/3.14/4.37
Corey Kluber vs. MIN (.321 T-16th), vs. BOS (.330 10th) vs. MIN (.303 26th), vs. BOS (.320 9th) 4.94/5.12/2.88
Lance McCullers @SEA (.349 3rd), @ARI (.322 15th) @SEA (.313 T-17th), @ARI (.317 T-12th) 3.48/4.11/3.77
Cody Anderson vs. MIN (.321 T-16th), vs. BOS (.330 10th) vs. MIN (.303 26th), vs. BOS (.320 9th) 1.69/3.77/4.39
Marco Estrada @BAL (.313 22nd), @TB (.341 T-5th) @BAL (.323 T-3rd), @TB (.307 T-23rd) 2.84/5.70/5.71
Drew Smyly vs. MIA (.305 25th), vs. TOR (.359 1st) vs. MIA (.321 10th), vs. TOR (.354 1st) 2.70/3.51/3.45
Rick Porcello @NYY (.321 T-16th), @CLE (.332 9th) @NYY (.321 T-7th), @CLE (.313 T-17th) 3.57/3.37/2.94
Wade Miley @NYY (.321 T-16th), @CLE (.332 9th) @NYY (.328 T-3rd), @CLE (.319 11th) 3.86/3.29/3.56
Tanner Roark @ATL (.284 29th), @NYM (.341 T-5th) @ATL (.297 28th), @NYM (.308 T-21st) 5.23/5.42/5.10

Red Light (Avoid These Starts) – These guys are crap or pitching like it, I’m looking at you Hector. Kyle Hendricks has been unlucky but I don’t like him against the Royals or the Brewers in Milwaukee. Errbody else is a chump yo!

Opponent’s wOBA last 30 days
Opponent’s wOBA vs. Handedness
Starter Last 5 Starts ERA/FIP/xFIP
Hector Santiago vs. OAK (.319 19th), @TEX (.337 8th) vs. OAK (.307 20th), @TEX (.315 15th) 5.91/7.17/7.10
Kyle Hendricks vs. KC (.341 T-5th), @MIL (.324 14th) vs. KC (.323 T-3rd), @MIL (.310 T-19th) 4.91/3.69/3.09
Kyle Gibson @CLE (.332 9th), vs. KC (.341 T-5th) @CLE (.313 T-17th), vs. KC (.323 T-3rd) 4.70/3.24/3.74
Chris Tillman vs. TOR (.359 1st), vs. NYY (.321 T-16th) vs. TOR (.336 1st), vs. NYY (.321 T-7th) 8.39/5.21/4.54
Phil Hughes @CLE (.332 9th), vs. KC (.341 T-5th) @CLE (.313 T-17th), vs. KC (.323 T-3rd) 6.75/5.23/4.27
Brandon Finnegan @WAS (.351 2nd), @PIT (.325 T-12th) @WAS (.327 6th), @PIT (.309 19th) 6.30/7.04/3.02
Erik Johnson vs. KC (.341 T-5th), @MIL (.324 14th) vs. KC (.323 T-3rd), @MIL (.310 T-19th) 3.52/6.01/4.74
Matt Wisler vs. WAS (.351 2nd), vs. STL (.325 T-12th) vs. WAS (.315 16th), vs. STL (.319 10th) 5.96/4.69/5.31
Felix Doubront @LAA (.289 28th), @SEA (.349 3rd) @LAA (.289 27th), @SEA (.318 12th) 8.33/6.07/4.61
Nick Tropeano vs. OAK (.319 19th), @TEX (.337 8th) vs. OAK (.307 T-23rd), @TEX (.322 T-5th) 5.21/3.04/4.22
David Buchanan vs. NYM (.341 T-5th), vs. MIA (.305 25th) vs. NYM (.308 T-21st), vs. MIA (.293 30th) 11.25/7.94/4.94
Tyler Wilson vs. TOR (.359 1st), vs. NYY (.321 T-16th) vs. TOR (.336 1st) ,vs. NYY (.321 T-7th) 5.00/3.98/4.57
Josh Smith vs. CHC (.328 11th), @PIT (.325 T-12th) vs. CHC (.317 T-12th), @PIT (.317 T-12th) 7.00/3.81/3.68


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