Just about finishing up the hitting portion of the 2023 fantasy baseball rankings, to which I say, “I can’t feel my fingies.” The top 80 outfielders for 2023 fantasy baseball will fall in the overall range of near 225 overall and later. This is your late 4th outfielder and 5th outfielder range, or 6th outfielder for utility spot, or 7th outfielder if you’re trying to draft so many outfielders that everyone in your league is like, “Who invited the giant dope with seven outfielders and zero corner men?” Here’s Steamer’s 2023 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Hitters and 2023 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Pitchers. Subscriptions are up and running, and you can already get Rudy’s Draft War Room. Anyway, here’s the top 80 outfielders for 2023 fantasy baseball:

NOTE: All my rankings are currently available on Patreon for the price of a Starbucks coffee, if you get one of those extra grande frappuccino jobbers. Don’t wait for the rankings to come out over the next month, and get them all now.

NOTE II: Free agents are listed as just that and not yet projected. Once a guy signs, I will write out their blurb and add in projections, or remove them, if they sign in an unfavorable place. They are ranked currently where I think they might be if they sign on for a full-time job.


61. Bryan De La Cruz – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Winker. I call this tier, “Karaokeing Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” In my iTunes, I have Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood covers by Santa Esmeralda, Joe Cocker, Elvis Costello and Nina Simone. They’re all great. That song has a great floor for being good. How’s your voice? Garbage? Figured. This tier is you singing Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood. It’s not great, but it’s a catchy song, and can only be so bad. This tier is safer than the previous tier. Higher floor. Oh, still prolly not great, but the downside isn’t as bad. In deeper leagues, it’s smarter to go with a safer tier than an upside tier, but that could even be a team decision. If you have a great three outfielders, you might want a little more upside with your 4th or 5th. If you have a tentative outfielder or two already, you might want a safer one.

As for De La Cruz, meany, meany, meany (Say what?). Hello, it’s the De La, troopin’ in with the Marlins, and this one’s about the POs. Wait, putouts? So, De La is from the Astros, and has that special brand of high contact, no real speed and very light power made famous by Michael Brantley. “Glad he didn’t say Milton Bradley.” That’s every person who’s ever come in contact with Milton Bradley. It’s the year 23 after 20, and Milton Bradley is still getting slandered! So, for a safe fourth outfielder in deeper leagues, you can give De La a call. Ring, ring, hey, how ya doing? Sorry you can’t get a better outfielder. Also, he’s mentioned in the video at the top of the page. 2023 Projections: 63/16/66/.271/5 in 477 ABs

62. Bryce Harper – Couple of things jumped out at me when I was ranking Bryce. That stupid freakin’ cat in my closet! Mr. Pickles! Stop jumping out at me! Also, it kinda shocked me how few games Harper played last year in the outfield. In a lot of leagues, he’s going to have utility-only eligibility, which sucks. I hate that. But — again with some stank like most buts — BUT! this late I’d be willing to take a flyer on a utility-only player. Flyer? Get it? Philly! No? Okay. Also, this draft pick is more about filling up your IL slot. Here’s what I said earlier this offseason, “Had Tommy John surgery and won’t return until the All-Star Break. *the world’s longest woof* He had to wait almost a month after the World Series to have surgery? By my calculations, that means almost a month of the season that he’s going to miss. You’d think the Phils or someone would’ve been like, “Hey, my main dude, maybe we get you into surgery like fifteen minutes after the last pitch of the World Series.” Such a bizarre set of circumstances. They knew he needed the surgery for the last six months! I don’t get it. For fantasy, I have to think this drops him at least forty spots in ADP, and takes at least three months of stats off his line, so subtract 45/20/50/.270/7 from whatever you thought you were getting, and, actually that means his projections will be close to that too, since he’s missing about 60% of the season.” And that’s me quoting me! That brings me to the other thing that jumped out at me. If you take those stats away from his line, you’re left with 50/16/50/.270/7, which is how I placed him in this tier. Bryce Harper in three months is the same as Bryan De La Cruz in six months. 2023 Projections: 47/16/54/.277/7 in 273 ABs

63. Joc Pederson – Can I be honest with you? This kinda goes to what I was saying in the Kelenic blurb in the top 60 outfielders. This tier is basically interchangeable with any other tier after it. The difference between the top five outfielders and, say, the 20th outfielder is huge, but the difference between the 60th outfielder and, say, the 100th outfielder isn’t really a difference as much as it’s a preference.

As for Pederson, he re-signed with the Giants this offseason. He must’ve lost his fantasy football league again. Damn, ain’t that a slap in the face. Joc is your standard platoon outfielder, who hits for power, and average last year (.274), but wouldn’t count on the latter. For you old heads out there, he’s also the best example for why you should never trust minor league steals, as Joc went 30/30 in Triple-A and now has 22 steals in his 1019 career games. 2023 Projections: 58/24/68/.249/4 in 412 ABs

64. Michael Conforto – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Giants. To refresh my memory about where Conforto’s been, I googled “Conforto injury history” and Google said, “How much time you got?” Which I think is kinda rude. So, I said as much to Google and then we got into a fight and now I can’t google nearby boba places and I’m so sad. Thanks a lot! The thought of the team, who claimed Correa wasn’t healthy enough, signing Conforto is just a little chef’s kiss. Just a little peck on the cheek. Gotta admit, Giants, your commitment to the bit isn’t very good. So, Conforto had shoulder surgery and missed all of 2022, that sounds great! In opposite world. Are we in opposite world? No? Hmm, bummer.” And that’s me quoting me! 2023 Projections: 51/17/59/.254 in 408 ABs

65. Jurickson Profar – Signed with the Rockies. Boy, the Rockies are simultaneously the most depressing team ever and hilarious and oddly interesting. They are their own special brand of bizarre. I’m pretty sure they just sign guys because they answer the question, “Do you believe in The Bible?” correctly. No joke, they are a very religious-run front office, which is interesting too, because watching the Rockies run their team and it really makes you ask if there’s a God. There’s so much value to be found in Coors, and they always go against the most exciting option. Yet, the guys who they do get, as boring as they are, they always get a boost, because: Coors. It truly is an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by a very cheap draft beer. Profar shouldn’t be batting leadoff and everyday for anyone, but, well, enter the Rockies. 2023 Projections: 72/17/54/.252/7 in 541 ABs

66. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

67. Whit Merrifield – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

68. Trey Mancini – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

69. Andrew Benintendi – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the White Sox. Hold up, an actual outfielder playing outfield for the White Sox? No way! What is this voodoo you’re speaking of? Not sure yet where he’ll bat in the lineup, but I’d put him in the two-hole and take Turd Moncada, and put him around sixth or seventh. Benintendi is a much better real-life player than a fantasy one, but should fit nicely into that new brand of White Sox baseball, which is barely hit 15 homers, hit .280 and steal a large handful of bases. Like an Andre the Giant-sized hand.” And that’s me copying and pasting me! 2023 Projections: 86/14/56/.283/9 in 538 ABs

70. Charlie Blackmon – Chazz Noir riding a white stallion, bareback, but not as it’s usually meant. The horse is wearing a saddle, but Chazz is naked, aside from his 8-foot long beard. He stops, so the Coors humidor just barely covers his naughty bits, “Anyone want to take chance on a Zombino?” Chazz raises his two arms to mime a zombie. “I actually have three arms up at attention.” 2023 Projections: 69/17/81/.265/4 in 518 ABs

71. Jorge Soler – Could he be a late draft steal? Yes. Could he bounce back? Yes, yes! Even if he bounces back, will he be boring as crap and you’ll prolly drop him two weeks into the season because you’re eying some shiny, new toy on waivers? Yes, yes, yes! Soler’s in a place that the only thing stopping him from getting 550+ at-bats is his own health. Random “Adam Duvall hitting 38 homers” year? Absolutely possible for Soler. Just try holding onto Soler all through April when a random guy is breaking out on waivers. 2023 Projections: 62/24/74/.221 in 481 ABs

72 Mike Yastrzemski – Mentioned Carl’s Jr. Jr. way back in Kelenic blurb in the top 60 outfielders for 2023 fantasy baseball about how Carl’s Jr. Jr. was actually 220th overall on the Player Rater last year, and around that of the last outfielder on 12-teamers or the 60th best outfielder. What I didn’t mention was his stats were 73/17/57/.214/5 in 485 ABs. That’s the line of a outfielder who’s a 5th outfielder. That is impossible to hold in shallow leagues where you have five outfielders. It’s only valuable in retrospect. If you have five outfielders in 12-teamers, you should get better stats off waivers than that line. For deep leagues, it’s fine, and that’s also this tier. These guys will be impossible to hold in 12-teamers, but they’ll be fine in deeper leagues. 2023 Projections: 69/20/62/.226/6 in 504 ABs

73. Jesse Winker – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Went the other way in the Wong trade, i.e., they turned Winker to Wong. Boy, that escalated quickly. Ya know what it deescalated fast? Any opportunity Sal Frelick might have. My Sal Frelick fantasy looks basically washed already. May as well get one last clickbait in there. *pouring one out for Frelick, realizing I’m indoors and I just poured it out on my rug* Damn it! So, Winker on the Brewers, huh? Jesse Winker is the ultimate “We can fix him” player. Oh, they can’t fix him. If they couldn’t get Yelich to stop hitting a 50% ground ball rate or Keston Hiura to stop his 40% strikeout rate; they’re not fixing Winker. Nudge, Winker, nudge, nudge, pass.” And that’s me quoting me! 2023 Projections: 67/17/66/.266/1 in 431 ABs

74. Dylan Carlson – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until the top 100 outfielders for 2023 fantasy baseball. I call this tier, “Rob Moore, you’re dead.” In the song, Poison by the triumvirate Bell Biv DeVoe, it’s best known for the line, “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” Excellent advice. But during the hook, in the background, you can almost make out Biv saying, “Rob Moore, you’re dead.” Or so was thought, before there were 16,000 song lyrics websites. Truly was a crazy time to be alive when you had no idea the lyrics for any song. The story went that an NFL player Rob Moore stole Biv’s girl, and Rob was in deep trouble because of it. Turned out Biv was really just saying, “Wrong move, you’re dead.” Well, that’s boring! “Rob Moore, you’re dead” is so much better. That’s this tier. These guys should be fun, as long as you don’t look too close, but they’ll prolly just end up boring. This is the upside tier. In deeper leagues, you’ll prolly want safer, but that depends on your team. The tier above and the tier below (in the top 100) will be safer.

As for Carlson, ya know what he needs, right? A trade to another team. Then he become the 30/12/.280 hitter he was supposed to be. Can’t believe he went 8/5/.236 last year in. Wait for it. Here it comes. You ready? In 128 games! This truly is a wing and a prayer tier. 2023 Projections: 63/12/57/.261/8 in 461 ABs

75. Edward Olivares – Already gave you my Edward Olivares sleeper. It was written while doing the Funky Chicken. Also, he’s in the video at the top of the page. 2023 Projections: 63/19/76/.272/16 in 476 ABs

76. Brandon Marsh – Love me some Marsh. I “Don’t Harsh My Marsh!” Says right here on my t-shirt. Whoa, I just realized a t-shirt is called a t-shirt because a shirt is in the shape of a T. But what is this Flashdance shirt called that I’m wearing that is hanging off my shoulder? Must be a slash shirt, because it hangs off me like \. Makes sense because I also made this shirt by slashing it with a knife. Damn, I look good. Sorry, I got high in honor of doing Marsh’s blurb, and I might’ve hit it too hard. So, I juggled Marsh around the rankings a little. I like him, but the Phils’ lineup is kinda stacked, so I don’t see Marsh getting a favorable lineup position, and he’s a 30% strikeout rate so far in his career, which isn’t going to make for a very positive average, but he does have some power and good speed. Definitely like the flyer. Whoa, I just realized it’s called a flyer because they’re easy to throw away. Also, he was in the video on the top of the page at the top 60 outfielders. 2023 Projections: 53/13/48/.240/14 in 387 ABs

77. Garrett Mitchell – He hit .311 last year. *covers mouth so you can’t hear me mumble* With a 41.2% strikeout rate. What’s that? .311 average? That’s awesome! He’s basically Tony Gwynn. Very cool stuff! He has 60-grade power and 70-grade speed, so your basic 50-homer, 60-steal guy. *covers mouth again* Who hit one homer in Triple-A. He did steal nine bags in Triple-A (only 20 games) and stole eight more bags in the majors (only 28 games), so the speed appears real. And the Brewers have 1.2 million outfielders to get playing time. It’s a flyer (off a deep cliff), but at least he has speed (in theory). All right, no more caveats (for now). 2023 Projections: 49/12/45/.226/18 in 371 ABs

78. Jose Siri – Steamer projections for Siri are 20/20/.241 in 120 games. There’s about as much a chance of that as using Siri on your phone and having it work. “Siri, please call XO’s Grill & Bar.” “Yes, Grey, texting your ex girl, Barb.” No! Siri, stop! True story: I once used Siri to call someone, I forget now who, and it accidentally called the Israeli consultant instead. That could’ve went bad real fast if I was ordering chicken with the “bomb sauce” from my local Nashville hot chicken place. The reason why Siri is in this tier is because of the less than 5% chance he does have a 20/20 season. The most unlikely thing isn’t the 20/20 either, it’s the 120 games played. 2023 Projections: 59/14/51/.226/14 in 412 ABs

79. Trent Grisham – He’s in this tier: The young crazy upside guy tier. Ah, yeah, Trent Grisham. Wait, was that sarcasm or no? I’ve confused myself. It sounds like sarcasm, because everything I say sounds like sarcasm, but Grisham did just turn 26. He feels like a guy who’s been around the block more times than the creepy guy in the minivan with candy. “I don’t want any M&M’s, but if you have peanut butter cups, I might go for a ride.” That’s me bartering with the creepy guy. Yo, peanut butter cups are so good. So, Grisham hit .184 last year, and that’s so hilariously bad, but his .231 BABIP says he was unlucky, though he did completely lose where the strike zone was. I’d be out if he’s not this cheap in drafts, but a 20/15 guy as a flyer with the thought you can drop him, if things go sideways and I don’t want no f***** Merlot! 2023 Projections: 62/18/57/.209/10 in 473 ABs

80. Manuel Margot –  This tier was supposed to be upside, what am I doing?! I just got done doing this with Grisham! Oh, wait, Margot only just turned 28. Yeah, that’s not too old for him to regain his steals. *squinting at his steals* Okay, for him to actually have steals for the first time, but he’s fast. Supposedly. Look, it’s a flyer, like everyone in this tier. Margot’s always had good contact, speed, some power, and looks like 50 Cent. You can’t buy that for a dollar! (Actually half that.) 2023 Projections: 51/10/55/.267/12 in 456 ABs


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Harley Earl
Harley Earl
1 month ago

Does Wil Myers excite you this year as someone getting to play in Great American Ballpark? Yeah, me neither.

1 month ago

Hey Grey,
how are things? I’ve been on baseball hiatus for a bit. Just getting back into the swing of things by reading your epic annual rankings. I need to somehow narrow down this group in a 12 team H2H keeper league(keep 10). I’ll narrow it down a bit because this team was deeeep.
OF-ACUÑA/SOTO/TUCKER/TROUT/JROD(pretty insane how stacked I am here)

guessing that bieber would be the only one kept but some great young arms

Reply to  Dubjay
1 month ago

Nice keepers for sure. I count 16 players above so throw back 6.
Kirk, Brengman, Trout, Gilbert, Kirby, and Lodolo.
Tough call between Diaz and Trout but fun going into draft not having to worry about a closer.

1 month ago

Hey Grey, first time posting all off-season. Just joined my first ottoneu keeper league and just need some advise which you always graciously give. Much thanks. Keeper/drop deadline is tomorrow and I’ve already cut some guys to get slightly under budget but not by much. It’s a standard $400 budget 2 catcher 12 team Fangraphs points with holds and saves. This team is very much a stars and scrubs and I like the pitching much more than the hitting. Currently sitting at $389 dollars. Here is the team as is.

C Wilson Contreras $10
C Rutschman $16
1B Goldschmidt $50
2B Wong $3
SS Rosario $6
MI Huira $3 
3B Machado $53
OF Blackmon $6
OF Pederson $4
OF McCutchen $4
UTL JD Martinez $28
BN Bohm $5

SP Degrom $55
SP Alcantara $26
SP Darvish $26 
SP T Rodgers $13
SP Rassmusen $9
SP Luzardo $7
SP Montas $11
SP B Miller $3
SP Hancock $3

RP D Castillo $7
RP Staumont $6
RP Steckenrider $6
RP R Lopez $6
RP May $5
RP D Jimenez $5
RP Vesia $5
RP Abreu $3

1) Any obvious cuts that I haven’t made yet? Overall thoughts on roster construction?

2) Would you look to move one or two of the expensive players for some younger cheaper players? Ideally a couple young hitters? I like my pitching more than my hitting, so maybe DeGrom for some bats? Whatever I can get for JD Martinez?

3) Given that it’s saves and holds, which of my relievers would you actually hold onto considering how much cap space I need to clear?

Thanks so much!

Reply to  bossmanjunior333
1 month ago

My 2 cents, Rutschman, Wong, Huira, the 3 outfielders, T. Rodgers, Miller and Hancock. Try to trade JD if not lose him, try to trade DeGrom or Goldy or both..
Hard to figure out for sure not knowing who might be available.
Keep Vesia for sure.

2 months ago

Not in this post, but fearless prediction says this is the year Brandon Nimmo goes 20/25 and challenges for batting tittle, you look at his statcast page and it’s such a waste of red…, hopefully he runs.., like he promised, lol

Reply to  Hernan
1 month ago

Whoa! Fearless indeed Hernan!

Dr. Funktopus
Dr. Funktopus
2 months ago

Hey Grey! Loving the ranks, but I gotta Hot Topic for you right outta mall. I performed the proverbial ‘tank’ last year and snagged a bunch of keepers for $1. I get to keep five of them, and Strider and Nasty Nestor are obvious.

Which three from below would you keep for a buck?

R. Hoskins
S. Kwan
A. Santander
C. Walker

N. Lodolo
H. Greene
T. Gonsolin
R. Detmers

Dr. Funktopus
Dr. Funktopus
Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

Haha, Oh I’m competing and winning!

Curious you chose Hoskins over Walker when you have Hoskins as 10 and Walker as 8 in your rankings. Just that Hoskins has done it longer?

I also share your dream for Santander, but too many question marks

2 months ago

I saw you made a revision to Steer after recently commenting about it, glad to see. So let me try my hand again!

Michael Massey… After the Mondessi to Boston deal, Roster Resource has him in the lineup/platoon with Nicky Lopez. I’m thinking that when March comes around it’ll be more clear, but I don’t see why Nicky No-Pop needs to stand in Massey’s way if he can show that he’s got the potential to be “a guy” during Spring Training.

I have several Massey shares in dynasty based on Itch’s comment in season last year. But Itch was also mentioning White Sox checking in on Nicky Lopez trade recently (Josh Harrison went to Philly). I also noticed that Massey at least made the Omitted but considered portion of your 2B article. Wondering if you had any more thought at the moment on the bat.

Not expecting him to just automatically crack the Top 500. But I think he maybe should in March if we see he’s going to play. Just tryinta make sure he’s on the radar ahead of time for my fellow commenters. He had 173 ABs, so he’s not considered a “prospect” anymore. But he’ll turn 25 at the end of March and I think he can breakout a bit or at least be helpful in 2023 for deep leaguers, fantasy wise.

This was what Itch had to say when he had him at #6 KC prospect almost exactly 1 year ago: Massey was playing well enough to graduate this level at any time, really, but the Royals left him there for 99 games, slashing .289/.351/.531 with 21 HR and 12 SB, striking out just 68 times (15.5%). He’s behind the age-to-level curve, but I don’t care. He’s a 2019 draftee (109 overall), so he’s had two pro chances and hit well in both (105 and 135 wRC+ in 2019 and 2021). This is just who he’s always been. He hit at Illinois. He hit in the Cape Cod League. A back injury cost him some games and money in his draft season. A lefty bat at 6’0” 190 pounds, Massey is a natural-looking hitter, fouling off touch pitches and going the other way when the opportunity presents itself. I think he’s underrated in dynasty circles.

Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

I hear you on the 2021 High A stats.

And this is dangerous to do obvi, but if you combine AA, AAA ,MLB stats for 2022 he hit 20/16 and closer to .300 AVG. He already hit .250 in his first attempt at the majors, so I’m thinking that he can hit and will show that if given the PT.

Just going to plant the flag on the guy for 2023 and say that he’s going WAY too late right now (ADP is about 420ish, bro) in NFBC DCs. And I expect him to get a decent bump in about a month or so. For comparison, Nicky Lopez is getting drafted around 480 ADP over last 2 weeks in DCs (9 drafts) and I think the discrepancy between the two will continue to grow.

Admittedly, we are in the weeds here… deeper than I usually get. I’m def real curious to read what Laura is thinking, going to post on her article from the other day right now.

Anyways, I just appreciate this feedback on what you saw when looking at him. Thanks as always!

Sweatpants Nation
Sweatpants Nation
Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

All good stuff. The PT is just worth thinking about because of the Cash-connection. Lopez could start a game and be pulled after one at bat because Quatraro has a data sheet that says Massey is better against the guys in the bullpen, or whatever.
Agree, if Lopez is moved without an addition (like Odor haha) then Massey should get plenty of looks.
I was actually thinking more in terms of Vinnie P/Pratto/MJ/Dozier- those guys. I’m sure they’ll get their ABs somehow but I think it’ll be a fluid situation.

Sweatpants Nation
Sweatpants Nation
2 months ago

As always another good list although by now I find it better to look at some of your upside guys.
Speaking of which Olivares is interesting although what will also be interesting will be to see how KC’s new manager Matt Quatraro uses his players. He was Cash’s bench coach so situational play and platooning can’t be ruled out. I can’t remember if you specifically baked that into their projections. Certain guys won’t be effected- Perez, Witt- but Vinnie, Pratto, Lopez, MJ, Dozier and all the OF might take a hit.
Meh, maybe it won’t matter too much since most of these guys aren’t that good anyway.

Reply to  Sweatpants Nation
2 months ago

So interesting to see Nicky Lopez mentioned twice in comments at nearly the exact same time. Hopefully he gets traded…I’m high on Massey and excited to see what goes on with this team in Late Feb/March.

I think that both Lopez and prob Dozier are prob actually guys that could end up moving all over the place and not playing every single day. The others I agree, should get nearly every day ABs when healthy. And so yea, Great point on Rays/Cash’s bench coach, I think it’s fair to say that some real wild card type of decisions could get made both prior to and in-season.

2 months ago

Always look forward to the rankings because it means baseball will be back soon!

10 team NL Roto dynasty ($100 cap/24 man active roster) league trade:

I give B.Stott (3 year contract @ $6 per year) and rights to MiLB Mick Abel

I get CJ Cron (2 years at $6.80 per year).

Thanks and best of luck this year!

Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

I hear yah! What about Stott n Abel for Thairo Estrada?

task force
task force
2 months ago

Hey Grey great rankings as always!
Keeper league 12 team 6×6 OBP and Holds question. I have $10 and get to keep 5 players and I’m torn on my options. I’ve listed my players I would consider keeping and the current cost to keep the player, what would be your suggestion:

Acuna Jr – $5
Bichette – $4
J Rod – $1
Yordan – $2
Alcantara – $2
Wander – $2
Albies – $3

I have a few $1 guys to consider

I’ve been leaning to keeping
Bichette, J Rod, Yordan and Alcantara and then needing a $1 guy or I could go J Rod, Yordan, Alcantara, Wander and Albies

I’ve been dangling Wander and I’ve got a little interest for Witt Jr and McClanahan but the manager wants a 2nd round pick as well so Wander + 2nd for Witt. I don’t have my 1st or 3rd so I wouldn’t be picking until 4th round if I do the trade.

Too many options!!

task force
task force
Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

Haha well I have to thank you for my keepers! I draft them before anyone has even heard of them or to even think to draft them. I did trade for Acuna early last year and I got Bichette mid season. But your rankings always help me find diamonds in the late rounds for sure!

2 months ago

I just read that LAD said Vargas could open 2023 as the primary 2b. I must be dreaming. The key word here is “could” so I don’t want to get overly optimistic. I hope the GM was referring to the big club.

Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

Yeah, I wish you were joking.

2 months ago

Thought we might see Adell here. Maybe tomorrow I guess.
– Adell dynasty owner lol

2 months ago

Grey! Thank you for the content as always sir. Was curious about your thoughts on the Blue Jays moving the fences in to 359 in right center? Any impact on the hitter and pitcher projections? Thanks!

2 months ago

Why is Haniger so far ahead of Grichuk?

My Judge Giants jersey has a gun
My Judge Giants jersey has a gun
2 months ago

Your sleeper post on Edward Olivares has me excited. Would you draft him in a 12 team league? You have his adp at 275 and nfbc is showing an adp of 465. Playing time seems like it could be an issue. Steamer projects the most at-bats with 344. Thanks again Grey!

2 months ago



a. Absolutely LOVED your 4-part YouTube series on the war room sheet, how to use, sorting etc. You deserve a Tony for that. The main standout from all of it….if you’re a manager drafting a team on draft day and you’re looking to boost your score in any category after pick 17, you lost your draft.

b. I love Oneil Cruz. He’s going to return 40-ish ADP but is currently going around 75-ish. In which round would you draft O’Neil?

1 Round 4
2 Round 5
3 Round 6
4 Earlier
5 Later


2 months ago

I guess Yahoo didn’t know Harper was going to miss time. They went live with their site on Friday and have him projected for 104/36/97/15. That’s one helluva second half.

Reply to  toolshed
2 months ago

they also have T.Story going 90/ 25/ 80/ 20 and have K.Bryant projected as a top 30 player overall… their projection system needs work

captain obvious
captain obvious
Reply to  toolshed
2 months ago

So many players are buried too, Jul Rod and Acuna just two.

captain obvious
captain obvious
Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

Well maybe I’m wrong. When editing the rankings for pre rank Acuna is 45 and Jul Rod 94. I just looked at a different team and it’s different.

captain obvious
captain obvious
Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

That’s for an auto draft pre rank. On the other regular teams Acuna is one a Jul Rod is 4th. Probably just something with the pre rank I guess.

captain obvious
captain obvious
Reply to  Grey
2 months ago

Default Rankings
1. Aaron Judge
2. Trea Turner
3. Mike Trout
4. Gerrit Cole
5. Corbin Burnes
6. Max Scherzer
7. Liam Hendriks
8. Paul Goldschmidt
9. José Ramírez
10. Bryce Harper
11. Walker Buehler
12. Rafael Devers
13. Freddie Freeman
14. Josh Hader
15. Mookie Betts
16. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
17. Tim Anderson
18. Justin Verlander
19. Yordan Alvarez
20. Juan Soto
21. Teoscar Hernández
22. Shane Bieber
23. Bo Bichette
24. Starling Marte
25. Xander Bogaert
6. Julio Urías LAD – SP? ?
27. Kyle Tucker HOU – OF? ?
28. Nolan Arenado STL – 3B? ?
29. Manny Machado SD – 3B? ?
30. Whit Merrifield TOR – 2B,OF? ?
31. Luis Robert CWS – OF? ?
32. Clayton Kershaw LAD – SP? ?
33. Ozzie Albies ATL – 2B? ?
34. Félix Bautista BAL – RP? ?
35. Shohei Ohtani (Batter) LAA – Util? ?
36. Nick Castellanos PHI – OF? ?
37. Robbie Ray SEA – SP? ?
38. Brandon Woodruff MIL – SP? ?
39. Freddy Peralta MIL – SP? ?
40. Devin Williams MIL – RP? ?
41. Max Fried ATL – SP? ?
42. John Schreiber BOS – RP? ?
43. Pete Alonso NYM – 1B? ?
44. Randy Arozarena TB – OF? ?
45. Ronald Acuña Jr. ATL – OF? ?
46. Kris Bryant COL – OF? ?
47. Jordan Romano TOR – RP? ?
48. J.D. Martinez LAD – Util? ?
49. Emmanuel Clase CLE – RP? ?
50. Yu Darvish SD – SP? ?

51. Marcus Semien TEX – 2B,SS? ?
52. Framber Valdez HOU – SP? ?
53. Wander Franco TB – SS? ?
54. David Bednar PIT – RP? ?
55. Jose Altuve HOU – 2B? ?
56. Lucas Giolito CWS – SP? ?
57. Kenley Jansen BOS – RP? ?
58. José Abreu HOU – 1B? ?
59. Zack Wheeler PHI – SP? ?
60. George Springer TOR – OF? ?
61. Carlos Correa MIN – SS? ?
62. Charlie Morton ATL – SP? ?
63. Alek Manoah TOR – SP? ?
64. Sonny Gray MIN – SP? ?
65. Ryan Helsley STL – RP? ?
66. Ryan Pressly HOU – RP? ?
67. Adam Wainwright STL – SP? ?
68. Alex Bregman HOU – 3B? ?
69. Anthony Rendon LAA – 3B? ?
70. Matt Olson ATL – 1B? ?
71. Carlos Rodón NYY – SP? ?
72. Jacob deGrom TEX – SP? ?
73. Giovanny Gallegos STL – RP? ?
74. Bryan Reynolds PIT – OF? ?
75. Salvador Perez KC – C? ?
76. Brandon Lowe TB – 2B? ?
77. Bobby Witt Jr. KC – 3B,SS? ?
78. Byron Buxton MIN – OF? ?
79. Jorge Polanco MIN – 2B? ?
80. Giancarlo Stanton NYY – OF? ?
81. Aaron Nola PHI – SP? ?
82. Austin Riley ATL – 3B? ?
83. Trevor Story BOS – 2B? ?
84. Trevor Rogers MIA – SP? ?
85. Joe Musgrove SD – SP? ?
86. Mitch Haniger SF – OF? ?
87. Javier Báez DET – SS? ?
88. Ketel Marte ARI – 2B? ?
89. Kevin Gausman TOR – SP? ?
90. Trevor Bauer LAD – SP? ?
91. Cedric Mullins BAL – OF? ?
92. Chris Bassitt TOR – SP? ?
93. Yuli Gurriel HOU – 1B? ?
94. Julio Rodríguez SEA – OF? ?
95. Edwin Díaz NYM – RP? ?
96. David Robertson NYM – RP? ?
97. Justin Turner BOS – 3B? ?
98. Francisco Lindor NYM – SS? ?
99. Kendall Graveman CWS – RP? ?
100. Jared Walsh LAA – 1B? ?
101. Will Smith LAD – C? ?
102. Sandy Alcantara MIA – SP? ?
103. Luis Garcia HOU – SP? ?
104. Scott Barlow KC – RP? ?
105. Chad Green NYY – RP? ?
106. J.T. Realmuto PHI – C? ?
107. Shohei Ohtani (Pitcher) LAA – SP? ?
108. Christian Yelich MIL – OF? ?
109. Rafael Montero HOU – RP? ?
110. Jonathan India CIN – 2B? ?
111. Alex Verdugo BOS – OF? ?
112. Adalberto Mondesi BOS – SS? ?
113. Austin Meadows DET – OF? ?
114. Joe Ryan MIN – SP? ?
115. Dansby Swanson CHC – SS? ?
116. Marcell Ozuna ATL – OF? ?
117. Logan Gilbert SEA – SP? ?
118. Pablo López MIN – SP? ?
119. Eloy Jiménez CWS – OF? ?
120. Fernando Tatis Jr. SD – SS? ?
121. Jonathan Loáisiga NYY – RP? ?
122. Collin McHugh ATL – RP? ?
123. Nestor Cortes NYY – SP? ?
124. Raisel Iglesias ATL – RP? ?
125. Chris Sale BOS – SP? ?
126. Dylan Cease CWS – SP? ?
127. Andrew Kittredge TB – RP? ?
128. Shane McClanahan TB – SP? ?
129. Paul Sewald SEA – RP? ?
130. Colin Poche TB – RP? ?
131. Hyun Jin Ryu TOR – SP? ?
132. Tommy Edman STL – 2B,SS? ?
133. Stephen Strasburg WSH – SP? ?
134. DJ LeMahieu NYY – 1B,2B,3B? ?
135. Michael Kopech CWS – SP? ?
136. Josh Bell CLE – 1B? ?
137. Trey Mancini CHC – 1B,OF? ?
138. Brandon Drury LAA – 1B,2B,3B? ?
139. Corey Seager TEX – SS? ?
140. Diego Castillo SEA – RP? ?
141. Anthony Bender MIA – RP? ?
142. Ryan Mountcastle BAL – 1B? ?
143. Shane Baz TB – SP? ?
144. Griffin Jax MIN – RP? ?
145. Garrett Whitlock BOS – SP,RP? ?
146. Tyler Rogers SF – RP? ?
147. Frankie Montas NYY – SP? ?
148. Ke’Bryan Hayes PIT – 3B? ?
149. Logan Webb SF – SP? ?
150. Jake Cronenworth SD – 1B,2B,SS? ?
151. Kyle Schwarber PHI – OF? ?
152. J.P. Feyereisen LAD – RP? ?
153. Mike Clevinger CWS – SP? ?
154. Andrew Chafin DET – RP? ?
155. Lance McCullers Jr. HOU – SP? ?
156. Craig Kimbrel PHI – RP? ?
157. Andrew Benintendi CWS – OF? ?
158. Drew Rasmussen TB – SP? ?
159. Joey Votto CIN – 1B? ?
160. Matt Chapman TOR – 3B? ?
161. Jason Adam TB – RP? ?
162. Michael Brantley HOU – OF? ?
163. Austin Hays BAL – OF? ?
164. Joe Barlow TEX – RP? ?
165. Camilo Doval SF – RP? ?
166. Luis Severino NYY – SP? ?
167. Taylor Rogers SF – RP? ?
168. Lucas Sims CIN – RP? ?
169. Miles Mikolas STL – SP? ?
170. Ian Anderson ATL – SP? ?
171. Will Smith HOU – RP? ?
172. Domingo Acevedo OAK – RP? ?
173. Max Muncy LAD – 2B,3B? ?
174. Tony Santillan CIN – RP? ?
175. Jean Segura MIA – 2B? ?
176. Anthony Rizzo NYY – 1B? ?
177. Tony Gonsolin LAD – SP? ?
178. José Urquidy HOU – SP? ?
179. James Karinchak CLE – RP? ?
180. Dylan Carlson STL – OF? ?
181. C.J. Cron COL – 1B? ?
182. Blake Treinen LAD – RP? ?
183. Art Warren NYY – RP? ?
184. Jesús Sánchez MIA – OF? ?
185. Jake McGee WSH – RP? ?
186. Ryan Tepera LAA – RP? ?
187. Nathaniel Lowe TEX – 1B? ?
188. Anthony DeSclafani SF – SP? ?
189. Jesús Luzardo MIA – SP? ?
190. Adolis García TEX – OF? ?
191. Tyler Anderson LAA – SP? ?
192. Michael Pineda DET – SP? ?
193. Ramón Laureano OAK – OF? ?
194. Lance Lynn CWS – SP? ?
195. Zach Jackson OAK – RP? ?
196. Jazz Chisholm Jr. MIA – 2B? ?
197. Josh Lowe TB – OF? ?
198. Matt Moore TEX – RP? ?
199. Luke Voit WSH – 1B? ?
200. Dany Jiménez OAK – RP? ?
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