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We’re deep, and these guys might not be playable. The top 100 outfielders for 2023 fantasy baseball are your flyers in most leagues, and your 5th and 6th outfielders in deep leagues. Keep in mind, we have NL-Only rankings, and AL-Only rankings. If you have no need for these outfielders in your league, think on the bright side: Next up in the 2023 fantasy baseball rankings is starters. Here’s Steamer’s 2023 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Hitters and 2023 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Pitchers. Subscriptions are up and running, and you can already get Rudy’s Draft War Room. Anyway, here’s the top 100 outfielders for 2023 fantasy baseball:

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NOTE II: Free agents are listed as just that and not yet projected. Once a guy signs, I will write out their blurb and add in projections, or remove them, if they sign in an unfavorable place. They are ranked currently where I think they might be if they sign on for a full-time job.


81. Austin Hays – This tier started in the top 80 outfielders for 2023 fantasy baseball. This tier goes until Oswaldo. I called this tier, “Rob Moore, you’re dead.” As for Hays, gotta be honest, I had him ranked about 25 spots higher, then I looked at his power in the new Orioles Park at Camden Miles, and *emoji shaking its head while it stands under a noose while a group of outlaw emojis watch on*. I really hope the Orioles get an amazing year from Grayson Rodriguez after what they did to that park. In the end, I left Hays in a little bit of an upsidey tier, because, well, I have delusions that the O’s will move their fence back in 75 feet. 2023 Projections: 62/15/66/.254/3 in 502 ABs

82. Kerry Carpenter – Here’s what I said when he was called up last year, “Guess what, y’all?! A new Spencer Torkelson dropped! No, he’s nothing like that old Spencer Torkelson! For one, he’s not young! He’s more like a new older Spencer Torkelson! For two, the Tigers are calling up Kerry Carpenter because they have no conceivable reason to keep him down anymore, because of the stats he was putting up in the minors — .316/.384/.653 with 30 home runs and 75 RBIs in 96 games between Double-A Erie and Triple-A Toledo. That’s the Mecca of Ohio. It’s why it’s called Holy Toledo. Comerica Park sucks. More like Crummica! Owned it! But someone making that good of contact with that sorta power is worth a look in deeper mixed leagues.” And that’s me quoting me! I will also prolly quote that sometime around May 15th when he’s hitting well and still unrostered in 80% of leagues.  2023 Projections: 51/22/58/.261/2 in 429 ABs

83. Leody Taveras – With Grisham, Margot, Hays and Leody in this tier, this tier could’ve been called Ghosts of Past Sleepers. Big issue with Leody is I almost ranked Bubba Thompson above him in my Rangers’ depth chart. They’re the same age, so no Edge there. U2 see that? The problem for Bubba is he looks like a straight SAGNOF play and might hit .210. Leody hitting .261 last year should put him higher on real-life playing time charts. (I know, Bubba hit .265, but it was with a big K-rate.) Leody isn’t just the name someone gets in the Heaven’s Gate Cult, it’s also a guy I loved as recently as last year. You don’t need to smooth out your brain to see a potential 15/25/.270 hitter. His power in the minors (17 HRs in only 87 Triple-A games) is likely league-inflated. Speed will travel, and the glove should keep him in the lineup. 2023 Projections: 54/8/49/.264/16 in 447 ABs

84. Oswaldo Cabrera – Already gave you an Oswaldo Cabrera sleeper. It was written while arriving later to a concert than Lauryn Hill. 2023 Projections: 47/11/44/.257/8 in 375 ABs

85. Marcell Ozuna – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Meadows. I call this tier, “What a waste of brain space.” The tier name refers to how well you know these guys, and that it is a giant waste of brain space to remember them. Give me back the brain space I’m wasting on Marcell Ozuna! OZUNA in platoon with Rosario in left field? OZUNA in platoon with Travis d’Arnaud at DH? OZUNA in the movie, Platoon, and his arm sleeve disappears on green screen? 2023 Projections: 51/20/56/.218/3 in 415 ABs

86. Mark Canha – As defined by Merriam-Webster, “Canha” refers to “how one can laugh at the absurdity of someone starting a 15/3/.250 hitter on their fantasy team for 450 at-bats.” 2023 Projections: 64/14/56/.253/3 in 447 ABs

87. Eric Haase – Already went over him in the top 20 catchers for 2023 fantasy baseball.

88. Gavin Lux – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

89. Luis Rengifo – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

90. Nick Gordon – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

91. Chris Taylor – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

92. Harold Ramirez – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

93. Enrique Hernandez – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

94. Juan Yepez – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

95. Michael A. Taylor – Traded to the Twins. Not sure why a team that is sick of getting walked all over would go out and get a M.A.T. His 49/9/43/4/.254 line last year was the 84th best outfielder line last year, so the A. doesn’t stand for Awesome. It stands for Apathy (feat. Celph). 2023 Projections: 54/10/51/.248/8 in 420 ABs

96. Randal Grichuk – Takes a very smooth brain that’s never watched a day of baseball to think, “Hey, what if we removed all homers from baseball? That would really appeal to people!” Yet, that’s what the rocket surgeon, Rob Manfred, concocted, when he decided to implement a dead ball and a humidor in every stadium. I’m no Bud Selig apologist, but at least he played dumb when everyone was hitting 60 homers. Playing dumb so everyone hits 20 homers is some real idiot shit from Rob Manfred, which brings me to the power-hitter Grichuk in Coors, and his very meh numbers: UPDATE: Had hernia surgery and will miss the start of the season. 2023 Projections: 58/19/71/.262/3 in 441 ABs

97. Avisail Garcia – Ready to sprint at the sound of a starting pistol. Lined up at the blocks is Avisail’s ability to get hurt lined up vs. his ability to seduce a teammate’s wife. Oh, it’s gonna be a close race! 2023 Projections: 51/16/55/.229/4 in 454 ABs

98. Adam Duvall – As you see with every positional ranking end, I have a section for “Considered but omitted.” Like In Memoriam, but without Alicia Keys playing piano. Usually if one of the guys in that section gets traded or signs somewhere decent, I’ll move them up, but only a few spots. They’re not good, in general. Which brings me to Duvall, who signed in the best place possible if we’re really to believe he’s the Red Sox center fielder for the entire 2023 season. That can’t be seriously serious, can it?  2023 Projections: 49/18/59/.217/1 in 414 ABs

99. Max Kepler – There are some extremely lackluster hitters on teams that are supposedly in the running for a pennant. Kepler is a .232 hitter, averaging around 20 homers a season for seven years. More like Mid Kepler. He’s a lefty who is on my very secret list of players who I’m supposed to bump up because there’s no shift. So, he’s a .235 hitter instead of a .227 hitter. Lowercase yay!  2023 Projections: 56/19/59/.235/5 in 404 ABs

100. Michael Brantley – Re-signed with the Astros, where he will have insanely great value for a crazy late outfielder (think: 85/10/70/.280/1) while being extremely boring or have no value and be boring. Either way, oh, it’s gonna be boring. 2023 Projections: 63/7/51/.280/1 in 371 ABs

101. Austin Meadows – Last year, Meadows went 0/0. Sure, it was only in 36 games or 128 at-bats, but allow me to put on my three wolves howling at the moon t-shirt, and let them howl specifically for Meadows. He would be the feel-good story of the year if he can come back though, because he missed a lot of time with a mental health break. It truly seems like the best baseball players of all-time have zero going between their ears when it comes to introspection. Meadows, you think too much, you poor dear!  2023 Projections: 51/15/56/.241/4 in 403 ABs

102. David Peralta – Signed with the Dodgers, because they can absolutely never start any of their prospects ever. Oh, it might not be clear what I mean, but follow these breadcrumbs: Peralta starts in left, Chris Taylor goes to 2nd base and Miguel Vargas is on the bench or in the minors. Without fail, I’m telling you the Dodgers won’t give Vargas more than 350 ABs. Any hoo! Peralta is fine for real baseball. You know real baseball, it’s where they scratch themselves and aren’t yelled at by their mothers. 2023 Projections: 53/15/61/.254/2 in 464 ABs

103. TJ Friedl – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Suwinski. I call this tier, “A water stain in the shape of a rose.” The tier name refers to these players’ upside that is solid, until you realize it’s water damage and the roof is about to cave in. Unlike the last tier, this tier is more for upside in deep leagues, and they all have pretty glaring holes in their game.

As for Friedl, is he really hitting leadoff? Can’t tell anymore if we’re the dumb ones or Dumb Bell is the dumb one. Friedl has 35-steal speed, only strikes out 15% of the time and somehow is a .240 hitter. Well, not somehow, he hits a ton of 280-foot fly balls. We call those Friedly Flies. 2023 Projections: 61/12/41/.246/15 in 405 ABs

104. Esteury Ruiz – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Traded to the A’s. Looking for a bright spot in this trade to Oakland, and I just start singing, Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone. Then, I truly wept when I realized that’s about Sean Murphy. That’s what gut-punched you, A’s fans? The loss of Sean Murphy? Lose a real player before you get sad! Brewers still have roughly 4500 outfielders, but this is exactly what we needed to knock some at-bats loose for Ruiz. It’s giddy up time in Oakland. Already gave you an Esteury Ruiz fantasy, but now the A’s should have at least 400 at-bats to send his way. There’s a real concern with that many chances he might hit .205, but his speed is so good that I’m willing to up him to 400+ ABs, and could see the very late flyer.” And that’s me quoting me! 2023 Projections: 51/3/39/.219/32 in 407 ABs

105. Jake Fraley – The Reds are the epitome of this tier. They’re like a horn bet in craps. It’s a bit of a sucker’s bet, and unlikely to cash, but if it hits, it tends to hit big. “C’mon, hard six! I need thirty-three! Yes! Scott Schebler hit 30 homers in 2017! Okay, double or nothing…C’mon, thirty-three right back!” “Ooh…craps, Jake Fraley. Clear the board.” 2023 Projections: 41/17/54/.241/7 in 347 ABs

105. James Outman – Took me a while to convince myself Outman deserved a spot in the top 100 outfielders, er, um, top 140-ish outfielders. Finally landed that on Outman, I’m Inman! My takeaway ended up being Outman’s strikeouts suck, but his speed and power are good enough to warrant my my cherry pie, and a spot in the rankings. Also, I fully anticipate removing him from the rankings when the Dodgers are in March like, “Hey, guys, maybe we should sign someone,” then grab someone like Ben Gamel a week before the season. UPDATE: I was close saying they’d sign Gamel. They signed David Peralta and now I’m out, man. Removing him from the rankings. 2023 Projections: 43/16/52/.228/6 in 356 ABs

106. Kyle Stowers – If you can say his name without immediately going into LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out’s 3rd verse, you are a better man than me. To paraphrase another LL song, “Bikini small, heels tall, she said she liked the ocean which is closer to home plate than the fences at Camden.” Stowers has the good fortune of being a lefty, so that cuts back on how miserable his time will be trying to reach the left field fences, but a lefty has to deal with platoons. Also, doesn’t have a lot of speed, struggled with strikeouts and his power floor looks relatively low. So, uh…Maybe he could develop more power? 2023 Projections: 43/17/48/.244/2 in 338 ABs

107. Trayce Thompson – It feels slightly like the Dodgers are going into the season with a few holes they’re aware of, then they plan on filling those gaps at the trade deadline. Could see Trayce being one of those holes that gets filled. Call him Traci Lords Thompson. 2023 Projections: 48/17/47/.219/5 in 329 ABs

108. Kyle Isbel – Last year, Isbel went 5/9/.211 in 256 ABs. Luckily, Isbel because a snooze alarm is needed with that line. By the way, Isbel led me to Jason Isbell’s Wikipedia page, which led me to the Drive-By Truckers, which made me realize Isbell was married to a bassist from the band, Shonna Tucker. Yes, Tucker was a Trucker. Any hoo! With the trade of A. Taylor, there B. a job for Isbel, and he has speed and might sneak into 10 HRs. 2023 Projections: 41/7/48/.231/16 in 407 ABs

109. Myles Straw – I’ve mentioned this before, but when you get 45,000 words into talking about hitters, you start to repeat yourself. Sue me. Narrator, “What the person suing Grey didn’t know is there was nothing to sue for.” Any hoo! What I’ve mentioned before is I rank everyone, and while doing that I jot down a note sometimes next to their name to remind me what to discuss. For unstints, next to Bryce Harper I might write “injury.” So, what I wrote next to Myles Straw was, “Did he have the lowest wOBA ever?” Straw sure does suck, but it wasn’t even the worst wOBA last year. Only the worst outfielder. 2023 Projections: 75/1/35/.238/26 in 539 ABs

110. Drew Waters – Just because the Braves traded Waters away and didn’t give him a 15-year deal for $12 million doesn’t mean Waters isn’t good. Actually, it prolly does mean that. Damn. Also, I know what you’re thinking, but I didn’t rank Straw right above Waters because I’m thirsty. I’m well hydrated! 2023 Projections: 53/12/51/.218/10 in 388 ABs

111. Jack Suwinski – Every year guys come out of nowhere, hit a bunch of homers in a small sample size, then disappear from where they came. Not saying Suwinski is one of these guys, but I’m also not saying he’s Suwisn’t. 2023 Projections: 49/22/56/.206/4 in 377 ABs

112. Andrew McCutchen – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Hiura. I call this tier, “For the insomniacs.” The tier above could be considered late sleepers, this tier is for those who just can’t fall asleep. As for McCutchen, signed with the Pirates for what I’m guessing is his swan song, which is a tradition that never gets old, so to speak. Like Pujols on the Cards last year, and Greinke on the Royals. The last trot around the park in the old uni is always fun. About the only thing the Pirates have done well in the last decade or three. Welcome back, Dread Pirate. Is he good for fantasy? Oh, no. Not at all.  2023 Projections: 57/15/51/.216/6 in 421 ABs

113. Jon Berti – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

114. Tommy Pham – Signed with the Mets. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen. We know what the Mets doctors are like and we know what Tommy Pham will do if someone tries to carry extra injured players on their bench. Mets just got stronger in their DH platoon, and much weaker in their ability to coax other teams into a fantasy football league. Any hoo! Pham doesn’t make a lot of sense to me from their team makeup, unless they’re out of blush and want someone to redden their face with a slap. Okay, seriously, I’m done now, and Pham’s fantasy value seems similarly finished. 2023 Projections: 41/14/48/.233/9 in 389 ABs

115. Eddie Rosario – Crazy that I used to love Eddie Rosario. Well, maybe not that crazy when you consider I bet that Dom Smith would lead the majors in homers last year and he hit zero. Your boy got marbles in his head! 2023 Projections: 46/14/52/.228/5 in 344 ABs

116. Joey Gallo – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Twins. With no shift, Joey Gallo is about to win the batting title. As Fonzie’s horse says, NAY! He’s going to win the Triple Crown, if he can the RBIs. Will depend how the Twins’ lineup produces around him. Could see an easy 45-homer, .330 season. Or maybe the lack of shift will only add five extra hits, and he’ll still strikeout 44% of the time and hit .175. Who’s to say?” And that’s me quoting me! 2023 Projections: 54/23/58/.179/4 in 384 ABs

117. Kevin Kiermaier – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Jays. Guy who is nicknamed Kays, signs with Jays, and everyone is just going to pretend there’s not some larger force at play?! If only that larger force helped Kiermaier be even halfway interesting for fantasy. Stupid larger force.” And that’s me quoting me! 2023 Projections: 43/9/46/.224/8 in 374 ABs

118. Victor Robles – Fun to imagine what Robles could do with 550 ABs. 40/40? Definitely in play. That’s 40 walks and 40 infield pop-ups. Was that unclear? 2023 Projections: 37/7/40/.221/15 in 332 ABs

119. Chas McCormick – This guy is so boring that if McCormick’s was a seasoning, it would taste like air. “This steak is delicious mom, what’s on it?” Commercial mother with a wry smile, “Oh, nothing.” We see she’s hiding a bottle of McCormick’s Air Seasoning. 2023 Projections: 51/14/53/.252/5 in 397 ABs

120. Nick Senzel – Saw one site give Senzel projections of 532 plate appearances or 478 ABs and I had a nice little chuckle. More like Senzless. 2023 Projections: 43/7/41/.238/10 in 381 ABs

121. Tyrone Taylor – With 600 plate appearances, Taylor is a 30/6/.230 hitter. Roughly Renfroe. Call him, Roughfroe. Problem goes back to what I said in the top 80 outfielders, when I said the Brewers had 1.2 million outfielders. Shave 100 plate appearances off just for a crowded outfield, shave another 100, due to Winker trade, add back 120 because Winker can’t stay on the field, add 100 for DH, subtract 75 for rookie call-ups, and what am I at? 450 plate appearances? I lost track. UPDATE: Will miss at least the first month. 2023 Projections: 33/15/36/.241/3 in 297 ABs

122. A.J. Pollock – Signed with the Mariners. Only better fit than a Pollock in Seattle is maybe a flying salmon. Too bad Tim retired. This move will appear to be a hinderance to Kelenic’s playing time, but Kelenic wasn’t facing lefties anyway. Kelenic’s actually lucky he’s still facing righties. 2023 Projections: 41/14/48/.242/4 in 371 ABs

123. Vidal Brujan – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

124. Hunter Dozier – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

125. Aledmys Diaz – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

126. Jace Peterson – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

127. Gavin Sheets – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

128. Dylan Moore – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

129. Tony Kemp – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

130. Patrick Wisdom – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

131. Nick Pratto – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

132. Adam Frazier – Already went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

133. Keston Hiura – Already went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball.

134. Bubba Thompson – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until the end of the list. I call this tier, “I have carpal tunnel and can’t type anymore.” This tier is the last gasp at anything in the outfielders. So, gasp it up, you freakin’ gasper! As for Bubba, like most of the guys in this tier, you likely won’t be drafting him in most mixed leagues, but I could see them being pretty valuable when they are playing. Like maybe from July to September, or maybe every third day vs. lefties or maybe when the spirit moves the Rangers’ manager. See, the Rangers fly Spirit because they spent all their money on deGrom and their infield. 2023 Projections: 32/6/28/.213/17 in 256 ABs

135. Akil Baddoo – As a Spectre-tator, a view to Akil was unwatchable, and that word is Bond, but he was better in the 2nd half (.235, 8 steals in only 47 games) and that might be worth some money or a penny at the end of a draft if you’re getting the living daylights beat out of you. 2023 Projections: 46/7/39/.218/14 in 376 ABs

136. Alek Thomas – Saw someone’s prospect report calling him Lilliputian, then I looked at his height of five-eleven and I sued that prospect writer for defamation. 2023 Projections: 31/6/29/.274/7 in 276 ABs

137. Sal Frelick – As mentioned in the Tyrone Taylor blurb and the Garrett Mitchell blurb in the top 80 outfielders, Frelick can get playing time, but he needs roughly 1.1 million outfielders in front of him to get hurt. Already gave you my Sal Frelick fantasy, but I’m taking some stats off my projections, because after the Winker trade, I don’t believe in the playing time at all. Though, it is a flyer after all. 2023 Projections: 22/4/18/.287/8 in 179 ABs

138. Jesus Sanchez – Anticipating the rise of the oceans, Miami needs guys who can walk on water. Enter: Jesus. If you look at Sanchez’s career stats: 27 HRs, .221 in 565 ABs, you could find worse this late, but Miami seems to refuse to play him every day. Maybe they want to see him walk more (on water). 2023 Projections: 41/16/44/.216/2 in 312 ABs

139. Cal Mitchell – Relaxing in a bath, reenacting the Calgon commercial, saying, “Calm Itchell, take me away.” For full disclosure porpoises (what’s up, dolphins), I added Calm late because I saw Rudy had him projected for a lot of at-bats in our 2023 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Hitters. 2023 Projections:  32/10/36/.251/5 in 336 ABs

140. Jose Azocar – *reading recipe* Extract snails from shells; place them in baking dish with butter, garlic, parsley and salt. Then have them steal first, so they can steal second base…Hey, are we sure this is how you make Azocar go? 2023 Projections: 28/3/31/.232/12 in 263 ABs

141. Alex Call – He’s got Corey Dickerson in front of him, and Stone Garrett breathing down his neck. “Yeah, Stone’s breathing down his neck, so who ya gonna call? Call!” That’s a drunk person who thinks Medusa was in Ghostbusters. Call, or as he’s colloquially known Brrring-brrring, is a Quad-A player, and so is Stone. This might comedown to who wants it more. Or a bribe. 2023 Projections: 37/12/33/.241/7 in 321 ABs

142. Jo Adell – Could see him getting the call at any time from the Angels. That call being, “Hey, Jo, we went out and got Renfroe, so…uh…yeah….Thought you should know you ain’t playing.” 2023 Projections: 25/12/31/.219/3 in 271 ABs

143. Yonathan Daza – Saw he was penciled into the Rockies’ lineup, so figured I had to rank him, then I saw his statline last year, and it made me do a doublecheck, then a triple check, then a quadruple. He went 56/2/34/.301/0 in guess how many games. Two homers and zero steals. Guess how many games! Go ahead! There’s no wrong answers. Actually, you were wrong. He did it in 113 games! Who is in charge over there that would have that leadoff? Or rather, Yonny Daza, Who’s the Boss?! Oh, Bud Black. 2023 Projections: 62/3/36/.293 in 417 ABs

144. JJ Bleday – Traded to the A’s. This deal was Bleday for Puk, which feels like the classic, “We don’t know what to do with this guy, you want him?” trade. Jake Jake Bleday has a ton of power and not much else, but power plays, as they say on the ice. UPDATE: Optioned to minors. 2023 Projections: 41/16/52/.203/3 in 402 ABs

144. Josh Lowe – Have no idea how much playing time this guy gets this year. Sadly, the Rays only have money for one Lowe jersey. 2023 Projections: 28/7/23/.246/7 in 217 ABs

Omitted, but considered: James Outman, Chad Pinder, Miguel Andujar, Rafael Ortega, Will Brennan, Ji Hwan Bae, Jarren Duran, Trevor Larnach, Victor Reyes, Alec Burleson, Brennan Davis, Raimel Tapia, Nate Eaton, Matt Vierling, Austin Slater, Tyler Naquin, Zac Veen, Sean Bouchard, Jason Heyward, Stone Garrett, Jake Myers, Connor Capel, Cristian Pache, Brent Rooker, Josh H. Smith, Stuart Fairchild, Nick Solak, David Dahl, Corey Dickerson