We’ve done it! We’ve reached the end of the fantasy baseball hitter rankings for 2020 fantasy baseball rankings. Give yourself a big round of applause. I’d clap for you, but I have carpal tunnel from actually ranking all the hitters and writing all their blurbs and calculating all of their projections and– What exactly did you do? Oh, yeah, you read them. No wonder why your hands can still clap. Okay, let’s get to it because this post is like 5,000 words long and I wrote it with my toes. C’mon, pinkie toe, push down the shift key! Here’s Steamer’s 2020 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Hitters and 2020 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Pitchers. All projections listed are mine and I mention where I see tiers starting and stopping.  Anyway, here’s the top 100 outfielders for 2020 fantasy baseball:


81. Austin Riley – This tier started in the top 80 outfielders for 2020 fantasy baseball. This tier ends at Yastrzemski. I called this tier, “345, 344, 343…” As for Riley, went over him in the top 20 3rd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

82. Luis Arraez – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

83. Anthony Santander – What do Max Kepler and Jorge Soler have in common? If you answered both love IHOP. That might be true. Who doesn’t? I’m a sucker for a Rooty, Tooty, Fresh & Fruity! The real answer is guys who were in this post last year who made good. I’d like to say it was a good year for my rankings, which is why those guys made it out of this post. Unfortunately, so many others didn’t, so, well, actually, yeah, let’s say it was a good year for my rankings. My shrink says it’s good for me to lavish praise even if it’s not earned. Though, he might’ve been talking about me lavishing praise on my cougar wife, but he doesn’t read this shizz. Some other guys in this post last year were Kingery, Willie Calhoun and Brian Anderson, but they’re more about how well they can be this year vs. breaking out last year. What does all this mean? There’s not gonna be a ton of great names in this post if I’ve done my job correctly. Some vets who have jobs might give you some decent value in deep leagues like the Kiermaiers, Koles and Belts of the world, but breakouts? This late? Unlikely. With that said, I like Santander and think he can be a guy that gets himself out of this post for next year. 2020 Projections: 24/9/28/.267/1 in 208 ABs

84. Nick Senzel – Ya know what Senzel wants to teach us? Our Lessonzel, so to speak. If a prospect is touted as having a great hit tool but no above average speed or power, he’s should be wait-and-see for fantasy. Wait-and-Seenzel? Do think at some point Senzel can be a 20/10/.300 Brantley-type who gives value, but he obviously needs to stay healthy and mature into that power and batting average. Not to mention, he’s coming off labrum surgery. Nice lottery ticket, but I wouldn’t take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for him. 2020 Projections: 17/4/16/.267/4 in 135 ABs

85. Aaron HicksUPDATE: Added into the top 100 outfielders because of the extended offseason. Yeah, extended offseason, that’s a nice way to put it. 2020 Projections: 20/6/23/.244/2 in 140 ABs

86. Jesse Winker – See what I said for Senzel in the six centimeters ago and remove the speed. Also, the Reds’ outfield is crowded eh-eff. 2020 Projections: 26/6/19/.284 in 172 ABs

87. Nomar Mazara – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Traded to the White Sox. As I’ve said about 17 times before in the last month while prefacing it by saying, “I’m not sure I’ve said this yet,” I’m liking the White Sox a lot for the 2020 playoffs. Sure, Mazara’s been failing for five straight years, so it’s hard to recommend him even as a fantasy flyer at the ripe age of–He’s only 24?! Love to see him hit more fly balls. If he can get to a 35% fly ball rate (he’s come close before) and hits 20% HR/FB again as he’s done–Well, there’s a reason why I’ve written sleeper posts for him in 2017, 2018 and 2019.” And that’s me quoting me! Since then, the White Sox signed Lou Bob up in a contract and Mazara might (likely will) platoon. I still like him (relatively), and went over him in the video at the top of the page. 2020 Projections: 24/8/23/.263/1 in 177 ABs

87. Trey Mancini – Went over him in my top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

88. Mike Yastrzemski – If you’re in a fantasy league with his grandfather, Yaz, or the rapper, Yazz, or anyone from the English synth-pop duo, Yazoo, you might have to pick Mike Yaz a bit earlier than this. Otherwise, he should be here for you. He’s old for his lack of MLB playing time (29), and his stats remind me of someone much older still. He’s like a young man’s Adam Jones. I will call him, Adike Jones. 2020 Projections: 26/9/27/.254/1 in 200 ABs

89. Kevin Kiermaier – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Taylor. I call this tier, “New Year’s Resolution:  Nap more.” By this tier I mean, you’re being super lazy and kinda phoning in these picks. How’sever, as mentioned previously in the top 80 outfielders, these guys will be safer for very deep leagues than the tier before. That doesn’t mean always go with this tier over the above one in a 15-team league or deeper, but if you’ve drafted, say Seth Brown, Austin Hays and Garrett Hampson, you better be in a dynasty league, because you’re drafting way too much upside and not enough safety. Mix in a guy like Calhoun or Kiermaier or others from this tier. As for Kiermaier, well, Rudy always likes him. He’s got that, huh? Actually, I could see Rudy loving this whole Tiermaier. Like a Charlie Morton with legs, Kiermaier actually got faster last year, per his Sprint Speed. He also stole a career high in bags (19), so maybe there’s something here. If he can get to 500 ABs (nearly impossible for him), he might surprise with a 20/25 season, but he hits a ton of ground balls and his realistic projections are closer to:  2020 Projections: 23/5/24/.233/6 in 160 ABs

90. Hunter Renfroe – The one thing that really unites this tier is they all seemingly have everyday at-bats, but that could change at any moment with a call-up or just a lack of decent play. Speaking of which, here’s what I said for Renfroe’s offseason trade to Rays, “Cash doesn’t exactly have another decent outfielder to platoon with Renfroe, but, as Scooby Doo would say, “Renfroe!” Of course, Renfroe will be platooned. He’s always platooned. He’d get platooned in Detroit with two players you’ve never heard of before and it would make sense.” And that’s me quoting me!  2020 Projections: 22/10/26/.226/1 in 155 ABs

91. Kole Calhoun – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed by the Diamondbacks. Inside every Kole is a diamond, which is what they tell people with soot-face in the diamond minds of the Sierra Leone. No relation to Sandy. This kills my Josh Rojas sleeper. *long mournful sigh with me pointing towards onions to explain why I’m crying*” And that’s me quoting me! 2020 Projections: 23/10/26/.222/1 in 173 ABs

92. Dexter Fowler – Last year everything went right for Fowler. He hit leadoff for most of the year and Dexter killed the ball even though he was seemingly cancelled six years ago. I wouldn’t expect a rerun. 2020 Projections: 23/6/21/.231/2 in 174 ABs

93. Teoscar Hernandez – And the Teoscar goes to…You for worst pick in your draft! 2020 Projections: 19/8/23/.219/1 in 168 ABs

94. JaCoby Jones – Can’t wait to read Buzz Bissinger’s book about the three game series between the Orioles and Tigers called Three Nights in Hell. 2020 Projections: 29/4/20/.229/4 in 190 ABs

95. Brandon Belt – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

96. Randal Grichuk – What I really like about Randal Grichuk is how he respects the game. After he homers, he rounds the bases, then goes right into the clubhouse and Facetimes with the baseball’s family to apologize for hitting it so hard. What a swell guy! 2020 Projections: 24/10/26/.238/1 in 181 ABs

97. Mitch Haniger – Is it ironic that Haniger missed most of last season after getting squeezed in the testicles and last year was known as the year of the juiced balls? Hmm… Any hoo! First, Planters killed off Mr. Peanut, and now Haniger has had a setback and will miss six to eight weeks. Bad month for nuts! 2020 Projections: 20/7/23/.245/1 in 149 ABs

98. Domingo Santana – Continuing my Pillar thought for Sunday Santana, I’m surprised he hasn’t signed in Asia yet. He has 55 homers in Nippon written all over him. Obviously when he signs, I will move him up or down (or maybe leave him here). UPDATE: Signed with the Indians. Now the Indians just need to trade for Danny Santana and they’ll have enough Santanas for a throuple. If you’re not in a throuple nowadays, what are you even doing? Seriously, hit me up with the info of how you’re doing it. So, Domingo should have an everyday job in Cleveland, but he should’ve had an everyday job for five of the last six years and only completed the task once, so I gave him a semi-partial season of at-bats. 2020 Projections: 17/7/20/.247/2 in 152 ABs

99. Niko Goodrum – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

100. Wil Myers – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

101. David Fletcher – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

102. Brett Gardner – After 125,000 words in these rankings, I legit don’t remember if I wrote this or just thought it, so bear with me — or bare with me if you’re a fellow naturist — but last year didn’t seem to have a ton of homer difference on the top guys. Meaning:  If you were going to hit 30 homers, you hit 35, but big whoop. The biggest difference seemed to come with guys like Gardner, who suddenly went from 12-15 homer guys in 2018 to near-30 homer guys last year. Any hoo! Here’s what I said when he re-signed, “It will be interesting to see if Brett Gardner hit his ceiling. *slow smile builds across face, small chuckle, gives self a low-five*.” And that’s me quoting me! 2020 Projections: 24/7/26/.242/4 in 171 ABs

103. Jason Heyward – Makes me think of what I said for Gardner and maybe someone else that I don’t remember. Heyward went from a 12-homer guy to 20+ homers with essentially samesies on his batted ball profile. 2020 Projections: 25/6/24/.249/2 in 194 ABs

104. Aristides Aquino – I’m bummed I’ve already drafted a 2020 team and don’t own the centaur, Aristidequestrian Aquino. Strongly considered writing an Aristides Aquino sleeper post, and I might still, but the problem is getting a few sentences in and fainting from excitement. Plus, he’s not a sleeper as much as a guy I want to draft in the 1st 30 players overall. He’s the Greatest GOAT of all-time. Last year, the GGOATOAT’s 162-game pace was 77 homers. That seems low. With The Punisher, I’m all-in like E.T. with unlimited long-distance calls. The GGOATOAT was even on pace for 17+ steals. I will now cackle until I’m hauled away by a couple of guys in white jumpers. Where does the GGOATOAT’s 85 homers and 17 SBs projections land him on the list of “Best Seasons by Barry Bonds?” Top three? Not bad, h5uy–Damn, I almost got through writing this whole blurb with the drool hanging from my bottom lip. UPDATE: The GGOATOAT got got! Damn it, Castellanos! So, I’ve doinked GGOATOAT’s projections about 125 ABs and now he’s more of a number four to five outfielder vs. a number one, because I don’t even know if Aquino breaks camp with the Reds anymore. After all, the Reds still have Winker, Senzel, Ervin, Akiyama–Yo, Reds, you realize you can only play three outfielders at once, right? 2020 Projections: 15/6/17/.244/2 in 121 ABs

105. Chris Taylor – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

106. Jose Martinez – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Sogard. I call this tier, “Sitting in the shoulder on the 405.” This is how it goes owning these guys. You’re cruising along on the interstate, doing about 60 MPH while swerving between lanes because you fashion yourself a knuckleballer, when you see an alert come through that one of the guys in this tier is sitting today, so, because you are a conscientious driver, you skid to the side of the road to change your daily lineups. As for Jo-Mart, always interesting to me guys who miss out on a decent career just because of the league or team they’re on. I could see a scenario where Jo-Mart is on his 5th solid season on a bad AL team. He could be a decent three hole hitter for the Tigers right now. Alas, he’s a 4th outfielder, backup 1st baseman, or pinch-hitter. He’s a Jack of No Trades, and then he became a Jack of One Trade to the Rays, which is like playing a slot machine, getting three 7s, and the lights starts flashing, and the bell starts ringing, and then you realize the jackpot is $24.00. He needed a trade to an AL team, but one that would play him every day! Geez. 2020 Projections: 16/5/17/.282/1 in 112 ABs

107. A.J. Pollock – This “if” is the size of Post Malone’s bill from a face tattoo parlor, but if Pollock can stay healthy, then I could see a surprisingly solid season from him. *briefly glancing over Pollock’s career stats and how many seasons he’s stayed healthy* Well, he’s done it once since 2012, so he’s got a chance! One thing I wanna mention to you amongst these thousands of words of mentioning other stuff, the difference between, say, Pollock and a guy I’ve ranked in the top 100 outfielders at, say, 125th, isn’t major. There’s a bigger difference between a guy I ranked at 3rd and 8th overall in the top 10. So, don’t get bogged down in, “I have to draft Pollock before Austin Hays (or someone else),” because all of these guys are super close and could be based on team needs. 2020 Projections: 17/5/15/.259/2 in 117 ABs

108. Jackie Bradley Jr. – That the Sawx keep playing JBJ every year (and talked about trading Betts) tells me there’s something going on in Beantown that makes me think they’re not in ‘compete now’ mode, but more about the bottom line. More like Beancountertown! There’s a narrative saying JBJ’s an elite defender. That narrative’s title is: I Don’t Care for Fantasy. Catchy, huh? UPDATE: With Pillar signing, JBJ era got the shaft (said with a heavy JFK accent). 2020 Projections: 13/4/14/.231/1 in 104 ABs

109. Adam Haseley – I love the idea of Haseley getting everyday at-bats. If I really thought he would, I would’ve ranked him about thirty outfield spots higher. The Phils are playing for now, and Haseley needs to hit from the jump and not slow down at any point. This tier is of guys who could be sneaky sleepers and Haseley’s about as good as it gets in that regard, but he could also start the year in the minors and not get 150 ABs all year. 2020 Projections: 12/3/14/.261/3 in 116 ABs

110. Ender Inciarte – I always have much love for Ender. Maybe because he can be a cheap 10/25/.290 hitter. Maybe because I’m an ass man. I don’t know. 2020 Projections: 18/3/16/.277/4 in 120 ABs

110. Clint FrazierUPDATE: With the season delayed and Yankees’ outfielders getting healthy, it’s hard to know what the future holds for Clint Frazier. So, he’s basically back where he’s been for the last five years, which is without a job and he’s been removed again.  2020 Projections: 19/6/25/.249/2 in 186 ABs

111. Manuel Margot – It’s impressive that Margot played in 151 games last year, but had less than 400 ABs. I might be confusing ‘impressive’ with ‘not good.’ UPDATE: Traded to the Rays. “It sure is good to not have to worry about any outfield competition for once,” said Hunter Renfroe, as he whistled around one of the 2,500 local-area Hooter’s Restaurants in Tampa. Unbeknownst to him, Margot had entered the same Hooter’s and shouted to the bartender, “Hey, toots, give me a shot of something hard! I don’t have to worry about any outfield competition for once–” Just then, Margot and Renfroe spotted each other from across the bar. In unison, they both spit out, “It’s you again!”2020 Projections: 18/4/15/.256/8 in 141 ABs

112. Cameron Maybin – Signed by the Tigers. I don’t blame reporters for this language, but everyone should stop saying things like, “Maybin will get a lot of at-bats for the rebuilding Tigers.” If a team was really rebuilding, they would not be giving a 33-year-old at-bats. 2020 Projections: 16/3/14/.254/5 in 118 ABs

113. Corey Dickerson – Signed with the Marlins. He went from the precipice of 30 homers to a 13-homer guy who hits .300 seemingly overnight. Maybe he watched 13 Going On 30 in reverse. 2020 Projections: 20/5/19/.288/1 in 172 ABs

114. Stephen Piscotty – Don’t think he’s the starter anymore, but he’s 29 years old and could become the starter again. Will he? I don’t know, and Piscotty doesn’t know! Piscotty doesn’t know! 2020 Projections: 21/6/19/.258/1 in 140 ABs

115. Raimel Tapia – He was promoted at the age of 22. He’s 26 years old as of February and has still yet to see 430 ABs in a season, only coming within ten of that last year after three years. I know, it’s hilarious how Bad “With Rookies” Black treats his prospects, but, beyond the fantasy implications, think about what the Rockies have done in the last four years with the development of prospects. Maybe Tapia never would’ve been anything, but they completely thwarted his development on the bench, so even if he was going to be something, no one has any idea. Bud Black has hurt the Rockies, and not just because at each game people show up expecting “Bud” and “Mile High” to mean totally different things and leave disappointed. 2020 Projections: 19/4/17/.281/4 in 149 ABs

116. Mike Tauchman – Might be underestimating Tauchman with this ranking. Might not because he feels like a guy who needs to have a huge April to have an everyday job for the Yankees, then continue to hit all year. He might not make it, might not make it. Okay, now I’m just singing Might Not. Guess it’s better than singing, “You got the Tauchman! You got the power!” UPDATE: With the Yankees asking the Chinese to build a two-week hospital for their outfield, I’ve moved Tauchman up and increased his projections. UPDATE II: Rather than Tauchman playing, the Yankees shut down their season until further notice. Okay, that’s not exactly accurate, but what are facts? 2020 Projections: 15/6/18/.255/1 in 116 ABs

117. Harrison Bader – I’m not ready to write off Bader yet, but, and sadly, there is a but (there might be a couple buts like Siamese Twins; hey, maybe we could introduce them to Corey Dickerson — ya know, Co-Dick), Bader had more or less a starting job last year and made some of the worst contact, and looked overmatched. But (told ya there’d be buts), as I said in the top 80 outfielders, Tyler O’Neill is far from a guarantee too.  2020 Projections: 16/6/18/.226/4 in 139 ABs

118. Eric Thames – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

119. Jose Peraza – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

120. Jake Bauers – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

121. Jose Osuna – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

122. Shed Long – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

123. Enrique Hernandez – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

124. Jon Berti – Went over him in the top 20 shortstops for 2020 fantasy baseball.

125. Ian Desmond – It’s a true testament to Bud Black’s head’s density with how many games Desmond plays every year. “Do you have keys or any metals in your pockets?” “No, but my head is made of lead.” That’s Bud Black at airport security. 2020 Projections: 16/6/18/.252/1 in 139 ABs UPDATE: Opted out

126. Josh Rojas – Already gave you my Josh Rojas sleeper. Unfortch, as mentioned in the Kole Calhoun blurb, his addition kinda jerks the Rojas chain (no relation to Reddick), and I’ve changed Rojas’s projections. 2020 Projections: 17/3/16/.268/5 in 132 ABs

127. Greg Allen – He looks like he’s on the right side of the platoon…*looks at his projections*…but wrong side of everything else. 2020 Projections: 15/2/16/.234/6 in 121 ABs

128. Brandon Nimmo – His splits last year: 3 HRs/.375 in 40 ABs vs. lefties; 5 HRs/.182 in 159 ABs vs. righties. As the girls would derisively say to me, can’t do anything with that sample size. For his career, he’s nearly equal against either handed pitchers (.253 vs. lefties, .254 vs. righties). While he does take a walk, so I understand the Mets wanting him to hit leadoff, Nimmo’s 28% K% could take him underwater. 2020 Projections: 24/6/15/.230/2 in 154 ABs

129. Steven Duggar – You thought the Tigers’ lineup gave you the Gas Face, try and look at the Giants’ lineup. It’s like thinking IHOP’s blueberry waffles come in that shade and Googling “blue waffle.” Don’t do it, whatever you do! (By me saying not to do it it makes you want to, doesn’t it?) 2020 Projections: 15/3/14/.238/3 in 143 ABs

130. Leury Garcia – Went over him in the top 20 shortstops for 2020 fantasy baseball.

131. Jay Bruce – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

132. Johan Camargo – Went over him in the top 20 shortstops for 2020 fantasy baseball.

133. Eric Sogard – Went over him in the top 20 2nd basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

134. Kyle Lewis – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until the end of the post. I call this tier, “Top trends of 2020 that will never happen.” You might have some hope that in 2020, everyone will be referring to their kids as ‘Comfort Humans.’ Or the trend: Woke Horticulture. Or everyone in 2020 will talk like Barbara Walters. None of these trends will happen, and neither will these players, but you can try to make them your own personal fetch. As for Lewis, something’s gotta give with Shed Long and maybe Jake Fraley. O’Fraley? Yes, Fraley! Lewis also seemed to be a flash in the pan, which sounds like a Food Network show that causes epilepsy. Lewis’s HR/FB was silly high and he appeared to be prone to Ks. 2020 Projections: 15/4/14/.234/1 in 114 ABs

135. Jarrod Dyson – Only one guy can run around like a chicken without its head, that’s a Dyson Man. *picks up raw chicken that is dripping a pink goo* Aren’t you a Dyson Man? As with others who are free agents, Dyson could be moved up or down still. UPDATE: Signed by the Pirates. The signing of vets when a prospect would’ve done fine is a plague on the MLB. Sounding out the word plague, “Play…gay — it’s Italian!” The Pirates could’ve easily promoted Jared Oliva and played him instead. For those unfamiliar, Oliva went 6/36/.277 in the minors last year. Ya know, essentially the same player as Dyson! They didn’t even have to learn a new 1st name! Sure, maybe Oliva wasn’t ready, but giving him a chance is so much more worthwhile for an organization than signing Dyson. 2020 Projections: 17/1/14/.232/8 in 116 ABs

136. Brett Phillips – Finally, he’s getting a starting job! Have the Royals signed Alex Gordon yet? How about now? They have? Damn. 2020 Projections: 10/3/9/.209/3 in 76 ABs

137. Nick Markakis – Fractured his wrist last year — Crackakis! — and returned with even less power than he even usually has. Could see him challenging his career low for a full season of power, and he had one year of 3 homers in 156 games. That makes me Cackle-akis. 2020 Projections: 26/3/26/.281 in 190 ABs UPDATE: Opted out

138. Delino DeShields – Not saying he can’t breakout still, because I’m worried my Past Self from 2015 will show up at my doorstep and beat my ass. 2015 Grey, “You best put some respect on my name!” With DeShields’s new team, the Indians are *looks at their outfield* Well, they’re missing an outfield after Mercado. Maybe they should go to the Mercado and get an outfielder. So, DeShields could see some at-bats, but — quietly so 2015 Grey doesn’t hear me — I’m not sure he can do much. 2020 Projections: 14/1/12/.240/7 in 127 ABs

139. Franchy Cordero – The Padres’ outfield is like one big game of Jenga for stats. You push on Franchy’s stats, and Wil Myers’s stats fall over. You push on Myers’s stats and Grisham’s fall over. 2020 Projections: 13/4/15/.221/4 in 131 ABs

140. Brian Goodwin – When is Jo Adell being promoted? Then the Angels will go from Goodwin to DominateWin. High five the crap out of me! Right now! No? Okay. 2020 Projections: 15/4/13/.240/2 in 116 ABs

141. Monte Harrison – For what it’s Werth, and it better be Werth something if you’re 3,500 words into a post on the bottom of the barrel of fantasy outfielders, Craig Mish, the Marlins beat reporter, told me Harrison will be up by July, at the latest (which is also is going to hurt Berti; poor lil’ Berti.)  Last year, in only 56 games, Harrison went 9/20/.274 in Triple-A. Hello, beautiful, may I interest you in a robe while I massage your inner thighs? Not to get too sexy here, but Harrison went 19/28 in Double-A. Wowsers. Of course, he looks like the 2nd coming of Elijah Dukes. It’s not five tools if any of the tools is propelled by a potential 35% K%. 2020 Projections: 12/3/13/.215/4 in 102 ABs

142. Yoenis Cespedes – Thinking of Yoenis reminds me, I should start investing in an IRA. Retirement comes quicker than you expect! 2020 Projections: 11/5/13/.251 in 104 ABs

143. Victor Reyes – So, it’s easy to look at this tier and see old and past their prime, but Reyes is adding another element. Young and in a prime that isn’t very good. 2020 Projections: 17/2/18/.264/5 in 124 ABs

144. Josh Reddick – Stinks Reddick could take time away from Tucker, but turnabout is fair play since a Tucker takes daylight away from a Reddick. 2020 Projections: 16/6/18/.246/1 in 135 ABs

145. Alex Dickerson – Sticking with the Dick theme, the Giants aren’t going to do dick this year. 2020 Projections: 19/4/20/.268/1 in 161 ABs

146. Jaylin Davis – A bright side to the Giants’ offense? No way! Has to be an aberration. 2020 Projections: 12/5/14/.237/1 in 103 ABs

147. Lewis Brinson – If the Good Lord is a Marlins fan, and odds are, he’s not, but if he is, then his best course of action is smiting Brinson so Harrison can play. C’mon, my sweet Lord, for Harrison! 2020 Projections: 13/2/10/.208/2 in 110 ABs

148. Guillermo Heredia – After the Starling Marte trade, a Pirates beat reporter said Heredia was the Pirates’ newest 3rd outfielder, and I thought Heredia was simply an STD! Amazing news! *holds finger to earbud* Being told now Heredia is the 3rd outfielder and as good as an STD. Damn. For those wondering about Jose Osuna as an outfielder, I updated him in the top 20 1st basemen. 2020 Projections: 16/2/18/.231/2 in 116 ABs

149. Alex Gordon – The Royals resigned him. Notice how I didn’t put a hyphen in the word “resigned.” 2020 Projections: 31/7/35/.248/2 in 260 ABs

150. Dominic Smith – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

151. Josh VanMeter – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

152. Josh Naylor – Unlike a lot of guys in this tier, I like Naylor, but he needs the Padres to move on from Myers or Hosmer, which feels hopeful, at best. Put hope in one hand and Naylor’s playing time in the other hand and you have two empty hands because you can’t put either of those things in your hand. Putting hope in your hand? Is that a Jewel song? GTFOH. 2020 Projections: 14/6/17/.254/1 in 107 ABs

153. Marwin Gonzalez – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen for 2020 fantasy baseball.

154. Jake Fraley – The Mariners might have Dee Gordon and Mallex both in the lineup at the same time. Insert vomiting emoji. They might also have Shed Long at DH and Tom Murphy at catcher. What a sexy lineup. The Marilyn Monroe of lineups — not the sex symbol, but the one that’s been in the ground for 57 years. 2020 Projections: 14/3/11/.241/3 in 113 ABs