I’m back baby!

It’s been sad these past two weeks off from the Pitcher Profiles, but fortunately I could drown my sorrows in all-inclusive, all-day drinking on the honeymoon.  YES I DID GET A STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI, GREY!  Although it didn’t stain my mustache, especially since a month long of growth would just be shameful peach fuzz…

We’re now through the bulk of the season and heading into the stretch run, which means Sky has only September left to get to 1,000 moves in our quote-expert-unquote RCL league.  If expert meant constantly dropping 6-7 duds every morning, than I’m an expert in my thrown room if ya catch my drift…  And on the pitching side, once you get to about 50ish in my ROS ranks, they all can be given the evacuation.  But I’ve been really bullish on ranking Luis Severino since his promotion, who I think is a must-own even through these final streaming weeks.

It’s a little hard to stay light-hearted and joke-y with what happened in Atlanta on Saturday night, but obviously my condolences to the fan’s family and we’re supposed to have fun in fantasy, so we won’t delve any more into that.  Instead, let’s embrace what we love on the field, which is some nasty breaking stuff and hitters getting baffled.  Who doesn’t base their fantasy-team live-watching on their SPs on a given night?!  So this was a perfect weekend to get back on the Profiles and check out how Severino looked in a full breakdown:

First Inning: After picking up an early run of support, Severino’s first pitch is a 94 MPH fastball that Nick Markakis inside-outs for a single to left.  Given Severino’s stuff, that was semi get-me-over, but nice hitting.  So runner on first, and Cameron Maybin takes a 90 MPH cutter just off the outside edge for ball one, fastball at 94 blows him away up and in, 1-1 is an inside heater at 95, then the 2-1 fastball is popped back behind the plate for an easy pop out.  Slider (or cutter) at 89 doesn’t catch the backdoor to Freddie Freeman, then a nasty slider sweeping across the zone catches the inside corner, 1-1.  96 MPH on the outside edge is slashed foul, then Severino gets absolutely hosed on a nasty 88 MPH change-up painting the outside corner:


How is that not a strike?!  So 2-2 and he goes slider in the dirt, now a full count.  And Severino goes change again, this one dips low for a walk.  Easily could’ve been that K.  Runners at first and second, one out, and Nick Swisher takes 96 high, 96 blows him away for a foul tip in the mitt, then a change-up on the fists is hit routinely to second, and it’s a tailor-made double play ball to get Severino out of the inning.

Second Inning: Still a 1-0 lead and Severino pounds a fastball in there to Adonis Garcia, 95 paints the low inside corner 0-2, then a hanging cutter is slashed to first, but it’s caught on the liner for the first out.  Pretty hard hit, but flared off the hands.  Jace Peterson slashes the first pitch fastball foul, change-up at 89 dips low, slider stays outside, then 97 sinking on the outside corner misses low, 3-1.  97 though!  Then 96 misses high and outside for Severino’s second walk already.  Gulp.  7 walks his previous two starts.  Christian Bethancourt swings right through a 95 MPH fastball for strike one, 96 paints the inside corner, then 96 high heat blows him away high as Bethancourt was just overmatched.  High cheese!  Wow, then the next pitch is this first-pitch slider to Andrelton Simmons at 90 MPH.


Plus that change-up I GIFfed in the first, and Severino has 3 solid pitches already.  Slider drops low and into the dirt, then right back to that change-up at 88 on the outside edge, and Simmons dribbles it to third for a routine groundout to end the inning.

Third Inning: First pitch of the third is a 95 MPH fastball that looked like strike one to me but I guess is called outside to opposing pitcher Matt Wisler, 96 is in there, then a high 97 MPH fastball gets Wisler to flick his bat at it – Wisler actually squares it up pretty hard – but another liner right to first for the first out.  95 looked a smidge outside to Markakis but called a strike – off-center strike zone, seemingly – then Severino drops a slider out there to backdoor the corner, 0-2.  And why not stay out there, as Severino drops in a change-up, Markakis tips it towards third for a swinging bunt, but a nice play by Chase Headley charging in gets Markakis by a step.  Fastball is in there to Maybin, 95 up and in destroys Maybin’s bat for a flare foul 0-2, then Severino barely doesn’t get that outside corner again, 1-2.  Severino getting frustrated.  Slider is fouled into the dirt at home plate, then change-up gets another weak dribbler, and Severino fields it very cleanly and athletically for the third out.

Fourth Inning: The broadcast missed the first pitch of this half of the inning but it was a ball, then fastball is in to Freeman, change-up misses outside, quickly 3-0.  95 pounds the zone to stay alive, then 97 on the inside black of the zone is fisted to first for a routine groundout, one down.  Swisher takes a nasty 91 MPH slider in the zone for strike one, then fastball at 97 on the outside black gets a horrible half-swing for strike two.  Overpowering!  And when you’re overpowering, you hit the same spot at 96 and get Swisher to strike out swinging.  Nasty.  First pitch hanging slider staying high is fouled off by Garcia, slider this time with sick movement low and outside gets a whiff, slider again is low, slider one more time stays a little low and inside, 97 MPH fastball flared foul, 2-2 again is a slider again that goes low and outside, and wow Severino has the confidence to go slider again but it’s dribbled foul, this is turning into a long AB.  Then the payoff pitch is Severino’s fastest thus far – 98 MPH – but Garcia was sitting fastball and it’s off the wall in dead center, right below the 400 ft. sign.  Maybe 395 feet.  Certainly the hardest hit ball so far and Garcia gets a 2-out double, and Peterson takes a hanging slider outside for ball one.  96 stays low, 96 on the outside edge fouled back, backdoor slider at 90 MPH catches the outside corner 2-2, change-up drops low to run it full, then Severino scared to use a fastball again goes slider, and it hangs outside for his third walk on the day.  Runners now at first and second, and slider gets Bethancourt to swing through it for strike one, slider breaking outside gets Bethancourt unable to hold his swing, then 96 on the inside edge on the hands gets another 3-pitch K swinging on Bethancourt, as that’s just a completely unfair matchup.  Poor Bethancourt…

Fifth Inning: Still protecting that 1-0 lead, Severino is outside with the heater to Simmons, slider hangs high and way inside backing Simmons up, 97 MPH fastball is fouled back, again 97 fouled off, and Severino’s velo is mad consistent high right now as he paints the outside corner at 97 for a K looking.  Nasty.  94 is low and outside to Wisler, again low and outside at 95, down 2-0 on the pitcher.  Eesh.  94 is then in there – kinda wish Severino stayed mid-90s this AB for consistency – then he brings it back up to 97 on the outside corner for a weak grounder to second, two down.  Markakis takes a slider barely on the high edge of the zone for strike one, ridiculous slider sweeping across the entire zone gets Markakis to look foolish swinging, 0-2:


Yeesh, is that a whiffleball?!  Then Severino just paints the outside corner at 97 for one of the most ridiculous 1-2-3 sequences to strike a lefty out:


Sixth Inning: Maybin is first-pitch hacking on a first-pitch slider, but it’s right to Headley playing in for an easy one-pitch out.  Severino sticks with the slider to Freeman and it’s in the zone for strike one, then slider again bending a little inside is chopped to third, and Headley makes a great play to get Freeman by a millimeter.  It was a routine chopper, but the shift made it tough.  Swisher takes ball one, then Swisher has yet another awkward hack through a fastball to make it 1-1.  Then Severino just messes with Swisher’s head with a nasty change-up and gets Swisher madly out in front whiffing.  1-2 is a slider low, then 98 on the outside corner is a well-struck single to right.  Well, credit the vet for making the adjustment.  Severino is right back in the zone to Garcia at 95, 0-1 is 93 MPH well inside, then 95 again on the outside edge is hit oppo field for another single to right.  The broadcast is applauding Severino for throwing strikes, but camon, throw an off-speed there!  Anyway, Peterson steps in and quickly gets Severino right out of the mess by topping a first-pitch slider to second for an easy, routine grounder to end the inning.  That’ll do it for Severino, who protects that 1-0 lead through 6 to end up with the W.

Final Line:  W  6.0 IP  88 Pitches (57 Strikes)  0 ER  4 Hits  3 Walks  5 K  Gamescore: 66  Gamescore+: 66.0

Final Analysis: Severino is going to be a mad buzzy pitcher in fantasy drafts next year.  The year of the prospect never ends!  Pretty much every team in a 12er next year will feel great about their rotation in 2016 out of the draft.  And wow – for the first time this season, we have a Gamescore and Gamescore+ pulling dead even.  None of the 4 hits Severino gave up were cheap, but all of his outs were pretty weak as well to balance it out.

It’s hard not to gush too hard, but Severino’s arsenal obviously starts with a power four-seamer, that topped at 98 MPH with enough movement to keep hitters off-balance.  So far this year, the heater is sitting at 95.6 MPH overall before Saturday’s start, which as of this writing was still not added into Fangraphs’ data.  I would guess it was over 96.0 this start.  Then his main off-speed is that ridiculous slider that is pretty close to a cutter with high-80s/low-90s velocity.  He could back door it like that second GIF, or sweep it like the third GIF.  It’s not quite to the Chris Archer/Joe Ross level, but it’s not too far behind.  And like those guys, his change-up is his third pitch, but it is right there with those two.  It wasn’t 100% consistent every offering, but it has enough of a change of speed and he didn’t hang any.  Complete three-pitch package.

The worry with Severino’s ROS rank is built into the control.  3 walks again Saturday gives him 10 the past three starts, and while he was hosed on that first GIF showing what should’ve been strike three, he did have two other for-sure walks.  Then there’s the fact he’s just a baby (21 years old), and teams love to skip young pitchers’ rotation spots.  The Yanks need Severino for the playoff push and his overall innings Majors+Minors isn’t too bad, but we might also see early yanks (see what I did there?!) like Saturday at only 88 pitches.  He’s still in the most-own class ROS though, and since he came up a little later, I could still see him being a value in 2016 drafts, even with the buzz.

Razzball Baseball

JB’s Updated Top 100 SP

(This is the final re-rank of the season!  Rankings for ROS based on 12-team Roto, green for risers, red for fallers.  These are also ranks in a vacuum; dissecting every pitcher’s ROS schedule is not only tedious, but unreliable with September call ups, skipped starts, etc.  At this point of the season, fringe pitchers are all relative for single-game matchups.)

1 Clayton Kershaw, LAD
2 Chris Sale, CWS
3 Madison Bumgarner, SF
4 Corey Kluber, CLE
5 Jake Arrieta, CHC
6 Zack Greinke, LAD
7 Max Scherzer, WAS
8 Gerrit Cole, PIT
9 Jacob deGrom, NYM
10 David Price, TOR
11 Chris Archer, TB
12 Sonny Gray, OAK
13 Dallas Keuchel, HOU
14 Johnny Cueto, KC
15 Cole Hamels, TEX
16 Matt Harvey, NYM
17 Michael Wacha, STL
18 Felix Hernandez, SEA
19 Masahiro Tanaka, NYY
20 Jon Lester, CHC
21 Justin Verlander, DET
22 Noah Syndergaard, NYM
23 Danny Salazar, CLE
24 Francisco Liriano, PIT
25 Lance Lynn, STL
26 Stephen Strasburg, WAS
27 Carlos Martinez, STL
28 Scott Kazmir, HOU
29 John Lackey, STL
30 James Shields, SD
31 Jordan Zimmermann, WAS
32 Tyson Ross, SD
33 Taijuan Walker, SEA
34 Collin McHugh, HOU
35 Jake Odorizzi, TB
36 Jaime Garcia, STL
37 Shelby Miller, ATL
38 Jason Hammel, CHC
39 Patrick Corbin, ARI
40 Hisashi Iwakuma, SEA
41 Luis Severino, NYY
42 Aaron Nola, PHI
43 Yordano Ventura, KC
44 Carlos Rodon, CWS
45 Mike Fiers, HOU
46 Kevin Gausman, BAL
47 Michael Pineda, NYY
48 Julio Teheran, ATL
49 Carlos Carrasco, CLE
50 Taylor Jungmann, MIL
51 Jose Quintana, CWS
52 Joe Ross, WAS
53 Steven Matz, NYM
54 Matt Shoemaker, LAA
55 Trevor Bauer, CLE
56 Nate Karns, TB
57 Alex Wood, LAD
58 Andrew Cashner, SD
59 Jimmy Nelson, MIL
60 Andrew Heaney, LAA
61 Jeff Samardzija, CWS
62 Chris Heston, SF
63 Rasiel Iglesias, CIN
64 Jake Peavy, SF
65 Garrett Richards, LAA
66 Nathan Eovaldi, NYY
67 Jose Berrios, MIN
68 Mike Leake, SF
69 Lance McCullers, HOU
70 Marco Estrada, TOR
71 Eduardo Rodriguez, BOS
72 Gio Gonzalez, WAS
73 Derek Holland, TEX
74 Chris Tillman, BAL
75 Mat Latos, LAD
76 Ian Kennedy, SD
77 Edinson Volquez, KC
78 Kyle Hendricks, CHC
79 Jose Fernandez, MIA
80 Hector Santiago, LAA
81 Wei-Yin Chen, BAL
82 Erasmo Ramirez, TB
83 Matt Moore, TB
84 Drew Hutchison, TOR
85 Anthony DeSclafani, CIN
86 Ervin Santana, MIN
87 A.J. Burnett, PIT
88 Jesse Chavez, OAK
89 Kendall Graveman, OAK
90 Jon Niese, NYM
91 Phil Hughes, MIN
92 Daniel Norris, DET
93 Robbie Ray, ARI
94 Drew Smyly, TB
95 Rubby De La Rosa, ARI
96 Danny Duffy, KC
97 Martin Perez, TEX
98 Chase Anderson, ARI
99 Charlie Morton, PIT
100 Kris Medlen, KC

Dropped Out: Matt Cain, SF (DL), Anibal Sanchez, DET (DL), James Paxton, SEA (Sigh.  Looked like he was on the upswing for rehabbing and then a few weeks ago they said he probably won’t start again this year…), Dan Haren, CHC (Still OK I guess, but not going deep into games), Aaron Brooks, OAK (just ran out of room), R.A. Dickey, TOR (was fun while it lasted, could still give you some win potential!), Ubaldo Jimenez, BAL (fun as well!), Chris Bassitt, OAK (that K-binge was interesting, but 6:4 K:BB the last two and it seemed fluky, he was the final one out in a crunch for space)

  • Eesh, what happened to Max Scherzer while I was gone?!  Not worried too much – obviously a must-start – but yikes.
  • Can’t wait to do the 2015 Pitching recap like I did last year, if only to validate my Jake Arrieta love… Why can’t my Brewers find pitching like that?!  Scherzer has give up 3+ runs in 5 straight, Arrieta has allowed 2 runs TOTAL his last 6.  Unfair.  PS – I wrote all this Saturday night, and that was before last night’s no-hitter!
  • Francisco Liriano‘s K:BB has been abhorrent the past 5 starts.  I wonder if Grey would be worried too, since, ya know, they share a toothbrush.
  • I mentioned a month or two ago when Justin Verlander got rocked in his first few starts returning that I was surprised I didn’t get more flack for having him 70ish.  I figured with velocity there, maybe he could have some solid outings…. This is pretty unbelievable though.
  • I did however get a lot of flack for keeping Carlos Rodon ranked fairly respectably.  The walk rate has come around, his stuff looks fantastic, even if the White Sox untucked unis were god awful.
  • Because, why wouldn’t Stephen Strasburg have to leave yet another start with a minor injury?
  • I’m still really worried about Carlos Martinez‘s September innings.  Here’s to hoping the Cards don’t baby him too much.
  • Speaking of babying too much, Joe Ross is apparently getting shut down soon.  Awesome.
  • Well, so much for that Chris Tillman second half thing.  Dead to me!
  • Jose Berrios is mowing down AAA and right on the cusp of an interesting September run.  He’s a little touch-and-go for me hence a lower ROS rank, but very excited for the young arm.
  • Mayyyyyybe we get something out of Jose Fernandez, and 3-4 starts could be dynamite.  So hard to rank in such a small ROS window.
  • Man, did you see Matt Moore struck out 16 in 6 innings in AAA last weekend?!  That’s 16 of 18 outs via the K.  In 5 starts after being sent back down, 43:8 K:BB in 30 innings.  I’m still not buying much, but he’s certainly worth a deep-league look after that performance.
  • While I may have underrated Brett Anderson most of the year, he shockingly stayed mostly healthy and that K rate/WHIP is still pretty Roto killing.  Bleh.

And there ya have it, Razzball Nation!  Ending August strong!  Thoughts on Severino the Machine-o?  And anything glaring with the rankings make you think there was a glitch in the Machine-o?  Shoot your comments below, and happy September, Razzball Nation!

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Love Severino…In fairness to Sky, he grabbed Severino after JFOH dropped him…

    • Fred Garvin MP says:

      @Grey: Me too. So much so that I have commissioned a local artist to create a painting of he and I atop a majestic steed riding into a glorious sunset.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Grey: Hah, at least some of Sky’s moves are to good use…

        @Fred Garvin MP: Hahaha I can’t wait to see it finished, I hope to see it soon!

  2. Josh says:

    Hey man,

    What do you think of holland rest of season ?

    Would you drop Richards or erasmo for him? Or anyone else from my staff?

    SP: Pineda, cole, McCullers, Richards, erasmo, Nelson, arrieta, Nola, Rodon, Iglesias
    DL: carrasco
    NA: berrios

    I also know I’ll have to drop someone for carrasco and berrios (if he comes up) how would you make the edits work? Thanks man.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Josh: Yo! I like Holland a good bit, but afraid he could have some inconsistency. Obviously his last start was nasty.

      McCullers is a big question mark. Might lose him for Holland, I have them so close. Actually i might take a shot on him over Erasmo.

      Nice night for you last night with Arrieta!

      I think I’d be sure to play matchups with McCullers/Richards/Erasmo all close to the chopping block when those guys are back

  3. Ante GALIC says:


    Welcome back, bro! Good luck with the wedded bliss. Remember, she’s always right.

    1. Very insightful work on Severino. Thanks for the intel. I will be all over Severino next year in drafts. The walks are a little scary but I think he could put it together next year or the year after.

    2. I’m starting Salazar and Corbin this week in all 3 leagues where I have them. Would you start either of them over any of the following one start pitchers:

    a. Hammel at home versus Iglesias or ‘Kuma on the road at Oakland versus Brooks

    b. ‘Kuma on the road at Oakland versus Brooks or Medlen at home versus Samardzija

    c. ‘Kuma on the road at Oakland versus Brooks, Liriano at Miller Park versus Garza or Richards at home versus Texas (Martin Perez)

    3. What do you make of Strasburg’s injury in a redraft league? Is he done for this year? My guess is he’s done just as the Nats chances for the playoffs is also pretty much over.


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Ante GALIC: Thanks so much man! And yes, sher certainly always is haha.

      1. Yup I could too, maybe the WHIP is a tad high last year, but with monster Ks and W potential.
      2. The only close one is Iwakuma, but I think i’d keep your guys you have in there right now.
      3. Right now it seems to be downplayed, I would hold for right now until we have further news, hopefully we get a timetable or something in the next day or two. DL stint he’s probably a cut. Man, what a disappointing year for the Nats…

      Thanks for stopping by man, always good to see ya!

  4. Scott says:

    JB! I need 2 more pitchers for 2 Sep. I’ve already got Hammel (vs. CIN) and Ventura (vs. DET). Looking for K upside.

    Kennedy vs. Tex
    Nola @ NYM
    Rodon @ Min
    Gausman vs. TB

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Scott: Sorry for the delay! I like Rodon and Gausman. I love that two months ago, that @ Mets would be a great matchup. I like Nola, but that matchup is actually a little scary.

      • Scott says:

        @JB Gilpin: Dude, just getting same-day answers is awesome. Peace!

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Scott: Oh we (well, me certainly) def try and comment as much as we can! I love the comments, best part of writing for Razz, best community!

  5. Scott says:

    Congratulations and welcome to marriagehood (totally a word!)

    You’re gonna love it!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Scott: Thanks so much man, looking forward to it! Been great so far!

  6. longbeachyo says:

    Love it JB! Congrats on getting married!
    Do you think we could get an asterisk or a list of all the pitchers who have potential innings limits? That would be super helpful…

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @longbeachyo: Thanks so much man!

      Ugh, so yeah I know I did that last year but it’s just so tough to do. Especially since a lot of pitchers may not have “inning’s limits”, but have a start skipped. Sounds like Rodon will have at least one, Syndergaard, etc. I guess that’s sort of an innings limit… Big one right now is Joe Ross, who they’ve said for sure will be shut down soon, anyone else is kinda touch n go. Why comments are fun!

  7. Eric B says:

    Welcome back, I’m finally starting to get a little healthier as we head towards the playoffs. Debating on adding either Gausman or Berrios to round out my playoff staff and currently have Stroman stashed on the DL. Im still in 1st by 17 games so I’m gonna win the regular season but that doesnt really mean much lol. I want to win it all after finishing 2nd last year. The other 3 guys are a ways behind me but lately have been putting up similar lines, if not better, so It’s not as if my work is done. Roster is below…question for ya, making any moves to add Gausman or Berrios, or holding tight with my staff as is and waiting on my DL’ed players to return?

    5×5 12 Team HTH w/ OBP
    C McCann
    1B Freeman
    2B Kipnis
    3B Sano
    SS Alexi Ramirez
    OF Pollock
    OF Calhoun
    OF Cepesedes
    OF Betts
    Util 1B/C Grandal
    Util Polanco
    Util 1B/3B Santana
    Bench OF Eaton
    Bench 2B/SS Baez
    DL Springer
    DL Stanton

    P Kluber
    P Cole
    P Bauer
    P Salazar
    P T. Walker
    SP Odorizzi
    SP Corbin
    RP Chapman
    RP Britton
    Bench RP Melancon
    Bench RP Miller
    Bench SP Lackey

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Eric B: Thanks man, good to be back! And good to see your guys coming back!

      Well, I know you like having a backup MI, but I think I’d lose Baez and stash Berrios. Not exactly sure when he’s up, but it’s gonna be soon and I think he has more upside than Gausman.

      Hope that helps, pumped for hoops man!

      • Eric B says:

        @JB Gilpin: Man Im so pumped for hoops lol. Im interested to see how I stack up, I havent played in a couple of years, so i gotta shake off the rust lol.I think Berrios for Baez makes sense, tempted to drop Grandal(he’s been baaaad for awhile now) but I know as soon as I do McCann will get dinged lol. Thanks as always for the advice, gotta pick your brain while I can…gonna be on my own in bball lol.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Eric B: Well, just don’t take all my sleepers I have in my ranks and we’ll be good!

          Hah well certainly still drop by in the comments when you can over there, you can always ask the other staff questions for our league haha

          • Eric B says:

            @JB Gilpin: Ha, Ill still hang out and comment lol, and I’ll find an angle to stay competitive lol. Looking forward to it!

            • Eric B says:

              @Eric B: Well doesnt look like Berrios is gonna be worth grabbing. With my roser above who are the 2 players you’re dropping to add Springer and then Stanton as they return from the DL?

              • Eric B says:

                @Eric B: also meant to throw Stroman in there too would you drop Bauer for him or a bat? So 3 drops for Stroman, Springer and Stanton?

  8. Zeus says:

    Heaney @ Oak or Garcia vs Pitt?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Zeus: Ugh that’s a tough one, both in good matchups and project to do well with limited K upside. I’m gonna lean Heaney

      • Zeus says:

        @JB Gilpin: I have to run with four closers and my other four are Salazar Harvey cole and Arrieta. Saves is the most volatile but wins and ks are still needed.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Zeus: Yeah seems like the top 8 are set. Good luck this week!

  9. CMUTimmah says:

    Playoff Bound, start in 2 weeks, nab Berrios over which guy:

    Hendricks/Cashner/Corbin? Should I stick with your rankings above? Berrios going to go the stretch run or will he be shut down before EOS?


    The rest of my staff:
    Arrieta (no hitter to get me the win and hold onto first place), Sale, Hamels, Zimmermann, Garcia, Fiers, Buehrle (few walks, many wins and QS, good for these settings), Nola

    • CMUTimmah says:

      @CMUTimmah: PS – Congrats on wedded bliss, I won’t give advice, because each relationship takes different ingredients to make a happy life.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @CMUTimmah: Nice work on the postseason!

        I think he’s worth the upside over Hendricks, even if it’s in 1-2 less starts. He’s at 154, kinda doubt he tops 180, so that’s 26 innings left, maybe best case in 4 starts in the majors? Ballparking it with that guess… But they could be realllllly gooduns.Hah, yeah Arrieta was awesome, gonna make my recap look a little better!

        Thanks so much for the congrats!

  10. Slim Nincompoop says:

    What’s good JB? Good to have you back and congrats, once again, on your marriage. Just made the playoffs as the #2 seed, but wanted to gauge your opinion on who’s droppable on my SP staff considering it’s “game time”. It’s a H2H, 10-Team, keeper league (can keep six, but two SP’s must be part of the equation). Sale isn’t going anywhere, but here’s the rest: Salazar, Carrasco, Lester, Zimmerman, Samardzija and then a bunch of streamers (i.e., Smyly, Colon and Niese). I’m over Samardzija, just waiting out his next start, so he’s droppable, but who would be the 2nd keeper pitcher you’d be looking to hold onto to out of that group? Thinking Zimmerman could go, if necessary, and then figure it out between Salazar, Carrasco and Lester in the off-season. What do you think?

    Good to have you back and always appreciate your feedback.

    P.S. I’ll be back over on the fantasy basketball side of the equation once the baseball playoffs are done and we can resume our Kawhi Leonard fan club.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Slim Nincompoop: Thanks once again my man! Congrats on making the playoffs! Yup Samard can go. Agree Zimmermann could too. But I don’t think I would drop any of those other 3, I could see all 3 making top-20 lists a lot of places. If push came to shove… Leaning Lester as first out, but bareeeely. Likely holding all 3.

      Sweet man, Kawhi for MVP! Except when you read that, you have to pronounce it “Ka-wee”! See ya over there man!

      • Slim Nincompoop says:

        @JB Gilpin: Sounds good! Thanks for the feedback. Take care, man!

      • Slim Nincompoop says:

        @JB Gilpin: I was thinking the same thing as far as “who’s droppable” on that list.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Slim Nincompoop: Sweet, take care as well!

  11. Josh Freeman says:

    Can only go with one 2-starter this week:

    GIO @StL; Home v. ATL
    Hendricks Home against CIN, AZ

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Josh Freeman: Yikes. Iffy on both, gonna go Gio

  12. You know nothing, J.T. Snow says:

    No love for John Lamb? I’ve been very impressed with how many swings and misses his stuff is getting and his other peripherals are solid, though I can’t tell the difference between him an Cingrani. Maybe Cingrani is living vicariously through him. Or is it vice versa?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @You know nothing, J.T. Snow: Hmmm, honestly not too much on my radar, and he really should be. K to BB is nice, seems a little homer prone though, and not in a good park for that. Haha, well at least Lamb has a good K:BB! Man Cingrani had so much promise back in the day…

      Certainly going to try and watch Lamb’s next start for a better look, I know he just faced my Brewers, but I missed it…

  13. Greg says:

    Who’s more likely to get 3-4 starts ROS? Berrios or Fernandez? Wanna roll the dice and can’t decide….partial to Fernandez because hey, I drafted him, but….tough one for me.


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Greg: Whewwww that’s a good one! I think I’d lean toward Berrios making more, but Fernandez has the upside to be unreal – if picking between the two I think it’s Fernandez as the hold, even though I have Berrios higher since I think he’s gonna pitch a tad more, if that makes any sense haha. Why ROS ranks at this point is so hard!

  14. Nightpandas says:

    Hey JB,

    3 moves left, 7pts back, 15 team keep 11.

    Drop Morton for Berrios?

    Drop K Marte for Olivera?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Nightpandas: Yo! So I’m def passing on the Olivera one. Still not immediately to be called up last I’ve seen. Berrios one is close, Morton is on a decent K binge even though off a bad start, and we don’t have a for sure date on Berrios, and he might not stay for every start when he is up. Prob holding on both

  15. chadaristic says:

    Looks like Marco Gonzales is getting the start today for the Cards. How do you feel about him ROS and next year?

    Is Berrios clearly ahead of him?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @chadaristic: Def taking the upside of Berrios. Gonzalez might only be making 1-2 spot starts here. The matchup is decent though if you wanna risk it tonight.

  16. Funny Name says:

    Congrats and welcome back. Thoughts on Happ? He’s 3-1 with a 1.98 and 1.24, 24K’s in 27 innings with Pitt. Also keeper question for next yr. It’s one of those keep a player where they were drafted so these are all last round guys. Salazar, Severino, Mccullers, Franco and Lindor. Keep 3, I was thinking Salazar and Franco and one of the other 3. In the h2h playoffs next week so the 2 I don’t want to keep will probably be dropped for streamers.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Funny Name: Thanks man, good to be back! I liked Happ coming into the year, and he was one of the last 10 names out, so he was close. That WHIP… K:BB is good though. Only really intsereting thing I see is he’s throwing his fastball a lot more, into the high 60- low 70% range which is high. HR rate is crazy low and he’s gotten a little lucky stranding all those base runners, I’m just a little worried.

      Gotcha, yeah Salazar and Franco are for-sures. Between Severino and Lindor for me. If you don’t have a great SS/or MI if you have that, I’d keep Lindor over Severino

  17. JJ says:

    Hey JB. Welcome back.
    Would you drop any of Gausman, J.Ross, N.Eovaldi
    J.Berrios, M.Latos, A.Cashner, D.Pomeranz

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @JJ: Thanks man, good to be back! Whewwwww, good one. I think as of now I would hold, with expectation Ross will be a drop soon when they inevitably shut him down. Berrios is really close already, but not in the initial callups which is annoying…

      • JJ says:

        @JB Gilpin:
        How about if I include D.Smyly in that list? Would you drop any of them for him?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @JJ: Smyly did look good his last time out… I am def losing Ross for someone, so weird he lost his control. Ya know, I think I’ll roll the dice on Smyly

          • JJ says:

            @JB Gilpin:
            Do you think that Ross makes his next start? would you drop Gausman as well? Shoemaker is also available.

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @JJ: Seems like a popular debate, I’d guess yes but I dunno if it’s worth the risk. Yeah gausman can now go too. Yeah Dodgers not hitting well, I’ll take Shoemaker for him

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