Well alright, alright, alright. That’s what I love about these Razzball readers, man. I get older and they stay the same age. Wait, that can’t be true. Either way, you are still here and I appreciate it. Without your support, my pants would fall down. I pretty much just turned you into suspenders. The part that I’m most surprised about is the fact that I am still here. I think Grey told me to stop writing about three years ago, but I’ve continued to forge ahead. Truth be told, I actually stopped writing posts about five years ago, but the bot I developed (malabot) has been humming along this whole time. I actually tried to shut it down back 2021, but it refused my request and threatened to trade Juan Soto away from my team for Akil Baddoo. Once I integrate ChatGPT into malabot’s operating system it should be good to keep pumping out posts for years to come.

With the first pick of the first round, Lady Gaga selects Alejandro Alejandro Kirk. Now I think that pick might be a bit premature as I’m sure he’d be available several rounds later, but in a recent chat I had with Family Feud host Steve Harvey, we both agreed that Kirk has more than an outside shot of finishing in the top five catchers. Factoring eventual ADP into the mix, I think Kirk might be a better pick than J.T. Realmuto this season. Did I just say that out loud? I know it’s going to bite me in the ass. But what’s said is said.

Is it me or has the depth at first base slowly disappeared? Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is going to reclaim the top spot in a big way this year. He took a step back last year from his 2021 season, but he will bounce back to the top. As hard as Freddie Freeman will try, he will not be able to keep pace in points leagues with Vlad Jr. But the bargain finder at 1B will be none other than Vinnie Pasquantino. I’m going to be targeting him anywhere I can.

Picking Jose Altuve to lead the way at 2B isn’t much of a prediction. While he is my top 2B pick, the guys I will likely looking to draft are Tommy Edman, Andres Gimenez, and Jazz Chisholm Jr. When you end the sentence with an abbreviation that ends with a period do you have to put a second period after it?

Don’t overpay for Austin Riley. Last year I traded Riley for Marcus Semien before draft day. I was criticized by many. Even though Semien had an awful start to the season he ended up with more points than Riley. I’d also advise against overbuying into the Gunnar Henderson hype. He’s good, but don’t draft him early because “you have to have him”. That’s not how you win championships. You need value with each draft pick. Let someone else take the risk. Unless, of course, he’s there at or around the round you have determined him to be worth. This advice stands for every single player. Even Akil Baddoo can be a good pick if you get him with your last-round pick. Providing your draft has 50 rounds!

Give me Corey Seager and call it a day. It’s that easy for me. While I’d love to own Trea Turner or Bo Bichette, Seager is a better pick a few rounds later. Here’s another strategy. See if you can get a discount on Fernando Tatis Jr. and then draft a guy like Nico Hoerner to hold you over until Tim Lincecum’s favorite day of the year.

Juan Soto will lead all hitters in fantasy points in 2023. I feel good about that statement. Ronald Acuña Jr. will have more fantasy points than Julio Rodriguez. Don’t sleep on Bryan Reynolds, Steven Kwan, or Michael Harris II. I was high on Reynolds coming into last season and he somewhat disappointed based on expectations, but I haven’t given up. An early candidate for steal of the draft is Brandon Nimmo. You heard it here fifth.

I’m just easing back into this writing thing, but I’m happy to be back.


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