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Yesterday, Hunter Brown (2/3 IP, 9 ER, ERA at 16.43) reinvented doomscrolling. Doomscrolling is now the act of frantically searching your fantasy teams to see if you have Hunter Brown anywhere. I literally dropped him the day before this start to pick up Brandon Marsh and now I am forever indebted to Brandon Marsh. I will be sending Brandon Marsh a ham for Christmas. I won’t even make a bad pun on the attached card wishing him a Happy Christmarsh.

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Yesterday, was National Sibling Day and Josh Naylor (2-for-4, 2 runs, 2 RBIs and his 3rd homer) and Bo Naylor (2-for-4, 3 RBIs and his 2nd homer) showed us what it means to be a brother. A brother’s bond is an unshakeable promise to always be there for each other. I can think of two sets of Gallagher brothers alone that show this:  Liam and Noel Gallagher, who found an Oasis in the desert of 90’s rock, and Leo and Ron Gallagher, who showed us there was room on a watermelon for more than one sledgehammer.

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We have officially kicked off the 2024 fantasy baseball season with baseball in Seoul South Korea. The Dodgers and Padres socked it out to start the season and reaffirmed this column’s decision to place Mookie Betts as the best non-Acuna bat for 2024. Now that we have had an early glimpse of regular season baseball, we are only a few days away from kicking off the season for everybody else. For us here at Razzball, we wind down our coverage for the preseason and take the opportunity to unveil the next 20 spots of our top 100 hitters for the 2024 fantasy baseball season. Without further ado, let’s give it another go for fantasy owners!

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What is up party people? We are back in the thick of spring training and draft season. That means rankings are the talk of the town and I am here to guide you. ADP is a guide but it’s also a trap, go get your guy. Fantasy is always way more fun when you have the players that you like to watch. So let’s have some fun and win some leagues.


1)  Ronald Acuna Jr – I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a moment of panic when I heard the news he was going in for some tests on his knee, but thankfully it’s just mild irritation. He’s the best player on the board and, frankly, it’s not even close. I’m taking him first overall 11 outta 10 times.

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Welcome back another installment of the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty rankings. This week we feature the players ranked 100-76 on our way to the top-ranked group.

Here is a look at the breakdown of this week’s grouping:

5 players between the ages of 30-34
14 players between the ages of 25-29
6 players between the ages of 20-24
9 infielders
7 starting pitchers
7 outfielders
2 catchers

If you are surprised by the number of players who are 29 or younger – a whopping 20 of the 25 players ranked in this group – you shouldn’t be. It stands to reason that the best way to build or maintain a winning dynasty team is do that is with the best young players in the game. The older players are great to fill a hole, but not build around.

More and more of the top hitters are starting to get ranked as well as I skew my rankings in favor of the young hitters, though I don’t ignore starting pitchers as much as I used to. But if picking between a pitcher and a hitter who are close in the rankings, I will go with the hitter this point.

Now on to the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings: 100-76…

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Welcome back to Hitter Profiles for the 2024 fantasy baseball season.  If you are reading this then you are just as excited as us here at Razzball for baseball to get back underway.  This preseason our profiles start by circling around the league going division by division outlining some of my favorite buys and sells by ADP.  For those of you who into the podcast world, fellow Razzball expert Mike Couillard and I are welcoming guests every week to talk through all the early ADP insights on Cards & Categories with the AL Central version welcoming Keelin Billue.  So without further ado let’s walk through one of the most wide open divisions in baseball to pick some boom and bust candidates in the AL Central!

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