First Base is back baby! It’s good again!!!! Shout it from the mountains!!! Read this in one of those culturally appropriated Robin Williams voices. After a few lean years the first base position has some sizzle. Or perhaps this is the hangover of the catcher episode. “Catchers: The Ugly Friend/Slump-Buster of Fantasy Baseball”. Anyway, Grey, yours trues, and crews (there is no crew) chew through the top bats at first base. A serious run through 50+ names you need to know for 2021 Fantasy Baseball.

  1. PeteyPop says:

    Great listen, gents. One thing not mentioned re: Pete Alonso and Dom Smith was the seeming (for now) lack of NL DH. Is the potential of them spilling some time? Are you worried about that when valuating Pete?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      As of right now, Dom Smith has a path to everyday at-bats with Alonso in lineup — Smith gets spelled once in a while for Jose Martinez, but won’t third day type thing

  2. Izzy says:

    Did y’all completely skip Josh Bell? I’ve listened up to Tellez and the Ric Flair “woos”, and I don’t remember hearing him mentioned?

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