It was a glorious time first basemen were all over the place. It was before Bellinger and before Crazy Vogelbach decided to take on a boss and start a war. It was when I met the world, and it was when I first met Grey Albright. He couldn’t have been more than 28 or 29 at the time but he was already a legend. He’d walk in the door and everyone in the comments just went wild. He’d give the site admin $100 just for sitting in his video game chair, he’d shove hundreds in the pockets of the hosting sites, and the guys that commished the leagues. The bubble tea maker got $100 just for keeping the boba chewy! Grey was one of the most feared guys in the fantasy world. He was first winning leagues at 11, and was drafting teams for Tout Wars by 16. Then the world changed, and first base became shallow and depressing. Now more than ever we need a hero to navigate these treacherous first base waters. Enter the Fantasy Master Lothario, mustache, cape, and all.

Long and the short, we talk top first basemen and wish a very special cougar a happy birthday. It’s the Top 20 First Basemen for 2020 Fantasy Baseball show! Come on now!

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Ravi Sherrison
Ravi Sherrison
1 year ago

Hey, I’m know I’m late on this, but Gray’s new mic setup is not working very well. Had to put my car volume to max to hear him in spots. Otherwise, good stuff. Thanks.