It’s my first post of the year.  I’m so excited!  Thursdays are short schedule days and there’s a nice choice of players this week but still less games means others will have the same plays as you.  Especially if they follow my lead.  Ha!  By the way, has there been a James Shields citing, er siting yet this year?  He should be cited for his performance last year.  You don’t need a coat of arms on your shield today.  But Big Game James will need to protect his arm…and probably neck.  Shields was big time terrible with the White Sox last year after his trade from the Padres.  He gave up a 1.70 whip along with 31 home runs in 119+ innings with the Pale Hose.  Twenty three of those were in 78 US Cellular Field innings.  Shoot, he’s allowed SEVENTY-THREE home runs in his last 384 innings.  That’s a lot of WHIPlash from hard hit balls.  It’s time to play your Tigers.  The Tigers as a team have hit a whopping .299 with 12 home runs in 288 at bats.

I’m all about extra at bats in my daily fantasy games.  Number one and two and three hitters are my favorites.  And if they hit on a team ready two go off on a bum pitcher, even better.

Here’s a look at my picks for Thursday April 6.

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Matt Harvey, SP: $8,300 – The Dark Knight rises?  Maybe!  His velocity sure rose back to it’s glory days this spring which is kind of a big deal for pitchers.  My top play for both cash and GPP on the Knight…errr, night.

Brandon McCarthy, SP: $6,300 – Brandon in cash games?  Yes, Brandon in cash games.  He has the heaviest win line in Vegas tonight and there are no pitching titans on this slate unless Harvey is truly back.

Antonio Senzatela, SP: $5,600 – If you wanna get in on some GPP action for the night and aren’t too Senza-tive to rookies, Antonio could get that first go pass through for a few starts.  Considering his first start is against a Brewer team that’s opened the year K’ing 33% of the time – and basically the same team that led the league in K% last year at 25.5% – there’s upside for a win and a K-fest.

Miguel Cabrera, 1B: $4,000 – Hey, it’s Miggy.  And he’s hitting against our favorite Coat of Arms in the launching pad that’s called….Guaranteed Rate Field???  You know, the old US Cellular Field.  Read more about Big Game James from above.  But understand Miggy has hit .375 with a .675 slugging percentage against our coated arm.  Is there a more juicy play?

Victor Martinez, C: $2,900 – I know, catcher?  Give it to me.  I’ll take it.  Wait a minute.  Could there be a juicier play than Miggy?  VMart has another .302/.453 line against James.  This is the best play for the $$$.  Plus this; The Cell…..er G(auranteed)rate Field is a launching pad.  High winds out of the northwest should really help.  See below but little chance for rain-out today.

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B: $2,400 – When Zim gets hot, he steams.  Plus he’s hit .296 with three homers in just 27 at bats against Tom Koehler between dl stints.  Well, Zim is currently healthy and he is 3 for 7 with a homer in his first two games.

Ian Kinsler, 2B: $3,400 – Well if it isn’t the lead-off hitter for the Tigers.  Another .262/.492 line with 4 homers in just 61 at bats against Shields.  Let’s hope the Tigers get to the second time around against Shields.  Better to hit against you in two at bats Mr. Shields.

Mike Moustakas, 3B: $2,700 – Kyle Gibson allowed a .326 batting average with a .495 slugging percentage against lefties last year.  Moose is the number two hitter against a weak pitcher.   He hits .300 with a .417 OBP against Gibson.  He sees the ball well against Gibby.

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $4,200 – Righty hitters have hit a combined .299/.501 against Chase Anderson the last three years.  There’s no small sample here.  And our man Nolan will enjoy the wind blowing out at Coors…..I mean that other beer, Miller Park.  Nolan just enjoys his beers.

Brandon Crawford, SS: $2,600 – Yeah, yeah, he’s going against a lefty but that lefty is Robbie Ray.  Ray had a 4.88 ERA at home last year and likely doesn’t see north of 5 innings today.  Once he’s gone, Crawford can come out to play.

Chris Owings, SS: $2,400 – A great cash game play, Owings has come out of the gate raking and swiping, hitting .417 with 2 steals already.  He hit second last night against a lefty, but with tonight against a righty they might slide him right back down the chute to 7th where he hit Tuesday.  I think he’s a great play either way, but more a cash game play if he bats higher in the LU.

Alex Gordon, OF: $2,700 – Gordon is the leadoff hitter against Gibby.  Plus he’s hit a nice .357/.455/.536 off him.  I like the top two hitters in the Royal lineup today.

Bryce Harper, OF: $4,800 – Harper Valley PTA has hit a whopping .344/.938 with 6 homers in only 32 at bats against Koehler.  WOW, what a schooling!!!

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Rain called for all day in Boston and was PPD’d before the world gave it a chance.  I liked me some Xander Bogaerts, but alas.  If this post came out earlier, I would’ve told you Cincinnati has a high chance for rain but that I also welcome the play of Joey Votto against Clay Buchholz.  Big time wind blowing out in Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Washington and Chicago.  CHICAGO!!!  Play your Tigers.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Follow the lead.  I keep writing about James Shields.  Shields games had >10 runs in 13 of his 22 starts with the White Sox last year.  He gave up >/= 9 by himself in 9 of those 22.  And Matt Boyd ain’t no run preventer either.   AND the wind is blowing out!!!  Take the over on 9.5

Gio Gonzalez has pitched well against Miami and Tom Koehler hasn’t against the Nats.  I like Washington (-170)