DraftKings: Week One is in the books.  The MLB 2014 season is now only a wee one week old and aww look it’s drooling. Or is that you? No it was me; I couldn’t stand that long awful thingy called winter in which there was no baseball. Now that it is back, we have enjoyed every second whether it is Puig’s blunders or some Trumbo-bombs. So hey, while you’re enjoying all this warm gooey baseball-ness why not make a lil money doing it? Everybody is doing it. Ok maybe not everybody but they should be. I started playing DFS myself this baseball season and I am hooked. On with the show …

This being my first run on Razzball lets go over the basics. First, while you’re here on the Razz check out the Stream-O-Nator and see who it likes for today’s pitchers. Secondly, click on the tab that says Hitter-Tron. Its going to give you some guys who can handle the wood. Wait, ew, nevermind they can do the batting thing more preferably than other guys. Man, this is just going downhill fast isn’t it?  Click here on our sponsored DraftKings link  to get to safety and I’ll get it back together. The Stream-o-nator seems to like Michael Wacha the most and at a $8,400 price tag he’s not a bad value. Not my cup o tea, though, and I’ll tell you why below as we discuss Draftkings picks for 4/7/2014 for 2014 Fantasy Baseball…

C.J. Wilson, SP: $9,400 – OK he got roughed up last week but today he strolls into Houston, and while they have looked better I am still picking on them.

Scott Kazmir, SP: $9,000 – Doing the trendy thing and rolling against the Twins here. Kaz is a former Indian and ask Masterson how well that went yesterday. Still it is called gambling ….

Michael Wacha, SP: $8,400 – It is about value here but the Reds scare me a little bit, Still Wacha will more than likely get you some K’s.

Pitching to avoid

John Lackey vs Texas, Corey Kluber vs anybody…oops I mean San Diego, Tanner Scheppers vs Boston

Who’s on First

David Ortiz, 1B: $5,000 – Big spend here but hard not to like Papi vs Schneppers.

Jose Abreu, 1B: $4,400 – Jose gets his first trip to the launching pad known as Coors Field. The Hitter-Tron liked him as the best first base option for tomorrow at $37.7

Chris Davis, 1B: $4,500 – Crush meets Kuroda. This does not bode well for homer happy Hiroki.

Who’s not on First

Joey Votto @ Cardinals vs Wacha, Mark Teixeira vs anybody cuz he’s injured…duh.

The Keystone, Second Base

Dustin Pedroia, 2B: $4,900 – Again, the stack vs Scheppers is showing. Hitter-Tron says he is the third best 2B tomorrow, I say he is the best.

Jed Lowrie, 2B/SS: $3,800 – Hitter-Tron has him at #4. I love the matchup vs Correia and the Twins.

Suckland Base (avoid these big names)

Matt Carpenter and Kolten Wong vs Reds, Brandon Phillips @ Cardinals

Short Stops

Troy Tulowitzki, SS: $5,400 – Go get him big spender, he is at home against a lower-tier pitcher.

Alexei Ramirez, SS: $4,100 – Don’t wanna spend that much for Tulo? Alexei is playing in Coors today too.

Short Hops (ss not on your team, I hope)

Billy Hamilton is SS eligible, but hitless this year; Derek Jeter because I don’t want to spend $3,900 on him.


Evan Longoria, 3B: $5,000 – Worth every penny. Hitter-Tron‘s fav today and hitting .360 on the season.

Adrian Beltre, 3B: $4,500 – Adrian is off to a lil bit of a slow start, but HT says he’s #2. Lets hope he doesn’t #2 on your roster.

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $3,700 – Quite the value down there vs lower-tier pitching and at home. Hey, he had a two homer game Saturday. Enjoy.

3B to Ignore

Mike Moustakas had a hot spring and now a cold season…surprise!  Or maybe not so surprise. Josh Donaldson not worth the money with a .115 avg.

Outfield: There are a few so I am just going to list them and you only need 3

Carlos Gonzalez, OF: $5,500 – HT says he’s #1 with a bullet at OF for the day.  The Hitter-Tron should just move to Denver already.

Mike Trout, OF: $5,900 – Do I need to say anything else really? OK, the ‘Tron likes him as the second best OF.

Jacoby Ellsbury, OF: $4,800 – ‘Tron’s number 5 OF on the day.

Josh Hamilton, OF: $4,500 – Enjoy the resurgence

Value OF

Coco Crisp, OF: $4,100 – Touches all categories…stop that, Coco, that tickles!

Dexter Fowler, OF: $3,900 – I picked an Astro? I have to. Dex is hitting .500 this season just in case you ignore Houston like most of the fantasy world does.

Charlie Blackmon, OF: $3,200 – I think I am a little late on this boat but I will give him a whirl today because he is on the cheapie.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

They cancelled the Phillies Brewers game in Philly for Monday on Sunday? Huh, I believe that is unheard of. Yeah it might rain but is the weather guy ever really right? There is a chance of rain in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Cleveland tomorrow so plan accordingly.

Doing Lines In Vegas

COLvsCHW at 10.  Like being a meteorologist in Seattle, the Vegas odds guy has it pretty easy when trying to predict the highest scoring game of the day when the Rockies are playing a home game.  Sunny with a slight chance of 20 runs.

BOSvsTEX at 9.  Oh Scheppers, you pamper my statline.  You really do.

  1. beepboopbeep says:

    Coco is not starting today FYI.

  2. Pacochu says:

    I’m rolling with Kazmir and Fozzie. I just have to keep checking on the St. Louis game to see if the rain stops. Weather channel has it ending at 4:00, so it might be a delayed start, but I’d like to think they would get it in. It’s a late game, so if they do call it before it starts, I only have Correia to fall back on.

    I lost out yesterday to Masterson. I finished just out of the money in everything I entered and had I started pretty much anyone else, it would have been a positive day for me.

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