Welcome once again sports fans to another episode of Top 75 Outfielders for 2020 Fantasy Baseball, a continuation of last-last’s Week 1. Now that we got a couple more weeks in under our belt, the silt is starting to settle towards the riverbed and the cream is rising toward the top accompanied by some rare nuggets to boot. Did I just merge metaphors? Shhhhhh, maybe no one will notice. Either way, with guys like Juan Soto and Yordan Alvarez returning to the field and the possibility of bird watching some Cardinals this weekend, optimism springs eternal (ignoring the news about the Reds)! Once again, my rankings are for looking forward not just where things currently are. If you want to see just the current state, take a peek at our Player Rater tool.

Here’s what I’ve been seeing around the league:


The Ins

Juan Soto – Sexy Dr. Pepper is bringing sexy back. In his first 9 games joining the season: he’s slashing .462/.517/1.115 with 5 HRs, 11 RBIs, and 1 SB. And one of those home runs, looked like he hit it clear to the moon. Looks like he’s playing with a massive chip on his shoulder and he holds the entire league responsible for COVID keeping him away. Now he’s Keanu Reeves about to rain vengeance upon the mob because a punk kid killed his dog.

Mookie Betts – Mookie Best has made his first appearance this week. I had him at the tail end of the top 10 prior to yesterday, then he goes and has 3 HR night, along with Cody Bellinger having a 2 HR night. And after I had blurbs already written out; the nerve! The fact remains, Mookie also has 5 HRs in the last 8 games (including the 3-spot) and raising his average to .300+. He was a little slow out of the gate (week 1) but he’s always been good in “April.” So this first month is proving to be no exception.

Mike Yastrzemski – The grandchild just continues to rake hitting .303 with 4 HRs, 1 SB, 19 runs, and 13 RBIs. Rather than rehash how good he’s doing and the reality of his quick start, I’ll just direct you to Son’s article here.


The Outs

Victor Robles – He is absolutely atrocious right now hitting under .200 and zero steals. The reason you drafted him is to benefit from a glut of steals, where did they go? The book on this season could be, “The Robles Less Traveled.”

Mallex Smith – Speaking of steals. Where are they? Many of the pure steals guys are struggling at the dish right now. So the main reason you bought in on them on draft day is being choked out at the plate. One reason not to go all-in on steals, is it being a secondary stat. You can’t earn a steal at the dish. You have to “win” a base first, then double down and steal a bag. You have to roll the dice twice to get something out it. Just a thought.

Andrew Benintendi – “0-4 with BB, 1 run, and the golden sombrero as he continues to bat leadoff hitting .061/.279. I’ve noticed he’s walking a lot yet his contact is atrocious. His eyes are fine, but his swing is way off. I have no idea why Roenicke is keeping him at leadoff. Could be to ensure he has more ABs to help him out of his funk and/or further evidence the Sawx are mailing in this entire season. Just one big extended Spring Training.” And that’s me quoting me. Benintendi is broke and now he’s going on the IL.

Oscar Mercado – So I’ve had a few people ask me about him in the comments on other posts a few times. And now that I’ve processed him a bit more, it’s time to move on in redraft leagues (for now). His K-rate is north of 30%, nearly double what it was last year. His BABIP is also awful at .179 which might mean there’s hope ahead but now he’s not getting starts in the field and coming in off the bench as a defensive replacement. There’s probably something better out there in the meantime while he finds himself.


The What-have-yous

Ketel Marte – So Marte is hitting well so far, but he only has one home run. His hot hitting validates some of his breakout from last year, but we are still waiting for the power like an electrician on a stalled job site. His barrel% is down a bit so far but his xSLG suggests he’s being cheated a bit on power so far, so, better times ahead.

Jeff McNeill – Speaking of no power, Jeff has yet to record a home run or a steal. And the counting stats are lagging behind too. Yet the Mets are 12th in runs scored, he needs to do more than just get a handful of hits at inopportune times. Maybe it’s just around the corner.

Jesse Winker – He just can’t stop hitting right now; 5 HRs in the last 5 games, hitting .647/.714/1.647 over the last week. That is absolutely insane. And his next 4 games are vs PIT and KC, get this man in your lineup post-haste. **UPDATE: CIN games for the weekend are cancelled due to a player testing positive, assuming he/team survives the weekend will be watching him next week. What’s going on in the NL Central???**

Dylan Carlson – called up today and will see regular time in the outfield. Get him if he’s out there, he could hit a stride and be a strong contributor for the rest of the way across all 5 categories. Jo Adell has come out of the gate slowly, which he’ll be fine eventually, but Carlson has a better hit tool and might start off a bit quicker like Robert.


The Board

Rank Name Team Pos Change Notes
1 Aaron Judge NYY OF 5 9 HR
2 Mike Trout LAA OF 7 8 HR
3 Mookie Betts LAD OF -1 6 HR in 10 games
4 Ronald Acuna Jr. ATL OF -3 wrist injury
5 Christian Yelich MIL OF -2 4 HR week
6 Juan Soto WSH OF 1 5 HR in 8 games
7 Cody Bellinger LAD 1B/OF -3 he’s back?
8 Bryce Harper PHI OF 2 2 HR .444 last 7
9 Luis Robert CHW OF 4 2 HR 4 SB
10 Giancarlo Stanton NYY OF -5 hamstring injury
11 George Springer HOU OF 5 .350 in last week
12 J.D. Martinez BOS OF -4 life signs
13 Nicholas Castellanos CIN OF 10 8 HR
14 Ketel Marte ARI 2B/SS/OF -3 .320+ 1 HR 0 SB
15 Charlie Blackmon COL OF 10 3 HR .500 AVG!
16 Eloy Jimenez CHW OF -2 5 HR
17 Austin Meadows TB OF 0 he’s back!
18 Jorge Soler KC OF -3 5 HR
19 Starling Marte ARI OF -7 2 HR 2 SB
20 Ramon Laureano OAK OF -2 3 HR 1 SB
21 Tommy Pham SD OF 0 2 HR 5 SB
22 Eddie Rosario MIN OF -3 6 HR
23 Marcell Ozuna ATL OF -3 4 HR
24 Joey Gallo TEX OF 5 3 HR 2 SB
25 Yordan Alvarez HOU OF -3 HR in first AB
26 Whit Merrifield KC 1B/2B/OF 10 4 HR 2 SB
27 Max Kepler MIN OF 11 4 HR 1 SB
28 Michael Conforto NYM OF 2 2 HR 2 SB .300
29 Kris Bryant CHC 3B/OF -3 cold
30 Cavan Biggio TOR 1B/2B/OF -2 5 HR 3 SB .200
31 Franmil Reyes CLE OF 3 heating up
32 Ian Happ CHC 2B/3B/OF 8 3 HR 1 SB .324
33 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF -2 cold
34 Alex Verdugo BOS OF -2 hitting leadoff
35 Oscar Mercado CLE OF -8 doghouse
36 Victor Robles WSH OF -12 cold AF
37 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. TOR 2B/OF -2 meh
38 Trent Grisham SD OF 10 4 HR 4 SB
39 Shin-Soo Choo TEX OF 6 heating up
40 Brandon Lowe TB 1B/2B/OF 6 5 HR
41 Michael Brantley HOU OF 6 empty AVG
42 Jeff McNeil NYM 2B/3B/OF -9 empty AVG
43 Scott Kingery PHI 2B/SS/3B/OF -4 struggling
44 Hunter Dozier KC 1B/3B/OF -7 IL return
45 Danny Santana TEX 1B/2B/SS/3B/OF -4 IL
46 J.D. Davis NYM 3B/OF -3 3 HR
47 Willie Calhoun TEX OF -5 life signs
48 Kyle Lewis SEA OF 9 4 HR 1 SB .338
49 Mike Yastrzemski SFG OF 12 4 HR 1 SB .303
50 Teoscar Hernandez TOR OF 8 7 HR 2 SB
51 Byron Buxton MIN OF 2 5 HR 1 SB
52 Tommy Edman STL 2B/3B/OF -8 CARDS
53 Joc Pederson LAD 1B/OF -2 cold
54 David Dahl COL OF -2 cold
55 Mallex Smith SEA OF -5 steals?
57 Wil Myers SDP 1B/OF 16 5 HR 1 SB
58 Yoshitomo Tsutsugo TB OF -2 2 HR
59 Shogo Akiyama CIN OF -4 cold
60 Ryan Braun MIL OF -6 IL
61 Kyle Tucker HOU OF 3 1 HR 2 SB
62 Brian Anderson MIA 3B/OF NA hot return
63 Andrew McCutchen PHI OF -4 cold
64 Jurickson Profar SD 2B/OF -4 cold
65 Jo Adell LAA OF 4 RF everyday
66 David Peralta ARI OF -4 life signs
67 Garrett Hampson COL 2B/SS/OF -1 1 HR 2 SB
68 Austin Riley ATL 1B/3B/OF -5 cold
69 Bryan Reynolds PIT OF -4 cold
70 JaCoby Jones DET OF NA hot
71 Dylan Moore SEA OF NA hot
72 Anthony Santander BAL OF 3 4 HR
73 Dylan Carlson STL OF NA OF everyday
74 Brian Goodwin LAA OF NA 3 HR 1 SB
75 Sam Hilliard COL OF -5 milk carton

The Bubble: Jesse Winker, Kevin Pillar, Austin Hays, Mark Canha, Avisail Garcia, Adam Eaton

  1. Jason says:

    I’ve been reading this site for many years, and I don’t think I’ve ever questioned a writer here once, so I’m sorry to do so, but how can you say to drop Mercado and still have him ranked at 35? Also how is Kingery still at 43 compared to many players below him?

    I think you’ve been a little slow to drop players further in the ranking who are vastly underperforming and losing their lineup spot.

    I’m sorry, I’ve never actually critiqued a writer on this site before. I mean this with no bad manner, just trying to be helpful.

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      All good my dude, don’t feel bad about asking questions, discussion is good.

      I’m still hopeful and think he rebounds later, but with everyone riding the hot hand I don’t think he’s rosterable at the moment. Which means i see him being a watchlister.

      I am a bit slow to rip guys down/off the list it’s true. So I’ll take that as good feedback for next list. I am trying not to overreact to small sample sizes as we are only 3 weeks in, which is challenging to gauge with the 60 game window to say the least, haha.

      I’ll say that Mercado/Kingery not being further down is an oversight on my part, and take the L. There was a lot of shuffling as I was updating these multiple times over this last week, and they deserve a larger dip, possibly even bumped to the bubble.

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for the input.

  2. scoboticus says:

    Kole Calhoun not on list. How close?

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      Really close. I should have listed him on the Bubble. If anyone past 60 has another bad week or he has another decent one, he’ll be on next list.

  3. scoboticus says:

    Thanks, best dessert topping!

  4. krazyivan says:

    Sad how McCutchen has just fallen off a cliff. That injury last put an end to an amazing career.

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      yeah i feel like when he lost his dreads he lost a piece of his soul, like Sampson. That was the beginning of the end :-( still the most entertaining player in MLB though!

  5. Giancarlo Stanton is on my only IL slot. Now Stephen Strasburg went IL. Would you hold Stanton or Strasburg on IL? Stanton’s timeline seems more sure than Strasburg , but who can say. Thx

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      hmmmm… full disclosure, I’m a Stanton bandwagoner like Grey, so I feel like you gotta ride with him, as he should be back sooner with only grade 1. *Looks up Stras injury details* Stras has carpal tunnel neuritis in his throwing hand, which really bad. That basically means it’ll be painful to grip the fastball and snap any sort of spin on it. He might be done for the season. I’d say cut bait with Stras.

  6. thehombre says:

    That Mitch Garvey though.

    He just was dropped in another league. I’m adding.

    Don’t look now, but I’m coming for you!!!

    • krazyivan says:

      I added him too. You can’t go wrong since it’s @ Catcher.

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      hahaha man he’s been slow… hopefully that 3 hit game gets him going now

      • Coolwhip

        Coolwhip says:

        couple of those pitching blowups has hindered my ratios the last week, ugh.

  7. big klu says:

    need to bump Teo abt 17 spots.

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      Teoscar? He’s been moving up each week, if he continues this pace he’ll be there or higher next update.

  8. keith o branstetter says:

    Sorry but I’d rework the list from 34 to 75, seems like you are still looking at preseason predictions.

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      Perhaps, though this is more about remainder of season than current

  9. Kcc26 says:

    What about Pollock? He has been hitting and playing just about every day. Hit cleanup the last two nights for the Dodgers and now has five homers and two steals.

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      Yeah, probably sleeping on him a bit. this last week he’s played more than the week prior. If he continues this current pace of playing 90% of time, my expectations will increase.

  10. Zoolandon says:

    I’m in a keeper league so Mercado has been an absolute disaster for me… at this point I’m wasting a bench spot on him and using guys like Winker to fill holes as I know Mercado will be snagged the moment I hit drop. Not great when you’re also constantly having DTD guys (Stras, Moose, Springer) and Laureano now with the suspension also wasting spots. Covid Szn taking years off my life lol

    If anything your ranking Mercado as high as you did reassures me about not cutting ties yet.

    • Coolwhip

      Coolwhip says:

      Yeah, I still expect him to snap out of it, but you can’t play him in the lineup right now. If you have the roster spot I’d continue to hold him in dynasty. How many keepers are you allowed to hold on to? He might be expendable if he’s not likely to make the cutoff.

      • zoolandon says:

        Normally we have a points system to where we can keep a certain amount based on points values, but this one season only the league voted to allow keeping the entire team due to short season and Covid.

        So Mercado is mine next year if I want him. Feel like he’s worth taking a flyer on in 2021 but if Teo keeps up his torrird pace Mercado could be odd man out (Springer, Laureano, Gallo my other 3 OF, league has 4 OF and 2 UTIL slots)

        • Coolwhip

          Coolwhip says:

          iHmm, this season is so wacky it’s hard to see which this is indicator on players next season, so if you can afford to bench him or absorb the bad and wait and see if he comes out of it, i’d probably hang on to him then.

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