Well, here we are towards the end of “week 1.” If you had Teoscar Herandez and Kyle Lewis as your top OF after week 1, you are lying. If you are for real then you are a witch. (Burn the witch!) In our ‘Perts RCL draft, Grey was joking that he was setting auto-draft Round 1 to Kyle Lewis… *shocked face emoji* Who knew this mustached man was Nostradamus? Nostradamustache? Anywho, now that this season is off and running and everything that we thought was true isn’t anymore, and everything that wasn’t is. My rankings are for looking forward not just where things currently are. If you want to see just current, take a peak at our Player Rater tool. Nothing is now something (Teoscar above), and the thing that was (Acuna et al) is now nothing.

Here’s what I have been seeing around the league:


The Top Ten (Allegedly)

Regarding the top 10 outfielders from last week’s Summer Camp Part 2: only 2 of them are hitting above .250, 4 are hitting below .200, one hasn’t played a game yet, and another just left on paternity leave — Wheeeee! Collectively they have 6 HRs 1 SB, whereas Teoscar by himself has 4 HRs, 2 SBs. My, that is scarring. Are we having fun yet? Hello, Darkness, my old friend.


The Ins

Teoscar Hernandez – Hitting .321/.355/.821 with 4 HRs and 2 SBs. AND LITERALLY NOTHING CAN STOP HIM. Except for the Rona. Blue Jays are a band of roaming hobos in the worst time to be a traveler. So he may lose some games this weekend which might bring him back in orbit. But soon they might have a home in Buffalo (their AAA affiliate) for the season. So naturally, I made a logo to commemorate their season:

Kyle Lewis – Hitting .450/.500/.636 with 2 HRs. Is there anything he can’t do? (Maybe steal some bases.) He has made some adjustments in his swing and spent a lot of time in the offseason working on his patience. On the swing, he’s letting the ball travel further back in the box and keeping his hands back to allow the bat head to sweep it through. This a real improved player (his defense is a lot better too), not just a hot streak. Unlike Carl Lewis, he’s making up for it.

Mike Yastrzemski – Hitting .414/.527/.793 with 2 HRs and 1 SB. Speaking of Carls (segue high five!), Yaz’s grandson is tearing up the league and making McCovey Cove feel a lot closer along with 5 multi-hit games to boot. Too early to tell if it’s just a hot start or if he’s just this good now. Either way its all going his way right now, Yahtzee!

Tommy Pham – He has 5 steals already in a little over a week. WOW. With the top speedsters not stealing any bags yet, I bet Pham has more SBs than any other team not rostering him. Facing the DBacks has been a miracle, they can be run on with ease. Take note.


The Outs

Andrew Benintendi – Hitting .095 with 1 SB… The good news is he’s taken 7 walks. The bad news is he’s got 8 Ks. Homeboy’s BABIP has been taking a beating so far, so hopefully, he can rebound soon but his contact rate is down nearly 10%.

Christian Yelich – Hitting a dismal .037/.041/.148, That is not going help anyone win. He’s had some bad looks so far at the plate that goes into Summer Camp. Some reports are saying that he’s still in extended spring training and hasn’t found his rhythm yet. Believe it or but I pointed out here that Yelich’s career numbers point to him being a second-half player with wRC+ split of 130/144. So his struggles could be seen as another victim of the truncated Summer Camp. Also, wonder if that knee is bothering him.

George Springer – Hitting .120/.258/.240 with 1 HR. “So he just had a career-high in HRs, ISO, HardHit%, AVG, and OBP. Did Bang-gate help with some of that? Possibly. Looking at his HRs by pitch count, a lion’s share of them came off of the first 2 pitches. Hmmm. I then look at the breakdown by pitch type: all but 1 of his HR gains from last year came off of fastballs (12 to 27), yet he hit the worst vs offspeed since his rookie year (.279 to .149). Looks like he was trying to zero in on fastballs early and missing the change etc more. Make of that what you like. Oh, I will. This will be interesting to watch this year…” as I quote myself from the First Look. So him, Altuve, and Bregman are all hitting under .200, hmmmmm nothing to see here. Despite my warning, I went ahead and drafted him on a few teams though. Didn’t expect THIS much regression.


The What-have-yous

Whit Merrifield – He has come out of the gate strong, and just like Brantley, this elder statesman has been getting real lucky with BABIP so this party should come to end sooner than later. But he’s doing a nice Trent Grisham impersonation.

Wil Myers – Hitting .259/.394/.593 with 2 HRs and 1 SB. It’s looking like Myers has got his mojo back and DH’ing most of the time rather than playing the field can only benefit him to keep his legs fresh. I’m keeping an eye on him.

Cody Bellinger – Hitting .139, and has been pretty awful and just Friday got his first steal before his first home run. Wew lad. So you can’t help but wonder if he’s being affected by his abrupt swing change and is pressing right now. Through the first week last year he already had 7 home runs.


The Board

Rank Name Team Pos Change Notes
1 Ronald Acuna Jr. ATL OF 0
2 Mookie Betts LAD OF 1
3 Christian Yelich MIL OF -1 .037 AVG
4 Cody Bellinger LAD 1B/OF 0 batting stance?
5 Giancarlo Stanton NYY OF 4 2 HR
6 Aaron Judge NYY OF 8 3 HR
7 Juan Soto WSH OF -1 return soon?
8 J.D. Martinez BOS OF 0
9 Mike Trout LAA OF -4 paternity leave
10 Bryce Harper PHI OF -3
11 Ketel Marte ARI 2B/SS/OF 1 .344 AVG 1 HR
12 Starling Marte ARI OF -1
13 Luis Robert CHW OF 8 1 HR 1 SB
14 Eloy Jimenez CHW OF -1
15 Jorge Soler KC OF 0 2 HR
16 George Springer HOU OF -6 .120 AVG
17 Austin Meadows TB OF 2 return soon
18 Ramon Laureano OAK OF -2
19 Eddie Rosario MIN OF -2
20 Marcell Ozuna ATL OF 3 2 HR
21 Tommy Pham SD OF 4 1 HR 5 SB
22 Yordan Alvarez HOU OF -4 COVID*
23 Nicholas Castellanos CIN OF 4
24 Victor Robles WSH OF 2
25 Charlie Blackmon COL OF -1
26 Kris Bryant CHC 3B/OF -6
27 Oscar Mercado CLE OF -5 not leadoff
28 Cavan Biggio TOR 1B/2B/OF 5 2 HR 1 SB
29 Joey Gallo TEX OF -1 2 HR
30 Michael Conforto NYM OF -1
31 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF 0
32 Alex Verdugo BOS OF 2
33 Jeff McNeil NYM 2B/3B/OF 2
34 Franmil Reyes CLE OF -4 0 HR
35 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. TOR 2B/OF 3
36 Whit Merrifield KC 1B/2B/OF 5 2 HR 2 SB
37 Hunter Dozier KC 1B/3B/OF -5 COVID
38 Max Kepler MIN OF 4
39 Scott Kingery PHI 2B/SS/3B/OF -3 slow start
40 Ian Happ CHC 1B/2B/3B/OF 8 2 HR
41 Danny Santana TEX 1B/2B/SS/3B/OF -4 slow start
42 Willie Calhoun TEX OF -3
43 J.D. Davis NYM 3B/OF 0
44 Tommy Edman STL 2B/3B/OF 0
45 Shin-Soo Choo TEX OF 0
46 Brandon Lowe TB 1B/2B/OF 0
47 Michael Brantley HOU OF 5
48 Trent Grisham SD OF 10 2 HR 2 SB
49 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF -9
50 Mallex Smith SEA OF -3
51 Joc Pederson LAD 1B/OF -1
52 David Dahl COL OF -1
53 Byron Buxton MIN OF -4
54 Ryan Braun MIL OF 0
55 Shogo Akiyama CIN OF 1
56 Yoshitomo Tsutsugo TB OF 1
57 Kyle Lewis SEA OF 15 2 HR .400+ AVG
58 Teoscar Hernandez TOR OF NA 4 HR 2 SB
59 Andrew McCutchen PHI OF -6
60 Jurickson Profar SD 2B/OF 4 1 HR 2 SB
61 Mike Yastrzemski SFG OF NA 2 HR .400+ AVG
62 David Peralta ARI OF -2
63 Austin Riley ATL 1B/3B/OF -2
64 Kyle Tucker HOU OF 9 getting ABs
65 Bryan Reynolds PIT OF -10 .200 AVG
66 Garrett Hampson COL 2B/SS/OF -3
67 Adam Eaton WSH OF 0
68 Mark Canha OAK 1B/OF 0
69 Jo Adell LAA OF -10 LAA mgmt
70 Sam Hilliard COL OF -1
71 Avisail Garcia MIL OF -1
72 Austin Hays BAL OF -1
73 Wil Myers SDP 1B/OF NA 2 HR 1 SB
74 Kevin Pillar BOS OF NA .400+ AVG
75 Anthony Santander BAL OF NA 2 HR

The Bubble: Domingo Santana, Dylan Carlson, JaCoby Jones, Brian Goodwin, Tyler O’Neill

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  1. Paul says:

    Jo Adell??? When do you think he starts. i really thought when Trout hit paternity he would have a spot. And Godwin is also playing very well at the moment. Should i just keep holding him?

    • Coolwhip says:

      I thought he’d be up too, so we’ll see how long Trout is out. If we get through this week without any rumblings of him being called up, you probably don’t want to hold him on a bench spot if you don’t have an NA slot. Allegedly this week is now when call-ups don’t cost an extra year of control so i’d say probably Friday-ish is Judgement Day (unless you are cruising and can hold him without worry).

  2. fausto

    fausto says:

    I kept Mercado/Calhoun in a 16tm for $9 combined. Thought I had my util spot filled. How long are you holding one or both? Available on waivers are Goodwn, Wilmer Flores, Tim Lopes, A.Hays, Rio Ruiz. I realize how dumb this sounds as I type but its covid szn and I’m currently sitting 2 points out of 1st. If I had anything from my util spot I’d be cruising. My other OF are L.Robert, Ozuna, Kepler, E. Rosario, J.D.Davis, 5OF 2Util.

    • Coolwhip says:

      I’d probably free Willie from my roster and grab Goodwin/Lopes while they are hitting. His profile is a dime a dozen if he’s not hitting. Whereas, Mercado is harder to replace and worth waiting a little longer.

  3. Chucky says:

    Kyle Lewis ready time step into my OF#3 for Franmil? His numbers since becoming an Indian last year leave something to be desired.

    • Coolwhip says:

      Your OF 3 spot? yeah I probably pull the trigger. Kyle just can’t stop hitting right now.

  4. ESB says:

    curious your thoughts on my current OF we have 3 OF spots, roto mixed league, small rosters. I have Acuna, Soler, and Reyes. 1) Is Franmil a hold despite the slow start? 2) For a bench bat (assuming Im holding Franmil) Verdugo, McCutchen, Dahl, L.Garcia (filling in for Tim Anderson who’s on my IL), C.Walker, Cahna, Happ, Dylan Carlson, Voit, A.Riley and Cano are on the wire. I also have one last IL spot and both Hosmer & Dozier are eligible for my to slide into a spot. Thanks in advance for the insight.

    • ESB says:

      Almost forget Jacoby Jones and Brian Goodman are on the wire too.

    • Coolwhip says:

      If you can hold him I would, but i am a big believer in Happ and I would be rostering him right now.

  5. Sagacious Sally says:

    Nice work! Play in a H2H Weekly Mixed Points League and need an OF.
    Scoring= TB, R, RBI, SB-CS, AVG (up to 24 pts-if hit 600 or better get 24, 350 gets 13, etc)
    No penalty for K’s.
    Available on the wire:
    T. Hernandez
    T. Grisham
    K. Lewis
    L. Gouriel

    It seems I can’t go wrong with any of them. Based on my format who would you make the strongest bid to acquire?

    • Sagacious Sally says:

      Oh, and Happ is available too!

    • Coolwhip says:

      Yeah you have a LOT of good options. Tough call haha. If you are light on speed prob go Grisham or Teoscar, Teoscar’s matchups a tad better this week. If speed not a concern grab Lewis now.

  6. Dave D says:

    How you feeling about Springer after last evening? Then again, Reddick homered just before him. Robles was basically throwing BP. That totally f’d up one of my teams on both W and SV as I own Canning and Robles. Canning looked great. Ive been starting Goodwin in my DC. He’s worth an add IMO even if only hitting two spot while Trout out.

    They gotta throw someone else in the ninth until Robles is able to get velocity back. Hes more thrower than pitcher. Needs the heat to succeeed and it aint there.

    • Coolwhip says:

      Sup Dave, well as you know the Angels bullpen is booty right now. Goodwin has definitely been seeing the ball well… though he did last April and then porceeded to tank hard after that, but yes while he’s hitting higher in order Goodwin for sure is a good add. Nothing can go wrong hitting in front of a guy like Rendon.

      As for Springer, I wrote this up Friday and saturday and sunday he came out of his funk some, so my optimism is inching up now. Yesterday Ohtani embarassed him in 3 pitches in the first, then after that his “eyesight” got better. He’s also showed more patience this weekend aside from that first AB I mentioned. So feeling less worried now.

      For sure Robles has looked awful – 5 blown saves in 10 games which is nuts because if he was anything like last year we’d be #1 in all of MLB, I’m hoping Key can get himself in rhythm so he can take the 9th in interum.

  7. Grisham!

    • Coolwhip says:

      Hell yeah!

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