All the final 2017 fantasy baseball rankings for hitters are done.  For those that skipped today’s title, this starts the top 20 starters for 2017 fantasy baseball.  This is NOT for 2018 (caps for those who can’t read titles; supposedly it’s easier to read caps, I have my doubts).  This is a recap.  Will these affect next year’s rankings?  Sure.  But not entirely.  To recapitulate, these rankings are from our Fantasy Baseball Player Rater.  We’re (me’re) using it to fairly gauge our (my) preseason rankings.  Anyway, here’s the top 20 starters for 2017 fantasy baseball and how they compare to where I originally ranked them:

1. Corey Kluber – For a change of pace, I’m going to talk about Kluber with how he relates to my team (kidding, this is not a change of pace).  I don’t draft pitchers high.  Have never, won’t ever.  Grey, I say.  I don’t punt pitchers completely.  Between 40 and 55 overall is about where I take my first pitcher.  I drafted Kluber 43rd overall in my RCL.  I won this league with a 12 out of 12 in ERA, and an 11 in WHIP.  I had 1317 2/3 IP total innings, and a 3.52 ERA and 1.20 WHIP.  Without Kluber, I would’ve had a 3.75 ERA and a 5 in ERA.  I would’ve had a 1.26 WHIP and a 2 in WHIP.  16 less points would’ve easily moved me down to 4th place.  Of course, maybe I would’ve drafted Carrasco instead, and negated some of that loss, but I could’ve drafted Chris Archer or Jon Lester (all taken right after Kluber), and been pretty much screwed.  That’s not even considering Kluber’s Ks.  Unlike the sketchy Asian guy with the glowsticks, a good time was to be had with this Kluber.  Preseason Rank #9, 2017 Projections: 17-10/3.36/1.08/229, Final Numbers: 18-4/2.25/0.87/265

2. Chris Sale – Hard to be *that* against a guy that struck out 300+ guys, and was the 2nd best starter in baseball, but Sale makes me glad I’m not in the habit of drafting top starters, because his 2nd half is worrisome.  Preseason Rank #4, 2017 Projections: 18-8/3.31/1.08/244, Final Numbers: 17-8/2.90/0.97/308

3. Max Scherzer – Should go without saying that just because I don’t draft these top guys it does not mean I don’t like them.  I watch Scherzer pitch and I get a Ken Boner like everyone else, even women.  Preseason Rank #2, 2017 Projections: 18-7/2.51/0.96/270, Final Numbers: 16-6/2.51/0.90/268

4. Clayton Kershaw – Besides the Ks on the projections, I nearly nailed his projections, so if he didn’t miss time (again) this past year, he would’ve been right there.  This whole missing starts thing, though, I don’t know, dawg, as Randy Jackson would say.  Halp, Ralph and I go over him in our 2018 mock draft too.  It’s a sight for sore ears.  Preseason Rank #1, 2017 Projections: 19-6/2.44/0.95/261, Final Numbers: 18-4/2.31/0.95/202

5. Carlos Carrasco – I owned Carrasco in one league, so I was surprised to see him end up this high in the rankings, which brings us to a big ol’ general point:  starters weren’t great this year.  The difference between Kluber and Carrasco was $13 of value.  To put that into hitters’ context, it’s the difference between Cody Bellinger and Logan Morrison.  Pardon my language, but that’s ducking huge.  Preseason Rank #12, 2017 Projections: 15-9/3.28/1.13/192, Final Numbers: 18-6/3.29/1.10/226

6. Stephen Strasburg – I point out a lot about how I was right even though I was wrong, so it’s fair to say I was wrong wrong on Strasburg.  I didn’t want to draft him, and said to avoid him.  Apparently, his elbow was able to hold up for one year.  Mea culpa, as they say in Latin America.  Preseason Rank #16, 2017 Projections: 12-9/3.55/1.10/190, Final Numbers: 15-4/2.52/1.02/204

7. Zack Greinke – Samesies with Strasburg.  But to defend myself, I also said to avoid:  David Price, Rick Porcello, Felix Hernandez, Tanner Roark and Aaron Sanchez.  You didn’t do yourself that wrong by following my advice.  Preseason Rank #38, 2017 Projections: 12-9/3.71/1.17/167, Final Numbers: 17-7/3.20/1.07/215

8. Luis Severino – Here’s what I said in the preseason, “There’s no truth that Welcome Back Kotter in Latin American countries dubs Vinnie Barbarino’s name out for Luis Severino.  Fake news!  There is truth that Severino has never pitched for more than 71 IP in a major league season, but he’ll be 23 years old this year and he pitched nearly 151 IP across three levels last year, so he could conceivably pitch 180 IP this year in the majors.  Innings-schminnings!  What about Ks and ERA and that crap?!  Well, he throws 96 MPH and regularly topped 9+ K/9 in the minors.  He could easily break out this year.”  And that’s me quoting me!  This goes to a larger point; some of these preseason rankings are way, way, way off, but if I liked a guy, that’s all that matters.  You didn’t need to draft Severino as the 8th best starter to get him.  Preseason Rank #82, 2017 Projections: 10-10/3.94/1.34/143, Final Numbers: 14-6/2.98/1.04/230

9. Robbie Ray – It’s been a while since I impressed myself as much as I did with Robbie Ray.  I not only wrote a sleeper post about him, but pretty much nailed exactly why we should all draft him — boku Ks.  This isn’t as remarkable until you realize I had completely forgotten about writing that sleeper post until doing this recap.  I mean, I was glad to own him in a few leagues, so I knew I liked him, but forgot how much I liked him.  I really should’ve touted my love for him more.  Speaking of which, I owned him in Tout Wars and won that league by a record amount.  Well, it is called Tout, so what’s the point of winning it if you don’t do just that?  Rhetorical!  Preseason Rank #47, 2017 Projections: 13-9/3.67/1.24/226, Final Numbers: 15-5/2.89/1.15/218

10. Jacob deGrom – Yes, Chief Grey Strongfoe told you to avoid deGrom in the preseason, but I actually predicted him for slightly better numbers.  Starters were just down this year, and not in a sexual way.  DeGrom’s K-rate was splendiferous (10.7), and his velocity was up two miles per hour.  Even when considering the new way they’re judging velocity, which adds velocity, that is impressive.  I feel like I’m going to be back in on deGrom next year, and he’s going to come cheap, and he’s gonna totally eff me.  This is Daniel Murphy’s Law.  Preseason Rank #15, 2017 Projections: 13-10/3.12/1.15/191, Final Numbers: 15-10/3.53/1.19/239

11. Alex Wood – Dodgers had 17 starters coming into the year — B-Mac, Hill, Urias, Brock Stewart (!), Ryu Kidding Me, Stripling and Jerry Reuss.  So, I didn’t rank Wood or project him, but very few likely did since he seemed to be the long man out of the bullpen in March.  If you didn’t draft starters, and only picked up players who sound like porn actors, you did well with Wood and Peacock.  Not as well with Tyler Skaggs and Clay Butthurtz.  Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers: 16-3/2.72/1.06/151

12. Justin Verlander – This isn’t a CC bounce back either, like when a girl gives you her email and ghosts you.  Verlander’s velocity is back too, registering on average 95 MPH from a low of 92 in 2014.  I’m beginning to think he was just unhealthy for a few years, rather than ‘learning how to pitch’ as he got older.  Verlander just needs to noogie Robin Ventura, and his comparisons to Nolan Ryan will be complete.  Preseason Rank #8, 2017 Projections: 15-10/3.31/1.05/220, Final Numbers: 15-8/3.36/1.17/219

13. Gio Gonzalez – Kinda wish he looked better in the postseason to really jag his preseason values way up.  Gio didn’t just have a career year, he had an extremely lucky year.  Visual metaphor alert!  Someone removed the Gio car emblem and put a Rolls emblem on it, and changed nothing else.  “I’m surprised to see masking tape holding closed the glove compartment in this Rolls.”  Preseason Rank #61, 2017 Projections: 10-10/3.87/1.35/166, Final Numbers: 15-9/2.96/1.18/188

14. Ervin Santana – I didn’t just miss on Ervin, but multiple people asked me during the preseason why I left him off my top 500.  People were basically like, “Yo, I ain’t trying to tell you how to do your job that you’re not paid for, but you missed Ervin.”  I didn’t listen.  Of course, his xFIP of 4.77 and 7.1 K/9 and–Okay, I’m not going to continue down this path of proving how I was right to not include him.  I was wrong, but Ervin was not as good as this ranking indicates.  Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers: 16-8/3.28/1.13/167

15. Carlos Martinez – Not to take anything away from Carrasco, but to shine a flashlight on C-Mart, if he had six more wins he’d be ranked 9th here.  I said flashlight, C-Mart, why are you tweeting about fleshlights?!  Preseason Rank #14, 2017 Projections: 15-10/3.17/1.19/193, Final Numbers: 12-11/3.64/1.22/217

16. James Paxton – I don’t mention it in the recaps, but I also project for innings, and for Paxton I projected 178 IP.  I thought I was being conservative, but he only threw 136 IP.  He’s going to be 29 and he’s never thrown for more than 136 IP in a major league season.  Is it any surprise that on the Player Rater in front of him is also Roberto Osuna, David Robertson, Corey Knebel, Kimbrel and Jansen?  Paxton is essentially a closer who gets Wins instead of Saves.  WAGNOF?  Preseason Rank #41, 2017 Projections: 14-10/3.53/1.26/181, Final Numbers: 12-5/2.98/1.10/156

17. Rich Hill – Samesies with Pax.  Unless your league gives you extra points for blisters, then Hill has more value.  Preseason Rank #25, 2017 Projections: 14-5/2.74/1.03/144, Final Numbers: 12-8/3.32/1.09/166

18. Dallas Keuchel – I was wrong in the preseason on Daylass Koochel, but — here comes the hedging! — he had a 7.8 K/9, 3.32 xFIP and a 88 MPH fastball.  Pretty much exactly what he had in 2016 when he had a 4.55 ERA.  The big difference is he was able to keep more balls on the ground like Jameson Taillon’s doctor missing a jump shot in the waste basket.  Preseason Rank #56, 2017 Projections: 12-9/3.87/1.25/165 , Final Numbers: 14-5/2.90/1.12/125

19. Drew Pomeranz – I’d attest that Pomeranz was one of the top five biggest surprises this year for pitchers.  Everything you thought you knew from his stint on the Red Sox in 2016 was completely wrong.  Somehow he had a 3.32 ERA last year split between the Padres and Sawx, but a 6.43 ERA in Fenway and a 4.59 ERA after the trade, then had exactly a 3.32 this year again on the Sawx.  It’s legit baffling.  Preseason Rank #57, 2017 Projections: 8-11/3.94/1.25/165, Final Numbers: 17-6/3.32/1.35/174

20. Brad Peacock – I left relievers off this list, but Peacock had 21 starts and 13 relief appearances, so stick a urinal fly in the 20th spot, because Peacock goes here.  He was a complete flyer coming into this year, which seems appropriate for a Peacock.  Or an ‘outside the flyer,’ as the case may be.  Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers: 13-2/3.00/1.19/161