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After we went over the top 10 for 2021 fantasy baseball and the top 20 for 2021 fantasy baseball in our (my) 2021 fantasy baseball rankings, it’s time for the meat and potatoes rankings. Something to stew about! Hop in the pressure cooker, crank it up to “Intense” and let’s rock with the top 20 catchers for 2021 fantasy baseball. Am I at all selling you on the top 20 catchers being good? No? Good, don’t want to give you the wrong impression. Here’s Steamer’s 2021 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Hitters and 2021 Fantasy Baseball Projections for Pitchers. The projections noted in this post are my own, and I mention where tiers start and stop. Anyway, here’s the top 20 catchers for 2021 fantasy baseball:

NOTE: All 2021 fantasy baseball projections are based on a 162-game season, and will be until we hear definitively there will be less games.

NOTE II: All my rankings are currently available on Patreon for the price of a Starbucks coffee, if you get one of those extra grande frappuccino jobbers. Don’t wait for the rankings to come out over the next month, and get them all now.

NOTE III: Free agents outside the top 100 are not yet written up or projected. They are approximately ranked, obviously subject to change.

1. J.T. Realmuto – This is the 1st tier. This tier goes from here until here. I call this tier, “The cream of the crap.” Here’s what I will say when he signs, “This year we lost Register Philbin, or as you know him Regis. Thankfully, I had a socially distanced seance the other day, and we played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! You should try it, The Ghost of Regis Philbin has most of his day free to play. So, I breezed through a dozen questions, knowing who was the first U.S. president to popularize socks: Benjamin Harrison. How long do we give the groundhog to see his shadow:  five minutes. And which magazine covers recreational bowling leagues: Rolling Stoned. Then, the million dollar question came up and The Ghost of Regis Philbin had a doozy. ‘Who was the last player to finish number one at their position for as many years in a row as Realmuto, which I think is two straight years?’ Yes, The Ghost of Regis Philbin asked me a question he wasn’t even sure about. I think it was two years too, then I woke with a start, dripping with sweat like I was a puppet in the Land of Confusion music video. That socially distanced seance was all in my mind. I don’t think there’s been anyone else to finish first at their position two years in a row in some time. It’s also why he’s the cream of the crap. Catchers are crap, and Realmuto’s the best one. It doesn’t hurt the odor when a guy is the best at his position with stats like 22 homers, .275 average and 7-ish steals. It’s not bad, but it’s also about as good as the 20th outfielder. Do not any under circumstances draft the top catcher. Or a top five or so catcher, more in the next blurb.” And that’s me predicting me! As mentioned in the third note above, this year I decided to hold off on projecting most free agents, except ones inside the top 100 overall, who likely won’t change much depending on their landing spot. Also, we kinda know Realmuto is going to the Phils, don’t we? UPDATE: We were right. 2021 Projections: 87/24/81/.272/8 in 524 ABs

2. Salvador Perez – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Grandal. I call this tier, “Fruit of the poisonous tree.” Catchers are tainted as a position, so this tier is tainted because they are catchers. That’s according to Marcia Clark’s How Attorneys May Motion or Express References or as it’s known in the law community, MC HAMMER.  In MC HAMMER, it clearly explains how if you grab a catcher after I tell you, ‘U Can’t Touch This,’ you will receive nothing but scorn and smack on the wrist as I slide-dance my feet over to you in very baggy pants. Why you should ignore position scarcity is very simple, which is what I say as I discuss it across the next two blurbs. Mr. Clever perpetuated position scarcity for decades, and others heard about and thought it was too clever to ignore. Like it’s some kind of get out of jail free card. Speaking of which, it’s similar to, “A cop has to tell you they are a cop.” According to movies, maybe, but cops don’t have to tell you shizz. Any hoo! At no point did anyone stop in the last 25 years and think, when people made this position scarcity strategy up, it was Mike Piazza hitting 40 homers and .360. Catchers were good when they were plugging their butts with syringes filled with The Juice. In 1997, Piazza had that insane year, and the 4th best catcher was Jason Kendall, hitting 8 HRs with 18 SBs and .294. Not bad, but Piazza was worth a top pick back then. More on position scarcity in the next blurb.  Also, I go over Salvador Perez in the video at the top of the page. 2021 Projections: 67/25/82/.246/1 in 519 ABs

3. Yasmani Grandal – Position scarcity doesn’t exist. Good first start to why position scarcity sucks. It was made up by someone who had a clever name for something, and shoved their strategy into it. It’s a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. Two dozen years ago, someone who thought they were much smarter than they are said, “If I draft a top catcher, and everyone else has a weak catcher, I will do well. I will call this position scarcity. Wow, I am so clever I deserve a cupcake with ‘Clever’ written in frosting.” I would hope if the guy who came up with position scarcity were to see the top catchers now are as good as the 20th best outfielder, and that the 15th ranked catcher was nearly the same as the 5th best catcher, he would’ve never mentioned position scarcity. Grandal, a strong bet for a 24-homer, .240 season, is drastically different from, say, Carson Kelly, who is free in every draft? He hit 18 homers and .245 in his last full season. They’re about as different as one hot week from most hitters. So, you could draft Carson Kelly and randomly grab a hot schmotato, and it would be the same as someone who drafts Yasmani. 2021 Projections: 74/24/79/.239/2 in 479 ABs

4. Christian Vazquez – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Smith. I call this tier, “Check the date, then smell the milk.” By the tier name I’m saying you can draft these guys if the timing is right. You should not just draft these guys wily and/or nilly. Ideally, you’re just after the top 200 when you grab one of these guys. If they’re not available, then you skip them for the next tier. Don’t just chug these catchers — check the date and smell them. As for Vazquez, in his last 185 games, he has 30 homers and a .280 average. As you all heard by now, this year will be 185 games long to make up for last year. Kidding, but a few of you absolutely believed that after 2020, when literally anything was possible in MLB. Start runners at 2nd base? Sure! 7-inning games? Okay, sure. Fans made of cardboard? Yup! Steamer gives Vazquez projections of 14 HRs and .254. Um, huh? His 14.4 Launch Angle, 38.5% FB rate, and 15% HR/FB should be good for an easy 20 homers. I agree almost 99% of time with Steamer, but this is one of the 1%. 2021 Projections: 62/21/71/.272/5 in 467 ABs

5. Willson Contreras – We’re about a year away William Contreras being the Contreras to own. The Contrerases have a backwards The Black Eyed Peas family tree thing going on. Though, I’m just guessing Will.I.Am’s kid name is Willson. 2021 Projections: 57/18/67/.259/2 in 421 ABs

6. James McCann – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Signed with the Mets, after the Mets were rumored to sign every free agent. Gonna be weird when they sign Realmuto, Molina, Jason Castro, Zunino–What, are they gonna stack five catchers behind the plate like they’re playing leap frog? That’s not legal, is it? Seriously, I’m asking because Manfred changes the rules every chance he gets. Though, I just had a funny thought, imagine someone shifted by putting two guys behind the plate and no 3rd baseman or something. Ha, Grey, you do have some crazy ideas and like to talk in third person. So, McCann isn’t much for fantasy–Don’t get me wrong, he’s fine for a late catcher, if you can get him late, but he’s just one of a dozen catchers to draft. Don’t get crazy by drafting him high just because there’s been some offseason buzz about him.” And that’s me quoting me! 2021 Projections: 51/16/61/.264/3 in 432 ABs

7. Sean Murphy – With a 14+ Launch Angle and 22% HR/FB, there’s a chance here for Murphy to have a breakout. Not a 48 HRs-type Murphy breakout, but maybe close. Sorry, I realize now 48 HRs is confusing. Not 48 homers-type breakout, but a 48 Hours-type breakout, and Murphy is Eddie, not Sean. Also, I go over Sean Murphy in the video at the top of the page. 2021 Projections: 59/20/69/.236 in 426 ABs

8. Travis d’Arnaud – The French Terminator aka Le Terminator aka d’Arnaud had a .411 BABIP last year with a 27.2% strikeout rate, and his highest HR/FB% producing nine homers with his lowest Launch Angle. There’s a worry here Le Terminator could become Les Miserables. 2021 Projections: 54/16/61/.252/2 in 414 ABs

9. Will Smith –  UPDATE: Dave Roberts said Austin Barnes and Will Smith would share playing time. Sounds more like Dave Roberts is Jada Pinkett and Austin Barnes is August Alsina. Snap! Literally no one gets that snap, it’s not just you. Any hoo! I lowered Smith, and I’d absolutely draft him now, just not until around pick 200. 2021 Projections: 57/16/57/.266/2 in 378 ABs

10. Gary Sanchez – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Jansen. I call this tier, “Snapping your fingers and pointing at yourself in the mirror.” This tier is named after what you’re doing after you’ve drafted your fifth middle reliever, when you should be drafting your first catcher. It’s time to stop being cute and showing off to your reflection, and draft a catcher. I nearly let the previous tier run through to Jansen, which signals they’re all six of one/half dozen of other, but I actively like guys in the previous tier better than these guys. These guys all feel like they might not make it to April 1st on your team in 12-team mixed leagues. As for Sanchez, his career trajectory looks like Nic Cage’s, if he went from Leaving Las Vegas straight to his film Jiu Jitsu, which one reviewer described as, “An Adderall addled mess of a film that attempts to scratch a gonzo action itch that would be better served by hitting up a playlist of stunt demo reels on YouTube.” Cage at least had a good decade of great films in-between; Gary’s going straight-to-streaming overnight. By the by, wanna kill a good two hours? Read Nic Cage’s Wiki page. He sued (successfully) Kathleen Turner, who accused him of stealing a chihuahua, and, in an unrelated mishap, was bailed out by Dog, the Bounty Hunter. Gary’s Wiki is just sad. He’s still only 28 years old, but if his career trajectory continues, he’ll go from laughingstock to summer stock of Jiu Jitsu while Higashioka takes over. 2021 Projections: 54/25/67/.228 in 346 ABs

11. Carson Kelly – Used to be concerned that Kelly didn’t hit enough fly balls, now he hits too many crappy ones. Maybe I’m too much like my mother, she’s never satisfied. Whoa, I just realized something, if Prince’s mother was not satisfied…*puts on sunglasses*…maybe his father wasn’t bold enough. 2021 Projections: 46/17/55/.232 in 366 ABs

12. Austin Nola – I juggled him around to a few different spots in the rankings, before landing here. He’s going higher than this spot, so I am likely not owning him. Pretty fine with that. So, yes, I’m telling you to draft a catcher immediately while telling you this catcher will be gone. In reality for, uh, fantasy, I will prolly be drafting someone in the previous tier if they’re there after pick 200 (which they will be in some leagues) or someone just after Nola, because Nola will be gone earlier than this. There’s a reason why Nola is 31 years old and appears to be a backup catcher-slash-utility man. UPDATE: Fractured finger, and awaiting timetable. 2021 Projections: 51/13/52/.263/2 in 371 ABs

13. Danny Jansen – For those keeping score at home, this is near the last round in 12-team leagues if I’m doing my ranks correctly, say 300th overall. I know this because in 12-team leagues you want one catcher, and I give one extra catcher in case there’s some absolute brainiac who drafts a catcher as their UTIL guy. Rudy tells me I should have the 12th catcher be the cutoff, because he doesn’t think anyone is big-brained enough to draft two catchers, but I’ve been answering your questions for a decade and know to add an extra. 2021 Projections: 48/16/55/.238/1 in 377 ABs

14. Yadier Molina – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Trevino. I call this tier, “The friend who is moving your Hawaiian-shirted arm is not paying attention.” If you haven’t drafted a catcher by now, I’ll assume you have been Weekend at Bernie’s’ing your way through a draft with someone moving your arm, and that person forgot to draft a catcher for you. You should get someone else to move your arm and tell them to draft a catcher already! As for Molina, Cards finally re-signed him. A good test for a toupee is if it can hold coconut soup. A good test to see if the Cards are the Cards is if Molina is catching. 2021 Projections: 49/11/61/.258/2 in 401 ABs

15. Wilson Ramos – Signed with the Tigers. Imaging Miggy and Ramos on the basepaths together, and for some reason I’m picturing the 405 at a standstill. Makes sense that behind them is Goodrum, and not a “good run.” 2021 Projections: 47/13/54/.271 in 387 ABs

16. Jorge Alfaro – Who is Chad Wallach, and why do I see him listed as the starting catcher in Miami? Hey, I’m all for guys who sound vaguely Jewish, and Chad has a better chance of lighting up a menorah than a scoreboard, but Alfaro is the starter in Miami. 2021 Projections: 41/15/51/.242/2 in 381 ABs

17. Tom Murphy – I wonder if Tom Murphy has ever asked someone to hold his spot in line while he ran to the bathroom, only to return and the line is twice as long and the person he asked doesn’t recognize his face and the person he asked is his major league manager. Somehow, Murphy seems to have lost his full-time job again. This time to Luis Torrens, supposedly. Even in part-time duty — hehe, I said duty — Murphy’s worth owning. 2021 Projections: 36/17/44/.223/2 in 281 ABs

18. Mike Zunino – Re-signed with the Rays this year because they wondered aloud who was Zunino’ing who, and when that echoed for two minutes without a reply, they figured they were who was Zunino’ing who. It’s trackable logic. 2021 Projections: 38/19/48/.196 in 374 ABs

19. Yan Gomes – Six years ago, he had a 12-homer, .231 season, and since then he’s done virtually the same thing every 162-game season. By the way, his career earnings are near $25 million. Just had a totally related idea. We should all chip in $5 to buy a few dozen eight-year-olds a catcher’s mitt, then we get a cut of their future earnings. Before you scoff, you freakin’ scoffer, the Braves were signing 14-year-olds. We’re just beating them to the punch. 2021 Projections: 41/12/49/.234/1 in 357 ABs

20. Mitch Garver – Here’s how I came to rank Garver here. I don’t like him, but I hate Stallings, so Garver must go here. Degrees of hate: Welcome to the 2021 catcher rankings! Also, here’s Coolwhip’s Mitch Garver fantasy, done with many heart emojis. 2021 Projections: 36/14/39/.238 in 266 ABs

21. Victor Caratini – Here’s what I said this offseason, “Went to the Padres, because he’s Yu Darvish’s personal catcher. Well, Darvish, you’re not the only one:

How many backup catchers for ‘rich’ teams would be the starter for a ‘poor’ team? Caratini isn’t just a vodka-straight-up-stirred-with-a-carrot, he’d also be the starter on at least 10 other teams. Though, one of those teams would trade for him, then bench him for someone like Tony Wolters. You know what team I’m talking about.” And that’s me quoting me! UPDATE: With Nola’s injury, Caratini was moved up a tad. 2021 Projections: 36/10/44/.261 in 281 ABs

22. Jacob Stallings – Rudy badgered me into drafting Stallings last year because he was the Pirates’ starter, and that was somehow a good thing. So now like we’re in Nxivm and I have to bring in two more slaves to get Rudy off my back, you must draft Stallings. He’s the Pirates’ starter, and that’s somehow a good thing. 2021 Projections: 41/7/44/.256 in 334 ABs

23. Max Stassi – Recovering from hip surgery, which means doctors are forcing him to use more emojis and acronyms in his texts, and I’m misreading Yahoo Answers’ “How to fix one’s hip factor,” aren’t I? I think Stassi should be fine by early April, and could be a sneaky power threat. He’s a solid 2nd catcher in two catcher leagues, if you play in one of those god-awful things. Also, I go over Stassi in the video at the top of the page. 2021 Projections: 42/14/46/.236 in 341 ABs

24. Elias DiazRockies finally moved away from Wolters. I guess to celebrate 2020 being over. 2021 Projections: 41/11/46/.267 in 357 ABs

25. Daulton Varsho – Catchers don’t get sleeper posts, but if they did, would Daulton? Var sho! In Double-A in 2019, Varsho went 18/21/.301, then came up and went 3/3 in 37 games with a .188 average, and an abnormally low BABIP. Varsho is the 1st 60-grade speed catcher I can remember, but I can’t remember back further than 18 months. His biggest allure is the reason why most prospect guys don’t like him, he can’t catch. All I want is for him to catch (fill-in number of games to keep catcher eligibility in my league). If I had any faith he’d get 500 at-bats, I would’ve ranked him in the above tier with Will Smith. He could go anywhere from 5/10/.200 and start the year in Triple-A to 15/25/.300, though the latter is obviously pie-in-the-sky, lottery-hitting numbers. Gamble worth taking on a catcher, though. I originally even had him ranked higher around 12th overall, but word came out yesterday he might not make the team. UPDATE: With Kole Calhoun taking a knee (to the doctor), Varsho moved up. UPDATE II: Was sent down and why do I even bother moving guys up ever? 2021 Projections: 32/6/31/.277/9 in 281 ABs

26. Buster Posey – It was every player’s prerogative to not play last year, but it’s also my prerogative, which I sing into my Bobby Brown headset microphone, to not be happy that Posey is returning to ruin Joey Bart’s playing time. It’s time Buster’s picking Posey’s in a 1st base platoon while Bart catches. 2021 Projections: 42/6/45/.251 in 344 ABs

27. Jose Trevino – I have great news for you. Robot umps will be a thing in the next few years, and coaches will immediately deemphasis catcher’s defense, so, in fifteen to twenty years after, we will have all offensive-minded catchers. Okay, great news if you’re gonna live another twenty years, and you didn’t just invest your life’s savings in catcher’s mitts for a bunch of eight-year-olds. What a stupid plan I had in Gomes’s blurb! 2021 Projections: 39/9/47/.247/2 in 404 ABs

28. Ryan Jeffers – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Higashioka. I call this tier, “Avocado.” Avocado is the perfect accompaniment. Little sprinkling of salt, maybe a little olive oil, squeeze of lime, dash of pepper. For the love all that is holy with that large pitty fruit that acts like a vegetable, do not cook it. This tier seems great in every way, but they all have their limits and are way more accompaniments on their own team, or your fantasy team. As for Jeffers, is he really the Twins’ starting catcher? Nah, right? Mitch Garver is still there, and even though he’s cashed like the apple bong on your desk, they’re not just going to bench him indefinitely, are they? The Jeffers on your team could be movin’ on up, but could also see dropping him about ten-plus spots in the rankings if the Twins announce he’s starting the year in the minors. 2021 Projections: 31/10/36/.267/1 in 287 ABs

29. Omar Narvaez – This tier could also be called, “I have mostly positive feelings for these guys, but they do have some major hurdles, like a de facto platoon, or a stronger catcher in front of them.” You see why I went with “Avocado.” 2021 Projections: 33/9/32/.265 in 287 ABs

30. Chance Sisco – Actually have very favorable feelings for Sisco and Pedro Severino. I better not find out they’re feeding Kirk those garden gnomes! Those are decorative pieces! I like Sisco and Severino, but they hurt each other by platooning. 2021 Projections: 28/9/32/.218/1 in 252 ABs

31. Pedro Severino – See about 1/8th of an inch above, or 4 inches if a girl’s reading. 2021 Projections: 27/8/30/.239/1 in 245 ABs

32. Tucker Barnhart – Don’t want *ucker Barnhart but now that the Psycho Killer, Curt Casali has run, run, run, run, run, run, run away oh, oh, oh, oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! *ucker should be on the strong side of a platoon. 2021 Projections: 33/10/38/.219 in 307 ABs

33. Francisco Mejia – Here’s what I said this offseason, “(Traded) to the Rays. Still believe in Mejia, but that belief is just about at Nileseyy Niles giving the peace sign. Or is that reference so obscure I’ve lost everyone like you’ve lost faith in Mejia? The Rays just signed Zunino, and, have you heard, the Rays don’t waste money. I’d be shocked if Zunino is dumped. He just got a two-million-dollar contract, that’s the equivalent to the Rays giving someone a Trout contract.” And that’s me quoting me! 2021 Projections: 31/8/33/.264/1 in 235 ABs

34. Alejandro Kirk – Have you seen this guy? He looks like Russell Martin, if all Russell Martin ate for the last ten years was garden gnomes. You can infer from my Danny Jansen ranking and projections I don’t have a ton of faith Kirk’s going to be a thing in 2021 behind the plate. Kirk is super interesting, though, like, how did Kirk eat all those gnomes? Also, Kirk looks like a .300 hitter with 15+ homer power, and he’s only 22. Right now, he’s the backup catcher in Toronto (Buffalo? Who knows!), but that could change, so he’s an interesting upside flyer. 2021 Projections: 24/8/31/.286/1 in 204 ABs

35. Kyle Higashioka – In a Draft Champions or just extremely deep two-catcher leagues, Higashioka is a solid late-round bet that the Yankees are just done done with Gary Sanchez and not simply “done but suffering through” him. 2021 Projections: 28/12/32/.242 in 231 ABs

36. Sam Huff – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Rutschman. I call this tier, “Scratch-off tickets.” You might get three cherries and a starting catcher who is much better than at least twenty of the guys above him, or you might get two cherries and a jackpot, which seems good, but just leads to you arguing with the teenager behind the counter for ten minutes until you leave with only your newly-purchased Juul and Taki’s. As for Huff, I want him to start in front of Trevino, and if you want him to start in front of Trevino, and someone else thinks that and someone else and, well, we’ll all collectively will it to happen, just like we collectively willed ourselves to win a scratch-off jackpot. 2021 Projections: 19/7/23/.239 in 191 ABs

37. Joey Bart – It would be nice if we could put Posey on the BART and put Bart on the team. I’m not sure if that’s legal though, will call 1-800-Attorneys. 2021 Projections: 21/5/22/.266/1 in 188 ABs

38. Tyler Stephenson – Prospect Itch said, “He might not be the everyday catcher entering 2021, but Tyler Stephenson has earned himself at least a share of the backstop job in a park that’s perfect for enhancing power output. The 11th overall pick in 2015, Stephenson has always had enough raw power to entrench himself in our fantasy lineups, but he’s typically traded power for plate skills on his way up the chain.  If he can pair the contact skills with the power, he’ll be a top ten fantasy catcher sooner than later, and a top ten idiot is Grey.” Hey! 2021 Projections: 24/6/31/.278 in 178 ABs

39. Adley Rutschman – For what it’s Werth, the catchers in this tier are ranked by the likelihood they get major league at-bats this year, and not how I like them. I just don’t see a ton of at-bats for Rutschman this year, but there’s admittedly more question marks than usual about what the minors will look like. Here’s a quote from Prospect Hobbs’s piece on who he thinks will be the 2023 All-Stars at each position, “Adley Rutschman takes the cake at the catcher position for the 2023 All-COVID Team because I honestly do expect him to be the best catcher in the game three-plus years from now. Rutschman slashed .254/.351/.423 with four homers (13 XHB), 26 RBI, 19 runs and one steal in his first 154 professional plate appearances in 2019 which he split across rookie-level, Low-A and Class-A. One steal. Damn that’s sexy. What’s sexier is the 27-to-20 strikeout-to-walk ratio seen in his first taste of the minors, translating to a 17.4 K% and 12.9 BB%. Rutsch-ell Crowe, as I like to call him, came out of college with a 60-grade hit tool and 60-power, so the sky is the limit here offensively from a positional perspective. Don’t expect Realmutoan-esque steals with the 40-grade legs and one steal in 155 pro plate appearances, but he’s at the position to stay (true catcher) and could suck a whole lot less than what we’ve become accustomed to at the position from a fantasy perspective. Speaking of sucking, Grey sucks.” What the hell, my dude! 2021 Projections: 14/5/19/.261 in 114 ABs

40. Roberto Perez – This is the last tier. This tier goes from here until the end. I call this tier, “–mo!” By the tier name, this is the end of the fall when you’re screaming Geronimo, and right before you hit pavement. As for Perez, he’s only one year removed from a 24-homer season. He’s also a few months removed from a one-homer season, and two years removed from a two-homer season. If he continues the no yay, yay, no yay pattern, he’s due for a yay. This is very scientific. 2021 Projections: 38/8/47/.214  in 377 ABs

41. Jason Castro – Signed with the Astros. Love the synergy for the lineup card: C’Astro. 2021 Projections: 33/8/37/.202 in 303 ABs

42. Martin Maldonado – Can’t wait for 2089, when my head’s in a jar, and trying to explain in the Razzball comments to other heads in jars, how catchers were once coveted because they were good framers. “Way before robot umps, and before my head was in this jar!” That’s Jarhead Grey. UPDATE: With the addition of Jason Castro, Maldonado was bumped down. “It’s the way of the future.” That’s right, Jarhead Grey. 2021 Projections: 29/9/31/.214/1 in 291 ABs

43. Kurt Suzuki – Signed with the Angels to reunite him with World Series co-champion, Anthony Rendon, so they can help Mike Trout with his vision board. 2021 Projections: 31/8/36/.262/1 in 276 ABs

44. Andrew Knizner – Playing Pitch-onary, a version of Pictionary where we draw catchers: *draws Yadier Molina blowing out a cake with 85 candles as he squats behind the plate, and holding the cake is Knizner* UPDATE: Cards finally signed Yadier, so the potato Knizner was removed. 2021 Projections: 41/10/49/.236/3 in 387 ABs

44. Luis Torrens – Who is this? I thought Torrens was near LAX. I try to keep at least one reliable source about each team a DM away, and I reached out to a Mariners friend, and asked them if Torrens was the catcher, or Tom Murphy, and they felt Tom Murphy was the guy, and I sure hope I DM’d the right person. 2021 Projections: 31/8/32/.276 in 278 ABs

46. Grayson Greiner – He’s Lori Greiner’s brother, so I will call him Scrub Daddy, which makes him the father to Andre Scrubb, who is obviously Lori’s nephew. UPDATE: With the signing of Wilson Ramos, the great Grayson Greiner, 1920’s black and white film actor and terrible catcher, is being removed. 2021 Projections: 31/12/34/.208 in 323 ABs