From this day forward, or rather more bluntly on days when I have had too much of Grandpa’s wowwie sauce, it gets a little obscure.  And this week by obscure I am talking about John Cusack movies.  The cult 80’s classic movie Better Off Dead to be exact.  Where we all wanna know where my two dollars is.  Much like that movie, the Myer that we are all hoping and rooting for to defeat the preppy d-bags is Kevin Kiermaier.  Recently returned from a DL stint that lasted too long in my humble K.K. loving opinion.  The thing I tend to love about Kevin is that he is going to play every single day.  Why you ask?  Because he is an elite defender in centerfield.  That my friends wins hearts and minds and cures all ills in real baseball.  Unfortunately for fantasy baseball, we need results to warrant consideration for lineup-hood. While he doesn’t boast Hamilton type speed, he does have three consecutive 10/15 seasons under his belt.  Like I said, it’s not elite by any stretch of the imagination, but to be honest, this whole Lane Myer/Kevin Kiermaier lede title thing was a stretch.  But still, 10/15 seasons don’t come stumbling in the bar every night with the take me home pumps and no drink necessary dress on.  The waiver wire is a place for throwbacks and what-ifs.  So that is where I am telling you to look.  If K.K. is there, grab him up, make him wifey material for the rest of this year and watch the 80 plus games he plays out the rest of the year develop into a 10/10 season.  Not great, once again.  I know I sound like a drunken broken record but everyday at bats are the sex panther for good SAGNOF returns.  Here comes some more tidbits of SAGNOF-dom and maybe some cool little pop-up pictures for the slower reading crowd.  Cheers!

Catchers to steal on:

Name SB CS
Russell Martin 42 11
Jonathan Lucroy 38 13
Robinson Chirinos 35 3
Omar Narvaez 33 11
Jorge Alfaro 31 14
Yasmani Grandal 30 8
Chance Sisco 26 10
Francisco Cervelli 25 12
Tucker Barnhart 24 11
Buster Posey 24 12
James McCann 23 10
Willson Contreras 22 11
Wilson Ramos 22 3
Yan Gomes 21 8
Gary Sanchez 21 8

Pitchers to Steal On:

Name SB’s SB Opps OBPa
Steven Matz 16 116 .328
Aaron Nola 15 125 .268
Dylan Bundy 13 144 .299
Lucas Giolito 13 135 .378
Cole Hamels 12 138 .316
Noah Syndergaard 12 89 .299
Dellin Betances 10 38 .267
Bryan Mitchell 10 104 .424
Patrick Corbin 9 111 .261
Matthew Boyd 8 118 .311
Mike Clevinger 8 136 .293
Felix Hernandez 8 141 .336
Sam Dyson  8 52 .286


Billy Hamilton – One week a month he puts up stats that are a sustainable entirely for fantasy.  We just missed it.  Can we get a cheer from the cheap seats for some prolonged stolen base love for BH?  .400 OBP with 12 runs over the last 12 games, helps prolong the week of usefullness, but we need some darn consistency.

Marcus Semien– Came hot out the gate, than left a stain for about a month.  Now swiped 2 bags in past 6 games played…  Is it seltzer and lemon juice that gets rid of mid-season swoons or is there another cure all for middle infielders.

Jose Ramirez – Is a top-3 pick next year.  That is a statement, not a question.  On pace for 40/25 season.

JaCoby Jones – Two steals and a very unlikely to be sustained .586 OPB over the past 7 games.  The Tigers, minus the swingin’ Argentinian, are a waiver wire pick and choice of delight.  Most will be there and on some off day they offer value.

Andrew McCutchen – If this guy was a fantasy homeless player, would you give him some spare change?  Batting .190 with a decent .346 OBP over last 9 games, with the ever important 2 steals.  Is Bochy’s head biology enough to ever really sit him…?  Doubtful.

Blake Parker – Is the perfect Tinder date SAGNOF reliever.  Two saves, 16 plus K-rate and a bloated 18-plus ERA.  Looks good in two dimensions, bad when you expand the stats.

Joe Jimenez – I wish the future was now for Joe Jim.  I love Greene and he has done nothing wrong but just be in the wrong side of the save tracks.

Dan Winkler – With Viz hitting the DL, it could be a give take relationship with Wink and Minter.  I’d own both, but in theory they probably should have been owned in most cases as relievers with intrigue.

Kevin McCarthy – If you have seen Brandon Maurer pitch lately than you knwo why he is here.  Saves are saves and for me in all my infinite bullpen wisdom K-Mac is the better of the down trodden relievers the Royals could trot out.






  1. Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins) says:

    “whole mountain of this stuff, do you have any IDEA of the street value of this mountain?!”

    16 team roto dynasty with holds, K/9, K/BB, relief appearances,relief wins added. i have:
    rivero, minter, hader, ollie perez, britton, fields, kela. colome and kelly dropped today by somebody. add either over anybody i have?

    2. for holds in a 20 team redraft with the sire of sandwiches back shortly, drop strop for any of: hildenberger, winkler, or one of the CLE useful twins (useful UNTIL miller is healthy finally, which might be soonish) ollie perez (sick FIP compared to previous seasons)/n.ramirez? i have these for 5 spots (saves too, separate from holds): yates, bearclaw, strop, greene, colome.

    and goodnight betances continues to take lester lessons over here.

      • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins) says:

        @Smokey: it’s a FAAB. kelly probably costs no more than 2 and i’d do 3. he might even end up having me as the only bidder over 1.

        it’s funny as since i’m a bit younger than youse and grey, i saw these movies, but not necessarily at the same time periods or the same amount of times. better off dead i have seen MANY times, spread across decades. one hot summer i have seen but not in a LONG time and not as many times, but will go see again shortly due to bobcat and what his writing later became (god bless america, crank yankers, chappelle).

  2. VictoriaB

    VictoriaB says:

    Smokes. This IS an obscure John Cusack movie — I thought I’d seen them all, but apparently not! I shall seek it out. Meanwhile, what am I gonna do with Roberto Osuna? Drop him or hold him? (Apologies if you’ve been asked this a million times!)

    • jason batteiger says:

      @VictoriaB: see for me one hot summer is more obscure. better off dead less so. the about to drink paint thinner (or paint) scene early on in it kept me watching this one right away.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @VictoriaB: I think if you need the non DL space he’s droppable. You better be watching this right now than and studying up.

  3. Charles De Mar says:

    go that way really fast…. if something gets in your way…..turn.

  4. Kruk_Ain't_An_Athlete says:

    Maurer and Grimm stunk for the Royals the other night in their chances…McCarthy makes sense so OF COURSE Ned uses him for the setup in the 8th and trots out Wily Peralta for his first ML save after 136 career big league games.


  5. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    20 team dynasty with 5 SP slots 7 RP slots. holds, relief wins, relief appearances, K/9, K/BB and OBPA against added h2h. need at least 9 TEX players either in active or DL slots at all times, and clearly their rotation is bad enough to not want any of that (hamels would be ok but not worth his “name” trade value), so most of my TEX guys are the hitters.

    SP: morton, V2, lasagna, pivetta, skaggs, peacock (usually he takes up a RP slot)
    RP: giles, leclerc, c.martin, diekman, steckenrider, kela, ollie perez
    DL: darvish, archer, ryu, morrow (back today)

    who’s my 2 RP drops for morrow and a streaming SP slot (till 1st of archer/darvish/ryu back), martin certainly seems to have the 8th inning back, so thinking leclerc (even though he’s been better than any other RP in TEX this year, the coaches don’t know it seemingly though, 2.22 FIP) and ollie perez (crazy good this year in short sample too, 1.19 FIP). when a.mill is back n.ramirez and ollie will lose some value.

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