Through the first few weeks of the season it seemed as if Prince Fielder was gearing up for another disappointing season. While last year was the result of an injury, it was disappointing nonetheless. Maybe he should have never left Milwaukee. You know, on the playground where he spent most of his days. Although Detroit wasn’t bad to him either. Those who doubted Fielder are now likely doubting themselves. Those that drafted him are now patting themselves on the back. In the past 14 days, no hitter has more fantasy points than Prince who has collected 72 points, including 6 home runs, 19 RBIs and 0 stolen bases. However I am predicting at least one stolen base before the season concludes and I believe that will be one more than Billy Butler‘s season total. Fielder is on pace for 35 home runs, 133 RBIs and a “jazzy” 577 points. 133 RBIs would be a single season high for Prince. Even though he looks more like Uncle Phil, The Fresh Prince Fielder is back!

Now let’s “throw it to Lucas“. Lucas Duda that is. Hopefully the Duda has been making his fantasy owners happy this season and they haven’t been keeping him on the bench. With 5 home runs and 54 points in the last two weeks perhaps he is living up to some of the preseason hype. And by preseason hype I am referring to the projections of 25-30 home runs. While he’s only on pace for just over 20, he is also currently batting .294. I’m not sure Lucas will be consistent enough to start on a week to week basis, but I am certainly going to keep an eye on him. And right now I’m starting him over Jason Heyward.

Guess who just traded Lorenzo Cain and Rusney Castillo for Jason Kipnis? That’s right, this guy! Cain and Castillo were both bench players as I had a lot of depth in the outfield and Kipnis is currently the top scoring second baseman with 161 points. So essentially I gave up very little to get a lot. And right now Kipnis is about as hot as it gets, next to Prince Fielder, Bryce Harper and Ryan Braun of course. Kipnis is so hot that he could probably keep the Menorah lit for weeks! Before a disappointing 2014 season, he flirted with stardom in both 2012 and 2013, hitting nearly 20 home runs and stealing 30 bases. He’s slightly behind pace for a 20/20 season, but I think a 15/25 season is well within reach. And with 161 points, he is well on his way to 500+ points season. Robinson Cano who? Despite being a tad low on Kipnis a few weeks back, he has won me over.

In the last 7 days Evan Gattis is batting .333 with 34 points. This will probably be the only time in his career that he ever hits for an average greater than .225. He now has 10 home runs and is on pace for a 30+ season. It’s nice to have a 30 home run catcher playing in the outfield. Hopefully those of you that drafted him have stuck with him.

Here are some other players that have been dropping points on their opponents like it’s their job over the last two weeks.

Miguel Cabrera (57 points), Josh Donaldson (56), Brandon Belt (54), Andrew McCutchen (52), Michael Brantley (50), Kyle Seager (49), Jose Bautista (47), Paul Goldschmidt (45), Brandon Crawford (45), Nolan Arenado (45), Nori Aoki (44), Pedro Alvarez (44), Jhonny Peralta (44), Kris Bryant (43)

What about pitchers? What about Bob? Not Bob, pitchers. Are there any noteworthy pitchers this season named Bob? I dare you to name one.

Mad Max Scherzer is proving everything he was expected to be when he was signed by the Nationals. In the last two weeks alone he has had 3 starts (3 QS) in which he pitched 22 innings, striking out 30 batters for 3 wins and 93 points. Move over Tom Hardy and Mel Gibson as Fury Road sounds more like the path hitters take when they walk back to the dugout after Scherzer has just struck them out. I wish a little of that Scherzer awesome-ness would rub off on Strasburg.

“Sterling” Archer put forth perhaps his best outing of the season the other day (34 points), only to go home with a no decision. That’s what happens when you pitch for the Rays and are pitching against Felix Hernandez. Can we call it now and just give the AL Cy Young award to King Felix. He leads all pitchers in fantasy points, especially in leagues that reward additional points for complete game shutouts. To put things into perspective, my personal league is very pitcher-friendly when it comes to points. Felix currently has 305 points. Scherzer is second with 266. The top batter is Bryce Harper, and he has 203. Next is Goldschmidt with 186.

Here are a few starting pitchers that have been throwing strikes the last two weeks:

Jacob deGrom (88 points), Trever Bauer (79), Jeff Samardzija (73), Gerrit Cole (70) Carlos Carrasco (69), Clayton Kershaw (69), Jered Weaver (69), Jordan Zimmermann (67), Madison Bumgarner (64), Kyle Hendricks (63), Drew Hutchinson (63)

I’d like to say one more thing while we are discussing pitchers. I love Gerrit Cole. Get him on your team. Averaging about 21 points per start so far this season, he is a pitcher you will want to have for at least the next 5 years. If Gerrit teams up with a Tom Cruise to do a Days of Thunder 2, would they name the main character Gerrit Cole Trickle? I wonder if when Ron Searage comes out to talk to Cole late in a game he says “You better go high Cole. Pick a line you can pitch through. Cole, are you alright? Answer me please. Pitch around this mess. You can pitch through it!!!” Perhaps they can also sign Zach Wheeler for the Days of Thunder sequel too…

  1. Clint says:

    Love your points leagues articles! As great as Grey as, I have about a million questions re points leagues because they feel like they’re structured so much differently to me than roto (or should be? maybe I’m wrong?). I’d bug you more via Twitter but it looks like you haven’t been there in a while.

    At the back end of my rotation, in my 8 team h2h points keeper league, I have a logjam of mediocrity between Hughes, Quintana, Chavez, Hutchison, and Jimmy Nelson. Which guy should I let go to continue streaming weekly come Monday? Hughes hasn’t looked good but it took me until last week to give up on Latos so maybe I’m just optimistic he’ll turn it around given time? Jimmy is almost Buchholz-ian in his ups & downs, as is Quintana to me, and Chavez has looked decent so far.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Clint: Thanks! I don’t tweet much, but if you ask me a question there, I will respond.

      Either Quintana or Nelson. How big are your rosters? In an 8-team league, how are any of these guys even rostered?

      • Clint says:

        We have 6 bench spots, 2 DL spots, and 2 NA spots for minor leaguers. Rosters obviously vary but for the most part, guys minimize the number of bats on their roster and max out on pitchers including the first tier of closers. One guy doesn’t even roster a catcher. This is only my 2nd year in it so a lot of the top tier SP’s were kept by the other 7 established owners. Luckily, between Razzball’s advice & savvy trades, I’ve managed to wind up with a pitching roster of:

        Sale, Arrieta, Shark, Carrasco, Salazar, Ross, Liriano, Soria, Casilla, Stroman (DL slot), Heaney/Ervin (NA spots), and the guys listed above.

        I won it last year without rostering closers so I’ve also wondered if keeping SP’s, even the average ones, is better long term in h2h. Grey suggested rostering 2 closers at all times and streaming one spot for the weekly 6 moves allowed, though.

        My bats are: Lucroy, Freeman, Altuve, Machado, Segura (although Alexei’s available if you suggest grabbing him), Harper, Castillo, Pence, Seager, Fowler, Span, Puig ( DL slot)

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Clint: Is this a H2H points league?

          With only 8 teams and those 8 teams minimizing bats, there is always going to be a good bat available on your wire.

          Do you have both SP and RP spots in your lineup or just P?

          Determining keepers comes down to the league’s scoring system and the number of players you can keep.

          • Clint says:

            2 SP, 2 RP, 4 P spots. Have 3 OF’s and 3 Utilities. We can keep up to 12 players right now (talked them up to 12 from 10 last year).

            Scoring for arms is:
            IP/Relief win=1pt

            Scoring for bats is:

          • Clint says:

            Waiver wire’s ripe with closers too:
            Boxberger, Grilli, Holland, Tolleson, Ziegler, Cecil, and Axford are all out there.

            • malamoney

              malamoney says:

              @Clint: So you have to have at least 2 RP at all times. I like to have at least one solid SP/RP guy and plug him in at RP when he has two starts.

              I just ran some numbers. The average points per week among the top 24 RP (3 per team) is 17.8 points. The average for the top 10 is 20.8 points.

              The average points for the top 48 SP (6 per team) is 21.4 points. So that says that it’s better to use an SP in the P spots.

  2. scrotchs says:

    Points league…Nolan arenado and cespedes for Cole?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @scrotchs: That’s a lot to give up for Cole, but I’m taking Cole in that one without knowing anything else about your roster.

      The questions I would have are:

      Who do you have to replace Arenado and Cespedes?
      What does the rest of your staff look like?

  3. Nuclear Molars says:

    You should do this more often than weekly it’s always a great read!
    10 team H2h In a 2nd base situation who would you rather have Paredes, Forsythe or Harrison, currently have Paredes. My utility is Duda, but I can grab Aoki or any of the other 2 mentioned above in Harrison and Forsythe? Thanks in advance!

    • Nuclear Molars says:

      @Nuclear Molars:

      Also would you start Hendricks or Uvaldo as 2 start pitchers next week or just hold?

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Nuclear Molars: It depends on my other options. But, in general, I am not excited about either of them.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Nuclear Molars: Don’t know that I have enough time to do this more than once a week, but thanks for the good words.

      I’m giving the slight edge to Harrison. I liked him coming into the season, but he got off to a slow start. However, I would have no problem with playing the hot hand…

  4. Chicken Dinner says:

    My points compadre!

    Tucker, Deshields, Grichuk or Burns?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Chicken Dinner: Que pasa!

      Leaning towards Tucker. Then DeShields…

      • Chicken Dinner says:

        @malamoney: With K Davis going down, does Parra enter the equation?

  5. Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

    pts league, with -1 for K’s, +1 BB, sliding scale for homers (4) down to singles (1). XBH also gets extra bonus of 1 pt. RBI/RUN = 1 and steals worth 2. AVG pts per game shown.
    posey (keeper, 3)
    wet tail (3.2)
    guerrero (4 keepers playing for the future here, and he does get 2.8 per game)
    plouffe (3)
    desmond (2.1)
    LF revere (2.6)
    CF ozuna (2)
    RF calhoun (2.5, possible keeper)
    util ortiz (2.4)
    BN correa (def playing for future here)

    1. replace Ozuna or Revere with tucker (2.8), byrd (2.5)
    2. replace ortiz with any of those three above OR any of segura (2.5), lind (2.4), paulsen (3),napoli (2.4)?

    3. replace desmond with segura?

    revere now being reported to have to split time with frenchy, and somehow asche’s playing time would be in better shape than revere’s in this scenario. should i wait to see if this is even true, as it doesn’t seem to make sense.

    • Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

      @Montezuma’s Revenge… right now: 16 team league i took over a month or more ago, it’s 1-6 about to likely be 1-7. had to drop chris davis for plouffe, way too many K’s, his pts per game were trash.

  6. Maestro says:

    I play in an H2H AL only Points league (8 Team). Who do you like ROS for hitters and starting pitchers from the list below? In my league we get 1 FA wire pickup each week and want to plan my next 2 weeks pick ups. Thanks for your help.

    A note on my scoring system – ERA and total bases are heavily rewarded.

    Hitters: Deshields, Burns, Tucker, Collabello, Holt
    Pitchers: Santiago, Karns, Elias, N. Martinez, McCullers, Rodriguez (Boston)

    • Maestro says:

      @Maestro: Wins and K’s are also rewarded pretty high. Thanks again…

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Maestro: Here’s how I rank them…

      Hitters: Collabello, Tucker, Deshields
      Pitchers: Santiago, McCullers, Karns

      For the pitchers I’d look for when they were two-start pitchers and compare matchups.

      • Maestro says:

        @malamoney: Thank you.

  7. Maestro says:

    Hi again –
    Play in an NL only weekly scoring 10 team H2h Points League. It’s a keeper league. Below is the scoring system for hitters. Need advice on whether to pull the trigger on a trade. If you think I’m giving up too much what should I propose. He wants 2 keepers back, 1B & OF

    He gets Fowler + Alvarez For J. Upton

    Weekly Scoring System

    BA Batting Average .126 – .150 BAs = 6 points
    .151 – .175 BAs = 7 points
    .176 – .200 BAs = 8 points
    .201 – .225 BAs = 9 points
    .226 – .250 BAs = 10 points
    .251 – .275 BAs = 11 points
    .276 – .300 BAs = 12 points
    .301 – .325 BAs = 13 points
    .326 – .350 BAs = 14 points
    .351 – .375 BAs = 15 points
    .376 – .400 BAs = 16 points
    .401 – .425 BAs = 17 points
    .426 – .450 BAs = 18 points
    .451 – .475 BAs = 19 points
    .476 – .500 BAs = 20 points
    .501 – .525 BAs = 21 points
    .526 – .550 BAs = 22 points
    .551 – .575 BAs = 23 points
    .576 – .600 BAs = 24 points
    .601+ BAs = 25 points

    BB Walks (Batters) 1 point
    CS Caught Stealing -1 point
    CYC Hitting for the Cycle 15 points
    E Errors -1 point
    HP Hit by Pitch 1 point
    R Runs 1 point
    RBI Runs Batted In 1 point
    SB Stolen Bases 2 points
    TB Total Bases 1 point

    Thanks, Mike

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