Is it just me or does anyone else think Jazz Chisholm needs to pair up with Prince Fielder. What could Fielder be up to these days anyway? I’d say about three hundred and fifty pounds. I think the two could make some great music together. You know what else, I think it would be a cool feature if a team drops Chisholm the website shows a video of Uncle Phil tossing him out the front door.

Yadier Molina continues to defy the odds of old age and leads all catchers with 47 fantasy points. Wilson Ramos leads all catchers with six home runs. J.T. Realmuto, the unanimous number one catcher coming into the season, has 33 points making him the sixth most productive catcher in points leagues. So you’re saying I didn’t have to waste a fifth round pick on my catcher? Heck, I could have waited until my last pick and snagged Ramos or taken Molina in the 18th. Either way I would have been better off at this moment, not to mention the player I could have taken in the 5th instead such as Brandon Woodruff, Tyler Glasnow or Kyle Tucker. But before you get the wrong idea, I am not jumping off the Realmuto bandwagon. It’s only been three weeks and the cream will rise to the top.

Current Catcher Rankings:

J.T. Realmuto
Willson Contreras
Salvador Perez
Christian Vazquez
Will Smith
Yadier Molina
Yasmani Grandal
Wilson Ramos
Omar Narvaez

I hope all of you Vlad doubters are trying to remember when you prematurely stopped thinking he was going to be a stud. With 61 points and a batting average over .400 he tops all first basemen. This doesn’t surprise me one bit, and if it surprises you then you’ve likely miscalculated. Despite batting only .211 Freddie Freeman is only 10 points behind Guerrero. Just goes to prove something I’ve said many times over the years, points are points and it doesn’t matter how a player earns them. One player is batting .411 and another .211 yet they are only ten points apart. Although it has only been three weeks and if this pattern remains that ten point spread will grow.

Current 1B Rankings:

Freddie Freeman
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Max Muncy
Jose Abreu
Anthony Rizzo
Eric Hosmer
Yuli Gurriel
Paul Goldschmidt
Jared Walsh

This is not the DJ you’re looking for. While preseason favorite DJ LeMahieu is nowhere to be found near the top of the points lists, DJ Jazzy Chisholm is making quite the name for himself. I don’t know that he can keep it up, but he’s looking like a potential 20/20 candidate. I’m thinking he’s more of a 15/25 player. The only 2B with a better points per plate appearance than Chisholm is Ketel Marte. All this time Whit Merrifield hasn’t skipped a beat. Get it, DJ and beat.

Current 2B Rankings:

Whit Merrifield
Ketel Marte
DJ LeMaheiu
Jose Altuve
Ryan McMahon
Ozzie Albies
Mike Moustakas
Jazz Chisholm
David Fletcher
Zach McKinstry
Jean Segura
Jed Lowrie

Justin Turner is turning the hot corner into Turner’s corner leading all 3B with 66 points. While I haven’t always been a staunch supporter of Kris Bryant in points leagues, he’s off to a decent start this year. Three names that make a surprising appearance in the current points leaders are Eduardo Escobar, Maikel Franco and Evan Longoria. Did someone call for a Three Stooges remake? All I can say is that I did have Escobar just outside the top 12 in my preseason rankings so seeing him inside the top ten is not an outrageous jump.

Current 3B Rankings:

Manny Machado
Jose Ramirez
Alex Bregman
Nolan Arenado
Justin Turner
Rafael Devers
Max Muncy
Kris Bryant
Eugenio Suarez
Eduardo Escobar
Kyle Seager

Boy do I sure wish I had more shares of Corey Seager. Truth be told, I don’t think I have any. Not because I didn’t want any, but because the price was too high. Or was it? Wouldn’t it have been worth it if I thought he was going to be the top shortstop? The answer is yes, but I didn’t think that. I figured top five and wasn’t going to pay his asking price. The bigger question is how does Miguel Rojas and Isiah Kiner-Falefa have more points than Xander Bogaerts, Trea Turner, Francisco Lindor and Trevor Story? They have more points than Tatis too, but he’s been on the IL.

Current SS Rankings:

Corey Seager
Fernando Tatis Jr.
Bo Bichette
Xander Bogaerts
Francisco Lindor
Trea Turner
Carlos Correa
Marcus Semien
Didi Gregorius
Dansby Swanson
Miguel Rojas
Tim Anderson
Brandon Crawford

It’s surprised players like Ramos, Jared Walsh, Ryan McMahon, Justin Turner, Eduardo Escobar and Miguel Rojas that glue championship teams together. They far outperform their draft price tag and also allow you to trade away bigger names to get other bigger names at positions of need.

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  1. Jon says:

    Trevor Story not even ranked? I get that he’s been dreadful, but I’m hoping that was an oversight?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      I left him off the list because I don’t like him. You could throw him down at the bottom. Could be all the way at the bottom or anywhere in between Swanson and Crawford.

  2. Gregory Huston says:

    Where is Yermin Mercedes in your catcher rankings? Everyone knows he’s not a two week wonder.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      I didn’t rank him as a catcher because he hasn’t caught a single game this year and doesn’t have catcher eligibility in many leagues. But I did see him pitch an inning today. I swear I could have gotten a base hit. And then definitely stolen a base on his slow delivery.

      I will try and include DH/UT players in the next installment.

  3. Coconut Willie says:

    Wondering where Olson is at 1B and Carson Kelly at C?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      Olson would have been one of the next 1B ranked. It’s really early for rankings, but I wanted to do an early gauge.

      Same with Kelly. I can actually see him ahead of Narvaez.

  4. Cable says:

    No love for Cronenworth

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      I guess I’d put Cronenworth in the Chisholm to Segura range.

  5. Joseph J Maliawco says:

    Will Smith can pair up with DJ Jazz. Speaking of which, I need a catcher, is Sean Murphy droppable at this point or is their a glimmer of hope he turns out ok? I could pick up Carson Kelly for him. Neither seem to be getting a ton of bats.

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