Those of you that live in the New York City area or have visited the world’s greatest metropolis have likely walked past Bryant Park. Perhaps you even stopped to take a leak or even sat down on a nice sunny day to do some fantasy baseball research and adjust your lineup. Located between between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and between 40th and 42nd Streets in Midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park is actually built on top of an underground building containing the archives for the New York Public Library. I know… who gives a shift. Besides, I’m more of a Washington Square Park kinda guy anyway.

For those of you that thought Bryant Park was the name of the Chicago Cubs spring training stadium, guess again. That would be Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona, which happens to be the largest spring training stadium (by capacity) with room for 15,000 people. [Jay’s Note: Had amazing sight lines, rugged, yet modern feel. 8/10, would go again.] I think that translates into 25,000 little people, but my math could be wrong. Despite his herculean efforts this spring, not only did they not rename the stadium after him, but Kris Bryant was denied the opportunity of being on the Opening Day roster. Instead, Theo Epstein gave us all some bullshart excuse that he needs more time in the minors. Listen Theo, say what you want, but there isn’t a baseball fan north of the border that doesn’t believe this isn’t a service time maneuver. I’m not a Boras fan, but I love how he called him out on this. Even Cubs manager Joe Maddon has said that he’d love to have him in the lineup. I guess I’ll see you in a few weeks Kris.

In the meantime, let’s take a few moments to reflect on Bryant’s stellar spring as well as look at some of the other top performers to see which players scored the most spring training fantasy points. Speaking of which, are there any spring training fantasy leagues? Who’s in for next year?

Allow me to present to you the 2015 All-Spring Training Fantasy Baseball Points League Team.

Position Player FPTS
C Mike Zunino 58
1B C.J. Cron 63
2B Ian Kinsler 54
3B Kris Bryant 66
SS Ben Zobrist 52
CI Justin Turner 52
MI Enrique Hernandez 48
OF Mike Trout 73
OF Billy Burns 61
OF J.D. Martinez 59
OF Mookie Betts 59
OF Joc Pederson 58
U Curtis Granderson 57
SP Taijuan Walker 106
SP Daniel Norris 87.6
SP Jacob DeGrom 84
SP Kendal lGraveman 80.3
SP Jered Weaver 79.3
SP Clayton Kershaw 75.3
SP Jordan Lyles 73
SP Tyson Ross 72.6
SP Max Scherzer 71


A couple minor things to mention. The stats were taken as of Tuesday (3/31) around noon time. The minimum requirement for being included in the list was 30 at bats for hitters and 10 innings pitched for hurlers. The pitchers ended up being all starters since closers really don’t close in spring training. Even though he is playing second base I put Ben Zobrist at SS since he is eligible there.

The scoring system I am using for the basis of this post is as follows:
RUN (+1), RBI (+1), 1B (+1), 2B (+2), 3B (+3), HR (+4), BB (+1), KO (-1), HBP (+1), SB (+1), CS (-1), SF (+1)
WIN (+7), LOSS (-5), IP (+3), K (+1), BB (-1), SAVE (+7), BLOWN SAVE (-1), ER (-1), HIT (-1), HBP (-1)

In 40 at bats, Kris Bryant has hit 5 singles, 3 doubles and 9 home runs. Combine that with 14 runs scored and 15 runs batted in, you have quite the stat line. Although it would be incomplete if I didn’t mention his 14 strikeouts. Those number produced at .425 batting average and 66 fantasy points. I’ve got an idea, let’s send him to the minors. After hitting 43 home runs, driving in 110 RBIs, scoring 118 runs and stealing 15 bases last year I really think he has more to prove.

With those numbers you’d expect Bryant’s 66 points to be the most among hitters, right? Wrong! That honor goes to none other than, Mike Trout (73 points). Seriously?! I just can’t get away from this guy. So far I own him in zero of my leagues, but I still have two drafts left. So you’re saying there’s a chance? A slim one. I actually don’t want to own him. Not because I doubt he is the best hitter, but because in order to do so in roto, you have to have the first pick. I hate picking on the ends of a snake draft. I much prefer being on the inside and not having such a gap between picks.

While Trout outpointed Bryant by 7 points, he also had 10 more at bats. With Bryant’s 1.65 points per at bat rate, giving him another 10 at bats would have put him at 82.5 points. Yada yada, I know. Here are Trout’s numbers for the spring:

50 at bats, 17 runs, 14 singles, 2 doubles, 2 triples, 4 home runs, 14 RBIs, 7 walks, 8 strikeouts, 4 stolen bases and a .440 average

I’ve attached a spreadsheet containing all of the spring training fantasy points, but here are the top hitters and pitchers. In the spreadsheet you can modify the “Points System” worksheet to reflect your leagues points distribution.


Player FPTS AB Position
Trout, M 73 50 CF
Bryant, K 66 40 3B
Cron, C 63 59 1B
Burns, B 61 67 CF
Martinez, J 59 56 LF
Betts, M 59 45 OF
Pederson, J 58 57 CF
Zunino, M 58 48 C
Granderson, C 57 42 RF
Young Jr., E 54 63 LF
Kemp, M 54 48 LF
Kinsler, I 54 44 2B
Pollock, A 53 59 CF
Zobrist, B 52 49 2B
Turner, J 52 43 3B
Lagares, J 51 55 CF
Cuddyer, M 51 49 RF
Boesch, B 50 54 RF
Cespedes, Y 50 52 LF
Butler, B 49 48 DH
McBride, M 49 48 RF
Bautista, J 49 37 RF
Hernandez, E 48 54 2B
Puig, Y 48 46 RF
Kendrick, H 48 44 2B
Pujols, A 47 50 1B
Peralta, D 47 49 LF
Medica, T 47 37 1B
Taylor, M 46 54 CF
Sanchez, T 46 35 C
Maxwell, J 45 60 CF
Belt, B 45 54 1B
Hosmer, E 45 52 1B
Arenado, N 45 51 3B
Paredes, J 45 51 3B
Seager, K 45 46 3B
Morse, M 45 42 1B
Pearce, S 45 41 LF
Szczur, M 45 41 CF
Alvarez, P 45 40 3B
Duffy, M 43 49 SS
Martin, L 43 49 CF
Campbell, E 43 48 1B
Negron, K 43 48 2B
Smolinski, J 43 46 LF
Frazier, T 43 45 3B
Mayberry, J 43 43 LF
Muncy, M 43 33 1B
Panik, J 42 59 2B
Gose, A 42 57 CF


C.J. Cron is starting to get my attention. Last year he hit 11 homers in 242 at bats. This year playing time was expected to be an issue, but with Josh Hamilton out, he should get everyday at bats. Could he hit close to 30 home runs?

You’d have to be crazy not to have Mookie Betts on your watch list. The kid has top 25 outfield potential written all over him. And how about A.J. Pollock. I passed on a lot of bigger named outfielders to wait and draft you.

I’m a fan of Ben Zobrist. I love his multi-position eligibility and think he’s going to score a lot of points. Howie Kendrick is another player I have higher expectations than most. I’ll just call it a hunch. Can Matt Kemp rebound? How about The Hebrew Hammer? How will Prince Fielder bounce back? And due to his late ADP, I have been grabbing Eric Hosmer in a lot of leagues.


Player FPTS IP
Walker, T 106 25
Norris, D 87.6 24.2
DeGrom, J 84 22
Graveman, K 80.3 21.1
Weaver, J 79.3 21.1
Kershaw, C 75.3 19.1
Lyles, J 73 21
Ross, T 72.6 18.2
Scherzer, M 71 20
Marquis, J 67 26
Cashner, A 65.3 18.1
Phelps, D 63 18
Zimmermann, J 61.6 19.2
Gonzales, M 61.3 17.1
Lohse, K 61 15
Sanchez, A 60.6 24.2
Hutchison, D 60 15
McAllister, Z 59 19
Quintana, J 58.6 21.2
Wacha, M 58.3 20.1
Buchanan, D 58 16
Pineda, M 57.6 13.2
Rodriguez, W 56 18
Montero, R 56 15
Harvey, M 55.6 18.2
Zito, B 55.6 15.2
Hammel, J 55 20
Leake, M 55 14
Wilson, T 55 14
DeSclafani, A 54.6 25.2
Pomeranz, D 54.6 17.2
Coleman, L 54.6 12.2
Stults, E 53 19
Rucinski, D 52 12
Gee, D 51.6 21.2
Warren, A 50.6 16.2
Wojciechowski, A 50.6 16.2
Shields, J 50.3 16.1
Santana, E 49 14
Verrett, L 49 14
Hernandez, R 48 17
Delgado, R 48 13
Oliver, A 48 10
Wright, S 47.6 13.2
Caminero, A 47.3 11.1
Heston, C 47 15
Arrieta, J 47 14
House, T 46.6 23.2
Brown, B 46.3 10.1
Price, D 46 19
Martinez, C 46 16
Kazmir, S 46 12
Sanchez, A 45.3 18.1
Peralta, W 45.3 14.1
Bauer, T 44.6 21.2
Eovaldi, N 44.6 13.2
Collmenter, J 44 13
Gibson, K 43.6 19.2
Nolasco, R 43.6 19.2
Kluber, C 42.6 18.2
Miller, S 42.3 18.1
Masterson, J 42 18
Flynn, B 42 13
Martinez, N 41.6 10.2
Jimenez, U 41.3 22.1
Gonzalez, M 41.3 18.1
Blazek, M 41.3 17.1
Rodon, C 41.3 12.1
Chapman, A 41 11
Wooten, R 40.3 14.1
Boyer, B 40.3 12.1
Matusz, B 40.3 12.1
Niese, J 40.3 10.1
Osuna, R 40 10
Cingrani, T 39.6 10.2


Taijuan Walker, Seattle Mariner is leading all pitchers (and hitters) in points so far this spring with 106 points to the tune of 25 IP, 3 wins, 1 earned run, 9 hits, 4 walks and 24 strikeouts. Those are exceptional numbers and I am excited to see what he has in store for the regular season. Keep an eye on Walker. I’m expecting great things out of Seattle this season.

There are a lot of familiar names atop this list, including last year’s NL rookie of the year, Jacob deGrom, and NL Cy Young winner, Clayton Kershaw. But what about this Kendall Graveman dude? He’s been pitching great this spring and seems like a lock to make the A’s starting rotation. He’s not a strikeout pitcher, but he appears to know how to get batters out. I’m kinda feeling Jered Weaver this season. I’ve talked to quite a few people that are down on him, but I have high hopes. And those are “naturally” high hopes. Then there’s Andrew Cashner. Please let him stay healthy. I’d love to see what he can do in a full season pitching in pitcher-friendly Petco Park. Cash is king. Show me the points Andrew!

Now that Carlos Martinez has won the 5th spot in the Cardinal’s rotation, I think he is going to be a very good weapon in points leagues given his RP eligibility. I’ve scooped him up in a few of my leagues. Along the same lines would be Aaron Sanchez. No, not the Mexican chef guy on the Food Network shows, but the RP eligible pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. I expect both to have their ups and downs, but needless to say, I am intrigued.

What To Expect?

I am looking forward to my first season contributing to Razzball. You never know what to expect from me and my affinity for immature toilet humor. Was that a redundant statement? Is there such a thing as mature toiler humor? I think Beavis and Butthead are legendary and I listen to The Howard Stern Show on a daily basis. I’m a software developer that loves The Legend of Zelda, Nine Inch Nails and fantasy sports. Those of you that had the pleasure of reading my posts on the football side of things this season know that I definitely have a distinct style. Love it or hate it, I am here to offer my thoughts on points leagues and hope that at least some of you will find some value in my words.

I have just one request. When asking a question, please include your league’s point system. Without this it’s pretty difficult to give you a calculated response. Good luck this season!

Spring Training Excel Spreadsheet.

For those familiar with Streamonator, Hittertron and the other top notch tools provided by Razzball you can now buy a subscription to access these game changing services by clicking “Subscribe Now“. For those not familiar with them, I suggest you find out more about them. When I asked Ferris Bueller what he thought about the subscription options, here’s what he had to say “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

You can find malamoney on Twitter.

  1. Jason Morgan says:

    Nice write-up. Bryant will be in the majors by June. Thoughts on Archie Bradley?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Jason Morgan: Thanks. I agree. He’s a strikeout pitcher so in points leagues that award pitchers +1 for strikeouts, he could be a nice pickup. He will likely give up a fair share of hits, walks and runs in Arizona.

      • Jason Morgan says:

        @malamoney: Thanks. Would you drop any of Eovaldi, Gee or Gausman to pickup Bradley?

          • Jason Morgan says:

            @malamoney: Thanks. Made the move. Keep the posts coming.

            • malamoney

              malamoney says:

              @Jason Morgan: You’re welcome. Will do!

  2. Grays Sports Almanac says:

    Sorry folks the parks closed! The moose out front should have told you….

  3. Let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised…

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Wake Up: God money’s not one to choose…

      The name of my team in my primary league is Emma’s Pretty Hate Machine. Emma being my daughter’s name.

      • de nachos says:

        @malamoney: [dear God]

        why are you doing this to me?

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @de nachos: am i not living up to what i’m supposed to be?

          • de nachos says:

            @malamoney: hope Bryant’s spring is a Terrible Lie. Since I own him nowhere.

            You a believer in Paxton? him, Anibal, or McHugh in points? 1K, 6QS, 4W, 7CG, 10SO.

            • de nachos says:

              @de nachos: and Wake’s Head Like A Hole lyric crushes mine. What a great song.

              • malamoney

                malamoney says:

                @de nachos: That entire album is incredible. I cannot count the number of times I have listened to from beginning to end.

            • malamoney

              malamoney says:

              @de nachos: Yes I am a believer, but not over Anibal or McHugh. Not yet at least.

  4. I_am_BobHamelin says:

    I hear Zach McAllister is throwing 97mph – in a deep league, does he have more upside than Hector Santiago?

    Spring Stats
    McAllister: 28Ks 4BB in 25IP
    Santiago: 6Ks 5BB in 12IP
    (I know spring stats do not count but spring league leader in Ks are Norris/Price with 29)

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @I_am_BobHamelin: Yes. McCallister over Santiago.

  5. PhrasingBackInTheMix says:

    I wish I had… BET on Betts. (Sorry.) Seriously though, no shares of him, what was I thinking?

    Choosing a fill-in for Rendon in a 10-team league. Not sure what the optimal upside vs. safety mix is… main options are Lawrie, Odor, Gyorko, and Scooter. No penalties for K’s. Have an opinion there?

    Also, as I wait for Jansen to return, who of these 4 would you fill 2 RP slots with this week? Mujica, Mejia, Graveman, Carlos Martinez. We get 2.5 pts for an IP, so I am generally leaning starters all the way, but I’m worried that one of those SP/RP guys could get shelled.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @PhrasingBackInTheMix: Gyorko is no penalty for strikeouts.

      Mujica for saves. Otherwise it’s a toss up. Leaning towards Martinez, but mostly because it seems Gravemen came out of nowhere. However I do own him on 3 of my 4 teams.

  6. Chicken Dinner says:

    Hey Mala! How ’bout a points league rank.

    McAllister, Cahill, Cosart

    Is it close.


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Chicken Dinner: What’s your points system?

      • Chicken Dinner says:

        10 W
        -5 L
        2.5 IP
        -1 ER
        -0.5 H/BB
        1 K

        • Chicken Dinner says:

          @Chicken Dinner: Also, same league.
          C Grandel SP Lynn
          1B Abreu SP Quintana
          2B Wong SPHutchinson
          3B Carpenter SP Peralta
          SS Flores SP Hahn
          CI Rizzo SP C.J. Wilson
          MI Seimen SP M. Gonz/ Cosart/ T.J.
          OF Harper RP Carasco
          OF Yelich RP Norris
          OF Bruce
          OF Rua
          OF Tomas/Sauders/Stubbs
          DH Votto

          We start 5 OF 7 SP 2 RP

          Bout to send a trade offer.

          My Hitchinson, his Asivail

          Who’d you want?

          • malamoney

            malamoney says:

            @Chicken Dinner: Leaning towards Hutch. Like many this season, I like Avisail, but I like Hutchinson too.

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Chicken Dinner: Cosart, McAllister, Cahill

          But with what McAllister has been doing during spring training I wouldn’t have a problem with moving him to the front of the pack for upside considering none of these pitchers should be pitchers you are relying on.

  7. JT says:

    Need some help following my crappy draft, Points League, rank these SPs: Brett Anderson, Aaron Sanchez, Trevor Cahill, & Archie Bradley. Thanks!

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @JT: What’s your league’s scoring system?

  8. Bob says:

    Just Drafted. And now scouting Waivers

    Would you Rather

    Brandon McCarthy or Carlos Martinez or Archie Bradley Or Paxton
    Boxenburg or Neftali Perez or Graveman

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Bob: What’s your league’s scoring system?

      • Bob says:

        H2H Roto Categories 6×6 standard 5 plus QS

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Bob: McCarthy for stability, any of the other 3 for upside


          Which Perez?

  9. Sange76 says:

    I have a shot at Felix or scherzer in a 12 team h2h points league. Who gets the nod for my squad this year and why?


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Sange76: Scherzer by an ass hair. He pitches in the NL and will rack up more strikeouts. Not to mention being in the NL East as opposed to AL West.

      • Sange76 says:


        Thanks for the prompt, insightful, and horrifyingly graphic response…

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Sange76: Any time my friend!

  10. Allan says:

    Malamoney, I’m really loving these points league posts. It’s what I’ve always played in. Our settings for pitching are 5 points wins, 5 points quality starts, 2 points K’s, -.5 for walks, -1 for earned runs, and -3 for losses. There are some other random points for like no hitters and complete games but they happen rarely so I didn’t include them. My rotation is Strasburg, Zimmerman, Alex Wood, Shields, Arrieta, Carrasco, Latos, Hutchison, and Shoemaker. There’s some good pitchers available and I was wondering if I should make any changes. Shelby Miller, Paxton, Walker, Carlos Martinez, and Mike Fiers are probably the best available. Keep the posts coming.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Allan: Thanks! If Shoemaker does not have RP eligibility in your league, then I’d want Miller and Fiers over him. And the way Walker has been pitching, him too. Truth be told, I think I’d want them all over Shoemaker except Paxton. He has to show me some more. If Shoemaker does have RP eligibility, then I’d think twice about Miller and Fiers. But it’s close. If Shoemaker can be used at RP, but you have good closers that you probably wouldn’t sit for Shoemaker, then I’d stick to my original assessment.

  11. D-train says:

    Any where on this site going to have customizable rankings for points leagues?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @D-train: Don’t think so. You can download my spreadsheet from a few posts ago and customize it with your league’s scoring system. It might be “a little” off due to roster sizes, but it should be close enough.

  12. Oranje says:

    On the flipside…what about horrible springs? Which pitcher should I keep on my team Fister or Latos? I need to drop one due to salary restrictions. Also, who is the better starter for week one: Peavy or Hahn. Thanks.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Oranje: What’s your league’s scoring system?

      • Oranje says:

        @malamoney: 5×5 H2H (but against every team each week) 10-team league.
        My active SPs and RPs are Strasburg, Greinke, Arrieta, Archer, Liriano, KRod and Reed. The final SP spot is between the following…Latos, Fister, Gausman (hopeful he wins the job), Peavy, Hahn, J. Nelson. Technically, I could start either Latos or Fister and not need to drop one but I have concerns about both. Thoughts?

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Oranje: Honestly, it’s a tossup with the slightest of edges going to Fister since he’s on the better team. Hahn over Peavy.

  13. al says:

    Should I drop Revere and pick up Cron? Would mostly be played at UTIL anyway assuming my OFs pan out as planned. However Melky does scare me…

    Other guys available on my watch list include: JD Martinez, K. Davis, L. Martin, S. Gennett, Zunino, Arcia, Gyorko, Alcantara, A. Garcia and Baez just to name a few…

    Oh and I just wanted to pickup Hutchinson and Paxton before someone else did but dropped Kennedy and Lackey in the process.. I would have picked up Shoemaker but he’s not RP eligible in ESPN . I’m still keeping watch on guys like Fiers, Hahn, Collmenter, Hammel, Eovaldi, Bauer, and Greene though..

    10 Team H2H Points; Scoring:
    HIT (+1), RUN (+1), RBI (+1), 1B (+1), 2B (+1), 3B (+2), HR (+3), BB (+1), SB (+1) , CYC (+5)
    WIN (+3), LOSS (-3), IP (+3), K (+1), BB (-1), SAVE (+3), ER (-2), HIT (-1), NH (+10) PF (+15)

    (1) C: Lucroy
    (1) 1B: Freeman
    (1) 2B: Kinsler
    (1) SS: Andrus
    (1) 3B: Donaldson
    (3) OF: A. Gordon, J. Heyward, M. Cabrera
    (1) UT: Revere
    Bench: (A. Rendon)

    (4) SP: Scherzer, Cobb, L. Lynn, P. Hughes
    (3) RP: Chapman, Kimbrel, C. Martinez [SP/RP]
    Bench: (C. McHugh, Smyly, Hutchinson, Paxton)
    Bench Total: (5)

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @al: Nah. Revere is pretty valuable in points leagues. I’d probably rank Leonys ahead of Cron too. But I do like Cron.

  14. FrankGrimes says:

    Hey Richard this is yer dad
    just called to say we ate them turtles
    they was mighty tasty
    talk to ya later bub bye

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @FrankGrimes: Effing love Richard’s dad. Bub!!!

      Wish they’d take Benjy’s mic away permanently. I called in about a year ago after Howard called Trent Reznor a schlub and got on. Called in a few other times, but just sat on hold.

      • FrankGrimes says:

        nice… Benjy is my least favorite part of the show
        Ive been listening forever.
        Im going to take a pitcher instead of Bryant in first round
        even tho i doubt he gets back to me in 2nd
        I looked over your excel sheet
        Here is five “best” hitters left after keepers:
        Donaldson Freeman A. Gon Pujols V Mart
        Pitchers: Zimm Lester Smarjz Hamels Harvey

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @FrankGrimes: I’d rather listen to Jeff the Bore or even Hanzi over Benjy and his bullshit. I’ve been listening forever as well. I really like listening to the old shows they play on 101. Takes me back. And makes me laugh.

          I be taking all of those players listed over Bryant. I like Bryant, but his hype has him going way to early in drafts. Where he is being drafted makes that pick a very badly valued pick. Who are your keepers?

          • FrankGrimes says:

            Goldy Stanton AdamJones Springer
            so with -1 Ks another reason to stay away from Bryant

            Do you remember Dr Remulak or Ian the drunk?
            I miss ETM soooo much too :(

            • malamoney

              malamoney says:

              @FrankGrimes: I am Dr. Remulak. ETM got on my nerves a lot, but I enjoyed his calls and the way they crapped on him.

              You definitely gotta take a pitcher. I like Hamels. However I’ve got a feeling about Pujols. And how can you not like Donaldson.

  15. Marc Peters says:

    While what the Cubs did to Bryant wasn’t right, how can you possibly commend Boras, whose entire existence is all about money, for “calling out” the Cubs on a decision they made based purely on money? How can you commend Boras on ANYTHING? I’ve never heard him utter a single word that wasn’t 100% self-serving.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Marc Peters: My commendation was purely self serving in itself. I am just pissed that the Cubs sent Bryant down. Short of this post, as a nobody, I have no ability to completely vent my frustration. I don’t know Boras personally. From everything I’ve read, he’s a money-hungry business man who will stop at nothing to make an extra dollar. He might be a douche, but he’s a rich douche. I’m just happy someone in the public spotlight spoke up regardless of their underlying reasoning.

  16. Barry B says:

    Who do you like to score more points this season between Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion? Points league….
    1B +1, 2B +2, 3B +3, HR +4, R +1, RBI +1, SB + 2, CS – 1, SO -1, BB + 1.

    By the way, looking forward to having you on board as a weekly read as part of my fantasy baseball repoertoire.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Barry B: Thanks Barry. Looking forward to contributing this season.

      I like Joey Bats by a little bit.

  17. huberto PEREZ says:

    hey I need your advice this is the team I was able to draft. please let me know what you think of my team from scale 1-10 and tell me if I need to make any changes which position im weak in ?by the way is points league

    C Jonathan Lucroy, Mil C

    1B Albert Pujols, LAA 1B, DH

    2B Dee Gordon, Mia 2B

    3B Nolan Arenado, Col 3B

    SS Troy Tulowitzki, Col SS

    OF Matt Kemp, SD OF

    OF Mookie Betts, Bos OF

    OF Jorge Soler, ChC OF

    UTIL Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B, OF

    Bench Bryce Harper, Wsh OF

    Bench Joc Pederson, LAD OF

    Bench A.J. Pollock, Ari OF

    Bench Mike Napoli, Bos 1B

    SP Clayton Kershaw, LAD SP

    SP Stephen Strasburg, Wsh SP

    SP Michael Wacha, StL SP

    SP Francisco Liriano, Pit SP

    SP Collin McHugh, Hou SP

    RP Drew Storen, Wsh RP

    RP Hector Rondon, ChC RP

    Bench Taijuan Walker, Sea SP

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @huberto PEREZ: Dude, I like this team. I wouldn’t say you are weak at RP, but there is some uncertainty of success with those guys. Be on the lookout for a guy like Ken Giles taking over in Philly.

      Harper is a starter over both Kemp and Soler.
      Napoli is expendable. I’d rather have a guy like C.J. Cron over him.
      I’m not that high on Dee Gordon. I like him in roto formats for this stolen bases, but he hasn’t won me over in points leagues. I’d keep an eye on him and who’s available on the wire in your leauge.

      Overall I gotta give this team an 8.55

      Nice job.

      • huberto PEREZ says:

        ken giles is available who would you drop from my two rp pick up giles and should I drop Napoli and pick up c.j cron and 2b should I drop Gordon for odor,uggla,gennett,alcantara,phillips,lawrie,micha Johnson,solarte

        • huberto PEREZ says:

          drop Napoli for cron,morse or joe mauer

  18. huberto PEREZ says:

    by the way is a 10 team league and the format is as follows thank you

    Singles (1B) 1 Doubles (2B) 2
    Triples (3B) 3 Home Runs (HR) 4
    Walks (BB) 1 Runs Scored (R) 1
    Runs Batted In (RBI) 1 Stolen Bases (SB) 2
    Strikeouts (K) -0.5 Hit by Pitch (HBP) 1
    Caught Stealing (CS) -1

    Innings Pitched (IP) 1.5 Earned Runs (ER) -1
    Wins (W) 7 Losses (L) -5
    Saves (SV) 5 Blown Saves (BS) -3
    Strikeouts (K) 1 Hits Allowed (H) -1
    Walks Issued (BB) -1 Hit Batsmen (HB) -1
    Quality Starts (QS) 3

  19. Exactly says:

    Hi, we’ve got a pretty in-depth points system (12 team):

    1B Singles 1.25 points
    2B Doubles 2.50 points
    3B Triples 3.75 points
    AB At Bats -.25 points
    BB Walks (Batters) 1.25 points
    CS Caught Stealing -.5 points
    CYC Hitting for the Cycle 21 points
    E Errors -.5 points
    GSHR Grand Slam Home Runs 5.5 points
    HP Hit by Pitch 1.25 points
    HR Home Runs 5 points
    IB Intentional Walks 2 points
    KO Strikeouts (Batter) -.25 points
    R Runs 3 points
    RBI Runs Batted In 3 points
    SB Stolen Bases 2.25 points
    SF Sacrifice Flies .75 points
    SH Sacrifice Hits .75 points
    Scoring for Pitching Categories Name Settings
    AO Air Outs 1.25 points
    BBI Walks Issued (Pitchers) -.75 points
    BS Blown Saves -5 points
    CG Complete Games 3.5 points
    ER Earned Runs -2.5 points
    ERA Earned Run Average 0+ ERAs = 0 points
    GO Ground Outs 1.75 points
    HA Hits Allowed -1 point
    HD Holds 6 points
    HRA Home Runs Allowed -1 point
    INN Innings 0 points
    K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 2.5 points
    L Losses -5 points
    NH No-Hitters 15 points
    PG Perfect Games 20 points
    QS Quality Starts 5 points
    S Saves 12 points
    SO Shutouts 5 points
    W Wins 10 points
    WHIP Walks + Hits / Inning 0+ WHIPs = 0 points
    Special Scoring for Relief Pitchers Name Settings
    AO Air Outs 1.50 points
    BBI Walks Issued (Pitchers) -1 point
    ER Earned Runs -3.0 points
    GO Ground Outs 2.25 points
    HA Hits Allowed -1.25 points
    K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 3.00 points
    L Losses -2.5 points
    W Wins 5 points

    I was approached by a manager who lost Rendon and Baez for my Josh Harrison. If I make a move, I’d have to grab someone like Gennett or Alcantara off waivers to plug into 2B.

    Would you move Harrison and Feliz (who I don’t particularly trust, but felt I had to grab) for his Melancon? or his Taijuan Walker? He also has DeGrom, but might be asking for too much.

    The rest of my team is:

    C: Zunino
    1B: Bautista
    2B: Harrison
    3B: Castellanos
    SS: Bogaerts
    MI: Escobar
    CI: A. Gonz
    OF: J. Upton
    OF: Cespedes
    OF: Blackmon
    OF: Trumbo
    DH: LaRoche

    SP: Kluber
    SP: Arrieta
    SP: Iwakuma
    SP: Hutchison
    SP: Hammel
    B: Salazar
    B: Hahn
    RP: Chapman
    RP: Benoit
    RP: Feliz
    P: Boxberger
    B: Soria


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Exactly: Wow, that is one heck of a point system. Pretty intense. I like it!

      Just to be clear, he is not offering Rendon, correct?

      I would not trade Harrison and Felix for Melancon or Walker. You have Chapman to anchor your RP staff. While I am not super high on Feliz, I have him on more than one of my teams. I think he has potential. That potential could also be the potential to fail, but I’m gonna wait and see. I think Soria should be the closer in Detroit by the ASB.

      I like Harrison’s multi-position eligibility and think he is an underrated player. I own him on 3 of my 5 teams.

      • Exactly says:

        @malamoney: Yeah, he hasn’t offered Rendon, but I can always ask for him in return! I like Harrison’s position eligibility too, but I know Grey is down on him.

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Exactly: Doubt he’ll have any desire to include Rendon. I’m running with Harrison until he proves me wrong.

  20. RicoSuave says:

    Great stuff Malamoney!

    14 team H2H points league… I’ve been offered Goldschmidt and Carlos Gonzalez for my Edwin Encarnacion and Starling Marte… should I do it?

    who gets the better deal?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @RicoSuave: If I thought Cargo had a chance at playing the season injury-free, I’d say to definitely make the deal. I love Goldschmidt. I also like Marte. What you want is Goldschmidt and Marte, but I realize that’s not on feasible. Edwin did just miss a few weeks with a back issue, but he appears to be fine.

      Based on the numbers, it says Goldschmidt side wins. My gut says it’s pretty close to 50/50.
      Sorry I couldn’t give you a definitive answer.

      • RicoSuave says:

        @malamoney: Appreciate your input Malamoney…
        it’s a tough one because both sides could have injuries (altough, E5 might DH a bit more now that they have Smoak) I also like the Goldschmidt side but comes with a big injury concern with CarGo… E5 is getting older and has had a few injuries as well, so it’s hard to decide.
        thanks again!

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @RicoSuave: I hear ya. If Cargo was healthy, it’s a slam dunk. E5’s back issues concern me a bit. Let me know what you decide.

  21. Jerry says:

    Hey Malamoney,

    Would you rather have for a reserve spot in a ten team, head to head points league: Ben Revere, Kris Davis, or Erik Aybar?


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Jerry: Revere, then Aybar, then Khris…

  22. assy says:

    dalton pompey or billy butler over lorenzo cain? cain has the popularity, butler the projected counting stats, and pompey the upside.. don’t know what to do here (10 team points league, btw…. -1 for Ks, +1 pretty much everything else)

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @assy: Hate to say it, but I think Butler is the pick in points leagues. I really want to say Pompey. If you are taking a shot at a guy that will be on your bench, then you could give Pompey a shot I guess.

  23. The Harrow says:

    boras pretended for the media that somehow this goes against players union, when THEY SET THIS SYSTEM UP! It’s a simple press game to drum up interest, and make Boras more money. Nobody forced MLBPA to do this, they were fine with it when the lawyers and everybody made these decisions.

    • The Harrow says:

      @The Harrow: really Kike was the best MI, hmmm, surprised Boras doesn’t come up with how not letting him be a starter somehow is prejudiced against the JDL? (and he would, if it paid money to say so)

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @The Harrow: Huh? Enrique?

        • The Harrow says:

          @malamoney: yes on Enrique

  24. Chicken Dinner says:

    EYJ or Gose this week?

    All year?


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Chicken Dinner: Both are shitty options. But if EYJ has the starting job, then I’d go with EYJ for now. I think Gose and Rajai will be splitting time vs rightes/lefties. At least that’s my understanding. If they could combine into one player, that would be a good player to own. When Melvin Upton returns EYJ’s role has a good chance of diminishing even though Upton stinks. If I am forced to pick now I take Young for this week and for the season.

  25. Sange76 says:

    12 team h2h points keeper. How am I looking this year?

    C. Darnaud (14th)
    1b. Pujols. (3rd)
    2b. Walker (11th)
    3b c. Santana (5th)
    Ss Hanley (2nd)
    Of Brantley (12 keeper)
    Of marte (4th)
    Of Gordon ( 9th)
    Utility Harrison (15th)
    Utility Blackmon (13th)
    Bench avasail garcia (19)
    Bench alcides Escobar (20)
    Bench buxton (18)
    Sp scherzer (1)
    Sp Hamels (7 keeper)
    Sp g. Richards (6)
    Sp iwakuma (8)
    p Carlos Martinez (16)
    RP Cody Allen (10)
    RP Rondon (15)

    Already have a claim in for Jesse Hahn to cover Richards first few starts and was thinking of dropping Escobar for a RP to keep in my P slot all the time, holds are 5 points, either boxgarner or wade Davis…

    Thanks brother!

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Sange76: Teams looks real good man! Nice work. I can see dumping Escobar for a holds guy. I’m assuming you mean Boxberger. Not some hybrid of him and Bumgarner. Davis is a good option too. Does anyone have Giles? How about Grilli?

      • Sange76 says:


        Ha. I wish it were some kind of boxberger/Bumgarner love child.

        They are all there, depending in how waivers shake out. How you have it is pretty much my order of preference.

        Thanks for all the posts. Huge help in points leagues, as you can see. Hopefully it’ll be between me and one team that kept Strasburg and Cueto and grabbed price too. Good staff but his 4 and 5 aren’t strong and my bats are better…

        Thanks again!

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Sange76: Scherzer, Hamels and Iwakuma is nothing to shake a stick at. Should be a good season for you.

          Looking forward to helping whoever I can with these posts.

  26. Shivdaddy says:

    12 team league, weekly locks. Scoring at bottom.

    Hindsight I would of went SP/SP with my first 2 picks. The waiver wire is full of trash as each teams holds onto 10-12 SP. IMO, my hitting is top tier, RP is top tier, SP scares me a lil. What do you think? Is it worth cutting anyone to sit on Moore, Medlen, Griffin or Beachy?

    C – Rosario
    1b – Abreau
    2b- Kendrick
    SS- Hanley
    3B- Chris Davis (first base putouts at third!)
    OF- Jones
    OF- Bruan
    OF- Cargo
    DH- Hosmer

    Bench – Matt Adams

    SP- Strasburgh
    SP- Cole
    SP- McHugh
    SP- Fiers
    SP- Paxton
    RP- Chapman
    RP- Shoemaker

    SP- Masterson
    SP- Smyly
    SP- Syndergaard
    RP- Pomeranz
    RP- Adam Warren

    Scoring System
    Batting Categories Setting
    1B – Singles 1.3 points
    2B – Doubles 2.7 points
    3B – Triples 4.2 points
    BB – Walks (Batters) 1 point
    CS – Caught Stealing -1 point
    CYC – Hitting for the Cycle 10 points
    E – Errors -1 point
    GDP – Ground Into Double Plays -.25 points
    HP – Hit by Pitch 1 point
    HR – Home Runs 5.4 points
    HRISP – Hits Runners in Sco. Pos. 1.5 points (great for big RBI guys)
    KO – Strikeouts (Batter) -.6 points
    PO – Put Outs .1 points (great for first basemen)
    R – Runs 1 point
    RBI – Runs Batted In 1 point
    SB – Stolen Bases 2.1 points
    SF – Sacrifice Flies .5 points
    SH – Sacrifice Hits .5 points

    Pitching Categories Setting
    B – Balks -.5 points
    BBI – Walks Issued (Pitchers) -.8 points
    BS – Blown Saves -2.5 points
    CG – Complete Games 5 points
    ER – Earned Runs -1 point
    HA – Hits Allowed -.2 points
    HRA – Home Runs Allowed -.5 points
    INN – Innings 2 points
    K – Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
    L – Losses -4 points
    NH – No-Hitters 10 points
    PG – Perfect Games 20 points
    PKO – Pick Offs 2 points
    QS – Quality Starts 2.3 points
    RL – Relief Losses 1 point
    RW – Relief Wins -3.5 points
    S – Saves 7.5 points
    SO – Shutouts 6.5 points
    W – Wins 10 points
    WP – Wild Pitches -.25 points


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Shivdaddy: Two things stick out to me. Sadly Wilin Rosario is a bench player. At least for now.

      At 7.5, saves are the second biggest points item for pitchers after wins. I only see one closer on your squad (Chapman). I’d think you could benefit from another considering a closer could see 2-4 opportunities each week.

  27. Ron says:

    Scoring Format:
    RUN (+1), RBI (+1), 1B (+1.25), 2B (+2.5), 3B (+3.75), HR (+5), BB (+1), SO (-1), SB (+1), CS (-0.5)
    WIN (+5), LOSS (-3), SAVE (+2), BS (-1), K (+1), ER (-1), HOLD (+1), QS (+3)

    C – Lucroy
    CI – Donaldson, Carpenter
    MI – Kinsler, Reyes
    OF – Trout, Brantley, Holliday
    Util – R. Zimmerman, Hosmer
    BN – Melky, Segura, Eaton

    SP – Arrieta, Gray, Kennedy, McHugh, Keuchel, Pineda
    RP – Carrasco, Shoemaker

    1) Is it crazy to think about trading Trout for more overall point value?

    2) What do you think of the possible trade offers below? Any stand out as “YES! Do this NOW!”?
    A) Trout for Pujols, Richards and Britton
    B) Trout for Puig and Zobrist
    C) Trout for A. Jones, J.D. Martinez and Krimbel
    D) Trout for Edwin, Revere and Chapman


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Ron: I am probably keeping Trout in all of those offers. Saves are not worth that much in your league (+2), otherwise I would consider choice “C”. The rule of thumb of getting the side of the trade with the best player applies here.

      And when Trout is involved anyone trading for him is going to have to GREATLY overpay. That’s just how it works with him. No one is going to give up Trout in a fair trade. A fair trade involving Trout is not a fair trade.

      • Ron says:

        @malamoney: I’m in a H2H points league and this is my first time delving into a points league of any kind so I’m a little confused. If the points for Trout by himself is less than the combined points for the pieces he brings back, why is Trout MORE valuable in a points league?

        I (erroneously) thought that it was ALL about points and names don’t mean as much. Please enlighten me here on my misunderstanding of the Trout factor here in the points game.

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Ron: It is all about points. However, you need to consider all aspects. If Trout is projected to score 500 points. In nearly all cases I would not trade him for two players that are expected to combine for 600 points.

          Here’s an important factor. Any time you get back more players than you give you will have to likely cut players to meet roster size requirements. But that is not the main issue. The issue is let’s say it’s a 2 for 1 deal for Puig and Zobrist.

          Here are the example points projections:

          Trout: 550
          Puig: 440
          Zobrist: 350

          Simple math says that 550 is less than 800 (440+360). Done deal, right? Wrong. You are not really netting 800 points here. Puig will replace Trout in your lineup. That is a net loss of 110 points. Zobrist must replace someone too. Let’s say that someone is Alcides Escobar. Sounds like a great upgrade, no? Well it is, but Escobar is projected to score 300 points. So you are only gaining 60 by upgrading to Zobrist.

          But let’s say the trade off was equal where the Zobrist upgrade offset the downgrade from Trout to Puig. Or even if the Zobrist upgrade gave you an extra 30 or so points on that end. You are still giving up the best player for a few points.

          When figuring out the point differential that you will gain/lose in a trade, you have to include the player you will be displacing from your current starting lineup.

          I hope that makes sense.

          • Ron says:

            @malamoney: Makes all the sense in the world. I wasn’t factoring in the replacement player differential for the lesser player in the deal.

            • malamoney

              malamoney says:

              @Ron: Cool. Feel free to shoot any questions you have.

  28. Tom says:

    Need your help as I need to get this claim in ASAP. Who would you drop for Homer Bailey? Cron, Carlos Martinez, or Daniel Norris?
    My team:
    Clayton Kershaw LAD SP
    Corey Kluber CLE SP
    Gerrit Cole PIT SP
    Mike Fiers MIL SP
    Collin McHugh HOU SP
    Brandon McCarthy LAD SP
    James Paxton SEA SP
    Daniel Norris TOR RP
    Carlos Martinez STL RP
    Aroldis Chapman CIN RP
    Huston Street LAA RP
    Albert Pujols LAA 1B
    Matt Holliday STL OF
    Adam Jones BAL OF
    Ian Kinsler DET 2B
    Mookie Betts BOS OF
    Ryan Zimmerman WAS 3B/OF
    Pablo Sandoval BOS 3B
    AJ Pollock ARI OF
    Daniel Santana MIN SS/OF
    J.D. Martinez DET OF
    Russell Martin TOR C
    C.J. Cron LAA 1B

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Tom: I guess either Martinez or Norris. As for which one, I really can’t say. It’s too early in the season for me to give the right answer. I could argue both ways. Both on good teams and both with nice upside. I like them both and their dual SP/RP eligibility. Seeing Martinez used in relief last night was at first cause for concern, but he was just getting some work in and is still on track for his start.

      • Tom says:

        @malamoney: I guess Cron is worth hanging on to at least until Hamilton is back?

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Tom: I think so

  29. Pat says:

    who do you like better Daniel Norris or Hutchison or Eovaldi?
    Better yet could you rank them?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Pat: Hutchinson, Eovaldi, Norris. But Norris has the upside and SP/RP eligibility to pass Eovaldi if he falters in NY.

  30. Ron says:

    Scoring Format:
    RUN (+1), RBI (+1), 1B (+1.25), 2B (+2.5), 3B (+3.75), HR (+5), BB (+1), SO (-1), SB (+1), CS (-0.5)
    WIN (+5), LOSS (-3), SAVE (+2), BS (-1), K (+1), ER (-1), HOLD (+1), QS (+3)

    Roster (10 team league):
    C – Lucroy
    CI – Donaldson, Carpenter
    MI – Kinsler, Reyes
    OF – Trout, Brantley, Holliday
    Util – R. Zimmerman, Hosmer
    BN – Melky, Segura, Eaton

    SP – Arrieta, Gray, Kennedy, McHugh, Keuchel
    RP – Carrasco, Shoemaker
    BN – Pineda

    Couple of questions (sorry for so many):
    1) I only have 4 bench spots and 3 are used for bats. Is this a good strategy or should I drop one or more bats for more pitchers?
    2) Markakis, Pearce, Aoki, Alcides, Cuddyer, Vogt, D. Santana are all available on the wire. Would you drop any of my guys for any of these guys?
    3) Paxton, Rondon, Hahn, Dickey, Buckholz, Brett Anderson, Greene, Pomeranz are all available. Would you drop one of my guys for any of these?
    4) We have two N/A spots. Should I fill them with Franco, Sano, Buxton, Tomas, Lindor, Syndergaard or Rodon?
    5)We also have two DL spots. Span, Hamilton, Weiters, Hardy, Ryu are all available. Which two should I grab first?


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:


      1. There are a lot of variables in play. In most cases you want to have the best waiver wire players on your bench. However sometimes you need to look at your roster and see where you might be in trouble if you had a guy go down. If available I like multi-position eligible players as they can be plugged in several places if needed. It also depends on who your starters are at each position. For example, in my league we start 4 SP. I have Felix, Strasburg and Greinke. I will be starting them every week. That leaves 1 opening in my lineup. Our bench size is 8 players. I don’t need 5 more starters on my bench. You have a lot of starters. Actually you have all starters. You might want to look into an RP.

      2. I’d consider dropping Segura or Eaton for Pearce

      3. I need to see these guys pitch a game or 3 before I could answer that question. I have high hopes for Pineda this season, but he if he doesn’t look like he’s got it, he could be replaced with Paxton, Pomeranz or even Bucholz if he keeps up where he left off in his first outing.

      4. If this is a keeper league then Buxton for sure. I have Rodon on nearly all of my teams. Third would be Syndergaard.

      5. Ryu and Span. Span is great in points leagues.

      Good luck…

  31. Ron says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Of course just when I want him someone else grabs Pearce.

    One thing I failed to mention is that in order to pickup a DL or NA guy I first need to drop a healthy player, which obviously makes them available to other teams with higher waivers.

    1) Which would you ne LEAST worried about losing/replacing – Eaton or Segura?
    2) When I lose the guy, who should I replace him with – Pagan, Lind, Markakis, Aoki, Alcides, Cuddyer, Vogt, D. Santana ?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Ron: I’d probably just hold onto Eaton and Segura if Pearce is gone.

      • Ron says:

        @malamoney: I want to hold on to them both but in order to pickup Ryu and Span for my DL spots and pickup Rodon and Synde for my N/A spots I need to drop one of them and hope I can get them back off waivers. The only other player I could drop is Pineda.

        So, to add the DL and NA guys to my roster, which player should I drop of the 3 – Eaton, Segura and Pineda?

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Ron: Eaton

  32. huberto PEREZ says:

    im in a 10 team points league grade the trade and which side has the edge on this trade

    Strasburg , pagan , Vogt
    ryan braun and Hudson street

    thanks highly appreciated

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @huberto PEREZ: Do you mean Huston Street? Assuming so, I am going with the Strasburg side. I’ve been a fan and owner of Ryan Braun since he was in the minor leagues, but recent years have been proving that his star status might truly be a thing of the past. It saddens me, but you have to take the fan out of fantasy if you want to succeed. Heck, at this point I’m not sure how much more valuable he is than Pagan. Strasburg hasn’t looked good this season, but I have more faith in him turning it around than Braun. Throw in Vogt who now has catcher eligibility and you have a winner. Unless you are desperate for saves, but in a 10-team league I don’t see that happening…

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