Burn it all down!  You’ve started off 0-2, 0-20,2-18, or whatever combination it is that your league has set up.  There is no way that you can come back now, considering there are only 20+ weeks left in the season.  

This reminds me of a good book I once read as a child about this locomotive who had a task ahead of him.  He realized the task was too challenging and just thought, “no way in hell can I do this?” and he gave up. It was an inspirational book and I have lived my life with much retrospect on that little locomotive.  It would probably had been a better book if he/she had overcome the adversity and could be a beacon of hope, but what did I expect from books written in the 1930’s.  They barely had PS1 or even the interwebs.

Never fret tho dear readers!  I shall not let you fade into obscurity and be chastised by your league-mates.  For I am here to bring you the formula for winning your week 3 matchups and becoming 1 step closer to the championship!  Prepare for another H2H Cheat Sheet for Week 3!



Jed Lowrie, 2B, OAK-22% rostered in Yahoo-Old man Jed is definitely gonna keep his family fed after this early resurgence!  On the short season, Lowrie is top 10 in Runs scored and is carrying a robust .417 OBP.  While it may not just be Runs that Lowrie is providing, hitting in front of both Olson and Chapman atop the A’s lineup should give him plenty of opportunities.  The A’s host the Twins to start the week in a tougher matchup, but travel to Baltimore over the weekend and their less than stellar pitching staff (27th ERA/23rd WHIP).

Tommy LaStella, 2B/3B, SF-13% rostered in Yahoo-LaStella may not be off to the most torrid of starts (2 runs), but he has been hot versus RHP to start the season (11.8% BB) (.471 OBP).  Looking ahead to the upcoming schedule, he is scheduled to face 6 RHP and only 1 LHP.  Not exactly the most sexy of names, but RHP heavy and 7 games is reason for my endorsement.

Honorable Mention:  Adam Eaton-Eaton is only an honorable mention because I recommended him before, and he should be rostered in so many more than 33% of leagues.



Joey Votto, 1B, CIN-18% rostered in Yahoo-Votto has went on record as saying that he is has made changes to his swing that will result in more swings and misses, but should increase his power.  As of today, Votto still hasn’t exactly exploded, but he does have his 2 HR’s on the season over the past couple days.  Next week he and the Reds have a 3 game slate at home vs the Diamondbacks, whose starters and bullpen ranks in the bottom half of HR/9.   The Reds will visit StL for a weekend series.  In his career, I have had the pleasure of watching the Canadian Cardinal Killer slash 309/517/943 to go along with 30HR’s.

C.J. Cron, 1B, COL-50% rostered in Yahoo-Having Cron on your team is about like having Crohn’s disease.  Both will cause discomfort, bloating, and a fleeting sense to want to get rid of it ASAP.  Judging by the 50% rostered, it appears that nearly half of us have cut ties.  Rightfully so!  He hasn’t had a hit in nearly a week, and not a HR to tally on the season.  So why do I think that this is week?  Easy!  Coors!  Nothing flares up the ole Cron’s like a visit from Coors.  Add in the fact that he is set to face 3 lefties, I think he breaks his homer-less streak.

Honorable Mention:  Adam Duvall-Duvall has been crushing lately and a visit from the Orioles and a matchup vs the Giants might keep his hot streak going.



Myles Straw, OF, HOU-23% rostered in Yahoo-Straw is getting my endorsement this week as a direct result of COVID.  No, I haven’t contracted COVID and it has affected my cognitive thought, but rather it has propelled him to the top of the Astros order!  With matchups vs COL and LAA, it wouldn’t shock me to see a couple SB’s over the course of the week.

Tim Locastro, OF, ARI-9% rostered in Yahoo-With the injuries to Ketel Marte and Christian Walker, there are plenty of ABs to be had by Locastro.  Coming off of a MLB record 29 SB’ in a row without being caught.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Benitendi-Has been on a frantic pace with 3 SB’s over the past 4 games.



Michael Fulmer, SP, DET-6% rostered in Yahoo-Fulmer has pitched very impressively for what was assumed a late-innings role for the 28 year old hurler.  With Julio Teheran on the IL, manager AJ Hinch turns the keys over to Fulmer who has looked really good in his 7 innings of relief this season.  He will look ahead next week to a 2-start week where he will face the Pirates and the Royals.  The Pirates have definitely one of the most marked teams on the season.  The Royals have been a little more of a challenge, but I like the odds for at least 1 win, maybe 2!

Drew Smyly, SP, ATL-43% rostered in Yahoo-Coming off of a rough outing against the Phillies, the lefty will look to bounce back in a plus-plus matchup vs the Diamondbacks.  The majority of the venom in the Diamondbacks’ lineup comes from the left side, who Smyly has tamed to a .207 average over his career.  To add some extra comfort to your lineup, the D’Backs will be sending out Madison Bumgarner, which is sad to say, but almost becoming an easy W.

Honorable Mention: Griffin Canning-Low hanging fruit of a game vs the Rangers (28th ranked OPS)


Ratios (ERA/WHIP/K)

Tejay Antone, RP, CIN-21% rostered in Yahoo-Antone is most definitely the swiss army knife that David Bell loves to have at his disposal.  Now, he might be a little more zealous with the blade and constantly be playing with it, evidence by Antone’s 92 total pitches over his last 2 appearances.  Still scoreless over his 6.2 innings of work on the season, you can feel comfortable that Antone is gonna help fill in for the unknown length in games that Hoffman can go and recently activated Sonny Gray.

Tyler Rogers, RP, SF-Rogers has been used about as much as any reliever in baseball to start this young season.  Posting a 0.00 ERA over 7 innings, Rogers has only been asked to record more than 3 outs only once, and that was 4.  In this upcoming week, the Giants have 7 games vs the Phillies and the Marlins.  The 2 lineups are predominantly RHB, with the exception really of Bryce Harper.  Rogers might get some help from Logan Webb in the bullpen with Alex Wood coming back, but I don’t expect long starts from him or Cueto, who pulled himself out of his last start.

Honorable Mention: Giovanni Gallegos-Gallegos has been nothing short of amazing.  He has appeared in 6 games so far and only allowed the 1 run.  With the Cardinals pitching staff not going deep into games, you could potentially scoop up some very nice ratios and even sneak in a win or two!


Saves (Speculative)

Lou Trivino, RP, OAK-29% rostered in Yahoo-It’s easy to forget that Yahoo leagues are filled with a lot of players who might not be as active as the groups on the NFBC.  I don’t know why Trivino is rostered in less than 50%, but go out and grab him now.  He has been given the last couple opportunities, and with Diekman appearing in the 7th and the 8th at times, it appears that the A’s are giving the keys to the 9th to Lou!

Yimi Garcia, RP, FLA-40% rostered in Yahoo-As with Trivino above, Garcia looks to have the 9th inning.  For now!  I am not a big believer that Yimi will keep him stranglehold on the 9th.  The long ball has been his undoing, and despite last years’ lack of HR’s allowed, his track record is littered with them. But here’s the thing, this is about winning saves in week 3, and Garcia will get 1st crack..Cast a line.

Honorable Mention (Speculative)Jose Alvarodo-Neris hasn’t looked exactly right lately.  His velo is down, and has been giving up good contact.  Watch what happens in Philly.

Lucas Sims-Amir Garrett has walked a person in each appearance, and has been hit with the homer bug.  If that continues, Sims is more than capable than jumping in.  As my good friend Greg Jewett of the Athletic, Coffee and Closers, etc pointed out, Garrett has only been attacking one area of the zone, which is hard to make a living on.

Hansel Robles-Alex Colome has blown back to back opportunities, and Robles has been the one who would appear to be next up.  In Minn, as in TB, Baldelli might just go with the hot hand, which might be Robles.




  1. DBo says:

    Love the call on Jed. Another bonus with him is in ESPN leagues he’ll gain 2B eligibility if he starts just one more game at the position. Gives roster flex versus DH only!

    Let’s get Jeddy wit it!!!

  2. Zeus says:

    Is Hansel so hot right now? I thought Rogers was up next if the twins move from column a to column b?

    • NateMarcum

      Nate Marcum says:

      The lack of lefties in the pen makes me think Rocco will keep Rogers out of a defined role….not that he has proven to put anyone in one yet

      • Zeus says:

        Hansel came in in the 8th today and shit the bed.

        I’ve played the Robles game in Anaheim. No thanks

        • NateMarcum

          NateMarcum says:

          I have as well….I was hoping the Minnesota magic would change something.

  3. mcstarrs says:

    Another name I’ve been keeping an eye on.. Caleb Smith. Long reliever to help with Ratios

    • mcstarrs says:

      Do you think Logan Webb has a shot at being a solid middle reliever?

  4. mcstarrs says:

    Another name I’ve been keeping an eye on.. Caleb Smith. Long reliever to help with Ratios

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