Imagine discovering a band forty years after their relevant period. Then imagine you’re Grey Albright. Your mustache is thick and handsome, you run a fantasy baseball empire, and you just discovered the Blue Öyster Cult! Did anyone ask for more cowbell? Well, unfortunately we can’t provide you any sweet, sweet cowbell, but we can take you through the week in Fantasy Baseball, one outlandish conversation at a time. We of course spend half the show discussing recent call-ups, before diving into Josh Bell’s breakout, Brandon Woodruff coming of age, and if Rafael Devers is a top three round pick in the making. While we’re in good spirits I encourage Grey to take a victory lap for Adalberto Mondesi’s early returns, before running through some good adds for the week ahead. It’s the Razzball podcast, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

  1. J-Hova says:

    Excited to listen! Quick question, folty or Strahm ROS

    You guys have been quiet on rap talk this season, slow year? No Kanye album to rant on?! It’s a few months old but did you check out Humble Pi by Homeboy Sandman and Edan?

    • Grey

      Grey says:


      I just bought Tyler’s Igor, will discuss next week if Ralph’s listened!

  2. J-hova says:


    Thoughts? Havnt really checked out anything of his since Goblin

  3. LaRockakis says:

    Ralph! My man!

    A bit belated, but would you add Taillon for Eflin, Stripling, Musgrove, or Lucchesi?

    10 team/redraft/points

    My current DL spot (not injured list…yuck) is taken by Clevinger. The rest of my rotation is deGrom, Wheeler, Lester, and Buehler so I’m not exactly hurting for SP.

    • LaRockakis says:

      Grey, you can answer too. I didn’t mean to exclude.

  4. Hodor says:

    King Ralph! Quick question… my Nate Lowe and Nate Pearson for Jose Berrios? I love this Pearson guy and trading 2 Nates seems wrong. But it’s a keep forever and pitching is a premium. What do you think? Thank you.

  5. Ivan Make Basket says:

    Yo I don’t know what kind of advice cougs is getting but if somebody is telling you to avoid healthy fat like avocado I can only imagine what kind of diet they’re recommending. Don’t let one of these Quacks fool you into becoming an emaciated body. The heart and brain need fat to survive, there is so much misinformation about health it’s absurd.

  6. Greg Funke says:

    Which side – Josh Bell or Bryce Harper?

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