One time, back when I lived in the cornfields of Iowa, I thought I was being a smooth operator and went to a farmhouse with a girl.  Took out the 4 wheeler, drove around, everything was great.  We peeled into an open field when the cows came.

No, not just a couple cows.  This was an entire herd of bovines, all mooing and baying away.  We’re talking like 1,000 of them.  And up close, those suckers are BIG and their eyes are kinda spooky.  I found myself kinda freaking out and the girl was abjectly terrified.  I had to think fast to get out of the situation, and cows kept getting in the way!

This is free agency in a dynasty league.

This league’s particular format is more user-friendly than most.  With 30 teams, the powers that be decided to allow the plebians of the league 1 nomination per round.  27 guys were nominated in the first round.

I went into this slobberknocker needing to come away with a 1B and a SP or 2.  I have 33 million in cap space in which to do so.

Free Agency for the Yankees

Of course, as a Cubs fan, I still believe in Jameson Taillon, but he went for 2 years at 15.7 per year.  Keep in mind there is no real buyout rule here;  you are stuck with guys if they break bad for the duration of the contract.  I didn’t think I could get the bat that I wanted/needed to fill a roster AND pay for Taillon, who low-key was solid in the second half last year.

Other Prices
Justin Verlander:  around 20 for a year

Alex Cobb:  8.9 for a year

Chris Sale:  12.125 for 3 years (there’s a team option for the third year, so basically it’s only a two year deal unless he’s still good.  Pretty smart move by the Mets/Commish)

Max Scherzer:  Around 14 for 2 years


I did take the plunge on Hendricks for the 3 years.  8 is not an insurmountable sum, and if he retires soon I just get that contract wiped off of the books.  I think Kyle has some in the tank and believe in the Cubs defense.  Gray kinda got mad at me last time I didn’t do this, so I’ll post the roster at the bottom of this thing.  He’s a decent rotation piece at a decent price.  Like some guaranteed value here, I believe.

How did first base shake out?  Well, the answer depends on what you think of Mr. Anthony Rizzo.  If you think he’s cooked, you won’t like my next contract.  If you (rightly) believe that he can still hit and only crashed because of a concussion, you’ll think I paid a fair price.

2 years at 15 million.

I know that’s a steep price to pay for an aging first baseman, but I still believe in the guy.  If nothing else, he will fill my spot for a while until I can find a longer, more permanent option.

For reference, Carlos Santana is going to go for over 7, Jose Abreu sold for 13 for 3 years, and Ty France for 16 for next year.  I am confident that I paid a market price for Mr. Rizzo, who I really do believe in.  I like what he did with the new shift rules and in an OBP league, he’ll be solid for me.

I also obtained the services of one Keegan Thompson for a cool million smackers just for a year.  Low risk, medium reward kind of signing I think.  If he doesn’t work out, in the words of Hawk Harrelson, “He gone.”

How Did I Do?

Gonna be honest with you, random internet reader.  I have no idea what’s going on with this team.  Some days, I’m thinking I should just tear it down and get my guys, like create my own team.  Other days, I think I have good players and should try to win.  Then the next day, I look at my farm system and think “Meh.”  Then other days, I love my prospects.

So what I did was check out my roster through the lens of a real MLB team.  I’m pretty good (I hope) at first.  I like Eduoard Julien at second.  Third base is stacked with Max Muncy and Alex Bregman, and hopefully Brett Baty makes a jump.  SS is an issue, with Zack McKinstry as my only option.  I’m regretting letting Isaiah Kiner-Falefa go in free agency!  Woulda cost me 10 per.

Outfield, Luis Robert, Profar, and Haniger is awful. I also have like zero almost ready OF prospects.  That’s not good.

If I had a  real MLB lineup, it would be something like this:






Haniger (gulp)




Rotation is now






Some nice pieces, and some obvious holes,  correct?

And two closers, which are gold in Ryan Pressley and Jose LeClerc.


You guys honestly know more than me, what do you think here?  Tear it down or try to add some more?


C Tyler Soderstrom $590,000
C Nick Fortes $690,305
1B Darick Hall $590,000
1B Anthony Rizzo $15,000,000
2B Edouard Julien $708,000
3B Max Muncy $16,514,060
3B Alex Bregman $24,050,000
3B Brett Baty $649,000
MI Zach McKinstry $1,350,000
UT Marcell Ozuna $6,150,000
OF Jurickson Profar $12,200,000
OF Luis Robert Jr. $10,156,400
OF Yonathan Daza $681,835
OF Mitch Haniger 11,000,000
SP Kenta Maeda $5,000,000
SP MacKenzie Gore $826,000
SP Kyle Hendricks $8,000,000
SP Alex Wood $5,500,000
RP Ian Gibaut $826,000
RP Ryan Pressly $9,000,000
RP Jose Leclerc 3,774,400
RP Elvis Peguero $828,000
RP Daniel Palencia $590,000
SP Marcus Stroman $18,500,000
SP Ryan Rolison $100,000
SP Jose Suarez $1,420,020
RP Keegan Thompson $1,000,000
P Juan Then $100,000
RP Ron Marinaccio $590,000
SP Shane McClanahan $2,966,600
BN Jean Segura $11,700,000
RP Michel Baez $590,000
P Nick Nelson $590,000
RP Tyler Kinley $575,500