This weekend, I went to an Ikea for the first time.  First of all – you are herded through the store on a specific path like you’re being herded alongside other furniture-buying sheep.

Bahhhhhh!  That bottom left frame of Buster is about how I handle crowds like that…

Anywho, at the end when you pick your furniture to buy, it’s in this giant warehouse that makes the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark look like it’s in a studio apartment’s tiny closet.  Ish is huge!  And that giant warehouse is exactly how I used to look at starting pitching in my 10 and 12-team waiver wires through any given MLB season.  Limitless streaming opportunities – sure some with more risk than others – but pretty much a starter widely available every night that I could feel decent enough with rolling out.  Alas, it’s no more, with hitting making a comeback this season.  Balls are juiced!  And in that vein, I’ve been overlooking a lot of the “been there, done that” pitchers that have broken through, none worse than being slow to warm up to Danny Duffy.  We’ve seen him have power stuff, but not hold up as a starter, getting meh K numbers in the process.  This will anger people – but I saw him as a lefty Nathan Eovaldi coming into this year.  Ouch!  In more ways than one!  But Duffy has been absolutely crazypants this season, vaulting all the way into my top-15 last week.  And through this amazing run, he hasn’t even been blessed with a Pitcher Profile!  This changes now!  Here’s how Duffy looked yesterday afternoon against the Twinkies:

First Inning: Duffy’s first pitch is a 94 MPH fastball outside to Brian Dozier, 1-0.  Then 92 on the hands is popped out to short, one down quick.  And 94 on the outer third is laced to center by Robbie Grossman, with Jarrod Dyson getting there coasting towards the warning track: three pitches, two outs.  95 low to Miguel Sano, 92 again low, then the 2-0 fastball at 94 is popped to first, and it’s about the breeziest inning we’ve seen in the Profiles thus far in 2016.

Second Inning: Opening the second is Trevor Plouffe and Duffy paints the outside black with a fastball, 0-1.  Ugh, then 93 right in the low inside wheelhouse is rocketed to the left field gap for a leadoff two-bagger.  Not a terrible spot, but that swing looked too natural to Plouffe – I think Duffy wanted it lower and in-er.  84 MPH slider breaks low and in to Jorge Polanco, bunt attempt goes foul 1-1, beautiful slider hits the backdoor, and that’s a Chris Sale-esque big slider for a strike.

Duffy-SliderLove it!  Then Duffy goes slider again, Polanco nubs it to second, and unfortunately it’s hit so slow that Polanco legs it out for an infield single. Duffy in some early trouble.  Eduardo Escobar takes 94 low, 94 again goes wayyyyyy outside, 93 sails way high and outside, and this is the bad Duffy I remember seeing in previous seasons, the guy with bad BB rates…  Then 93 is low for a 4-pitch walk, to load the bases with no outs.  Eddie Rosario takes a slider nipping the outside edge for strike one, 95 MPH heat is narrowly inside, slider breaks well low and away, the crowd starts cheering to pick up Duffy, and this 95 MPH fastball just blows him away.

Duffy-Fastball-1Big pitch there.  Then he goes low for 96 MPH heat to get a monster strikeout.

Duffy-Fastball-2Nasty.  High change-up gets a whiff from Kurt Suzuki, then change-up again is popped to shallow left, and the gold glover Alex Gordon gets it on the slide charging in, and with it that shallow it makes the runners hold for another huge out.  So two down, and Danny Santana foul tips a first-pitch 84 MPH slider, change-up at 85 flutters into the high outside corner for strike two, then 96 on the low inside black is hit pretty hard to third, but Cheslor Cuthbert makes a nice play and gets the force at second to get Duffy out of a HUGE jam.  Gotta love having a good defense…

Third Inning: Duffy picks up a run of support, and opens the third with a 94 MPH fastball on the outside edge to Dozier, 0-1.  Slider dips low, change-up barely doesn’t hit the bottom black, then outside change-up is grounded to short, one down.  Beautiful high breaking ball is in there to Grossman, 94 a little low and in, then hanging change on the outside edge is ripped down the left field line for another double.  Sano takes a change-up for a strike, fastball inside, nice change-up barelyyyyy breaks inside, change again is fouled back 2-2, outside fastball spoiled foul, then 95 paints the outside corner for a K looking, two down.  Yeahhhh, it looked a little outside, Fox Trax had it outside, yet the Royals announcers say “no doubt, strike 3!”  Lord…  Duffy drops in a hammer slider for strike one to Plouffe, slider again skips in the dirt, then 95 on the outside edge is hammered to center, Dyson looked like he kinda had a shot for it, but it skips in front of him for an RBI double – Plouffe’s second – to tie the game 1-1.  But right away Polanco chops a change-up right to Duffy on the first pitch for an easy third out.

Fourth Inning:  Still a 1-1 score and Duffy jams Escobar with a fastball fouled back to open the 4th 0-1, 93 too inside, then I think a hanging change-up on the outside edge is poked up the gap for a slow rolling, leadoff single.  Then 93 on the hands of Rosario is flied to right, and dat Royals D doe!  Lorenzo Cain gets it on the slide for the first out.  Slider skips in to Suzuki 1-0, 92 MPH fastball upstairs fouled off, then the 1-1 change-up is chopped to Duffy, he hops up to make the play and it skips off his glove, he tries to recover on a diving throw to first and the throw is errant, so it ends up an infield single with an error on Duffy letting Escobar get to third.  Ugh.  One down, runners on the corners, and a first pitch fastball is fouled off by Santana, change-up dropping off the table on the outer third is whiffed over, then another 86 MPH change-up gets Santana out in front, another HUGE K.

Duffy-ChangeupTwo down, and to the third time through with Dozier taking an inside slider, 1-0.  Slider again inside tipped foul, then the 1-1 fastball at the letters is popped to shallow right and it gets Duffy out of another jam.

Fifth Inning: Still 1-1 and whewwww, first-pitch change-up to Grossman – taking a huge cut expecting a fastball – gives a big whiff, 0-1.  But then Duffy goes inside fastball and Grossman is able to turn it around on the handle for a leadoff single.  Meh, don’t love going fastball there when he was looking fastball that first pitch.  Change-up outside to Sano, change again gets a whiff out there, change-up at 83 yet again gets a whiff – wish he did that to Grossman – then 1-2 fastball fouled back, and 1-2 again is another change-up that is grounded routinely to short, and it’s a tailor-made double play.  Thanks for being slow, Sano!  95 looked to paint the low outside corner but is called a ball to Plouffe, outside change-up fouled back, nassssssty 84 MPH sharp slider hits the outside corner 1-2, gassssssp slider again is ripped to left but just foul, change-up drops low, fastball sails high and away, then a full count change-up on the outer third is rolled to first, easy third out.  Full count and Duffy going change-up…  Noice!

Sixth Inning: First pitch of the 6th is a change-up to Polanco, who rips it to left but Alex Gordon makes another sliding catch for a highlight-reel out on the first pitch.  Escobar takes a slider that barely nips the outside black, slider again going low is rolled foul, then 93 looked to easily catch the inside corner but called a ball, 1-2.  Duffy started stepping off the mound – I don’t blame him!  Change-up flutters low and away, 94 MPH at the knees flared foul, inside slider topped foul, outside change-up nubbed foul, change again drops low an away in the dirt, full count.  Payoff pitch is then an outside fastball.  Mannn, Duffy looked to have a K there… So runner on first, one out, and Rosario is unable to hold his swing on a low change-up 0-1, slider gets the call on the outside edge 0-2 – that one looked a little outside – then 94 on the hands blows him away for Duffy’s fourth K, two down.  High fastball in there to Suzuki, then outside change-up is ripped to third, but Cheslor makes another great play on a tough hop for the third out.

Seventh Inning: At 85 pitches, Duffy picks up another run to go up 2-1 on the scoreboard, and drops in a slider to Santana for a strike, 0-1.  Outside change-up fouled off, 0-2 fastball stays outside, then slider breaking into the zone on the hands is flared to right with Cain there for the first out.  Change-up in there to Dozier 0-1, 92 MPH outside that looked to have a lot of effort behind it, 1-1.  Don’t love seeing a velo drop on a pitch that he looked like he wanted to get to 95-96.  Then change-up in the middle of the zone is rocketed to left for a single.  So one down, runner on first, and fastball on the hands of Grossman is fouled off, 93 paints the low outside black 1-1, then 94 again out there is flared to left for the second out.  And at 95 pitches, Yost will yank Duffy, but the Royals will hold onto the lead and give Danny Boy another W.

Final Line:  W  6.2 IP  95 Pitches (66 Strikes)  1 ER  8 Hits  2 Walks  4 K  Gamescore: 56   Gamescore+: 57.8

Final Analysis: You know, even though this wasn’t one of Duffy’s better starts lately, I’m actually still very encouraged.  He proved he could get around an inconsistent zone, two fluky infield singles, and not having his best stuff to turn in a great start and get out of jams.  Despite the low Ks, his Gamescore+ still came out favorably due to said fluky, lucky singles.

Obviously Duffy has a power fastball – it’s what he was previously known for even when he wasn’t an emerging ace.  It was usually sitting 94-95, but topped at 96 and bottomed at 92-93.  Some interesting stuff here though – 93.8 MPH is his second slowest velocity in any game this year, and only the third time he’s been under 94 in 2016.  I’m not going too crazy about that though.  Also interesting is this was his first start throwing under 50% fastballs.  Lots of off-speed stuff.  So the fastball wasn’t quite there, but he got around it.  And since it was down less than 1 MPH from his trends lately, I don’t see a concern there, just cool to see in the numbers how I felt he looked breaking it down.  Not surprisingly with the heater down, this was the most he’s used a change-up this season – 28.4%.  It was locating beautifully on the edges of the zone, and it was keeping the Twins off balance all afternoon.  And he’s always had a great slider, which he was able to drop in for strikes at will.  It didn’t quite have a great “swing and miss” bite this outing, but it had it’s usefulness.

Not too much else to say -Duffy looks like he’s going to close this season in the ace discussion for 2017.  He moved up yet another spot to 13th for me ROS, and there’s no signs of it slowing down.  Since he started in the bullpen and had a shorter leash when initially put in the rotation, his innings are in beautiful shape as well at only 138.2.  Looking at the ranks below, you can see he’s EASILY been the pickup of the year amongst SP.  I wish I had found him in the pitcher warehouse somewhere…  Sad emoji.

Razzball Baseball

Updated Top 100 SP

(rankings for ROS based on 12-team Roto, green for risers, red for fallers)

1 Madison Bumgarner, SF
2 Max Scherzer, WAS
3 Jake Arrieta, CHC
4 Jose Fernandez, MIA
5 Chris Sale, CWS
6 Corey Kluber, CLE
7 Jacob deGrom, NYM
8 Stephen Strasburg, WAS
9 Johnny Cueto, SF
10 Jon Lester, CHC
11 Justin Verlander, DET
12 Yu Darvish, TEX
13 Danny Duffy, KC
14 Cole Hamels, TEX
15 Carlos Carrasco, CLE
16 Noah Syndergaard, NYM
17 Zack Greinke, ARI
18 Gerrit Cole, PIT
19 Chris Archer, TB
20 Clayton Kershaw, LAD
21 David Price, BOS
22 Jose Quintana, CWS
23 Kyle Hendricks, CHC
24 Kenta Maeda, LAD
25 Masahiro Tanaka, NYY
26 Carlos Martinez, STL
27 J.A. Happ, TOR
28 Drew Pomeranz, BOS
29 Tanner Roark, WAS
30 Julio Teheran, ATL
31 Felix Hernandez, SEA
32 Jason Hammel, CHC
33 Michael Fulmer, DET
34 Danny Salazar, CLE
35 Anthony DeSclafani, CIN
36 Rick Porcello, BOS
37 Matt Shoemaker, LAA
38 Jameson Taillon, PIT
39 Ervin Santana, MIN
40 Adam Wainwright, STL
41 Jake Odorizzi, TB
42 Rich Hill, LAD
43 Robbie Ray, ARI
44 Dylan Bundy, BAL
45 Joe Musgrove, HOU
46 Dallas Keuchel, HOU
47 Ian Kennedy, KC
48 Sean Manaea, OAK
49 Marco Estrada, TOR
50 Michael Pineda, NYY
51 Chris Tillman, BAL
52 Marcus Stroman, TOR
53 Zach Davies, MIL
54 Steven Matz, NYM
55 Blake Snell, TB
56 John Lackey, CHC
57 James Paxton, SEA
58 Carlos Rodon, CWS
59 Drew Smyly, TB
60 Junior Guerra, MIL
61 Homer Bailey, CIN
62 Jon Gray, COL
63 David Phelps, MIA
64 Matt Moore, SF
65 Kevin Gausman, BAL
66 Hisashi Iwakuma, SEA
67 Aaron Sanchez, TOR
68 Steven Wright, BOS
69 Trevor Bauer, CLE
70 Jeremy Hellickson, PHI
71 Gio Gonzalez, WAS
72 Jeff Samardzija, SF
73 Scott Kazmir, LAD
74 Vince Velasquez, PHI
75 Jerad Eickhoff, PHI
76 Jaime Garcia, STL
77 Eduardo Rodriguez, BOS
78 Reynaldo Lopez, WAS
79 Matt Boyd, DET
80 Chad Green, NYY
81 Dan Straily, CIN
82 Bartolo Colon, NYM
83 Bud Norris, LAD
84 Francisco Liriano, TOR
85 Mike Leake, STL
86 Tom Koehler, MIA
87 Tyler Skaggs, LAA
88 Mike Foltynewicz, ATL
89 Collin McHugh, HOU
90 CC Sabathia, NYY
91 Jimmy Nelson, MIL
92 Andrew Cashner, MIA
93 Mike Fiers, HOU
94 Jose De Leon, LAD
95 Archie Bradley, ARI
96 Yordano Ventura, KC
97 Ryan Vogelsong, PIT
98 Ivan Nova, PIT
99 Tyler Anderson, COL
100 Kendall Graveman, OAK

Dropped Out: Josh Tomlin, CLE (pretty terrible lately), Jose Berrios, MIN (ughhh, the jump to the Majors has crushed him), Luis Severino, NYY (ditto, except he was decent last year!  weird…), Matt Andriese, TB (has never been above the 90s, not looking great back in the rotation)

  • I’m not “too” worried about Stephen Strasburg and this horrible run accentuated by that Coors drubbing, but it was hard to completely sweep these last 3 starts under the rug.
  • Looks like Clayton Kershaw is gonna make it back in early September!  Drop the confetti!
  • Man, I realllllly overlooked J.A. Happ.  He was a big sleeper for me going into last year too!  Dammit, one year too early…
  • Ugh, looks like the Cards contingent was right – Adam Wainwright is back to being a turdmuffin.
  • In the same vein as “been there, done that” pitchers I was slow to react to as mentioned in the open, another former JB call, Rick Porcello, has turned in a ridiculous comeback season.  It’s so annoying too!  Peripherals all say he’s about the same pitcher.  Lower K rate, xFIP is actually HIGHER this season than last year, velocity is down across the board…  It’s so just bizarre, but it’s working.
  • I did a legit double take when I saw Ian Kennedy‘s run lately.  Only 3 COMBINED ER over his last 5 starts, all quality, with a 28:7 K:BB.  He’s still a guy where it could all implode in a hitter’s park, but he gets a little nudge up.
  • Is Robbie Ray finally here?  Or was it the Padres?  13 K last time out was nuts, but he’s been putting up insane K numbers all year despite getting rocked most of the time.  I was surprised to see his BABIP is 2nd in the Majors though, at .351 behind only Collin McHugh.  Maybe that can balance over the final stretch with nasty Ks.
  • I’m buying pretty big into David Phelps.  Talk is that he trusts his velocity more after pitching from the bullpen, and it’s the same mantra that has pushed Duffy to his heights.  Throw harder from the bullpen, and you have faith in your velo back in the rotation as a starter.  I don’t wanna go too nuts, but I’m spec adding him where I can.
  • Some interesting names pop into the ranks this week – Reynaldo Lopez and Chad Green.  I never thought Lopez would have such a long run of starts to end the year, but he looks fairly locked in for now, and Green has looked phenomenal his last 2 starts.  Another big week and both could have one last rise in next week’s final ROS ranks (tried to subtly drop that, but yeah, I stop doing these at the end of August, since it all becomes matchup plays in Sept…)


Thoughts on Duffy Ducking all the way to the top-15?  And what did I screw up in the ranks this week?  Shoot your thoughts below, and happy August pitching, Razzball Nation!

  1. JB Gilpin

    JB Gilpin says:

    So yeah, Strasburg on DL since I had this article ready. Doesn’t sound too serious, but Nats have no reason to push him and it’s an elbow. Massive hit in my ROS ranks

  2. Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

    We have an heir apparent! The Supergreene is dead. Long live the Supergreen!

      • Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

        @JB Gilpin: It’s the fondness for meat popsicles (aka Yankee Stadium corndogs)

  3. Gregjeffries says:

    Thanks again for the awesome rankings JB! Sad to hear there’s only one week left…

    What do you think about Hammel at the Dodgers this week? Are you staying away? SON doesn’t like it, but I could use some pitching stats…

    • Gregjeffries says:

      Or would you rather start Duffy at Boston? ( considering he’s in the ace conversation, and you always start your aces!)

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Gregjeffries: Thanks for reading man! Really appreciate that! Yeahhhh, once you get to Sept, it’s just such a crapshoot and so hard to pull in Sept callups when need be that it’s too much a headache. But I’m always here for comments!

        Not surprising to see him struggle in Coors. Dodgers are blistering the ball this afternoon. I’m leaning yes I’d start him, but barely – although I would indeed play Duffy over him :)

        • Gregjeffries says:

          Duffy it is. Thanks buddy!. Will be holding my breath Saturday!

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Gregjeffries: Me too man! Maybe he coasted in this start just for that one haha

  4. Don Majikowski says:

    Time to let Aaron Sanchez go in a re-draft? There are 3 weeks left in our regular season, and I have a playoff spot sewn-up…

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Don Majikowski: Yeahhhh I think so. Great run he gave you this season!

    • fknboz says:

      @Don Majikowski: Same question but would you drop him for:

      DeSclafani – been oscillating between ok and bad
      Snell – Leaning here b/c his #’s are just skewed by a bad start v the Blue Jays
      Chad Green – How much upside?

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @fknboz: Whewwww. Well def picking one. Green actually has great AAA numbers too, but I think I’d lean DeSclafani in a vacuum because I feel the safest there. Although since you have playoff spot locked, I might go pure upside and take Green and see what happens

  5. Don Majikowski says:

    Word is Tijuan Walker being re-called for [email protected] Home vs Yanks??Like?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Don Majikowski: Yeah I saw that, and no not really. He has a horrific 6:8 K:BB in 3 AAA starts over 15 innings, one a rehab earlier in the month, then the past two since the demotion. I don’t know why it came crashing down so fast – yes he doesn’t have a great mix of pitches – but it’s worked at times before! Ugh, stupid Taijuan walker…

  6. Noam says:

    Arrested Development! Love it!

    Which two pitchers would you start this week?
    Hammel v LAD
    Samardzija v ATL
    Musgrove @PIT
    L. Weaver vOAK

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Noam: Yessir! Classic stuff those original 3 seasons!

      I think I’ll lean Shark and Musgrove. I’m not too worried about Hammel, I just kinda like those others better, plus seeing what the Dodgers did on O today, WHEWWWW!

  7. Ciwa says:

    Have to replace Stras.
    Who could be better between Snell-Smyly-Phelps-Ray?
    I love Snell but i should have 3 terrible starts again [email protected] so,what about Phelps and his next start again Padres?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Ciwa: Lovvvve that Phelps matchup. I think overall Ray might have the upside, but I like Phelps for that next start the best. Ray gets Braves next though… might go Ray actually.

  8. PED Inc says:

    Great Job JB! Not much to argue with on that list, maybe I’m just a tad biased since I have 11 pitchers in your top 40 though! (Didn’t draft a pitcher till the 4th Round either!)
    This particular league is a 10 team H2H points league where I have already locked into the playoffs and won my division giving me top seed. Playoffs start in three more weeks so I’m just trying to optimize my lineup for those two weeks.
    My staff looks like this…

    A few teams have definitely mailed it in and moved onto football so there are some decent options left on the wire, would you make any moves here in this format?

    Ian kennedy
    Blake Snell
    Chad Greene
    Luke Weaver
    Alex Reyes

    Another option would be to add a closer and move one of my two RP up to using in a SP slot, some good ones available here too:


    Last year coming into the playoffs I felt great, winning the first round by a lot and with championship being the last damn week of the season I lost starts from Kershaw, Greinke, and Wacha getting extra rest…FML.
    Thanks for the help as always buddy, this is the most helpful column on this whole site!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @PED Inc: Thanks man, appreciate it! Oh nice, looks like you’re loaded then! Ugh, damn you got unlucky last year!

      Hmmm, Betances is interesting, but I love the SPRP guys you have. I don’t think I’d make any moves right now! One thing I might look at is see if you can go ahead and project two start weeks though, because a fringe guy like DeSclafani I would def drop for a 2-start Chad Green or something like that.

      Wow, appreciate that, thanks for stopping by every week!

  9. JJ says:

    Hey JB,

    Which of these starts do you like best
    Ventura @ MIA
    R.Lopez @BAL
    Gausman vsWAS

    • JJ says:

      Oh is it worth holding onto Snell or is he just a streamer ROS? It is a keeper league I’m in but we only keep 10 so he won’t be kept. I can’t bring myself to start him at home tonight against the Red Sox and it looks like his next two start are tough too

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @JJ: Ugh. I think Reynaldo, but tough. Yeah Snell is more in streaming class for me due to the touch AL matchups. Looked OK tonight tho

  10. Scott says:

    Why is Cole so high? He wasn’t pitching well before the dl stint and he is not usable now. Are you expecting him to suddenly pitch better over the last 6 weeks? He isn’t striking guys out and is giving upna lot of hits amd walks. He has been lucky so far to not have given up a ton of runs with all of the baserunners.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Scott: I’ve been against Cole virtually the all year I felt like! Ranked him a smidge lower preseason. The @LAD was the only disaster, I do agree the K aren’t great, but I feel safer with him down the stretch than some others, although I think I trust Archer more at this point. Cole will prob move down a couple next week unless he turns it around

  11. James says:

    Look out, the Carlos Train is a’comin! Walk rate has dropped significantly from rookie year, his velocity has picked up recently, and that BABIP inflated WHIP will continue to improve as he’s yielded excellent batted-ball numbers. Three straight great outings, and with PHI, SEA and @MIN ahead of him on the schedule, I fully expect another three such performances.

    • James says:

      @James: THE CARLOS RODON Train, that is!

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @James: Wooooo, love it! Too late for him to bank on my sleeper rank of him going into the year?! Haha

  12. Bill says:

    Not an SP question but who do you like more down the stretch in Sept., Bautista or B. Moss?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Bill: Ummm, I lean on Bautista a little more for the upside, but def like both

  13. Wesley says:

    Give up Hosmer for Duffy? I need SP and I already have Goldy & Votto.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Wesley: Sure I would do that with SP a need. Royal for Royal haha

  14. Josh-NYC says:

    I think it’s about time that Bartolo Colon get some love. That 5’11 , 285lb 43 year old has been anchoring my staff all year. Also Kyle Hendricks should be approaching top 15! I prefer him over cole Hamels at this point.

    Always a pleasure to read your posts.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Josh-NYC: Anchoring?! In a roto league, a 1.26 WHIP and such a horrible K rate crush you in the standings. If you’re in a Points league, then sure he’d be way up, but these are roto ranks.

      Ummmm, Yeah they’re kinda close, I’ve mentioned on the Pod a few times Hendricks has some lucky factors that signal a little last-minute regression could be coming, but I don’t see them that far apart, it just gets bunchy outside the top 13 or 14 or so

  15. Definitely Not Martin says:

    Ayyyyy Porcello at 36. I like it! Now let’s get him up to 28 next week!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Definitely Not Martin: Movin on up! I dunno if I could go THAT high, but another strong start and it’ll keep going up!

  16. Chad says:

    Why so low on Stroman?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Chad: Yeah I kinda waffled on moving him up, bc I know he’s been pitching better lately. I just don’t know if this is a streak or a full change, bc we’ve seen little spurts before, then a big falloff with numbers and Ks. Another strong start and I’ll boost him a bit

  17. Scott says:

    Yep, Danny Duffy and Michael Fulmer.

    Two pitchers I wish I had kept.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Scott: Yeah man, hard to believe the seasons they had…

  18. Scott says:

    Rodon is seeming to have a pretty good August. Has anything changed with him?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Scott: Ummm, looking at his game log his fastball is having a positive value after being in the negatives most of the year, velo is about the same… I’m still a little apprehensive, but dont mind using him while hot

  19. Richard (Call me Dick) says:

    Joe Ross “feeling great” after bullpen session today…how much value would you put on him assuming he is back in the rotation in less than 2 weeks?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Richard (Call me Dick): Ummmm, if indeed back in the rotation I might put him back in the 50s, but the rumor of him being in the bullpen hurts, plus I’d def need to see that first outing before really feeling any comfort

      • Swfcdan says:

        @JB Gilpin: Not feeling the love for Joe Boss Ross anymore then? He was decent enough, but this injury has taken a helluva lot longer than we expected, I’ve almost forgotten about him on my roster.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Richard (Call me Dick): @Swfcdan: I just worry how much they let him pitch or if he’s in the rotation. If he looks good his first back and is indeed a starter, I’ll buy in then, but I’m very much tempering expectations until then

          • Swfcdan says:

            @JB Gilpin: And Cole and Giolito are looming too. As bad as Giolito has been, I think they might give him the biggest crack of the whip.

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @Swfcdan: Yeah exactly, and you might laugh at this, but they also have Mat Latos who is looking OK in AAA and could give them a spot start or two

  20. My Thread Count Is High says:

    Whats up JB? Man regarding Duffy, whats Daffy is I owned Duffy about 6 weeks ago but dropped him to add a bat(thinking Duffy’s production would tail off)…sigh :(. So lets move on from that sadness lol, few more tweaks to my roster, I’m in 3rd, and it looks like this:
    ESPN 12 team HTH 5×5 with OBP and QS daily moves and 4 keepers per season

    C Posey
    1B Cabrera
    2B Daniel Murphy
    3B Seager
    SS A. Russell
    OF Trout
    OF Springer
    OF Polanco
    UTIL OF Dahl
    UTIL C/DH Sanchez
    Bench 2B/SS/3B Baez

    SP Bundy
    SP Shoemaker
    RP Jansen
    RP Melancon
    P Price
    P Rodon
    P DeSclafani
    P Salazar
    Bench RP Kimbrel
    Bench RP Familia
    Bench Phelps
    Bench Walker
    DL SP Guerra
    DL SP Paxton

    I’ll probably leave K-Pax on the bench and see how he looks, but who would you drop if he returns to form? Walker? Also is Guerra worth holding on the DL, can he be an improvement over an arm currently on my roster for the playoff run iyo? Lastly thoughts on De leon?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @My Thread Count Is High: Damn! Ugh I hope I didn’t help guide that either haha, but yeah I didn’t think he’d turn into an ace like this. I’m pretty out on Walker, he could go, and yeah I’d hold Guerra as long as you can. De Leon def has upside, but they have a little bit of a roster crunch do to having so many on DL, so they might just wait and hold service time

      • My Thread Count Is High says:

        @JB Gilpin: Ha, buddy it’s all good, I don’t think you necessarily recommended it…although I don’t think either of us thought (at that time) Duffy would be this good.Sounds like you’d probably just activate K-Pax and lose Walker and then wait and see on Guerra? Guys on the wire are Sanchez(innings limit concerns), E-Rod, Joe Ross, Manaea, Bailey, Snell and Skaggs.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @My Thread Count Is High: Yup that would be the plan! And I watched a good bit of Paxton’s start, sooooooooooo unlucky in the first inning. 5 singles, only one was hard hit really. Choppers and groundballs through gaps in infield. Manaea is still interesting to me, but I’ll go Paxton for now

          • My Thread Count Is High says:

            @JB Gilpin: Thanks for the feedback!

              • My Thread Count Is High says:

                @JB Gilpin: Ok JB before dropping Walker to activate Pax, thoughts on my staff overall? Bundy struggled again, still worth holding though? Phelps also had an iffy short outing, but had looked like he was going to follow in Duffys foot steps to a certain degree prior to his last start. Salazar has been bad, but I cant cut him. So any guys you’re cutting(from staff above, Pax is still on my DL but needs to be activated imo) to add any of : Musgrave, E-Rod, Joe Ross, Manaea, Bailey, Snell, Sanchez, L.Weaver or Bailey?

                • JB Gilpin

                  JB Gilpin says:

                  @My Thread Count Is High: Ugh, Bundy is killing me. Next start again vs. NYY. I’m iffy. I like Manaea, but I don’t love him @HOU. I don’t think I’d make any moves for those guys you listed

                  • My Thread Count Is High says:

                    @JB Gilpin: Thanks man, I wanted to hold Walker until he went today, but he was pretty meh again. Think Ill go ahead and activate Pax and roll with it. I was kinda torn because of Bundy’s iffiness and Phelps weak showing last start. But not sure I can cut either of them rather than Walker.

                    • JB Gilpin

                      JB Gilpin says:

                      @My Thread Count Is High: Yeah I’m still pretty out on Walker, hoping he can refind some stuff with a healthy offseason and maybe a consistent new pitch

  21. Swfcdan says:

    16 team Dynasty league, currently top of my division but now have 5 guys for 3 DL spots with Tillman hitting the shelf. Count SV+H instead of SVs, Bedrosian has been lights out but when is he returning? Drop him for C Anderson or another reliever in Strickland? Could also drop Choo for one as only use 3 OFs and I don’t need him any more.

    • Swfcdan says:

      @Swfcdan: Jesus meant that for Grey, wrong tab. Though answer if you like!

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Swfcdan: Hah no worries! I’d prob lose Choo andddd Bedrosian with the blood clot thing. I kinda doubt either play again this yr

        • Swfcdan says:

          @JB Gilpin: At least you don’t think Chase is awful then, Grey thinks he’s garbage! I’m not expecting miracles, but in a 16 team leargue the WW is a heap of junk, if he can continue to be useful I’ll take it.

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Swfcdan: He’s OK, def like him more on the road as he can be a little fly ball prone, but he’s added a tiny bit of velo and looks decent

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