Call it recency bias.  Call it trending stats.  Call it your mom.  I don’t care.  The Rockies on the road are still ‘teh suck’.  Earlier this week I told you to Leave It To Peav’er for similar reasons.  If San Fran knew how to hit the ball and play defense, that call would’ve gone from decent to great.  Well, and if Dave Eddings knew what the strikezone was or how to call a guy out at the plate.  Seriously, ‘human element’ my heiney hole.  The best day of baseball for me will be when I don’t have to hear about Joe West making a country album…because he’s Joe West the umpire.  Go play for quarters at the local dive down in Nashville and get the eff off my diamond…wow, lost it for a minute there, where were we?  Oh yeah, ‘teh suck’.  That’s the Rockies on the road in a nutshell.  Case in point?  Collmenter spun a ‘gem’ last night, going 6.1 IP, giving up a mere 2 hits while striking out 5.  Of course, the stats of others don’t tell you much about Vidal Nuno.  So let’s dig in, shall we?  Here’s the scoop: since being traded to the Diamondbacks, Nuno has a 3.54 ERA, a 1.03 WHIP, and a 3.5 K:BB ratio.  The K per 9 is pretty middling around 7 per but did ya see the Collmenter line?  Nuno is buried down near the bottom of the DraftKings pricing at $6,200, mixed in with Kyle Ryan (who?) and Chris Bassitt (what?!?) at the same price.  Not sure why the price hangs around a couple of guys that even Razzball doesn’t have a player page for, but I’ll take any gifts I’m given.  So let’s keep a vigilant watch out for the signs that an El Nuno is developing and I’ll see you down at Arizona Bay when it hits….PS!  I’m not really here.  Ok, I am still ‘here’ but I’m not there.  Actually I am there.  Man, this is getting complicated.  I’m heading out on the road with Nick Capozzi for the Razzball #32in32in32 tour as it winds down.  We’re hitting Chicago, Green Bay, Twin Cities, Kansas City, Saint Louis, and Denver.  If you live in the area and wanna see just how big my eyebrows are in person, buy a ticket and find out.  Come on, they don’t bite.  Just keep a reasonable distance.  All that said, if you comment the moment this post goes live, I’ll probably be flying over Gibraltar as I head to Chicago.  I failed geography so that might be a tad off.  Either way, Mike will be handling all your commentary needs so if the call is great, praise me and if it’s terrible, belittle Mike as much as possible in the comments.  Cool, thanks.  Now on with the DK show…

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Bartolo Colon, SP: $9,100 – This.  Always and forever.  Yeah, he’s an unintentionally funny guy.  But call me a chubby chaser because the stats of him at home vs LHBs is pretty astounding.  Wrap your head around a .222 wOBA a 34 to 6 K:BB ratio and a 2.04 ERA against those southies at home and realize the Phillies probably will field 7 of them against this mound of a man.  You may think he’s overpriced but trust me, there’s enough cushion for the pushin’ here.  Slap a thigh and ride the wave into glory.  PS, he’s fat.  I think this covered that.  Moving on.

Stephen Strasburg, SP: $10,800 – Faded…no, that’s not the west coast term for being stoned…although he might feel like he is once this start is done.  Not in the biblical way.  That’s just mean and painful.  I’m talking in the tongue in cheek Bob Dylan sense.  I mean, he’s in the Evergreen State so why not?  Stras has been a mess on the road all year and I don’t think much changes in Seattle.  If anything, I’m willing to build a contrarian stack against him just to rake if he does implode but I’m surely not paying up for him to go down.

Zack Greinke, SP: $10,700 – If you’re spending up, Greinke makes more sense, though I don’t think you should or have to with today’s slate.  He should turn in a reasonable outing since the Padres forgot how to hit again.  I’d call him your cash game ace for this docket.

Jake Odorizzi, SP: $8,200 – Here’s how GPP works.  Player ‘x’ had a bad ‘trigger warning’ outing last time.  Team ‘y’ shellacked pitcher ‘z’ the day before.  Add in some derivatives, a few square root signs and the math is clear: no one is going near this funky Odor today.  All that said, his K potential is chart topping.  If you wanna play the game of contrarian, this is the way to go.  If you just wanna play Contra, here:  Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A start.  Trust me, you’ll need it; that shizz is hard!

Aaron Harang, SP: $6,700 – So unclean…I’m actually getting cold shivers.  This feels like food poisoning almost.  But more to the point, the Marlins are a fish out of water on the road…which in type makes sense.  How many roads are actually underwater?  Regardless, the Marlins top the K percentage taco on the road at 25.1% and have a .299 wOBA away from the Trop.  The Harangutan could be in line for a good night which for most great apes is crapping in their hand and throwing at onlookers.  Let’s just hope Harang isn’t slangin the same.

Ian Kennedy, SP: $8,600 – Oddly has a higher ERA at home than on the road so far this year at 4.04.  I still think he could be da bomb dot gov today, but maybe given the slate and the other arms available, he’s not the best call.  But he’s definitely not the BLURST call…you stupid monkey!  Sorry Harang, that wasn’t directed at you.

Chris Tillman, SP: $8,700 – I still think people will be off Tillman despite the numbers.  And at home, those numbers are intriguingly good: 2.54 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, and a second half ERA of 1.86.  I’m still not buying him ROS over arms that K a lot but for a DFS start?  I’m on him Till he tells me to get off ‘um.

Felix Doubront, SP: $6,000 – For you early morning risers – that includes you, late Friday night 1 pm EST risers – the Cards have been pretty bad all year but last night was an emotional wrecking ball for them.  Miley Cyrus proportions, y’all.  Imagine being tied 2-2 heading into the bottom of the 7th only to put one of your better relievers out there in the 8th and lose the game 7-2?  Demoralization is a thing in baseball.  And so is rejuvenation.  That’s where Felix comes in.  Given the Cards offensive struggles on the year, I could see a reasonable start out of Doubront which leaves you room to do damage on hitting and roster an expensive arm in Pineda.  PS, Cubbies stack will be contrarian this morning cuz no one thinks lightening strikes twice.  DO IT.  Especially the lefties.  Yes, this is Chris Coghlan and Luis Valbuena call.  I gave you 2/3rds of a mini-stack there.  Mini-double-decker?  If and Anthony Rizzo is back…run for the hills, Justin Masterson.  PS, this rolls over into the afternoon run of Tsuyoshi Wada.  Lefty after lefty don’t make a righty…except in DFS.

Elvis Andrus, SS: $3,500 – Wow, that’s a lot of arms, how about some legs?  Scott Feldman’s outing against the Yankees two starts ago yielded 4 steals on 5 attempts for opposing baserunners.  Want that +14 HR stat but want a little more consistency than that?  Well how about a hit, a steal, another steal and a run scored?  This puts Leonys Martin in play as well, of course, and maybe even Alex Rios.  They’ve got the runs down in Houston.  Make that an advantage for yourself.

Lucas Duda, 1B/OF: $4,700 – Duda cannot be stopped!  Except by Jerome Williams…maybe…cuz seriously, don’t know what happened to J-Will since his move to the city of brotherly love but he’s sure not helping opposing hitting brothers.  He’s had successful runs in the past.  So has Duda.  But who will win between the two today?  The Duda shall abide in my book.  In fact, if you wanna get nasty, a mini-Mets stack of Juan Lagares and David Wright could be in order.

Josh Donaldson, 3B: $4,900 – Not gonna lie, I hate the price.  But I do love the matchup.  LeBlanc got lit up like Matt did at the Friends reunion show.  Don’t lie to us, Matt, we know you don’t have pepper hair!  Next time, don’t sneeze while doing a line.  In all seriousness, Wade is just Wading out into the shallow end and is about to get sucked under.  Give Craig Gentry and Coco Crisp a look while you’re on the Dongaldson train of thought.

Jorge Soler, OF: $3,500 – What am I supposed to say?  Don’t roster the hot new hitter because everyone will own him?  he scored 30+ DK points last night.  You’re damn right everyone and their sports-averse uncle is drafting him.  If you wanna fade, go ahead and fade.  If you wanna win, well, you know the drill.

Anthony Rendon, 2B/3B: $4,300 – With the scheduled start going to a lefty in Roenis Elias, Rendon becomes a nice pickup from the Nats.  After hitting a bomb off of King Felix, what do you think Anthony’s encore will be against a southpaw, versus which he hits .324 on the road against?  This talk puts Jayson Werth into play as well.  Yes, they homered last night and it’s rare you get back to back nights with bombs.  It’s also rare Felix gives up 4+ HRs so let’s just go against the percentages and dream, shall we?

Alex Gordon, OF: $4,700 – Trevor Bauer is fine at home but when he’s on the road, he’s Trevor Bowel movement.  No seriously, check his ID.  That’s how he travels outside of Ohio.  The kid has a near 6.00 ERA on the road and is giving it up to LHBs to the tune of a .411 wOBA.  A Royals stack of lefty bats wouldn’t hurt my soul one bit.  Gimme Mike Moustakas for another chance at lefty bombage and gimme a Royals stack in general.  I feel a Bauer outage coming on.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Well, if you didn’t like the Harang call, this will definitely push you off him.  Weather reports make this one look like if it gets in, it’s gonna be a lot of stop ‘n’ go.  I hate LA traffic, didn’t know it was like that down in ATL.  Outside that, there are concerns in the STLvsCHC and CHWvsDET games but nothing to get too worried about without weather confirmation.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The CHWvsDET game has two unknown pitchers going in the second game of a doubleheader that supposedly followed a Scherzer vs Sale matchup.  Given that I have conflicting reports from various sites as to who exactly is starting either of the two starts, it’s hard to say with confidence the 9.5 o/u will stay but if it does, it’s tops in the o/u market for the day.  The big small number (what?) for the day is SEAvsWAS at 6.5 o/u.  There are some lefty mashers in the WAS lineup and their hitters have been hot of late.  I could see an easy ‘o’ face developing here.

  1. Jay says:

    10 tm h2h 5 keeper first five rds are keeper rds.
    I traded away most if my early picks and now only a 7&9 remain within our first five rds after keepers.
    My roster is dArnaud freeman carpenter beltre Zobrist arenado Stanton j upton josh Hamilton soler polanco

    Deadline deal proposed to me :
    My soler polanco 7&9 rd picks for his puig McCann and Dee and a 12&16.

    Do I take and go for broke?
    If you need to know my rotation
    Sale Scherzer Lester iwakuma Zimmerman shoemaker kuechrl wood Perkins Casilla and Robertson.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Jay: I’d rather have the potential of Soler/Polanco there. They could be game changers.

  2. Arrabers Greg says:

    I believe!!!! Riding Soler into the playoffs and now Nuno has joined the cavalry. Y’all are fan-fu<{\ng-tastic!!!!!!

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