Situations arise all the time with closers. Injuries occur, poor performance, and then the return of the incumbent.  In the preseason, Will Smith was the guy the Brewers had tabbed as the closer.  Then, like I just said, an injury happened.  So now that he is back, what goes on in the back-end of the Brewers bullpen?  Jeremy Jeffress has done a stellar job with a less than average set-up crew in front of him.  He has pitched to a 2.45 ERA and a slightly more bloated xFIP of 3.41.  For all his previous tangles with pitching, he is striking out far less then he is normally accustomed to at just a 6 K/9 rate.  Low for a closer, even from the Lauvern and Shirley state.  He has managed 14 saves in 15 opportunitioes, and for a team like the Brewers, 14 is a healthy total.  So does his reign come to an end now that the best reliever is back in the fray?  Granted, it is never a great thing when usual mop-up relievers start stealing your stats, namely Blaine Boyer and Carlos Torres, who have 3 saves between them in the past nine games.  And granted, saves are wonky and games dictate them sometimes, come from behind wins, and situational loogy-ness are also a factor.  So I think with the way Jeffress has been going, he stays there until Will comes and steals his mojo and never looks back… Until the trade deadline, which could alter things up completely and basically revert it back to the way it was.  So if Will Smith is on your waivers, do yourself a service and add him speculatively for a week or two.  If he doesn’t give you the returns that you expect, then, well, the opposite happened of what I think should happen.  Enjoy Week 9 of the fantasy baseball season’s closer report!

  • I am a little nervous about Hector Rondon’s back ailment.  My back has hurt for four years and I don’t even try to fly first class everywhere, or let alone only work for 15 pitches four-out-of-seven days.  I mean, geez.
  • Funny thing about Kenley Jansen, he has more blown saves in the past two weeks since last report than all of last year.  I am definitely not nervous, unless you are…
  • Vulture win guy of the moment? Michael Feliz has the 9th highest WAR among all pitchers over the last 14 games.  Ahead of names like… basically everyone.
  • The real Wade Davis is back, and the Royals are scorching from their starters to the last guy toeing the mound.  The main bullpen guys have 12 Holds in the last 14 games, and Davis has 7 saves during that time.
  • Maybe Kevin Jepsen isn’t so bad at finishing games for the Twins, fine in his last 11 games, but at the cost of just your ratios and regret.
  • I feel like the Giants closer gig is open to anyone that pitches great for a few games in a row, I am not saying Casilla is garbage.  Just think that he is due to go splat soon.

Closer d’Etat  (Top set-up guys next up for saves)

A new feature that I have been looking to add is the top set-up guys who are either pitching well or are right behind the closer.  Getting the off day save for a shaky closer or someone who can jump in for a downed king of saves.  Never hurts to bag an extra reliever for your bench at best they either don’t play, you bench them or the do well.  No one ever does bad for someone we all roster…


$12 Salads

You know that restaurant your girlfriend/wife/what-have-you likes to go to that charges, like, $12 for a salad? Every time you go there, you have a thoroughly solid meal. No complaints, except you just paid $12 for a salad when you could’ve went to McDonald’s and stuffed you and your woman for ten schmools and had $2 in quarters left over to make the hotel bed vibrate. These closers are $12 salads.

1. Kenley Jansen – (Pedro Baez, Louis Coleman)

2. Wade Davis – (Kelvin Herrera, Joakim Soria)

3. Aroldis Chapman – (Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances)

4. Jeurys Familia – (Addison Reed, Jim Henderson)

5. Craig Kimbrel – (Koji Uehara, Junichi Tazawa)

6. Trevor Rosenthal – (Kevin Siegrist, Seung-hwan Oh)

7. David Robertson – (Nate Jones, Matt Albers)

8. Zach Britton – (Darren O’Day, Brad Brach)



Imagine you’re following a donkey, who’s wearing a wool cap, through a desert for 1700 miles. Why are you following a donkey? Because he promises you something wonderful and you just need to trust him. Does the donkey talk? Yes. Yes, he does talk. So when you and the donkey in the wool cap arrive at his destination, he removes the wool cap to reveal a horn. The donkey is a unicorn and his gift to you for your trust is saves. These closers are Donkeycorns.

9. Hector Rondon – (Pedro Strop, Justin Grimm)

10. Jonathan Papelbon – (Felipe Riviero, Shawn Kelley)

11. Mark Melancon – (Tony Watson, Neftali Feliz)

12. A.J. Ramos – (David Phelps, Kyle Barraclough)

13. Cody Allen – (Bryan Shaw, Zach McAllister)

14. Francisco Rodriguez – (Justin Wilson, Alex Wilson)

15. Roberto Osuna – (Drew Storen, Joe Biagini, Jason Grilli)

16. Fernando Rodney – (Brandon Maurer, Ryan Buchter)

17. Huston Street – (Joe SmithFernando Salas)

18. Ryan Madson – (Sean Doolittle, John Axford)

19. Santiago Casilla – (Josh Osich, Cody Gearrin)

20. Luke Gregerson – (Ken Giles, Will Harris)

21. Sam Dyson– (Jake Diekman, Matt Bush)

22. Jeanmar Gomez – (Hector NerisDavid Hernandez)



These guys are the men that make the save market go round. They punch in, punch out. Have the job, no real threat to speak of, and are basically just there to collect great benny’s so they can take care of their crippled brother. Who is only really crippled because he is scared of the sun.

23. Alex Colome – (Xavier Cedeno, Enny Romero)

24 Steve Cishek – (Joaquin Benoit, Joel Peralta, Nick Vincent)

25. Brad Ziegler – (Daniel Hudson, Tyler Clippard)

26. Jeremy Jeffress – (Will SmithTyler Thornburg)

27. Jake McGee – (Carlos Estevez, Miguel Castro)

28. Arodys Vizcaino – (Hunter Cervenka, Alexei Ogando)

Brain Freezes

I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples, bananas and Carlos Marmol– Wait, he just gave up 12 earned runs and hit Castro in the head with a pick-off throw. Brain freeze! Make it stop! Use the following closers at your own risk.

29. Kevin Jepsen – (Fernando AbadTrevor May,)

30. Tony Cingrani – (Ross Ohlendorf, Blake Wood)

  1. Yo Smokey my man. I tried to argue this point, tell me what you think. AL though it’s off subject smoke . Harper may have Trout in upside but the floor for Harper so far considerably lower. Your thoughts

    Even though I’m stating the obvious. Trout ranked above Ben Harper in album sells in 3 of the last 4 yes

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Dnut Eastwood: Both are elite and are slightly different contributors but both elite. I prefer Trout because he has the intangibles, if that makes any sense. But if gun to head I would take Trout.

  2. Geraldo Parra for BJ’S Osuna or Sergio

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Dnut Eastwood: as long as Parra is not higher then your OF3 then yea

  3. Sorry smoke bob marley was burnN and. LootN tonight. At my place toNIGht. I meant to say Santiago Castillo

    Sumthen like dat

  4. Ante GALIC says:


    Thanks as always for the write-up.

    Smoke, am in 10th place in saves in my 12 5×5 RCL. Have a total of eight (8) saves!!!

    Have been rocking the following.

    Miller, Neris, Feliz, Storen, Hand, Giles (just acquired off waivers).

    I love these guys for ratios and K/9 and of course vulture win and saves.

    Have Perkins in a DL-stash.

    Is Perkins worthy of a DL stash? When is he due back and will he take over the closer’s role upon return?

    Other RP options are as follows.

    Blanton, Biagini, TWood, Thornburg, Cesar Ramos, Carlos Torres

    Would you drop any of the above for any of these?

    Thank you and best regards,

    • Toe Knee Arm Ass says:

      @Ante GALIC: Stash Perkins.The Twins have no better options.

      • Ante GALIC says:

        @Toe Knee Arm Ass: Thanks, Tony! Will do. Say hi to Tony Jr. Where is he btw? Back home partying somewhere, right?


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Ante GALIC: solid group of relievers just not quanity wise for saves, def stash Perkins, can’t hurt you

  5. Turd Ferguson says:

    Trevor Rosenthal is NO $12 salad. The guy has been an absolute dumpster fire and may be losing his job to Siegrist after last night’s debacle. ERA at 3.71 and WHIP of 1.82 with 8 saves. Matheny has seen enough. The guy has always walked a lot of batters but this is just ridiculous.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Turd Ferguson: After last night he is def not you are correct. Before that though his usage is off and he only had allowed earned runs in 2 of 18 appearances. His command could be off because of usage or injury, but I am sure we will find out soon. The 9 save opps for a Cards team is troubling though. He will be lower next week as last nights implosion was post writing this post. Thanks Turd

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        @Smokey: got 3 str outs in about 9 pitches today. they need to have him used by pitching to his own batters on certain off days, this whole “guy needs to be used when down 5 to “get work”” kinda shit is just stupid and often ruins our ratios, since many of these guys can only concentrate properly when they psyche themselves up for a “save”. just have these guys who’ve not pitched in 5 or whatever many days pitch in non-game situations to their own batters in practice, i know they have those “simulated innings” do those.

  6. Matt says:

    Any reason Will Harris is never mentioned as potential next in line to Gregerson? I know Giles is the name-brand that they paid a lot for, and got a recent save or 2 when Gregerson was unavailable, but how do the Astros ignore the fact that he hasn’t been scored upon since April 7 (his 1st appearance of the year) and has run a 23.1 IP consecutive scoreless streak while posting a 0.73 WHIP and over a K/IP to boot. And that’s on top of his 1.90 ERA/0.90 WHIP last year!

    Giles has improved but has still given up ER in 2 of his last 3 appearances…

    I’m speculating hard for saves as I have NO current closers (Perkins on my DL but who knows if he will make it back), and debating what to do with this situation as Giles happens to still be available in my league. It’s a H2H league so I can manage without saves for now…

    I’m currently rocking all of Neris, Betances, Will Smith, and Harris as RPs—-we use K/9 so these relief pitchers still provide a nice boost in that category at least even if not getting saves (6×6 that also included IP/QS which mitigates non-closing RP a bit..but I’m fine with streaming to make a run at those categories).

    Do I flip Harris for Giles? Add Giles for Neris and be covered no matter what direction that Astros go if they make a change? Even with Gregerson’s struggles, I’m still thinking his job is relatively safe for the foreseeable future…

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Matt: I think there is potential for Harris to be the guy, he has pitched more frequently in front of Gregerson. I have always touted Harris as a guy to watch just the brand name of Giles always puts him first. In a holds leavgue I would want Harris. I think that there is a better chance they get a chance to close before Neris does. I wouldn’t double up on Astros relievers though and would roll with Harris and Neris

  7. JimmyJackJames says:

    Smoke I’m trying to fix up my ratios by dropping Volquez and picking up down high K relievers – pick 2 of the following:

    May, Mike Feliz, Dan Hudson, David Phelps, the newly called up Edwin Diaz


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @JimmyJackJames: Phelps and although I think Edwin Diaz is an intriguing spec I worry about his usage and time in majors, so i would lean Hudson

  8. Lovedarooks says:

    Think Thornberg will ever get a shot at saves ?maybe 2017?
    let me know I have him cheap and maybe will hold onto him for next year

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Lovedarooks: Ever, there is always that possibility, I dont think he does though. Unless the Brewers purge Jeffress and Smith in front of him via trade. I would still hold onto him sounds like this is a deeper type league

  9. IHATESAVES says:

    Now that Gregorson has blown yet another one who will take over? It’s obvious to me he is going to be out!,,

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @IHATESAVES: common line is that it’s giles, as he was bought for this (they paid a TON for a RP too), and he’s been much better lately (last 10 or so app’s)

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @IHATESAVES: well let’s see if the 5th BS is enough to get Giles or Harris in for a looksie

  10. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    football question (finding Jaywrong’s most recent post that takes comments also)
    haven’t read all the posts yet (have read the predraft ones). keepers due early in one dynasty league. 2 QB, half PPR, start 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 T/W/R flexes, 1 kicker, 1 team D, 4 IDP flexes (any position). we do a 3 round draft (late july-august). comish is making us cut our chaf early though. 12 team league.
    QB – rodgers/rodfather/osweiler/keenum
    RB – forte/ivory/woodhead/ingram/mathews/forsett/hillman
    WR – jordy/k.allen/edelman/d-jax/r.matthews
    TE – ertz/j.thomas
    K catman (ARI)
    team D CAR
    IDP’s – david/d-jax (IND)/ogletree/collins/dansby
    so i have to cut at least 3 just to be able to draft one person. i draft out of the 4 slot in every round. i’m guessing the easy cuts are keenum/dansby (easily replaced as BN IDP)/hillman

    1. would you drop a 4th to grab a guy at pick 2.4? other than rookies best available players are Dion lewis, s.smith, wheaton, m.bennett, fleener, agholor, d.allen, sanu, clay, t.smith (SF), cameron (MIA), caepernick, bradshaw, j.bell, hankerson, kearse, k.robinson.

    2. with that roster you are you targeting at pick 1.4?
    this roster appears to need WR more than RB, at least as depth, having my top 3 guys has to make me the best top 3 in the league. probably gotta figure e.elliot isn’t around at pick 1.4 though as well.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: agree with the guys you listed to cut. If wanted a 4th I would lose Collins, IDP players are easily replaceable. I would take best available player at 4 and since Elliot will be gone I owuld be ok with one of the top wr rookies coleman, Shepard, Treadwell, Doctson etc

  11. Jvillan says:

    12-team redraft standard I have both ryan Madson and Luke Gregerson who have been blowing saves of late! Do I drop them and pick up Doolittle and Ken Giles or will smith?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Jvillan: I wouldn’t drop them yet, but possibly find a way to cuff yourself with Giles

  12. Brett says:

    Who do you prefer for holds will smith or bush in Texas?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Brett: Smith, I will take the priority guy over the 2econd or third type for a better team

  13. Brett says:

    Didn’t get will smith. Who do you prefer of Benoit, Matt Bush, Nate Jones for holds.


  14. SteveNZ says:

    If Benoit is available in a Holds league, you gotta drop Bush for him, right?

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