Moving the standard disabled list to 10 days from 15 was a horrific decision by Major League Baseball.  If a pitcher is going to miss one start, a team can just throw him on the DL now and get that extra body up in his place.  I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the starting pitchers in the majors end up on the disabled list for that reason.  In the past, when a batter was going to be out for a week, teams had to make a decision whether to force him out another week by putting him on the DL or waiting it out.  Now, teams are going to defer to putting the player on the DL.  That’s where the biggest fantasy impact is going to come.  We’ve already seen a bunch of players go on the 10-day DL and come off immediately when the 10 days are up.  On most of my teams, I’ve had 3-6 players on the DL at the same time already and we’re only three weeks into the season.  I think the use of the disabled list is going to increase by a fairly wide margin so I suggest that your league has at least 3 DL spots going forward.  The more players that go on the list, the more spots you should have.  Anyways, let’s take a look at what was posted on Razzball this week, including a bunch of different articles that can help you with injuries:

Grey and Dan Pants provided us with Daily Notes.  Among the highlights are Madison Bumgarner (no pitcher is safe), Starling Marte getting suspended and Chris Sale‘s lights-out performance.  Fun fact: when I typed Marte into the player database to tag him in this post, Prince Oberyn Martell’s name also came up.  I heard he had some pop.

Lance’s Buy/Sell post looks at a player he owns in the vast majority of his leagues: Gerrit Cole.

The DFS crew provided us with daily content previewing the day’s games from a daily fantasy perspective.

Mike Honcho’s Streaming piece gave us the best options for streaming in Week 3 for both batters and pitchers.

M@’s Top 100 Hitters saw the focus go on Eric Thames this week.  He’s hotter than a pistol!

JB’s Top 100 Pitchers highlighted Sal Romano‘s spot start before he was immediately sent back to Louisville.

This week’s Podcast has an amazing title and another edition of FMK.  I feel better about my prediction last week that it was going to stick!

MattTruss updated everyone on how the RCL’s are going.  My team in the Writers League was climbing until my pitching staff destroyed me yesterday.  Damn pitching.

Son’s Bear or Bull breaks down the hot start of Cesar Hernandez and whether or not we should buy or sell him going forward.

Laura Holt’s Rolling in the Deep talks about Anthony Senzatela and other names that should help you in deeper leagues, especially AL and NL only.

Ambulance Chasers by Kerry Klug is a must if your team is getting ravished with injuries like mine are.

JB updates everyone on the REL where the Yankees make a power move in the standings.

Son’s One Man’s Trash looks at the revival of Jason Vargas and whether or not any of his success is sustainable.

Ralph Lifshitz updated us on The Minor Leagues and launches a new Razzball Youtube channel.  More details in the post but it’s definitely worth checking out if you either attend or enjoy the minor leagues.

Malamoney launched the post for Week 4 of the Batter Contest.

Smokey has his first Bullpen Report of the season.  For anyone in holds leagues or just deeper leagues, it’s a must read.

Grey’s Buy/Sell tells you to sell Cole Hamels if you can.  It was also talked about on the podcast (spoiler alert!) but I completely agree with him.  Thankfully I don’t own him anywhere since he’s on the verge of being a schmohawk.

Elliot gives us some info on OBP Leagues highlighting the crazy hot start to the season by Chase Headley.

M@’s Two Start Pitchers also looks at Vargas.  He has more coverage this week than over the last few seasons!  For those who set their lineups on a weekly basis, this is a must.

Ralph Lifshitz also updates his Top 25 Minor League Prospects list.


There are a lot of surprising names near the top of the Streamonator  for next week.  Hyun-Jin RyuMichael WachaZack Grienke and Brandon McCarthy are all considered top 10 pitchers.  Clayton Kershaw is worth almost 2.5x more than any other pitcher this week!

Of the top 11 hitters this week according to Hittertron, four are Nationals and three are Rockies.  Guess who plays 4 games in Colorado this week?  It also likes Joey Gallo quite a bit so if you’re fortunate enough to be in a league where he’s still available, go and get him.

DFSBot is here to help you with all of your daily fantasy need.  Lineup optimizer, best stacks, best points per dollar, whatever you need DFSBot has you covered.

That’s all for now guys.  Be sure to leave any questions or comments below.  Thanks for reading, take care!

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