I hope everyone had a fun second week.  There was some good, like Eric Thames going bonkers in five straight.  There was also some bad, like whatever it is Byron Buxton is doing (nothing).  Giancarlo finally went yard, now let’s see if Mookie Betts, Jose Abreu, Jose Bautista and Hanley Ramirez can take the hint.  Geez, no wonder all my teams are starting so slow.

It’s the silly season for our leagues at this point, where we can have huge swings in the standings based on 2-3 good days of stats.  Only two teams remain in the top 10 from last week and one of them just so happens to be the first place team.  Let’s take a look at the standings as well as some trades in the RCLs this week.


Each week we’ll peek in at our resident ‘perts to see who is laying claim to best “expert” RCLer in the land.  We’ll take notes, check the standings and generally stalk them.  The heading is also hyperlink, so feel free to follow along as we go.

Much remained the same from last week to this week atop the ‘Perts League.  Rudy Gamble remained in first, yours truly remained in second while Smokey finished the week with the bronze.  Joining Smokey in third place this week is Jay, who gained 6 points and moved up three spots from sixth to third.  That was good for the biggest jump in the standings this week.  The biggest standings drop belongs to JB who lost 10 points and fell three spots from seventh to tenth.  Cram It gained the most points this week with 12.5 as he moved up from eleventh to ninth.  Gotta start the climb to the top somewhere.  For those keeping score at home, Grey gained 2.5 points this week and moved from eighth to seventh.

TOP 10

Typically, this will be a quick view of the top of the Master Standings.  Since it takes a couple weeks to get those up and running, this week we’ll just that a look at the top 10 highest scoring RCL teams based on roto points.  Here’s how it shakes out after 2 weeks:

Team Sullivan Beddict Believers 106
F Off Im Vacuuming Take on the Jay 4 104
Hats For Bats Take on the Jay 5 101.5
Skook Trouts Take On Jay (2) 99.5
90 Shilling Sponge-worthy Anti-Dentites 98.5
Gomes’ Gnomes Johnson’s Ornithology E.O.D. 97
Baton Rouge Gumbo Hounds Gasoline Suits 96
Team Rocchio RIFB Roto 2017 96
Vegan Steamers Frequent Commenter League (FCL) 95.5
Team Booher Original Recipe 2017 95.5
Colavito Rockies Tater Time 95.5

Team Sullivan gained 2.5 points this week as he kept his hold on the number one spot.  Nice work Sullivan!  Eight homers, eight steals and a stellar week of pitching ratios kept Team Sullivan rolling.  The only other holdover from last week’s top 10 is the Skook Trouts.  Our friendly neighborhood Vegan makes the top 10 list this week.  It’s always nice to see the Frequent Commenters get their shout outs.


All the trades that have gone down in the past week.  Public ridicule is not only allowed, but encouraged.

4/11/2017 Beddict Believers Team Ticky traded Stephen Vogt and Seung-Hwan Oh to Internet Trolls for Willson Contreras and Wade Davis
4/12/2017 Smokey Joe’s Chamber of Death Team Codo traded Evan Longoria and Starlin Castro to Mount Fupa Squat Cobblers for Alex Colome and Joaquin Benoit
4/14/2017 Jobu Needs A Refill LA Lil’ Chucks traded Kenley Jansen to Metal Face Doom for Justin Verlander
4/14/2017 Great Knocks Razz Won traded Wade Davis and Kelvin Herrera to Ralph Wiggum Sleep Vikings for Billy Hamilton Masahiro Tanaka
4/16/2017 Straight Cash Homie Midwest Chop traded Robbie Ray to Mega Powers for Cesar Hernandez

Only five trades to scrutinize this week.  Closers were once again the hot commodity.  I would love getting Evan Longoria for a closer and a closer that is a ticking time bomb from losing his job.  Nice haul Squat Cobblers.  On the flip side of that, I’d happily trade some SAGNOF and Tanaka for two solid closers in Davis and Herrera.  Eventually someone always overpays for a closer, so if you can flip one or two, all the power to you.

It was easy to manually grab stats week 1, but not so much week 2 and beyond.  I will keep you updated as to the status of our automated statistic collection system.  Until that is ready we’ll have to go without the weekly leaders and team of the week segments.  I love these segments as much as you, so you’ll be sure I’ll get them back ASAP.  In the meantime, feel free to brag about your amazing weeks, days or point jumps in the comments.



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  1. Hoboken Squat Cobblers says:

    “Perty Perts’ is quite the misnomer. Most are hardly perts, whilst nearly none are perty!

    • Hoboken Squat Cobblers says:

      @Hoboken Squat Cobblers: Oh and thanks for the trade compliment. Closers are just commodities move for productive parts. Trade closers, work the waiver wire for more saves. Trade (again) those ‘closers’ for something of value, Rinse, repeat.

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Hey now, I resemble that remark! Haha. Agreed on the trades, that’s how I’ve made a killing in the lesser RCLs. That strategy gets a bit more dicey when you’re playing with 11 others that understand the format as well as yourself though. You get it and play it to your advantage, hence why we’re always seeing your name on the leaderboards.

      • @MattTruss: True. Main difference in the ‘Perts is that we’re willing to spend the time writing about it all. That’s it.

        • Hoboken Squat Cobblers says:

          @[email protected]: Ahhh, was just ‘razzin’. The *perts* here beat the hell outta wannabees elsewhere!

          • MattTruss

            MattTruss says:

            It is RAZZball after all!

  2. csullivan says:

    No more Marte for Team Sullivan! This could get rough

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Yea, that’s a big blow man. Stash Meadows!

  3. The Great Knoche says:

    My only bright spot in any of my RCLs has been the fact that my FCL ERA is somehow still lower than yours. Think my high point is 59 points.

    Oh well, were barely 1/16 of the way through the season. I equate this to the Jets beating the Patriots in week 1 of the NFL. Is anyone really worried about the Pats?

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      My teams have all started remarkably bad. Long season, still early!

  4. Vegans says:

    Ha! Thanks for the shout out and all the hard work, Matt!!

    For now, I’ll just enjoy this… that is until my team slowly reverts to its namesake.

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