The starterpocalypse is still in full effect this week as ERAs across the board are less than stellar.  Grey led the ‘Perts League in ERA with a 2.35 this week, but no one else is under a 3.23 with seven teams over a 4.50 ERA.  That is, how we say in the business…not good. Meanwhile, power is through the roof. Since I’ve tracked the Razzball Commenter Leagues for the past, *carry the one*, long time, I’ve got the weekly stats that I track all saved to look back on.  Last year the weekly record for HRs in a week was 26. That was in all of the weeks last season. We’ve already matched that in week 2 this year. The same goes for Runs scored. All of this is a fancy way of saying, offense is up this year and it’s still cold outside baby.  Just wait until those hot summer months combined with whatever may or may not be going on with the ball this year. We could be in for some real offensive records. Oh, you drafted a top pitcher in the first three rounds, well, best of luck to you, this could be a long year. More weekly stats and the rest of the happenings in the week that was week 2 in the RCLs:

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First of all, a big thank you to Rudy for getting his Razzball Commenter Leagues robots crunching numbers even faster than last year.  We have real, live standings in what is really the first full week of games! It’s awesome to have a starting point for the Master Standings in week 1.  I hope your first full week is going better than my team that owned Trea Turner, Giancarlo Stanton and had snagged Ryan McMahon to replace Matt Olson. Yikes.  I also don’t own nearly enough shares of Cody Bellinger this year. I am excited for Ronald Acuna to visit Coors this week though. There are simply not enough eggplant emojis in the world.

It’s the silly season for our leagues at this point, where we can have huge swings in the standings based on 2-3 good days of stats.  So fear not if you’re off to a slow start. Who’s the number one team after the first week (OK, week and a half) of the season? You’ll have to click below to see that.  Let’s take a look at the standings, the top teams in each stat category and some trades in the week that was, week one plus in the RCLs:

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Welcome my good and/or decent Razzball Commenter League managers.  How were your first four days of fun? Oh, you drafted Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Upton and Daniel Murphy did you?  Welp, there’s always next year! I kid, I kid, the RCL format is actually one of the easier formats to recover from these types of things.  Just pony up to the Hitter-Tron and make due with batty calls for the next few weeks, you’ll be OK. This Razzball Commenter League update will be a little different than most.  Throughout the year I’ll be bringing you stats, trades, weekly leaders and overall standings. With only four days worth of data (and most of them half days at that) it’s really not worth diving into.  Our RCL bots are not up and running yet either, so there’s not much to look at just yet. Instead, this week, I’ll be giving you a couple of FanTrax tips I’ve found helpful along the way, go over a few trades from the past week and let you peak in on the ‘Perts League.  So, let’s get down to business, shall we? We shall!

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Twelve fantasy writers in one league and you thought we weren’t going to take this opportunity to hear ourselves talk (type)?  Well, then you thought wrong! We’re all loaded with hot fiyah taeks! This isn’t the ‘Perts League that Grey hosts, this is just anyone that writes for Razzball and wanted to join an RCL.  Way back on Saturday, March 4th at 9:00pm EST, we all (well, most) settled in for an early season draft. You can check out all the draft results HERE to follow along.  This season’s participants in RCL draft order are:

The Itch – This Week in Strike Rates

SON – A two sport star, running the basketball side of Razzball and writing Bear/Bull for MLB

Elliot – former OPS writer, turned miscellaneous writer

Matt Striker – Former WWE Wrestler and Fantasy Nerd

Richardo – One of our several DFS gurus

MB – Two sport star covering NFL and MLB like a boss

Kerry Klug – The local ambulance chaser

Prospect Mike – Covers…well…prospects!

MattTruss – DFS and RCLs are my game

McafeeeeeOPS is his bag

B_Don – Ditka, Sausage and Fantasy Sports Podcast. 2 Start Pitchers

Roto-Wan – SAGNOF is his jam

Now you know who is in the league, next we’ll hear what they had to say about it.  I interviewed each writer with some questions; some personal and some generic and here’s what they had to say:

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We’re really winding down on draft season now, with official games starting on Thursday.  This is the last Tuesday without baseball for some time and I’m giddy about it. We’re sitting at 73 Razzball Commenter Leagues right now (12 more than last year!) and 64 of those have drafted.  Only two of our legacy leagues remain undrafted with ECFBL and the ‘Perts League drafting late Wednesday night. Nothing like waiting until the last moment. All of our leagues are full as of now, but if we have any dropouts, make sure you’re following myself (@MattTruss) and/or @Razzball on Twitter.  That tends to be the first place I go to blast out league openings. If you didn’t get in on the fun, well, there’s always next year, don’t procrastinate so much next season! Speaking of fun, I had fun going over the new and improved ADP data by taking a look at the ADPs of all Grey’s Sleepers. Even though the ADP Sheet is Razzball-centric it can still give you some interesting tidbits of information.  So, let’s do some last minute cramming for those final drafts and see what we can see.

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We have another week’s worth of draft data to work with and only about one week left of the Razzball Commenter League draft season.  All public drafts wrap up on Wednesday, March 27th, so if you’ve been waiting to join a league, wait no more! We managed to fill all but one league this past week and that one had a manager bail about an hour before the draft, so it drafted with 11.  That’s a darn shame, don’t be that guy that bails right before the draft, so not cool. We have drafts all weekend long that need filling though, starting Friday and going through to Sunday. There is even a $20 league with spots to fill, so go get that money!  The sign-up sheet is linked at the end of this article, but first, let’s dive into our RCL ADP and see what Razzball Commenters are drafting so far.

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The fantasy baseball season has officially kicked off and we have real, live draft data to sift through.  Numbers nerds, assemble! We have spreadsheets, charts and ADP, oh my! It was a busy first week here at Razzball Commenter Leagues HQ but I’ve gone through each league that has drafted and added their drafts to a master spreadsheet in order to calculate RCL ADP.  We’ve had eighteen leagues draft already, so there’s plenty of numbers to look at. We’ve had some close calls, but all leagues have filled so far and we’d love to keep it that way. We don’t want to axe any leagues, so if you notice your league is not full the day before the draft, hit us up on Twitter: @Razzball or @MattTruss and let us know.  You can also leave a comment in Grey’s most recent post and/or invite a friend to join. I know, sacrilege to tell your fantasy baseball friends you read Razzball, but sharing is caring. Speaking of sharing, jump below and I’ll share with you a fancy RCL ADP spreadsheet for your perusing pleasure.

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Razzball Commenter League drafts are off and running!  Don’t let the chance to play with your favorite writers and commenters in free leagues for an overall top prize pass you by!  We’ve only had a handful of drafts so far, but next week we’ll be able to dive into early RCL ADP and over-analyze to our hearts content.  As for now though, go sign up for a league drafting in the next week or so and contribute to our data pool. It’s so easy to sign-up, it’s really just one click!  Use it as a mock draft that is actually useful. We just had the Writer’s League draft Sunday night and it was nice to get a draft under my belt this season that didn’t have a 4 hour pick clock.  I’ll have more info on the Writer’s League draft in the coming weeks as well. Today, we’ll be going over how to approach your pitching in the RCL format. I’ll let you decide how well I followed my own advice in my recent draft.

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Last week we covered why you should join an RCL, so this week let’s start covering what to do once you’re in there.  To be honest, most all of this has been covered somewhere on the site over the years, most often by Rudy. If you haven’t been playing in RCLs though, I could see how some of this has been glossed over, so I’ll try to consolidate some info for the newbies.  Last season we made the change from ESPN to Fantrax and with that we changed a few rules, most notably we added a 500 move limit and we changed from Games Started for pitchers to Innings Pitched. I’ll be frank, I didn’t notice a big change in strategy because of these changes, but feel free to change my mind RCL Vets.  We’ll cover this as well as the basics for anyone still timid about jumping in the RCL waters.

QUICK NOTE: RCL drafts will start going off this coming Friday.  To avoid leagues drafting with less than 12 managers we’ve decided to just kill any league that doesn’t fill by 5pm EST.  We’re going to try our best to get everything filled, but if you are in a league where someone bails late or it looks like it won’t fill, let us know.  Jump in the comments or let us know on Twitter: @Razzball and/or @MattTruss and we’ll try to work some magic. We didn’t want to ruin someone’s night by waiting until an hour before a 10pm draft to kill it.  Hopefully, this won’t happen often, but help us help you.

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Pitchers and catchers have reported and the Razzball Commenter Leagues are open, it’s beginning to feel a lot like baseball!  I can’t wait to be half as productive at work and start losing countless hours of sleep staying up to watch the end of the [email protected] game, just in case there is a closer injury.  Football was a fine diversion, but I always feel a little empty without baseball. I’m happy to be back for another season as your RCL tour guide. I love these things. Really, they play to my strengths and offer ample opportunity to test strategy and ideas.  Weekly lineups/moves have their place, I just don’t find them as fun. The daily moves, the League Competitive Index competition, battling hundreds of other managers for the top of the overall standings and of course, the non stop action make this a unique and fun challenge.  It’s kind of like pounding a pot of coffee every hour, on the hour for six straight months. It’s the fantasy baseball equivalent of snorting Red Bull. I’m also a huge nerd for all the numbers and data that gets collected from running so many leagues under the Razzball umbrella.  We’re back for another season partnering with FanTrax. FanTrax makes data collection much better which means it will be even easier to share these numbers with you along the way and try to glean some info from all that data. In order to make the data pool even larger though, we need you, and you, and you too.  You see, what makes RCLs great is all of you. Man that sounds mushy, but it’s true. In an ideal world, every Razzball reader would head on over to the RCL sign-ups, pick a league and all would be right with the world. It’s funny to see how many frequent commenters have never played an RCL. What’s wrong with you?  I was there once upon a time, so for those of you that aren’t so eager, let’s sit down and chat it out.

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