It took us nearly six months, but we got through all of the 30 systems, ranking and debating each player along the way. The culmination of this work is today’s show, the Top 25 Prospects for 2018 Fantasy Baseball. We begin with our weekly Vladimir Guerrero Jr. update, followed by a deeper discussion of his perspective call-up date. We then round into our weekly update in the five by five, where Lance picks five players from his pre-season Top 50, and I run through some surging bats over the last week, including Franmil Reyes and Carter Kieboom. The next 40 plus minutes is devoted to the Top 25, and a general discussion of the risers and the fallers. Finally, please make sure to support our sponsor by heading over to and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 20% off the highest quality t-shirts in the fantasy sports game. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Prospect Podcast:

0:00 – 25:00 Banter, Vlad check-in

25:00 – 53:00 MiLB 5×5

53:00 – 1:34:00 Top 25

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  1. Sky Burnz says:

    Great show guys, as always. When you were talking about R. Lewis, it reminded me Jetee Downs is also having a great year. I realize Lewis has the pedigree over Downs, but their numbers look similar this year. Is Downs a guy that is gaining or is he playing in a more hitter friendly league?

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Sky Burnz: He’s gaining as well, and he’s also playing in the MWL which has to the most difficult hitting environment in baseball. He’s got the power/speed thug going for sure, Lewis’ BA is higher.

  2. jose says:

    Can you guys both write your top 25 list? I tried to write as you went along and couln’t keep up.

    Where do you have Walker Buehler? I don’t think he was in your top 25. I see him very similar to Alex Reyes and he was at 16. Buehler has being great since he came up.

    I am am glad that you keep pumping up Tatis Jr., because him, Arias and Pavin Smith have been bellow the Mendoza line for two long.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @jose: Sure, we didn’t include any players in the majors. So no Acuna, Buehler, Andujar, Gleyber, etc.

      I tweeted it out, with some changes last night, I moved up Soto.

      Tatis has really started to hit. He’s slashing .326/.431/.698 in May with 9 XBH. Take a look at his April last year, did the same thing. He’s also 19 a Time AA.

      • jose says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz: I don’t have tweeter, where can I find the list? THANKS!

        Early this morning I listen to the top 25. Now I am going to hear the whole thing.

        Thanks, Jose

    • Lance

      Lance says:

      1-2 —- VG3-Soto
      3-4 —- Eloy – Tatis
      5-6 —- Tucker – Robles
      7-8 —- Senzel – Bichette
      9 -10 —- Kopech – Whitley
      11-12 —- Trammell – Rodgers
      13 -14 —- Lewis – Riley
      15-16 —- Robert – Reyes
      17-18 —- Sixto – Jesus Sanchez
      19-20 —- Calhoun – Mejia
      21-22 —- Adell – Y. Alvarez
      23 -24 —- Barreto – Luzardo
      25 – Adames

      1-2 —- VG3 – Eloy
      3-4 —- Kopech – Tatis
      5-6 —- Robles – Tucker
      7-8 —- Soto – Senzel
      9-10 —- Bichette – Reyes
      11-12 —- Mejia – Lewis
      13-14 —- Whitley – Keller
      15-16 —- Rodgers – Robert
      17-18 —- Calhoun – Trammell
      19-20 —- Florial – Adames
      21-22 —- Y. Alvarez – McKay
      23-24 —- Sheffield – Jesus Sanchez
      25 —- Adell

      • Slimcompoop says:

        @Lance: Thanks for posting this!

      • jose says:

        THANKS LANCE!!!! I appreciate it.

        BA did a new mock draft, witch I really liked as an NL league player. They had:

        2 SF – Joey Bart -C
        3 Phi – Alec Bohn – 3B
        7 SD – Mathew Liberatore
        8 ATL – Jarred Kellenic
        13 Mia – Nolan Gorman

        I really like Bohm, Bart, Liberatore and Gorman, so I hope it goes this way and I may be able to land two of this. I will have either the one or two pick and maybe the fifth.

  3. Griff says:

    Top 25 coverage actually starts at 1:01

    • Lance

      Lance says:

      Vlad Jr. coverage always starts prematurely hahaha

  4. Ian says:

    Hi Ralph/Lance – nice show.

    I’m in a weekly h2h dynasty-ish league – up to 15 keepers. It doesn’t feel like I’m a solid contender this year and I’m obsessed with getting Vlad. Is a DeGrom and Moncada (once they’re healthy) for Jose Ramirez and Vlad trade fair?
    I have the best rotation in the league with DeGrom, Greinke, Cole and Bauer. Should I start the offer with Greinke?


    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Ian: wait, you offer Degrom and Moncada and get VLAD AND JOSE RAMIREZ? Yeah, that’s an amazing deal.

  5. MarvPesos

    Marv says:

    Love the podcast and articles bud, keep up the great work.

    I warn you this is a bit of a long one. Before you write anything, I know most people like the smaller trades, but I’m a sucker for rolling the dice and going big but these trades (below) I need some wisdom.

    I’m in a 12 team H2H cat league with balanced stats: HIT (R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVG, OPS, XBH) PIT (W, CG, SV, K, GIDP, ERA, WHIP, QS)

    We’re allowed a max of 3 moves per year (no streaming) and the league is pretty competitive. In the past 5 years of Regular season I’ve finished first overall each year (large part thanks to this site) but playoffs are another story (mix bag of finishes).

    I’ve been in constant trade talks with two managers each wanting different pieces of my team. I would like to strengthen my pitching a bit and a like to trade in general.

    Team 1 is offering:
    My Arenado & Walker Buehler for His L. Severino, C. Morton and J. Schoop

    Team 2 is offering:
    My M.Haniger, C. Yelich and J. Quintana for His A. Rendon, S. Marte and J. Martinez

    These are their first offers and I’m going to counter with:

    Team 1 (My offer)
    My Arenado, Walker Buehler, T. Anderson, M. Minor, W. Ramos for his W. Contreras, A. Judge, L. Severino, C. Morton
    (the guys is in love with Arenado so I think I could convince him to add Judge here)

    Team 2 (My offer)
    My C. Yelich, J. Quintana, T. Mancini for his A. Rendon, S. Marte, J. Martinez

    My current team below

    I love Arenado as well (he’s my number one guy) but I figure I have the 3B to spare (especially if I acquire Rendon and this will beef up my Pitching, thoughts ?

    C – W. Ramos
    1B – P. Goldscmidt
    2B – B. Dozier
    3B – N. Arenado
    SS – T. Turner
    MI – X. Bogearts
    CI – E. Suarez
    LF- N. Mazara
    CF – C. Blackmon
    RF – M. Haniger
    Util – C. Yelich
    BN – T. Anderson
    BN – T. Mancini
    BN – Nick Senzel (NA)
    DL – J. turner
    SP – J. Paxton
    SP – J. Verlander
    SP – C. Carrasco
    RP – H. Strickland
    RP – M. Minor
    P – J. Quintana
    P – W. Buehler
    BN – J. Junis
    BN – M .Kopech (NA)
    BN – L. Gohara
    DL – D. Salazar

  6. Marti says:

    Peter alonso future 1st baseman for mets?

  7. Kcc26 says:

    In a 12 team mixed 6×6 (ops/QS) league where we eventually will keep 6 players at the average of their draft position from this season and their ADP for 2019 (not sure if that affects my choice here, thinking about potential keepers), I need to clear a roster spot for degrom returning from the DL.

    Currently carrying 3 bench bats. If I were to drop a hitter who should it be: Jose Martinez, franchy Cordero, Domingo Santana, Carlos Santana or Jorge Soler? Or is the answer don’t drop any and try to trade one…

    Thanks for the input!

  8. Trust The Process says:

    Ralph tremendous show as always.. very helpful… I’m reloading and rebuilding in a 12 team Roto forever keep 10 & 10 stash/farm… Kingery is on the block in my league.. it won’t be cheap.. without touching my loaded farm, I have guys like Suarez, Puig, Taillon, Newcomb, Kemp,Trev Williams, Cron in my majors… Do I overpay to get him? Is he worth it? Are any of those guys even enough?? Thank you as always in advance

  9. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Ralph,

    Who ya like for 2019:

    Mikolas or Newcomb ?

  10. crock says:

    Been offered a trade in my 14 team dynasty league. Everyone is kept forever so I never have to throw anyone back into the waiver pool. I finished 2nd last year and my team is competitive this year but I feel I’ve built a solid team for the future. Here’s my team:

    C. Tucker Barnhart
    1b. Hanley
    2b. Dee Gordan
    ss. Correa
    3b. Gallo
    Of. Mazara, Stanton, G.Polanco
    Utl. Suarez, C.Santana
    B. Kingery, Hamilton, Odor, T.O’Neill

    Sp. Yu Darvish, C. Morton, L. Castillo, M.Wacha, M.Stroman, A.Heaney, E. Rodriguez, B.Snell, C.Kuhl, D.Duffy, K.Maeda, T.Williams, J.Berrios, C.Smith, G.Marquez

    Rp. Greene, E.Diaz, B.Ziegler, Holland

    Minors: J.Guzman, M.Baez, V.Robles, F.Tatis, B.Bichette, J.Soto, E.Florial, T.Trammell, L.Robert, K.Tucker, E.Jimenez, J.Siri, R.Tapia

    So I’ve been offered Trout, Kyle Lewis and Kevin Maitan for Robles, Tatis, Soto and Bichette. I’m pretty conflicted on the deal. One it’s Mike Trout but on the other hand that’s a lot of young talent to give up to get him. What do you think?

  11. Steve says:

    12-T keeper, keep 5

    Trade Devers and Buehler for Vlad?


  12. Chris says:

    Thanks Ralph!

    Ok I’m in a 12 team h2h roto league. Just made a trade I recieved Rizzo and Scooter for Carrasco and Odorizzi. Now I have a question on some pick ups. After the Trade this is my staff:

    Kluber-Quintana-Clevinger-Weaver-Reynaldo-Trevor Williams-Hellickson-Suarez and Reyes-DL for St Louis. Diaz-Hand-Iglesias

    Best pitchers available are-Vince Velasquez (I get it but he gets K’s) and Tyler Anderson Road numbers are good. Or do I stash Vlad or Jimenez? Do I drop Kendrick-LoMo-Margot? Or just stay put!


  13. sport says:

    Naylor or Jake Bauer for a first base prospect?

    • jose says:

      Naylor is blocked at 1B for the next eight years, unless he is trade, he is going to play LF. I like him alot and Iam debating if I want him as a OF.

  14. DodgerWindowClosed says:

    Any intel on weather in Detroit? DH slated. Says rain but unsure of severity. Thanks

  15. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Bichette over Rodgers?

  16. S says:

    Trying to figure out if I should be dropping Starling Heredia and his 33 wRC+ for someone who’s hotter.

    Worth the swap for Jeter Downs, Tony Santillan, Jalen Beeks, Dylan Cozens, Khalil Lee?

    I’m looking for crazy upside/helium potential more than anything, since this league plays relatively shallow, and floor guys are somewhat devalued.

  17. jose says:

    I have a couple questions on my upcoming draft, next week. As I have said I want to take 1B Alonso and SP Enyel De Los Santos. Which one has a better chance of lasting until the second round? I like them both and would like to get them both.

    I traded Adam Ottavino for an extra pick.
    I want to grab SP Chris Paddack of the padres. I have liked him since he was with the Marlins back in 2016, and before he had TJ for the Padres. He has picked up where he left off, putting up ceros and getting lots of Ks and very few walks.
    I believe he is pitching tonight for Lake Elsinor on Milb TV. I will be watching if he is.

    What is your opinion of Paddack?

    • jose says:

      @jose: Paddack pitched six inning.
      He gave up two hits, one a solid hit and the other a ball that bounced over his head and the second baseman threw too late to first, stroke out ten and walked NONE.

      I hope he gets promoted to AA soon. He needs to be challanged, he is 22 years old.

  18. fletch f. fletch says:

    With Wander Javier having labral surgery does that drop him in your rankings or does the scouting report keep him where he is? I’m thinking about dropping him for Freudis Nova. Need a shortstop for down the road.

  19. The Rook !! says:

    Could use some quick advice here before someone else has the same idea lol … Im in a 10 team league h2h weekly al/nl points league we start 5 SP and 2 RP my pitchers are

    Arrieta, Tallion, Dallas K, Berrios, McCullers, T Skaggs, Tyson ross SO those 7 pitchers for 5 starting spots MY RP’s are Morrow and Chapman ….. Thats my staff…. Would you drop any of these guys for Jack Flaherty. I know Skaggs doesn’t go deep but he’s on a good team so he seems to be getting the wins which are worth 7 points and a loss is -4 and Ross has been pretty consistent in my league atleast so far but on a bad team so his wins will be limited compared to skaggs but ross seems to get more inn and k’s. I figure one of these 2 you would have cho0se which is why I explained these 2. If it helps Skaggs weekly points in my league so far have been 34 , 16.2 , – 5.7 , 35.3 , 10.8 and 14.5 While Ross has been 22.2 , 21 , 26.9 , -1 , 18.8 and 1.8 plus his points tonight hopefully he does well. btw I also have C-Mart on the DL THX agin for the advice !!

  20. Sam says:

    Thanks for this! When do we think Eloy gets the call?

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