As I was rummaging through player statistics looking for some bit of data that would help both me and my eight loyal readers, for some reason I began to wonder if it would be possible to add a team to an existing points league right now using only players that went largely undrafted in the majority of leagues to fill my starting lineup. I’m defining “largely undrafted” as any player with an average draft position of 220 or greater. It escapes me as to how I arrived at the 220 number, but I think it’s safe to say that anyone drafted at that point wasn’t really a player the drafting team intended to bank its success upon. So the rules are simple, I construct a starting lineup of 16 players (10 batters, 4 starting pitchers and 2 relievers) using only players with an ADP greater than 219. These players do not need to be on the waiver wire. I am allowed to take them from their current teams. Without this clause, said exercise would be futile because, at this point, all waiver wire gems have already been snatched up.

For those of you that thought draft season was over, guess again.

Without further ado, let’s draft our expansion team…

Round 1: Eric Thames (229 ADP) – Thames currently has 13 home runs. While he has quieted down in May, I saw enough from him in April to know I want this guy on my team. In 154 plate appearances Thames has 142 points (0.922 PPPA). I think Ryan Braun’s absence from the Brewers lineup is affecting his production and once Braun gets back out there you are going to see Thames teeing off quite a few more times. I really love his one handed warmup swings. I was much higher than most on Thames coming into this season, so getting him at his current ADP is a steal. Combining his YTD performance with his dual 1B/OF eligibility, I am confident with him as my first round pick.

Round 2: Aaron Judge (224 ADP) – I’m going with youth and raw power in the second round. This kid has been everything Giancarlo Stanton is supposed to be. In 143 plate appearances he has 14 homers (that’s one more than Thames) and 132 points (0.923 PPPA). Besides, it’s good to have a judge in your pocket.

Round 3: Ryan Zimmerman (252 ADP) – I think we’ve found the comeback player of the decade. This guy hasn’t been fantasy relevant since before Mike Trout was in the league. Talk about coming out of left field! Even though Zimmerman is the textbook sell high player, he sure has done well so far this season. In 146 plate appearances he has 13 dingers, 38 RBIs and 158 points (1.082 PPPA).

Round 4: Michael Conforto (256 ADP) – Why not grab another young outfielder that plays his home games in New York. Things have lined up well for Conforto this season as he appears to be firing on all cylinders. In 126 plate appearances he has 111 points (0.88 PPPA). It looks like with his injuries in the rear view mirror he is rounding into the All-Star many hoped he would become.

Round 5: Starlin Castro (220 ADP) – Just making the cut at 220, Starlin Castro trails only Daniel Murphy, Robinson Cano and Jose Altuve in points among second basemen with 108 points. He has given owners the same production has Altuve, yet he Altuve was a first rounder. Need I say more?

Round 6: Alex Wood (239 ADP) – I figured I’d throw a pitcher into the mix so I’m taking Wood. Lately he’s been giving his male owners wood. Literally. Currently he’s averaging a little more than 12 strikeouts per nine. That’s insane for a pitcher not named Chris Sale, Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer. Yes please. Here’s to hoping this wood doesn’t go soft.

Round 7: Travis Shaw (242 ADP) – In his first full season last year Shaw was less than impressive. He was nothing more than a guy sitting on the waiver wire. This year however, he’s fourth among 3B in points, trailing only Nolan Arenado, Kris Bryant and Miguel Sano. That means he’s outscoring guys such as Manny Machado, Matt Carpenter and Kyle Seager. In 147 plate appearances he has 108 points (0.734 PPPA). Just because his name sounds like a country singer doesn’t mean he can help you win your points league.

Round 8: Zack Cozart (256 ADP) – It’s a Zack Attack. I don’t think we’ve seen one of those since Saved By The Bell went off the air. Cozart trails only Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa and Corey Seager in points with 103 points. He’s on pace for a career year, but he’s going to have to stay healthy if he’s going to succeed.

Round 9: Luis Severino (237 ADP) – Severino appears to be putting it all together this season. Over seven starts he is averaging about 15.42 points per start. With a K/9 just over 10 and dual RP/SP eligibility, he makes a great addition to my team.

Round 10: Eugenio Suarez (256 ADP) – With this next pick I am taking another Cincinnati Red. With 102 points Suarez is a top 40 hitter. In a 12-team league that starts ten field players, 36 is much less than 120. Sign him up!

Round 11: Cody Bellinger (Undrafted)
Round 12: Austin Hedges (255 ADP)
Round 13: Mike Leake (246 ADP)
Round 14: Greg Holland (222 ADP)
Round 15: Antonio Senzatela (Undrafted)
Round 16: Addison Reed (240 ADP)

Final Lineup:

C: Austin Hedges
1B: Ryan Zimmerman
2B: Starlin Castro
3B: Travis Shaw
SS: Zack Cozart
OF: Eric Thames
OF: Cody Bellinger
OF: Aaron Judge
OF: Michael Conforto
UT: Eugenio Suarez
SP: Alex Wood
SP: Luis Severino
SP: Mike Leake
SP: Antonio Senzatela
RP: Greg Holland
RP: Addison Reed
BN: Kevin Pillar
BN: Ian Happ
BN: Bradley Zimmer
BN: Brett Gardner
BN: Cesar Hernandez
BN: Charlie Morton
BN: Andrew Triggs
BN: Matt Andriese
BN: Eduardo Rodriguez

Can you imagine drafting this team and the shit you’d get for next couple of weeks. It’s certainly not pretty, but I can guarantee you that this starting lineup is sure to have your team in the hunt for first place. I anticipate having to stream a lot of starting pitchers, but that’s what the Stream-o-Nator is for. Good luck!

I can’t wait to see Julio Teheran bean Jose Bautista in the f-cking head tonight. Be well Freddie Freeman!

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  1. John says:

    No Chris Owings?

  2. CUBS WIN CUBS WIN !!! says:

    Hey Mal i’m in a 12 team al/nl h2h weekly points league minus 1 for a K ….. is it time to cut bait on Ass-dribble Herrera for one of these top point free agent waiver guys Brett Gardner, Elsbury, Hernan Perez, Peralta, Calhoun? or should I hold. Oh and would you swap Chris Davis Balt. for logan morrison or smoke? thx for the help !! and yes I know davis is hot now so maybe trade him instead ? not sure but miggy is hurt so I have davis filling in but I also have Thames but would rather use him in the OF. Thx again for the help !

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @CUBS WIN CUBS WIN !!!: None of these players excite me. They are all pretty much the same player with respect to points production floor and ceiling. To be honest, I would most likely just be playing the hot hand.

      I hate Chris Davis in points leagues that penalize for strikeouts. However Morrison and Smoak might be even less appealing. I “might” consider Morrison, but not Smoak. The thing with Davis is that there are always players in a points league that don’t realize how shitty he is in points leagues and you can usually trade him for a little more than he is actually worth.

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