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Jeopardy! Contestant, “Okay, let’s see…All right, Lady who has replaced Alex Trebek, I’ll take ‘Mikhail Gorbachev Not Maikel Garcia‘ for $200.”
Lady who has replaced Alex Trebek, “Glasnost and Perestroika were famous economic policies introduced by this Russian President.”
“Who is Maikel Garcia?”
“Sorry, no.”

Maikel Garcia is not Mikhail Gorbachev even if that’s what you hear every time. The first thing people ask Maikel, when they see forehead is not, “Can I call you, Birthmarkhail?” Maikel Garcia has been leading off, and Maik’ing great contact. He won’t be in my top 100 for the 2nd half (dropping next Tuesday), but I strongly considered him. His numbers don’t look that different than guys like Andres Gimenez, who was an easy consensus top 100 guy in the preseason. If Maikel can hold down the leadoff spot, he could go 5/20/.280 in the 2nd half, which would sneak him into the top 100 for value. Now, stop asking him to tear down this wall. Anyway. here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Blake Sabol – One word about a lot of the guys in this post — not Maikel Garcia, but others — with the break, guys, who are hot, will cool off. So, there’s lots of grains of salt here, Mrs. Dash, applied deep into your freshly-cut wounds made by holes in your fantasy lineup. With that said, Sabol’s been one of the hottest catchers.

Jake Rogers – Saw him near the top of the 7-Day Player Rater for catchers, and thought about the person out there actually picking up Jake Rogers and I smiled so wide, my pearlies blinded someone on the street and they drove into a tree.

Carlos Santana – Oye como yay!

Darick Hall – As I said this morning, “He has power and an under-appreciated wing man in John Oates.” And that’s me quoting me!

Joey Gallo – With the shift, Joey Gallo hit .160. Finally, we see what he’s really capable of! (Roughly .190)

Spencer Torkelson – Recently gave you my Spencer Torkelson fantasy, and I should clarify that he looks more schmotato then breakout, but I’m ready to be wrong.

Jared Young –  David Ross is such a BVP Nutbag that he gets the shakes if he sees a lefty facing a lefty. Cubs are gonna lose 90 games, chillax! So, I dismissed Young as a Quad-A player, and he still looks like that, but sometimes Quad-A players come up with Maas appeal, see Joey Meneses.

Nick Gonzales – Here’s Itch’s take on him, “An early-season, desert power surge in the pandemic-shortened 2020 NCAA season rushed Gonzales up the draft boards to 7th overall. It wasn’t all smoke and mirrors by any means. Gonzales features plus bat speed, but he did manage just seven home runs in 71 games at Double-A last season and might never become a middle-order power threat. He could benefit from letting that go. I think his swing got a little grooved as he hunted to the optimal launch angle. A guy with his hand speed and coordination should be managing the strikeouts a little better than he has to this point in his career. He needs my hand speed if I see Grey’s face.” What? C’mon, man! For now, I’m only looking in NL-Only leagues.

Zach Remillard – Once saw a guy eat a salmon cake without Remillard. *shudders* Heathens! So, Remillard is hitting leadoff here and there, has solid contact and speed. For what it’s Cronenworth, the big picture says Remillard is more seafood cake dipping sauce than major leaguer.

Andy Ibanez – I faintly remember someone asking if Ibanez was breaking out, and not something I made up in my head, so I looked at his stats. His shizz couldn’t even break out of a paper bag. Any hoo! He’s been hot.

Tony Kemp – Singing T-Pain’s I’m In A Love With A Stripper every time Tony Kemp gets a single.

Isiah Kiner-Falefa – Thinking about the poor soul who picks up Kemp and Israel Diner Falafel and thinks to themselves, “My team is fixed now, I got two guys from Grey’s Buy column!”

J.P. Crawford – So, the middle infidels here aren’t that exciting, but there can’t be an Elly De La Cruz every week.

Jeimer Candelario – This is going to be embarrassing for both of us. You because you forgot I wrote a Jeimer Candelario sleeper post last preseason, and me, because I wrote it. What I’m saying is it wasn’t that long ago it looked like Jeimer could break out, maybe this is it.

Jose Miranda – Speaking of embarrassing sleeper posts, yup, I wrote one for Miranda too. Again, he had promise in the very recent past.

Jared Triolo – Looks like he has a little pop, speed and not much else for us, as he’s a glove-first guy (2021 Gold Glove winner for all MiLB 3rd basemen). NL-Only for now.

Luke Raley – Pretty sure Raley has been in the Buy column every week, except for two this year. He’s near the top 75 overall on the Player Rater, and not rostered in anywhere near 50% of leagues. He’s barely rostered in 15% of ESPN leagues!

Tommy Pham – We badly need to get Tommy as a fantasy football correspondent.

Jarren Duran – If you don’t start singing Hungry Like A Wolf every time you say his name, you are much better than me (but way less cool).

Oscar Colas – Here’s what I said when he was recalled, “Colas’s got some pop. Sorry, bad pun. Colas fizzled-out the first time. Sorry, I’m stopping now. Colas has a Tab to pay to his drafters. I’m seriously done now. Colas has speed after some coke. All right, really done! In Triple-A, Colas went 9/2/.293 in 212 plate appearances, and he’s the stereotypical swing-at-everything-make-contact-with-most guy. Only problem with that guy is their contact isn’t always great. Hopefully, he comes back making less shizzy ground-ball contact.” And that’s me quoting me!

Mickey Moniak – Too bad Maris and Mantle never lived to see Mickey Moniak, they would’ve loved his M’s. They would’ve been like, “This M-effer.”

Colton Cowser – Just gave you my Colton Cowser fantasy. It was written while polishing my bowling ball.

Alex Wood – This is a Streamonator call, like the call it makes to the radio station.

Domingo German – This is also a Streamonator call. “Please play Herbie Hancock. He respected machines.”

Hunter Harvey – Nats made a move with their closer that I didn’t see coming by going to the better pitcher, Hu-H.

Aroldis Chapman – If Will Smith blows another game, this might become Aroldis’s job super fast. Quicker than you can say, “Aroldis tied a woman to his bed in a hotel room and left her there.”

Jordan Hicks – I have a sneaking suspicion Hicks is going to become terrible as quick as he became unhittable, but, while he’s doing it, be grabbing him (that’s good English).

Taylor Rogers – I had Josh Sborz here until he got rocked yesterday, but that was mostly because I like how the announcer says, “Sborz in,” and I think about a soft, creamy cheese that is Garlic and Fine Herb-flavored. You’re non-closing reliever this week is one of the Rogers brothers. The good one! Okay, they’re both good, but the slightly better one.


Jazz Chisholm Jr. – This isn’t an immediate sell. I want you to sell Jazz like Ken Burns would with a 12-part, boring-ass documentary to PBS as soon as Jazz has a bit of positive injury news. As soon as you hear, “Jazz took cuts in the cage,” then you copy and paste that update on your league message board and write, “Who’s ready to bebop and wants some Jazz?” It’s not a bad buy low for someone. That’s what you tell them! He wasn’t stealing when he returned last time, because his toe is likely still bothering him and playing center is going to speed up his next injury. I wouldn’t trade Jazz for a boxed set of Coldtrain CDs, a Coltrane knockoff of people rustling their clothes saying “Is it me or is this train cold?”, but I would go to our Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer and explore options.