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In our 44th episode, Mike Couillard and Jeremy Brewer open with banter on the new Statcast bat tracking metrics (Batcast?) before discussing the latest moves and news including new injuries plus prospect debuts. Then we analyze highly rostered hitters that have been dreadful to start the season. Is it time to move on from them? You can […]

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It’s mega May! I mean, I wish it was Mega Man, but in lieu of everybody’s favorite pelleter, we’ll talk about some other mega men. May’s about the time when better hitters start showing up — the weather’s warmer, and players have stretched out a bit. There’s still a fair amount of mess for pitchers, especially those fringe innings eaters that will have their roster spots taken by various rookie callups. I know we’re all excited about rookies, but often the callups just don’t work that well. Wyatt Langford, Jackson Holliday, Jordan Beck — I mean, all the guys I list in this article have crushed their numbers and are available on the wire right now. Let’s see if we can diversify your team a bit!

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We have officially kicked off the 2024 fantasy baseball season with baseball in Seoul South Korea. The Dodgers and Padres socked it out to start the season and reaffirmed this column’s decision to place Mookie Betts as the best non-Acuna bat for 2024. Now that we have had an early glimpse of regular season baseball, we are only a few days away from kicking off the season for everybody else. For us here at Razzball, we wind down our coverage for the preseason and take the opportunity to unveil the next 20 spots of our top 100 hitters for the 2024 fantasy baseball season. Without further ado, let’s give it another go for fantasy owners!

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What is up party people. Real baseball is finally upon us. As fun as Spring Training is, the real thing is just so much better. Last week we covered my Top 50 players for points leagues and now it’s time to dive into the next 50. I actually really like a lot of the guys ranked here and more than a few of them have the potential to shoot up into the top 50. And let’s be honest more than one of these guys will end up way higher by the end of the season if things break right for them. Actually the end of this list is particularly spicy and I can’t wait to watch them. So happy drafting and remember that you don’t win your league at the draft. I’ll be here all season to help you work the wire and gain an edge.

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So, bunch of Razzballers got together for an auction draft at NFBC and I drafted a team I would never draft in any league. If you showed me this team, I’d say, “Looks like crap, get it out of my face!” Actually, I’d prolly say, “Cool, nice team,” but then I’d snicker! I’d snicker something awful! Real passive aggressive shizz from me! Just a snickering fool! So many snickers until I’m self-satisfied. Then I’d shove your team out of my face and say, “Begone!” I would hate this team if it’s yours, and at least I practice what I preach because I hate this team as mine too! Alas, we must muster on. For those not in the know, it’s a 15-team auction with two catchers that is a weekly league. Unlike a lot of NFBC leagues we play in, it is not draft and hold. There’s a $1000 FAAB budget with weekly pickups. Anyway, here’s my 15-team NFBC auction draft:

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Another week in the books means another installment of the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty rankings. This week we feature the players ranked 75-51 on our way to the top-ranked group.

Here is a look at the breakdown of this week’s grouping:

3 players between the ages of 30-34
17 players between the ages of 25-29
5 players between the ages of 20-24
11 infielders
8 starting pitchers
4 outfielders
2 catchers

If you have been reading this counting over the past few weeks, you will know that the ages of the players listed are getting younger and younger. The reason for this is obvious. If you are building a dynasty team, you want the best young players so you can win for a longer period of time. Seeing only three players in this group 30-years-old or older is not a shock at all.

As for the eight starting pitchers, six of them are in what I consider the sweet spot when it comes to their age: 25-29 years old. They have been in the majors for at least a few years and learned how to find success at this level. But the two pitchers not in that age range are 24 and 30, so it’s not like they are super young or too old. And as far as the catchers, some people shy away from them until the very end of the team building process as they simply don’t play every day. I used to do that.

But if you can get a great hitting catcher, especially in two-catcher leagues, then I say do it. It will give you an advantage at a position that struggles to have great offensive players.

Now on to the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings: 75-51…

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