Surprise.  Huston Street is already injured and being replaced by someone who isn’t the full measure or picture of health in Cam Bedrosian.  Cam is the goods, it is just a matter of him grabbing that role, remaining healthy, and then riding off into the sunset like the end of the movie Shane.  Minus the slumped-over presumably a dead thing.  The thing that I love about Cam is that he is growing as a pitcher.  He always had the K/9 rate (9.3 in 2014, 9.2 in 2015, and 11.4 in 2016), but the thing that says that he is legit is that his walk rate was basically halved last year.  To extrapolate on that further, in his last 26 appearances of last year he faced 92 batters, walked 8, and allowed 12 hits.  Good for a slash line of .146/.239/.159 for a .398 OPS.  That is approaching reliever stalwarts like Bush and Barraclough. And we know how much they are coveted right now, and they don’t have a sniff of savedom. Oh… and add in only one earned run during that time.  Stats sound great because they are basically forgotten about, because his season ended the first week of August.  He was basically licking the closer bait, and then poof.  Til now.  If you are looking to invest in him for the season, he is basically going to give you Kelvin Herrera type production, and by his ever rising ADP (last week 200, this week 140) the secret is out for the save chase in La La Grey.  Let’s see what else is going down in the realm of closers as we get ever closer to draft days…

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  • I am starting to worry a bit about Wade Davis, velocity is not there and from someone who saw him in person, “He lacks that bulldog effort that he used to have”  Interesting note from my grandma.  It wasn’t my grandma, but someone who made me a quilt none the same.
  • It is still Jeanmar Gomez job until it isn’t.  I get that Neris is the better pitcher, but I think Gomez opens the year as the guy.
  • The world awaits Dusty baker’s decision.  Said he prefers a veteran in the role and wants one guy and one guy only.  Draft wise I would invest in Glover late then Kelley in the middle of a closer run. Oh and Joe Nathan is in their camp and might make the team.  Nothing like complicating matters. So that is why the Nationals ae where they are.
  • With Casilla being delayed to camp and behind a bit The Oakland closer for now is Ryan Madson.  Doolittle takes the 2, Casilla the 3 and Dull the 4.
  • Interesting to note that Addison Reed is being drafted as the closer 22 off the board currently.


$12 Salads

You know that restaurant your girlfriend/wife/what-have-you likes to go to that charges, like, $12 for a salad? Every time you go there, you have a thoroughly solid meal. No complaints, except you just paid $12 for a salad when you could’ve went to McDonald’s and stuffed you and your woman for ten schmools and had $2 in quarters left over to make the hotel bed vibrate. These closers are $12 salads.

1. Kenley Jansen – (Sergio RomoPedro Baez)

2. Aroldis Chapman – (Dellin Betances, Tyler Clippard)

3. Zach Britton – (Darren O’DayBrad Brach)

4. Craig Kimbrel – (Tyler Thornburg, Matt Barnes)

5. Edwin Diaz – (Steve Cishek,  Nick Vincent)

6. Mark Melancon – (Hunter Strickland, Derek Law)



Imagine you’re following a donkey, who’s wearing a wool cap, through a desert for 1700 miles. Why are you following a donkey? Because he promises you something wonderful and you just need to trust him. Does the donkey talk? Yes. Yes, he does talk. So when you and the donkey in the wool cap arrive at his destination, he removes the wool cap to reveal a horn. The donkey is a unicorn and his gift to you for your trust is saves. These closers are Donkeycorns.

7. Seung-hwan Oh – (Kevin Siegrist, Brett Cecil)

8. Ken Giles – (Will Harris, Luke Gregerson)

9. Wade Davis(Hector Rondon, Koji Uehara)

10. Roberto Osuna – (Jason Grilli, Danny Barnes)

11. David Robertson(Nate Jones, Dan Jennings)

12. Cody Allen – (Andrew MillerBryan Shaw)

13. Kelvin Herrera – (Joakim Soria, Brian Flynn)

14. Jeurys Familia – (Addison Reed, Hansel Robles)

15. A.J. Ramos– (Brad ZieglerKyle Barraclough)

16. Sam Dyson– (Matt Bush, Jeremy Jeffress)

17. Cam Bedrosian – (Andrew Bailey, Jose Alvarez)

18. Alex Colome – (Brad Boxberger, Xavier Cedeno)

19. Francisco Rodriguez – (Alex WilsonJustin Wilson, Bruce Rondon)

20. Tony Watson – (Daniel HudsonFelipe Rivero)



These guys are the men that make the save market go round. They punch in, punch out. Have the job, no real threat to speak of, and are basically just there to collect great benny’s so they can take care of their crippled brother. Who is only really crippled because he is scared of the sun.

21. Jim Johnson –  (Arodys VizcainoMauricio Cabrera)

22. Brandon Kintzler – (Ryan Pressly, Taylor Rogers)

23. Adam Ottavino – (Greg Holland, Jake McGee)

24. Neftali Feliz – (Corey Knebel, Carlos Torres)

25. Jeanmar Gomez   (Hector NerisJoaquin Benoit)

26. Fernando Rodney– (Enrique Burgos Jake Barrett)


Brain Freezes

I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples, bananas and Carlos Marmol– Wait, he just gave up 12 earned runs and hit Castro in the head with a pick-off throw. Brain freeze! Make it stop! Use the following closers at your own risk.

27. Ryan Madson – (Sean Doolittle, Santiago CasillaRyan Dull)

28. Brandon Maurer (Carter CappsRyan Buchter)

29. Shawn Kelley /  Koda GloverBlake Treinen

30. Raisel Iglesias  / Drew Storen  – (Michael Lorenzen)

  1. Nate Marcum says:

    We have a 12 team 5×5 roto auction draft tonight on Yahoo at 10pm. If you would like to join ($20 only), go to yahoo and look at the custom league options for the 10pm start time. Would love to have some Razzball folks to go along with my commenter leagues

  2. Dom says:

    Trade question, 10 team 5×5 roto, keeper

    I give Kenly Janson and some players I wont keep anyway

    I get Giancarlo Stanton

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Dom: I mean sure, but I love Kenley a ton.

  3. CW says:

    What’s wrong with Iglesias? SP/RP eligibility in Yahoo leagues…

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @CW: nothing other then he doesn’t have the job solo. Oh and Cindy might win 65 games.

  4. jon says:

    10 team league

    pitching stats W SV K HR ERA WHIP K/9

    League has inning limit and I want a strong RP to help carry me in a few of the above categories.
    Would prefer an RP to an extra SP especially for “free” and to help Ks ERA WHIP and K/9

    who from the following or anyone else should i take

    Tyler Thornburg
    Grant Dayton
    Brad Brach
    Luke Gregerson
    Brad Hand
    Kyle Barraclough
    Kevin Siegrist
    Carl Edwards Jr.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @jon: brach, barraclough, Dayton ,siegrist, Hand, Thorny. From guys listed. Capps Bush are babes that aren’t there but would be ahead of all

  5. AndyAndy says:

    Hey Smokey,

    Love this piece. Vital in season for staying on top of the save/hold game.

    13 team Roto keep 12 forever
    saves and holds in play. I have the second pick in our draft. I kept 9 bats and 3 pitchers (starters) To my surprise tons of closers kept. On your ranking 4 closers are availabe in your top 19. Giles, Herrera, Dyson, Bedrosian. My question is, do I take Giles/Herrera in the first or grab a pitcher like Maeda and fill out my relievers later with next in line types in the hopes of adding save stats later while piling up holds early?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @AndyAndy: grab a closer. I was in similar situation in a home league and grabbed Herrera. Then skip on it for a bit and take some speculative lower ranked chaps later.

  6. jon says:

    Hey Smoke – I missed the early closer run to due to lost picks and other needs, so rather than draft the crappy ones I took Andrew Miller as my first RP. We have 3 RP slots I have to fill and I’m trying to fill them with ERA/WHIP help as the focus and then “saves-adjacent-would-be-cool-so-i-dont-totally-have-to-punt-saves” as a secondary focus. I’m call it “lightly punting” which is a cool band name. The ratios matter because I have a lot of high-K, volatile SPs I need to balance.

    Is this the right order to draft in given those criteria: N. Jones, A. Reed, K. Glover, H. Neris, D. Hudson, H. Rondon.

    Anyone I’m forgetting? thanks!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @jon: I like that order. Capps?

  7. Jose says:

    Smokey if I need pitching would a trade of yeonis cespedes for Johnny cueto is fair?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Jose: no

  8. Vottoman Empire says:

    I want to fill 3 SP slots with RPs in a league counting SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP. I’ve ranked the following SP eligible RPs in this order:
    R. Iglesias
    D. Phelps
    J. Nicasio
    J. Kelly
    C. Devenski
    S. Greene
    What do you think? Anyone I’ve overlooked?

      • jon says:

        @Smokey: I did the same and took Devenski and Phelps. Think Devo is the stud here behind Iglesias, whose access to SV has him just ahead.

  9. westcoastpete says:

    What is keeping Osuna from tier 1 in your eyes? He’s my #4 RP this season.

    • westcoastpete says:

      @westcoastpete: To add some context: he has everything I’m looking for: job security, consistency, stuff, Kevin Pillar & a high FB%.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @westcoastpete: he’s basically there and is easily in the top 10. Accumulation of stats is all. Wanna see some numbers in terms of saves.

  10. Chris says:

    Hello Smokey,

    Please let me know your comments.

    I pick #2 in h2h, 12 teams, and I have as keeper Marte + Edwin + Arenado. Our draft starts in rd4.

    I have RD4 but I don’t have RD5 + 6, which I traded last year. My next pick is RD7.

    Best available are: Braun, Cruz, Lindor, Freeman, Murphy, Story, Odor.

    Best Sp: Thor, Kluber, Yu, Arrieta.

    Since I dont have a rd 5 and 6, I want to pick an offensive player, and pick my 1st SP in RD 7. I’m leaning with Freeman though I have to play him at UTL. But don’t know if its the right choice with Lindor on the board. Team before me will go SP.
    Other choice is that I want a young offensive player, in case I don’t keep Edwin next year.



    • What happens in Vegas... says:

      @Chris: Odor IMO. Grey has him 14th overall, Freeman 15, Story 20 and Lindor mid 20’s.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Chris: odor. Between E5 and Nado you are good at CI

  11. Ellwood Blues says:

    NL only roto 5×5 keeper.. I have Ottovino at $1, Iglesis at $1 which I can keeping.. i also have Neris at $8 and F.Rivero at $1… worth keeping either of those 2 as well.. we roster 9 pitchers.. The only closers that appear to be available during the auction will be Davis, Rodney.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Ellwood Blues: keep them all, seperate leagues you want the depth

  12. ichirosan says:

    Strategy question: in a 20-man H2H dynasty league with both saves and holds, who would you draft first? A risky closer like Ryan Madson, Jeanmar Gómez or Fernando Rodney, or a steady (but not elite) set up man, like Tyler Thornburg, Will Harris or Kyle Barraclough?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @ichirosan: in a 20 man you need the counting stats as well as being speculative. My main strategy would be if I have to draft Madson, Gomez or Rodney i would spend extra or draft their cuff a bit earlier

  13. Miles says:

    Hi Smokey, love your stuff.
    in a 12 team Saves+Holds head to head

    what do you think about rostering bullpen teammates?
    I mean, sure it’s probably good to have Chapman and Betances or Allen and Miller and not so good to take a pair of Padres, Reds, White Sox, Angels…
    but in the last few rounds of the draft when choosing comparable relief pitchers would you conscientiously choose to double up as a tie breaker or conscientiously choose to avoid doubling up as a tie breaker?
    or do you say it doesn’t matter

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Miles: oh I love it, it’s kinda of my thing. just the investment in both bettances and Miller as a double up is a high risk cost. The Padres aren’t awful because Capps and Maurer aren’t an awful thing. But tend to stay away from bad situations where cuffs are a negative.

      • Miles says:

        @Smokey: yeah Capps and Maurer can both be pretty good, just thinking how many wins (holds, saves) will the Padres have this year (along with other crappy teams)
        thanks for your comment

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Miles: Pads had 35 saves and around 70 holds not awful

  14. The Tease says:

    Guys, you need to adjust for inflation! $12 for a salad isn’t expensive anymore.

    • Grey

      Grey says:


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @The Tease: i mean guac is extra so it makes sense

  15. nick says:

    What’s the best way to go up finding guys who can get saves after the starters are taken? Did I remember doing some kind of “next man” up list. In a deep league so wondering who to draft for potential saves once all the starters are gone! Thanks

  16. armcurls says:

    Smokey are you going to keep your closer chart updated throughout the year?

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