Okay now that I got that load of laundry out of the way (we discussed per game values here), we can go back… to the future! Looking ahead to this season and what lies before us. How can it be ahead and before? Don’t ask me, English is a tortured and butchered language that is an amalgamation of West German, Norman, Saxon, and broken Latin. Nothing makes sense. But I’m sure you didn’t come here to hear me rant about linguistics, you are here for outfielders, and of those we have plenty.

The outfield is a position that is easy to punt in the earlier rounds as there are so many, even 4 of the top 5 bats in the game are outfielders, if you take one of them it is isn’t hard to move on and address other areas of need before going back in. However, in some leagues you will need to roster five at a time so you mustn’t wait too long; but, there are plenty of solid options after pick 100. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Ins

A bit of a forward, we all know the elite bats are elite. Let’s spend some time calling out the good values in the middle of the draft. Starting in the 80s going to pick 200ish. This is where you can make some money.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. – If you decide to punt grabbing OFs in the early draft or say you start with Acuna, etc? You could wait until about here to take your second OF. Gurriel is also not a bad place to grab your first if you build up other positions earlier. He is thissss close to being a 30/10/.280 hitter and available after pick 80.

Wil Myers – I covered him at length here. Big upside. Much wow.

Ramon Laureano – Grey has him projected for 25/13/.267. Yesterday, in the spring training game, Oakland had him batting from the leadoff spot. Also in an interview, he said he was talking about steal technique with Andrus. The same Andrus that stole 31 bags in 2019. Now, I’m not saying Laureano will swipe 30+ bags. Nope. But I’m not, not saying it will help him either.

Ian Happ – Very underrated. For a large part of last season, Happ was in the top 100 on the player rater. Happ. can. rake. And he too is likely to be leading off this season. I point out a lot of these leadoff hitters because they will be getting the reps. Opportunity is the key success, and the most opportunity comes with the most at-bats. In the leadoff spot. As for Happ specifically, he too could flirt with a 30/10 season but it comes with a .250 average. If you take advantage of the early draft grabbing elite bats that hit .280+, when you get to the middle rounds it frees you up to take shots on these guys who can get you the big power numbers with lower contact… but it won’t hurt you in the end because you prepared for it earlier.

Nick Solak – He will be mostly owned/deployed as a 2B. But he also comes with OF eligibility. So here we are. He is a nice upside play that can get you 15/15+ with a couple of loud noises short of 20 and a .265+ average. Also, throughout the season he might pick up some positions along the way.

Raimel Tapia – So you forgot to stock up on steals earlier in the draft? Tapia has got you covered. For as late as he will be available, he won’t hurt you in average (thanks Coors) and he can possibly net you 20+ Steals. And Bud Black will likely play him more than Hampson; because, reasons.


The Outs

Kyle Tucker – Listen, he is great, grand, wonderful. I don’t want to put him here, but the latest drafting craze has him often leaving the board before pick 30. Calm down, everyone. right now I have for something in the realm of 25/22/.265, which is simply not second-round material. Yes, he’s not an OF, but Bo Bichette is basically that plus about 25 points on average, you are giving away value in the second round.

Whit Merrifield – I’ve heard the arguments. Counterpoint: He’s a 3-category producer. Runs, Steals, Average. Everything else is pretty meh. You don’t need to pay a premium for someone who won’t be an asset in all 5 cats.

Byron Buxton – I know it’s tempting. He’s been a 20/20 tease for all his career so far. He just can’t stay on the field. Let it go, draft someone else this time. You are hard enough on yourself, don’t let him be hard on you too. We all had a rough 2020, let’s start the 2021 season with a little less stress, mmkay? He may have flashed a little talent last season but it was mostly smoke and mirrors.


The What-have-yous (nice marmot)

Joc Peterson – He is wildly cheap in drafts right now. His average isn’t going to wow you but he looks primed to be a 30 HR bat that’s basically free in all drafts and I wrote about him at length here. Also, I was learning to speak whale (mostly unrelated).

Kyle Lewis – Grey is all in on him while I’m not quite sure what to make of him. I kinda really like him for the price, while at the same time thinking about Wil Myers, etc above. In the first 30 games, he hit .368 and then hit .150 in the second set. Could he have bounced back in the next 30? Sure. But we didn’t have the next 30 so I don’t know what to tell you. I have 1 share of him myself in bestball, but outside of that, I think I’d prefer to roll with someone else in the pick 120-140 range. I’d prefer if he fell into the 160-180 range.

Charlie Blackmon – Every draft so far he’s been the forgotten man. Am I missing something? He was leading the way for the batting title not that long ago and always been a 5-cat guy, though the steals have waned some as of late. Right now you can get him super cheap so now’s the time to strike while the black pot is hot.


The Board

Rank Name POS $
1 Ronald Acuna Jr. OF 47.2
2 Juan Soto OF 41.0
3 Mookie Betts OF 38.9
4 Mike Trout OF 36.9
5 Cody Bellinger 1B/OF 35.8
6 Christian Yelich OF 32.0
7 Bryce Harper OF 29.2
8 Eloy Jimenez OF 28.7
9 Luis Robert OF 25.6
10 Marcell Ozuna OF 22.6
11 George Springer OF 20.9
12 Kyle Tucker OF 20.6
13 Yordan Alvarez DH/OF 20.0
14 Whit Merrifield 2B/OF 18.7
15 Michael Conforto OF 18.1
16 Charlie Blackmon OF 18.1
17 Aaron Judge OF 17.8
18 Randy Arozarena OF 17.4
19 Starling Marte OF 17.2
20 J.D. Martinez DH/OF 16.9
21 Nick Castellanos OF 16.8
22 Trent Grisham OF 16.1
23 Austin Meadows OF 15.3
24 Eddie Rosario OF 15.2
25 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. OF 14.7
26 Jeff McNeil 2B/3B/OF 14.0
27 Alex Verdugo OF 13.6
28 Giancarlo Stanton DH/OF 12.7
29 Brandon Lowe 2B/OF 12.5
30 Anthony Santander OF 11.7
31 Ryan Mountcastle 1B/OF 11.6
32 Wil Myers OF 11.2
33 Ramon Laureano OF 10.8
34 Kyle Lewis OF 10.5
35 Tommy Pham OF 10.5
36 Max Kepler OF 10.3
37 Dylan Moore 2B/OF 10.2
38 Cavan Biggio 2B/3B/OF 10.2
39 Ian Happ OF 10.0
40 Teoscar Hernandez OF 9.9
41 Byron Buxton OF 9.9
42 Nick Solak 2B/OF 9.8
43 Kyle Schwarber OF 9.8
44 Tommy Edman 2B/SS/3B/OF 9.3
45 Michael Brantley OF 9.2
46 Victor Robles OF 8.7
47 Jorge Soler OF 8.7
48 Joey Gallo OF 8.1
49 Jesse Winker OF 7.1
50 Raimel Tapia OF 6.2
51 Dominic Smith 1B/OF 6.1
52 Dylan Carlson OF 6.0
53 Mike Yastrzemski OF 5.8
54 Clint Frazier OF 5.5
55 Andrew McCutchen OF 5.2
56 Austin Hays OF 4.7
57 A.J. Pollock OF 4.6
58 Trey Mancini 1B/OF 4.1
59 Avisail Garcia OF 3.9
60 J.D. Davis 3B/OF 3.7
61 Lorenzo Cain OF 3.1
62 Mark Canha OF 3.0
63 Hunter Renfroe OF 2.8
64 Garrett Hampson 2B/SS/OF 2.6
65 Hunter Dozier 1B/OF 2.6
66 Leody Taveras OF 2.6
67 Joc Pederson OF 2.1
68 Jon Berti 2B/3B/OF 2.1
69 Bryan Reynolds OF 2.0
70 Willie Calhoun OF 1.5
71 Jarred Kelenic OF 1.3
72 Aaron Hicks OF 1.2
73 Franchy Cordero OF 1.2
74 Josh Naylor 1B/OF 1.2
75 Kole Calhoun OF 0.2
76 Alex Kirilloff OF 0.2
77 Brandon Nimmo OF 0.1
78 Scott Kingery 2B/OF 0.0
79 David Peralta OF -0.1
80 Nick Senzel OF -0.4
81 Myles Straw OF -0.4
82 Jackie Bradley Jr. OF -0.4
83 Adam Eaton OF -0.5
84 Mauricio Dubon 2B/SS/OF -0.8
85 Sam Hilliard OF -1.0
86 Corey Dickerson OF -1.1
87 Victor Reyes OF -1.3
88 Chris Taylor 2B/SS/ OF -1.4
89 Manuel Margot OF -1.4
90 Robbie Grossman OF -1.5
91 Enrique Hernandez 2B/OF -1.6
92 Mitch Haniger OF -1.7
93 David Dahl OF -1.9
94 Daulton Varsho C/OF -2.2
95 Adam Duvall OF -2.2
96 Jurickson Profar 2B/OF -2.3
97 Justin Upton OF -2.6
98 Kevin Pillar OF -2.7
99 Yasiel Puig OF -2.7
100 Andrew Benintendi OF -3.0
101 Oscar Mercado OF -3.0
102 Gregory Polanco OF -3.1

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  1. foxman says:

    Why no love for B Lowe? All my man does is barrel up baseballs. Between his 2019 and 2020 seasons he has 618 ABs, and he has 37 HR’s with 114 RBI and 10 SBs with a .262 AVG
    I get it, he is going to be the starting 2B for most squads so who cares. But just wondering what you see that has you ranking him a bit lower on your rankings.
    Keep up the good work, totally agree with your fades.
    I just read that Spring Training is being played with the old baseballs. So I guess we won’t get any indication of how the new baseball plays until the season begins. Thanks MLB!

    • Coolwhip says:

      So BLowe probably should’ve had a call out. Yes he ended up a lot lower than thought he’d be, but after I factored in some regression that saw coming this is where he ended up. His numbers are boosted by a hot streak in the 60 game sprint, and his HR/FB ratio was crazy high, especially vs LHP that he usually doesn’t square up as well. I think some of that falls to reality and I think much of his value is inflated thanks to 2B. Also, Cash gonna give him random off days. So ABs could be cut a little.

      • Coolwhip says:

        Thanks for reading!

        • foxman says:

          Thanks for writing, and appreciate the thorough response!

  2. Primetime says:

    Was offered Luis robert for Giolito.

    Keeper league 5×5 obp, 5×5 k/9 qs


    Don’t have a 1st base loss eligibility but think Bellinger goes back to 1st after shoulder surgery.


    Lewis k


    • a concerned reader who thinks you hold on to top pitching says:

      Don’t do it man

    • Coolwhip says:

      Belli will prob keep it, i could see him playing 10 games there sparingly. Its tempting but prob would keep Gio, Robert is an all world talent but less good in OBP.

  3. Sharpio says:

    I’m in an AL only 5×5 auction with a max of 12 keepersthat uses OBP
    I have a 25 dollar Nelson Cruz I has planned on keeping but I also have a 32 dollar Eddie Rosario I could keep instead.
    This list and the availability of power with the dead ball coming has me thinking.

    So far – the hitters I had planned to keep
    Y Gurriel 12
    R Tellez 7
    Mondesi 11
    Gleyber 20
    Hays 10
    Frazier 14
    mercado 5
    Cruz 25

    Do you think a 32 dollar rosario is a better keeper in an OBP league? I am trying up the U in the draft with a good player mind you. We also allow the U to use a pitcher so with a Cruz – I likely wont use 10 pitchers any week.


    • Coolwhip says:

      I do not. Rosario is not really an OBP guy. Cruz is still bobbin, roll with him.

  4. Chucky says:

    Kelenic at #71, Kirilloff at #76, no mention of Julio Rodríguez? Is this because they have no shot at anything more than a cup of coffee and Julio Rod is at least a year away?

    • Coolwhip says:

      Julio at best will be a cup of coffee. Kelenic should be up after clock manipulation, I’m just hesitant to project too crazy for him at this time. If he comes up and plays everyday and mashes from the get go, them I’ll probably move him up a tier. When Trout was first called up he hit like .227 so I’m tempering expectations for now.

      I like Kiriloff too I’m just not sure how much he will steal, but he does look like he might get job in camp or at least a timeshare with Cave, where I have you you should be able to draft him easily.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Todd says:


    So we’re at pick 114 of my 10-team points league (–1 pt for Ks, 2 pt for SB, pretty standard otherwise). We have C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3xOF, U, 5xSP, RP.

    Here’s where I sit:

    1B Vlad Jr
    2B Muncy
    3B Arenado
    SS Seager
    OF Soto, Acuña Jr, Gurriel Jr
    SP Darvish, Flaherty, Ryu, Carrasco

    I’m looking at Arozarena, Meadows, Sal Perez, Julio Urias, Gausman. Also available: Mondesi, Tim Anderson, Olson, Moncada, Swanson, Hosmer.

    I’m leaning towards filling my U spot with best available hitter. What would you do here?


    • Coolwhip says:

      Heya, thansk for reading…

      I’d grab either Randy(upside) or Timmy.

  6. Harley Earl says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I believe Wil Myers is much better than #32.

    I mean, if I’m drafting, I’m not taking Rosario, Castellanos, Verdugo, McNeil and whole slew of other guys you’ve got listed before Myers. Not sure where he falls, but I think Myers is borderline top 20 and definitely top 25.

    As much as you love my boy Wil, you’ve still got him too low!

    • Coolwhip says:

      LOL… of course. Projecting based on data, but yeah the upsider is def there to be higher, that’s why he’s in the INs! Thanks for reading!

      • Harley Earl says:


        Always going to read you buddy. You do good work. And sometimes I like to harass you. Keep up the scribing! Looking forward to your next piece!

  7. gino napoli says:

    Nothing said about ….

    Dylan Carlson
    Trey Mancini
    Leody Taveras
    Alex Kirilloff

    and even Victor Reyes who will probably hit first for the Tigers this year.

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