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Welcome back to the third week in our series to introduce the Top 100 Hitters for the 2022 fantasy baseball season.  We have covered the top 10 here and the next 20 here over the past few weeks.  This week we jump in with two feet to explore spots 31 through 60.  At this point, we are starting to explore the fourth and fifth rounds of the draft and hoping to round out our early round moves.  There are certainly some upside picks in this section (Brandon Lowe or Wander Franco) to go alongside steady veterans (J.D. Martinez and Nolan Arenado) and the introduction of true high risk/high reward profiles (Adalberto Mondesi and Giancarlo Stanton).  Read on for the next 30 spots in our countdown.

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Intro Greetings Razzers, it’s another hot season here at Razzball, and have I got a treat for you. This year’s preseason edition of outfield rankings done by yours truly will now feature outfield TIERS. Everybody loves tiers. However, these aren’t just your everyday run-of-the-mill tiers, No sir (/ma’am). These are Coolwhip’s latest labor of love […]

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Last week, we jumped right into our our first look at the Top 100 Hitters for the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Season.  If you missed that article then please pause the current programming and give us a quick read to catch up.  This week we continue to jaunt down the rankings by looking at the next 20 hitters on the list.  This week’s edition is smattered with risky bets like Ronald Acuna and Mookie Betts, solid producers like Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies, and upside potential with Eloy Jimenez and Tyler O’Neill.  So let us kick this off with a #11 who really should be #1, but thanks to a the injury risk he is our headliner at the end of the first round.

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Throughout the 2022 fantasy baseball season, I will be posting your in season Top 100 Hitters.  These rankings will be kept up to date and posted every other week with a continuation of deep dives on the movers and shakers in the off weeks.  As we roll up to the season, I will be slowly introducing the Top 100 Hitters and adjusting them for all the spring training action.  To get us started as we dig into these rankings, we will preview the Top 10 hitters for the 2022 fantasy baseball season.  This will be a mix of the usual suspects and up and coming stars.

As we dive into the top 10 there are a few notes we need to call out about the general shifting of the landscape in traditional 5×5 fantasy baseball.  The game has continued to changed and therefore how we need to value players shifts as well.

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When it comes to the Top 25 rankings, I often penalize players who are on the disabled list because those players can’t help your fantasy team. But there is always an exception to the rule. The exception is Wander Franco.

Franco left Friday night’s game against Detroit with right hamstring tightness and was placed on the 10-day IL Saturday. According to manager Kevin Cash, Franco can be out two to three weeks, though he hopes it could be a quicker recovery. The injury couldn’t come at a worst time for fantasy owners as the playoffs have started or about to start, depending on the number of teams that make the playoffs in your league.

Despite the injury, I moved Franco into the top 10 in my rankings as he now sits at No. 9. He would be higher, but my rankings also take into account what players have done the entire season, and Franco has not been with the Rays the entire season. If he had been, he would be in the Tier 1 group.

Before suffering his injury, the 20-year-old Franco ripped a pitch up the middle at 107.5 mph to reach base and extend his on-base streak to 39 games. Franco is now four games shy of tying the record for for the longest on-base streak by a player 20-years-old or younger. In 62 games this season, Franco is slashing .285-.347-463 with 49 runs scored, seven homers, 36 RBI and 2 steals. In his last 25 games, his slash line is .347-.407-.571 with 27 runs scored, three home runs and 16 RBI.

Those stats are why Franco has climbed the rankings despite him now being injured. It’s plainly obvious he is one of the best hitting shortstops in baseball and by next year he will likely reside in Tier 1 all season. Now let’s see who else has climbed in the rankings or taken a tumble.

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The date was July 6, 2018. My debut with Razzball. Before that date, I was just a home-league fantasy expert with literally zero published articles when Mattruss gave me a shot at writing DFS. I’ve been honored to have just the opportunity to be affiliated with Razzball. Hell, my first official baseball card was created in my Razzball likeness (also my perfect form). But today, I announce my retirement. Hanging up the ole writing pants. What will I do with all my free time? Oh, you mean the hours of 10-11:30 pm when I finally had time to create content? I’ll reclaim my sleep. I’ve thought about picking back up Call of Duty, but I’m not sure that my fragile 38-year old ego can handle a 10-year old sh!tting on me. Perhaps I’ll pick up a book and read. But god, that sounds terrible. Enough about me, let’s get to baseball. Just like last week with third base, the list will be the top 25 for the rest of this season, but we’ll also do a look back at the biggest risers (wink) and fallers.

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