Welcome back for another season of Coolwhip in the Outfield. This preview edition is meant to be a review of what has happened. There’s a lot of players, especially outfielders where their past track record has been forgotten in lieu of what happened in just the 60 games during a pandemic. Let’s not be too hasty here… A lot of things happened that spoiled the sample, and a lot of things didn’t happen that would have been beneficial. So as it tends to be my theme, let’s look at the context.

What we will look at today is the top 100 outfielders based on the last 162 games scheduled. There are zero projections in this post. Again, ZERO projections, no preseason rankings (yet), I want us to focus on the track record first and take note. Specifically, here we will look at the value provided based on the last “season” played. My rankings here are ultimately who gave the most value on a per-game basis from mid-2019 through the short season of 2020. To you early drafters, hopefully, this aids your choice of late-round picks mining for potential value (*cough* RazzSlam *cough*).

The Ins

Ronald Acuna Jr. – Despite missing 14 games he’s on the top of the list in total Roll$ and per game $, and it’s not close. That’s why Tildaddy is the daddy. He buys everyone ice cream cones.

Yordan Alvarez – Yes in most places he’s not an OF this year, but his value begs me to mention it. Going through a goofy season that he missed almost all of, I think we’ve forgotten just how good he was in 2019. On a per-game basis (in those few leagues where he still has OF eligibility), Yordong was on par with Juan Soto. He’s like Diet Soto. It’s the sweet one.

Mike Trout – Obligatory Mike Trout shout out. Mr. Consistent is consistent.

George Springer – What this tells you is that after the big names are off the board, meaning, if you don’t get an OF in the 1st round (Acuna through Yelich/Belli), you might want to wait and grab Springer as your first OF and address other more shallow positions first. No, that does not mean catcher.

Luis Robert – Despite his struggles last year once the league caught on, he was still a very valuable commodity for the season. Imagine if he actually adjusts. Imagine if he hits .260+. I like to imagine those things. I really like him in best ball, and if the price is right, I’m willing to take the risk for a 30/30 skillset in other leagues too.

Jon Berti – He has been really really great when he plays. Miami just seems very content to not give him full ABs. But where he’s going in ADP, he presents a nice option in best balls and a flier in others in case he does get his number called for some sweet SAGNOF action.


The Outs

Wil Myers – So, there will be many players in the bottom half of this list that you might not expect to be there, Myers being one of them. The reason being, 2017-2108 were pretty good, but his 2019 season was very… how you say… meh. So the cumulative effect is that the good is offset by the bad. As I wrote in my Wil Myers post here, I have faith in the changes we saw him make in 2020, the good, and you will see him much higher once we account for projections.

Oscar Mercado – Another on the list, but unexpected in a different way. Last season he came up short in royal fashion. The reason he is even as high as he is being how good he was in 2019. This was a painful miss for my rankings last season as he never was able to shake the demons. Can he rebound now in 2020? I sure hope so, but I’ll be watching him from the waiver wire, not on my roster to start the year.

David Dahl – When Dahl is on the field, he’s pretty good. He’s just not always on the field. And now, he’s not in Coors. Could there be some cheap end of draft best ball value here? Perhaps. I could also be a world-renowned lyricist, but the distance between here and there could dig a tunnel to China. But, that would be foolish because everyone knows you’d burn up in the earth’s core like the mole version of Icarus. That’s David Dahl.


The What-have-yous (nice marmot)

Franchy Cordero – Super small sample. Let’s play “That’s So Grisham,” the game show where we try to find the outfielder after pick 200 most likely to finish in the top 100. The leader in the clubhouse for me is Le Agneau. 70/70 grade raw power and speed is just waiting to be unleashed and a 20/20 (though likely more 20/15) season could be in the realm of possibilities (as could be a .235 average). But this late in the draft, it’s not too baaaad. Especially now with trade to Boston, his left-side bat is going to play up leaving behind Kaufman Stadium. Albeit an extremely small sample, contact in his last 50+ ABs has been roughly 90% to pull-side and center… So let the pole dancing at Pesky’s commence!

Leody Taveras – Super small sample. Next up on “That’s So Grisham” is Leody. His raw skills aren’t nearly as impressive, but he has a higher chance at reaching the 20 steal mark. With more base-stealing experience and less power, he is likely the reverse Cordero in the 15/20 range.

Alex Kirilloff – Yes, he’s not on this list at all, but it’s my article and I want to bring him up. haha. As of right now he’s the Twins starter replacing Eddie Rosario. It says a lot when an organization debuts a player in the playoffs when their backs are against the wall. It also says something (maybe more about money) when they let one of the most consistent power hitters walk despite him being relatively inexpensive. Kirilloff in that lineup is a great pickup for your 5th OF at cost. Right now drafts don’t seem to be treating him like he’ll get starter ABs. He looks primed to be a doubles machine, like In-N-Out. And with doubles in his name, I shall dub him “Animal Style.”

The Board

Rank Name POS G Roll$ $/G
1 Ronald Acuna Jr. OF 146 61.7 0.422
2 Mike Trout OF 134 51.1 0.381
3 Mookie Betts OF 149 54.8 0.368
4 Juan Soto OF 150 50.2 0.335
5 Yordan Alvarez DH/OF 89 29.7 0.334
6 Christian Yelich OF 137 44.9 0.328
7 Aaron Judge OF 110 35.3 0.321
8 George Springer OF 125 40.0 0.320
9 Leody Taveras OF 33 10.3 0.313
10 Franchy Cordero OF 16 5.0 0.311
11 Bryce Harper OF 158 49.0 0.310
12 Luis Robert OF 56 17.0 0.304
13 Starling Marte OF 147 43.9 0.299
14 Cody Bellinger 1B/OF 156 46.5 0.298
15 Trey Mancini 1B/OF 100 29.6 0.296
16 Kyle Tucker OF 80 23.4 0.293
17 Jon Berti 2B/3B/OF 90 26.1 0.290
18 Kyle Lewis OF 76 22.0 0.289
19 Teoscar Hernandez OF 136 39.3 0.289
20 Byron Buxton OF 73 20.9 0.286
21 Max Kepler OF 132 37.6 0.285
22 Randy Arozarena OF 42 11.9 0.283
23 Ramon Laureano OF 120 33.8 0.282
24 A.J. Pollock OF 113 31.6 0.280
25 Jorge Soler OF 148 41.1 0.278
26 Brandon Lowe 2B/OF 88 24.2 0.275
27 Austin Hays OF 54 14.8 0.274
28 Eloy Jimenez OF 144 39.4 0.274
29 Charlie Blackmon OF 153 41.8 0.273
30 Cavan Biggio 2B/3B/OF 153 41.7 0.272
31 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. OF 121 32.8 0.271
32 Marcell Ozuna OF 136 36.8 0.270
33 Michael Conforto OF 157 42.3 0.270
34 Nick Castellanos OF 159 42.2 0.265
35 Kole Calhoun OF 153 40.1 0.262
36 Yasiel Puig OF 96 25.1 0.261
37 David Dahl OF 77 20.1 0.261
38 Andrew McCutchen OF 60 15.6 0.260
39 Eddie Rosario OF 140 36.4 0.260
40 Mike Yastrzemski OF 155 40.1 0.258
41 J.D. Martinez OF 149 38.4 0.258
42 Adam Duvall OF 98 25.0 0.255
43 Ryan Mountcastle 1B/OF 35 8.9 0.254
44 Jeff McNeil 2B/3B/OF 139 35.0 0.252
45 Randal Grichuk OF 150 37.7 0.251
46 Trent Grisham OF 110 27.6 0.251
47 Anthony Santander OF 129 32.3 0.250
48 Whit Merrifield 2B/OF 165 41.2 0.250
49 Tommy Pham OF 123 30.7 0.250
50 Aaron Hicks OF 101 25.2 0.249
51 Adam Eaton OF 136 33.6 0.247
52 Brandon Nimmo OF 81 19.9 0.246
53 Dominic Smith 1B/OF 92 22.6 0.246
54 Kyle Schwarber OF 163 39.5 0.242
55 Mark Canha OF 151 36.6 0.242
56 Austin Meadows OF 135 32.7 0.242
57 JaCoby Jones OF 75 18.1 0.241
58 Kevin Pillar OF 159 38.3 0.241
59 Tommy Edman 2B/SS/3B/OF 147 35.0 0.238
60 Hunter Dozier 1B/OF 131 31.0 0.236
61 Sam Hilliard OF 63 14.8 0.235
62 Shin-Soo Choo OF 132 30.9 0.234
63 Brett Gardner OF 137 32.0 0.234
64 Alex Verdugo OF 104 24.3 0.233
65 Clint Frazier OF 69 16.1 0.233
66 Justin Upton OF 105 24.4 0.232
67 Joey Gallo OF 78 17.9 0.230
68 Michael Brantley OF 138 31.2 0.226
69 Chris Taylor 2B/SS/OF 126 28.4 0.225
70 Jackie Bradley Jr. OF 153 34.2 0.223
71 Ian Happ OF 115 25.3 0.220
72 Alex Dickerson OF 108 23.6 0.219
73 Nick Solak 2B/OF 91 19.6 0.215
74 Willie Calhoun OF 106 22.6 0.213
75 Bryan Reynolds OF 153 32.5 0.213
76 Jurickson Profar 2B/OF 142 30.1 0.212
77 Dylan Moore 2B/OF 120 25.3 0.211
78 Hunter Renfroe OF 130 27.2 0.209
79 Scott Kingery 2B/OF 137 28.6 0.209
80 Stephen Piscotty OF 84 17.5 0.209
81 Daulton Varsho C/OF 37 7.7 0.207
82 Joc Pederson OF 141 28.9 0.205
83 Oscar Mercado OF 138 28.3 0.205
84 J.D. Davis 3B/OF 148 30.2 0.204
85 Jason Heyward OF 146 29.8 0.204
86 Corey Dickerson OF 126 25.7 0.204
87 Victor Robles OF 152 30.7 0.202
88 Wil Myers OF 155 31.1 0.201
89 Victor Reyes OF 123 24.5 0.199
90 Garrett Hampson 2B/SS/OF 127 25.2 0.198
91 Lorenzo Cain OF 99 19.5 0.197
92 Nick Senzel OF 101 19.8 0.196
93 Manuel Margot OF 147 28.7 0.195
94 Jesse Winker OF 115 22.1 0.192
95 Andrew Benintendi OF 101 19.0 0.188
96 Kevin Kiermaier OF 128 24.0 0.187
97 Dylan Carlson OF 35 6.5 0.186
98 Mauricio Dubon 2B/SS/OF 84 15.4 0.183
99 Enrique Hernandez 2B/OF 125 22.1 0.177
100 Avisail Garcia OF 131 22.7 0.173
101 Robbie Grossman OF 141 24.3 0.172


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  1. 183414 says:

    Your next article should be to actually rank these 101 o.f.’s for 5×5 Roto 2021. Otherwise this is just a list of 99 o.f.’s. Btw, JDM is officially a d.h. only, as is Yordan. At least according to NFBC.

    • Coolwhip says:

      Thanks for reading! JDM slipped my vision there, but this is not exclusively for NFBC despite me referencing it. Yahoo is still goofy and gives them OF, because, laziness. So that’s why I have them in here. But I will in fact include 102 in the next post.

  2. Josh Burroughs says:

    Dynasty Lg…. what’s your opinion on Victor Robles? Hang on to him or try to flip for something established?

    • Coolwhip says:

      Thanks for reading! I still believe he can improve long term, depending on your league and current roster I might still hold onto him if he is your 4th or 5th OF. He’s got a lot of natural skill/athleticism, he just needs to hit the ball in the air more.

  3. Josh Burroughs says:

    Ok… thanks.

    What’s your opinion on trading Ozuna for Bregman?

    • Coolwhip says:

      They are kinda the same to me, if your league has OBP, take Bregman. If its a standard 5 cats, then I think i’d lean more towards Ozuna in a vacuum.

      • Coolwhip says:

        full transparency, I’m a bit lower on Bregman than others.

        • Josh Burroughs says:

          Yes… me too, but it may make sense for my team.

          The league is Obp.

          We start 5 OF: I have Harper, Springer, Castellanos, Laureano, E Rosario, Robles, and Ozuna.

          We start a 3rd and a CI…. right now by best option for 3rd is T edman.

          • Coolwhip says:

            Ah, then yes, in OBP Bregman is definitely worth it.

  4. Harley Earl says:

    I wanna see a lot of love thrown Wil Myers’ way CW or we’re gunna get crossways!

    • Coolwhip says:

      LOL. It’s explained! His 2019 was very shitty due to playing hurt. Get off my back!

      • Harley Earl says:

        Oh, dude! I’m not on your back! Don’t take it that way! You missed my point! I read the explanation, and I totally get it.

        I’m just ready to see all that love you gunna throw at my boy Willy in a couple days!! Hahaa!

        • Coolwhip says:

          haha all jokes my dude.

  5. Gary Z says:

    Great read Coolwhip!

    Picking 7 of 10 in a head to head OPS league. I’m thinking Yelich then Harper on the turn…thoughts? I’m torn between Yeli & Belli at 7

    • Harley Earl says:

      Bellinger all day long dude. Don’t overthink it. He’s a top 10 hitter.

    • Coolwhip says:

      So this depends on your league, but I would do what I can nab Yeli and Belli. This is the perfect year for that. If you know your league mates, you might be able to pick the most favored one first and get the 2nd on the turn. What you could do if not sure is take Belli 1st since he can play 1B and try for yeli on the turn, and grab harper if you miss him.

      Though at 7 i’d take either Story or Trea and get the other of the 2 that might make it back.

      • Gary Z says:

        huge Brewer fans in this league, Yeli might even be gone by 7, certainly would be gone by 2nd round. I’d love Yeli & Belli, just don’t see that happening….Story & Turner I would consider too, but it looks like OF’s really drop off after the first 10. My thought was to get as many of the top end as I could. Would it make more sense to get a top end SS at 7? Thanks again!

        • Coolwhip says:

          Story & Trea are great, but if you wanted to grab Yeli/Belli first, i’d consider Bo Bichette in the 2nd. Great talent. OF is the deepest position, especially in a 10 teamer, so I wouldn’t stress it. There’s some great value later in the draft there, not next Tuesday but the following Tuesday I’ll be posting the projection rankings for OF, and will be pointing out a lot of the midrange targets.

          • Gary Z says:

            Awesome, thx!!

  6. NUX says:

    Great stuff C-Dubs, you gonna be ranking 100 OFs throughout the season instead of 75? I may have missed you mention that, but its sure lookin’ like it. Love these posts!

    Also, are you diggin your squad so far in that $10 BB10?

    I love Mondessi for these myself. Especially if I can end manage to grab a decent SS behind him, for those weeks where he is not helpful. But there are some 6 or 7+ SB weeks where he will be so valuable and could carry your squad. Perfect guy for bestball. I feel the same way on German Marquez, my most owned player in the 20 BBs I’ve done so far. He seems to slip in these drafts, whereas this is the only kind of league I’ll touch him

    • Coolwhip says:

      Yes I’m doing the all the Outfielders again, and yes this season I’m bumping it to 100 now that I got a system down.

      I do, I like my roster pretty good, prob should have taken Olsen vs Vladdy but I’d didn’t have any shares yet and wanted to tabs on him during the season. Yeah I love Burnes for best ball as a super high #2

  7. thehombre says:

    Hi Friend,

    In a OPB league with a max draft salary of $270, are you holding a $30 Alonso or a $32 Springer. I have Harper at $36 and Abreu at $15 (lookin good). I like all of my other values, but am on the fence with a $41 Devers. Grey’s write up is telling me to stay strong there, but I may toss him back to try and buy him cheaper.



    • Coolwhip says:

      Heya, H. Since you have Abreu at a great value, I”d consider tossing back Alonso

  8. Rick Brown says:

    Hey Coolwhip,
    What are your thoughts on Aristides Aquino? Any chance of quality PT?

    • Coolwhip says:

      Thanks for reading! Unfortunately I don’t see much PT for him unless there’s an injury/trade. Right now he’s buried behind Cast, Akiyama, Sensel, Winker.

  9. bill says:

    Nice work! Does Puig get a job other than In-n-out?

    • Coolwhip says:

      Thanks for reading! Man, I sure hope so. Baseball needs that type of on-field energy. I think teams could get him at a good value.

  10. JD says:

    Marte or Arozarena in a 6 x 6 OBP roto league?

    • Coolwhip says:

      Thanks for reading! So to me they will likely be about the same, Randy with a more power, and Marte with more speed. Randy comes with more risk, whereas Marte has been pretty consistent the last 4 years. So the choice depends on your needs (power/speed) and your risk tolerance.

  11. Smitty says:

    Nice work C-Dub! Interesting chart mostly because it’s based on recent performance. Eye opening to see how high certain names that are “late” targets come in. May have to grab Leodes a round earlier! Also, happy to see some love for AJ Pollock and A. Hicks. First time I’ve seen anybody give them a mention. Many factors figured into me drafting those 2 in November, foremost being an expectation that both will stay healthy and handily outperform their projections. Enjoy the different perspective here, thanks Whip

    • Coolwhip says:

      Thanks coach! Thanks for reading. Yeah Leody is good late round target.

  12. Lazaro says:

    Oh look, you have Trent Grisham ranked 46th. Durp.

    • Coolwhip says:

      First, thanks for reading. These aren’t projections (yet).

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