There are no 3rd basemen to target for 2023 fantasy baseball. Thank you, have a good day. *finger to earbud* Okay, I’m being told I need to give you some 3rd basemen to target. Who the hell is this in my earbud anyway? Is this…FUTURE ME?! Or. Dot dot dot. Past me?! Oh my God! Well, whomever is in my ear pulling my strings like a modern-day Geppetto, they’re telling me I have to give you some 3rd basemen to target late. Too bad, because they all suck! Excuse the exposition and this clunky intro into the aforementioned exposition, but here’s the catchers to target1st basemen to target2nd basemen to target, and shortstops to target. These 3rd basemen to target are being drafted after 200 overall. Hopefully, you drafted Rafael Devers or Jose Ramirez or Austin Riley already, because, otherwise, you’re screwed. There are upcoming RCL drafts, if you wanna get rowdy and/or bawdy. Now, this is a (legal-in-all-countries-except-Indonesia) supplement to the top 20 3rd basemen for 2023 fantasy baseball. Click on the player’s name where applicable to read more and see their 2023 projections. Anyway, here’s some 3rd basemen to target for 2023 fantasy baseball:

Josh Jung (Yahoo 227, NFBC 215) The 3rd base position stinks for fantasy, but it could better real fast. Between Jung, Walker and Baty, I will say this for 3rd base, they have some real sex appeal later. These late sleeper targets at 3rd base are far from a surefire thing. Jung, Walker and Baty might have 500 ABs collectively, but they could also all be ranked above Bregman as soon as next year, i.e., 3rd base is a mess on top of a Denny’s placemat, but when you clean the mess off, there’s a treasure map on the other side of the Denny’s placemat, and it’s not directions to the kitchen. Also, gave you a Josh Jung fantasy.

Justin Turner (Yahoo 225, NFBC 237, ESPN 297) On one side of the buffet there’s crab legs, but your host says, “One in every three will be poisonous and you will die.” On the other side of the buffet is caviar, but your host says, “One in three is an actual human egg so I don’t know if that’s cool to eat.” Then in the middle, is a tuna fish sandwich on stale bread that will nourish you and won’t kill you. It’s just kinda bland; there’s no upside and barely any mayo. That’s Justin Turner in the middle of Jung and Walker.

Jordan Walker (Yahoo 250, NFBC 212, ESPN 257) First off, yep, I gave you a Jordan Walker fantasy. What’s clear from that post is my eyes bulged out of my head with every clip I saw of Walker. I haven’t been that impressed in a long time. I called Corbin Carroll my preseason pick for the top fantasy rookie, but that was only because I have no idea when Walker will be called up. Jordan Walker is a future All-Star, and possible top three overall guy in under two years. If, and this is an ‘if’ the size of the universe, Jordan Walker breaks camp with the team, he will be a league winner like Julio Rodriguez last year. I’ve moved him up in my 3rd basemen rankings since camp began, and I’m trying to acquire him in every draft.

Brett Baty (Yahoo unranked, NFBC 497, ESPN unranked) Gave you a Brett Baty fantasy way back in November of last year, and I’ve been loving him for a long time. Do I mean, Bat-Y? Yes, but not as in “why” but as in YES. He could be a huge value grab. Think 25 homers, .260. Before you scoff, you freakin’ scoffer, that’s better than Alex Bregman! Out of Jung and Walker, I’m still the lukewarmiest on Baty’s playing time. Lukewarmiest is not related to the Funkdoobiest.

J.D. Davis (Yahoo unranked, NFBC 502, ESPN unranked) Consider this blurb being for David Villar too. Those sites also didn’t rank David Villar, the guy supposedly in the lead for the Giants’ 3rd base job. In fairness to the other sites, I didn’t rank David Villar either. Call me old fashioned but I like guys who can hit righties, that’s why I have J.D. Davis ranked, and like him late. For as late as they’re going, they’re both flyers. If you wanted to take a flyer on Villar, then that’s fine by me, since that pick would be roughly around 550 overall (his NFBC ADP is 634). Everyone should know Jonathan Davis Davis, so not much to say on him. If you don’t know Villar, he’s a big-time power guy who might hit .150 if he faces righties. Looks to me like a lefty killer. Coolwhip just gave you a David Villar fantasy too, and mentions Casey Schmitt. Coolwhip doesn’t seem worried that Villar can’t hit righties, for what’s it’s Cronenworth.

Spencer Steer (Yahoo unranked, NFBC 462, ESPN unranked) By the by, ESPN has players ranked in their positional rankings that they don’t rank overall. So, when I say “unranked” some guys are ranked positional. With that said, they have Mike Moustakas ranked above Spencer Steer. I’d roll my eyes, but I’m too tired. …But I’m not too tired for my latest Shark Tank idea! “Hello Sharks! Today, I bring you my contact lenses that make it look like you have dice for eyes. Next time you roll your eyes, roll snake eyes!” So, what do Scott Schebler, Tyler Naquin, Scooter Gennett, Aristides Aquino and more have on common? Besides them playing for the Reds, they were super random Reds hitters who used that stadium to their advantage. Cincy is the new Coors. Don’t believe me, look at the schmohawks drafting Brandon Drury this year like he’s actually good.