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Robin Williams GIF, “What year is it?” Here’s a guy we’ve (I’ve) only covered for what, the last four years? Each year expecting him to debut. Oh my, I just realized something… Josh Jung — Carl Jung — Carl Jung — Josh Jung! Carl Jung who famously said, “The powers of my depths are predetermination and pleasure. Predetermination or fore-thinking is Prometheus, who, without determined thoughts, brings the chaotic to form and definition, who digs the channels and holds the object before pleasure.” You know what that means, don’t you? You do? Can you explain to me? I think what he’s saying is Josh Jung was held, due to forethinking about how good he was going to be, so putting the horse before the pleasure, and it withheld its true pleasures. Or Jung is just saying I shouldn’t have bothered covering Josh Jung for the past three or so years, and I am very dumb. Thanks a lot, Carl! Geez, what a bummer Carl Jung was, huh? Or am I projecting. Crap, Rudy’s going to sue me, projecting is his thing. So, what can we expect from Josh Jung for 2023 fantasy baseball?

So, here’s Josh Jung doing what you want from him:

Here is he doing what you’re gonna be paying money for:

It’s all pretty purdy, indeedy deed. I don’t just toss around the boomstick tag, but that looks like a boomstick. Not saying he could play Quidditch, that’s a broomstick. This is a boomstick.

Okay, it’s gonna be a bit long, but, as B. Real once said, how do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been, so here’s what Itch and I have said previously, as condensed as I can make, “Unlike most prospects, Josh Jung wasn’t kept in the minors simply for service time reasons. Josh Jung was ticketed for the majors this past preseason until he got hurt. Jung, man, no need to be bruised. Here’s what Prospect Itch said previously, “The best Texas prospect since Gallo, Josh Jung brings full-field power, plate discipline, and a plus hit tool along with functional defense at the hot corner. I’m trying to acquire him in my 20-team OBP league and suggest anyone seeking potentially affordable third base help consider the same in their leagues. Speaking of affordable, anyone know a reasonably priced hitman to take out Grey?” Okay, that’s not cool. Hold on one second, are you telling me the Rangers have a decent prospect? I call BS. This is the Rangers just trying to sneak Michael Young back out at 3rd base, and spelling his name differently. Jung, you’re nothing but a Freud! Our former podcaster Geoff told me the other day, he thinks Jung is a 25-homer, 3-steal, .280 hitter.” And that’s me quoting me, Itch and Geoff! In 23 Triple-A games this past year, Josh Jung hit 6 HRs and .273. Then, after being promoted to the majors, in 26 games or 98 ABs, he hit five homers, stole two bags and hit .204 with a 38.2% strikeout rate.

Let’s talk about that strikeout rate. That’s wildly bad. That’s almost twice as much as his strikeout rate prior to last year. He didn’t recognize anything in kind of a hilariously bad way: his 60.3% pitches swung at inside the zone would’ve been near the bottom of the league, and his pitches swung at outside the zone (33.7%) is below average. Not swinging at strikes, and swinging at balls is a good way to have a 38.4% strikeout rate. Prolly just a slump, but it is there.

I’ve been here before, obviously. Numerous times, even. To give you a super random comparison, Jung could be Ty France. Jung, the France man. Call him Josh-Jung Sartre. Though, Jung should have more power, and maybe a hair less average. Hmm, maybe that comparison isn’t great, except how else was I getting to call him, Josh-Jung Sartre? For 2022, I’ll give Josh Jung projections of 64/24/75/.242/4 in 538 ABs with a chance for more power, and less average if his tendencies from last year carry over.