Here, friend, are some catchers that I will be targeting at my 2023 fantasy drafts after the top options are gone. I’m not going to get into the strategy of punting catchers. Been there, half-drunkenly wrote that during the Ottoman Empire. Click on the player’s name where applicable to read more and see their 2023 projections and blurbs I wrote for them. This is a (legal-in-most-countries) supplement to the top 20 catchers of 2023 fantasy baseball. Now, guys and five girl readers, I am not saying avoid catchers like Tyler Stephenson if they fall, but, to get on this list, a catcher needs to be drafted later than 200 overall, and, yes, I will go around the entire infield, outfield and pitchers to target very late. In regards to the ADP in the parenthesis, NFBC is for two catcher leagues, so that should be taken into account. Anyway, here’s some catchers to target for 2023 fantasy baseball:

Gabriel Moreno (ESPN 246, NFBC 227, Yahoo 307) Was picking petals off an ox-eye daisy. Going “Draft him” and “Draft him not” back and forth for hours about Gabriel Moreno, and the florist started screaming at me and chased me out of the store, so I never got to finish.”Do I draft him or draft him not!” I scream to the heavens. And the heavens were super quiet after that, which isn’t cool at all. I put a dollar in the collection basket. Sure, after asking for change for my five, but so what? I think I might be lower on Moreno than the other sites I listed, which isn’t exactly a good way to locate a sleeper, but here we are. I like Moreno. Going upside at catcher is exactly where you want to go upside. He’s got an insane hit tool and might hit 15 homers and .300. The problem for me — again, you don’t want problems when you’re trying to pinpoint sleepers in a draft — where is he playing every day? Carson Kelly isn’t just going to be benched indefinitely. DH? Lu-Gu-Ju is there. Maybe Moreno gets a fantastic 250 at-bats, but I sure wish he was getting 400+.

Danny Jansen (ESPN 247, Yahoo 232) Listen, catchers are a gross position so the “sleepers” at the position aren’t going to be amazing. Deal with it, over-the-internet friend. With that said, Jansen is 2nd verse the same as the first catcher. Where is he getting at-bats? Is he getting at-bats? I’m not convinced that Varsho sees any catcher at-bats, but Kirk is about as locked into a  catcher slot as you’re gonna find. Maybe Kirk gets some DH at-bats, and Jansen catches, but more than 300 ABs? Luckily, he was great last year in only 215 at-bats, so if you punted a 2nd catcher, then go for it. Unfortch, he’s ranked at those other sites (and being drafted at NFBC at 173 overall) like he has an everyday job. This fantasy baseball sleeper post is becoming a fantasy baseball overrated post. Mah gawd I’m a big dummy, let’s move on.

Jonah Heim (ESPN unranked, NFBC 235, Yahoo 286) Hit ’em with the Heim! Finally, a guy who is not only going too late in all three listed places, but has an everyday job. His contact rate is solid, and even takes walks (9%). If he sees anywhere close to 125 games again, he’ll easily return fantasy value. Last year, on the Player Rater, he was the 13th best catcher, and, at 27 years of age, that might just be the floor. Want a random prediction from me that I will only remember if it comes true? Jonah Heim will be a top seven catcher this year. Want a random prediction I won’t remember that won’t come true? Every time he eats ice cream, someone will hug him from the back and scream, “Heim lick!”

Elias Diaz (ESPN unranked, NFBC 367, Yahoo unranked) For the longest time, I would go back to the stat that the Rockies never had a full-time player hit below .250 because their park’s BABIP was, like, .375, and now I look at Elias Diaz hitting .228 last year and I’m, like, “Wha’ happened?” More like, “Wha’ humidored?” Neverthehoo! Diaz will get around 350 at-bats and could hit anywhere from nine homers to 20. “That’s our boy,” exclaims Elias Sport Bureau.

Logan O’Hoppe (ESPN unranked, NFBC 235, Yahoo unranked) You know what’s weird that’s not really weird? Top catcher prospects get that draft love. People have no problem with Adley. O’Hoppe though? They’re like, “O’don’t care.” In Double-A last year, he went 15/6/.275 in 316 plate appearances, at 22 years of age. That’s better than Adley at Double-A at the age of 23. I know, I know, the tools! The TOOLS! I hear ya. I know, I know, the 1st rounder vs. the whatever rounder! I’m just saying Piazza was a whatever rounder; Realmuto went in the 3rd round in 2010. I don’t know, I’m just saying, people are dismissing O’Hoppe.

Bo Naylor (ESPN unranked, NFBC 322, Yahoo 323) Okay, going back to the O’Hoppe blurb for a second, after leaving it about a second ago. Naylor went 15/9/.257 in Triple-A at the age of 22. In only 66 games! No idea what the Guardians are doing with Zunino, but he’s not a real thing. He’ll be benched or, better yet, DFA’d by the break. He played 36 games last year, and I’d put his over/under at 60 this year. Also, Zunino will hit .140 while striking out 40% of the time. Hey, no offense, but he sucks with no offense. Who’s Zunino’ing who? Zunino, but not as a starter. Hopefully not, at least. Naylor’s already been promoted to the majors, and, if he gets 80 games started, he’s going to be a top 10 catcher. Book it! Which is also what his first name is short for.