Last week’s streamers were full of mixed results. All of the pitchers did ok, but none of them went off. The hitters fell in the same boat, with Garrett Cooper looking like the best pick of the bunch. Recommending a guy to blow up against my Rockies is a double-ended sword but rooting for the […]

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Spring has officially sprung on the major league baseball and fantasy baseball season, so it can only mean it’s time for one thing. We get to take extremely small samples from parks that are irrelevant to regular season play and make rash decisions! Who are the risers and fallers so far? We know that “Spring […]

Please, blog, may I have some more?

DFS is a mental grind sometimes, right? Sometimes you feel you have it all figured out then you have a bad week and you are questioning everything you are doing. Well, you are not alone my friends. It happens to just about everybody unless you are somehow from the future and already know all the mysteries of the world and then you probably wouldn’t be wasting your time with us DFS degenerates now, would you? Yea up and down week for myself, there were some weird games and calls this week as I just finished watching the Phillies and Mets Sunday Night and oh boy did the Phillies look terrible and somehow almost pulled it out. I mean having a three-run home run taken away on a replay call that’s got to be about the worst but then again some of their defensive plays and not paying attention to runners running home really served them right didn’t it. Anyway, it’s a loooooong season guys take a day or two off if you need for mental health, and sometimes that helps in getting things back on track. Stay the course and keep grinding it out. You put the work in you will get results. You will find your rhythm and get back on the winning side of things in no time.

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Rocko’s Modern Life was an acid trip of a cartoon that ran from 1993 to 1996. 

The show wasn’t about acid trips, per se, but it was a how-to guide for avoiding bad trips. 

I mean I think that’s what it was. I was ten years old in 1993. Was all I could do just to ingest the beautiful madness. Sometimes felt uncomfortable enough to change the channel or even (gasp turn off the TV. 

I say “uncomfortable” here because Rocko’s Modern Life was never boring, so it must have been discomfort that made me lukewarm on the show, which carries a 7.9 rating on IMDB. If you go check it out now, you’ll see traces of the influence it’s had in the worlds of Spongebob, Morty, and more. 

Man, this intro is careening down an unpaved path, huh? 

You can also see modern-life influences at work when watching Rocco Baldelli manage the Twins, is where I’m trying to go. 

Minnesota does things its own way, and it’s working. The Tampa-like feel to their machinations is plain as day. While it makes fans a little uncomfortable to sign a pile of creaky veterans named Homer, Piñata and Dick Mountain or to cut CJ Cron when you don’t have a first baseman on the roster, that’s life in modern baseball. 

If even one of those old arms is healthy in October, it’ll keep Rocco from having to begin a playoff game in Yankee Stadium with Randy Dobnak on the bump. I imagine I wasn’t the only one changing the channel to dodge the discomfort that night. 

Weird story short, things are looking up in Minnesota, where the system is stocked with bats and arms in both the upper and lower minors. 

Please, blog, may I have some more?