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“Let’s hope there’s beer.”

This quote can be attributed to multiple sources:

  • Humans traveling toward a gathering of humans
  • Especially me on the way to Thanksgiving 
  • Farm-focused Brewers fans reading organizational rankings this winter

I’m sorry to say there’s not. 

Beer here, I mean. 

Well, there is, but it’s at my desk with me, and maybe there at your location with you, but it’s not in this next sentence. 

Maybe someday we’ll have that? There could be an advertisement on this page, and you’d click it, and a six pack would be teleported to your desk.

Where’s Bill Gates on this one?

Frightfully counting his billions, I guess. 

Back in beer country, Milwaukee’s system has been fermenting fruits for years. From Keston Hiura to Brandon Woodruff to the straw Rumplestiltskin spun into Christian Yelich two years ago, nobody’s complaining over their Miller at Miller Park, even if the barley farm currently looks a semi-successful house party at 3 a.m.? 

Please, blog, may I have some more?

The Brewers system is pretty much Hiura and then everybody else. It’s kind of like how there is Blatz beer, and then everything else. Can I use my powers as an internet blogger – whose words reach tens of people – to say something slightly controversial? *whispers* I don’t get the craft beer thing. I mean, I understand micro-brewing and that, but when did we start talking about beer like it’s wine with “notes” and such? I guess I’m a reverse beer snob. I stick to the classics. Hamm’s, Carling Black Label, Genesee, and, if I’m feeling extra fancy, Miller High Life. If you’re a craft beer guy or gal…cheers to you. Just remember stubborn old farts like me are still out there when you’re stocking up for your next party. Rant over. Back to baseball…

Please, blog, may I have some more?